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In April, Freddie Gray was arrested in West Baltimore for possessing a switchblade knife.

While most of the discourse surrounding this case has focused on police brutality, another important issue has arisen from the case: Knife laws. Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby claims that, under Maryland law, Gray's knife was not illegal. Alternatively, the arresting officers argue that the knife was illegal under Baltimore's ordinance.

With the different knife laws among cities and states, could they both be right?

Even though Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death last week, it could be another decade before he is executed. Tsarnaev was convicted in federal court, and the last federal execution took place in 2003.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the average time spent on death row, without taking into account the 152 exonerations of prisoners on death row since 1973. So how long will Tsarnaev's wait be?

Three years ago, Amanda Todd killed herself.

She was relentlessly harassed and bullied online. A man she met on Facebook charmed her into flashing her topless body to him. He took a picture and put it on the Internet where it went viral. Since then, Todd endured endless bullying and teasing. On October 10, 2012, she couldn't put up with the bullying and harassment any more and committed suicide.

Three years later, many people like Amanda are still victims of online harassment and bullying every day. Even celebrities are fair game. So what can you do to fight back against online harassment?

Pregnancy can be joyous, expectant, stressful, happy, or scary, or all of the above. Being pregnant in prison can be downright terrifying.

Statistics show that 4 to 7 percent of women entering prison are pregnant and a full 85 percent of incarcerated women are mothers. So what happens if you give birth in jail?

At the beginning of this year, 3,019 people are sitting in death row facing the death penalty. Last year 73 people were sentenced to death, and 35 were executed.

This month, Boston Bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death. However, he, and many other death row inmates, will spend years in prison awaiting several rounds of appeals before they are actually executed.

The Boston Marathon bomber was sentenced to death last week, and much was made of his reaction (or lack thereof) to the verdict:

That was one of many reactions to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's demeanor during and after the verdict. Which makes you wonder what people were expecting to see. Did they want to see him show remorse? And when does showing remorse matter, legally speaking?

A mother callously left a healthy but unwanted baby to die. Sadly, this isn't a rare occurrence.

Indiana mother Alicia Keir was 20-years-old when she boarded a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean. Unbeknownst to her friends. Keir was pregnant and gave birth in her cabin. Instead of getting medical help and care for the child, Keir wrapped the baby in a towel and left the baby under her bed to die, reports the New York Daily News. Cleaners found the dead baby the next day. A doctor examined the child and declared that she was born healthy and died from "exposure and lack of care."

Because her crime occurred at sea, Keir was prosecuted in federal court. She has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

It took jurors just 14 hours to determine Dzhokhar Tsarnaev deserved the death penalty for his role in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The same jury convicted Tsarnaev last month on all 30 counts relating to the fatal bombing, 17 of which carried the death penalty.

A couple now face spending multiple lifetimes in jail for the kidnapping and assault of two young girls.

In August of last year, two Amish girls disappeared from a farm stand where they were selling vegetables. After a frantic Amber alert and search effort, the two girls were found 40 miles away knocking on the door of a strangers home.

Where were they?

An Oklahoma man will now face prison time after killing his stepfather ... with an atomic wedgie.

It isn't even close to being a joke, even though it sounds like one. Brad Lee Davis was charged with murder of his stepfather, Denver St. Clair, after a drunken family brawl left the older man dead from asphyxiation.

Davis has pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter and now awaits sentencing.