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While you might have the right to remain silent, you certainly don't have a right to lie to the police. State laws can vary when it comes to false statements, but lying during federal investigation is a felony carrying a potential five year prison sentence.

And that's just your standard, run-of-the-mill federal obstruction of justice charge. What about misleading the FBI regarding your alleged contact with the Russian ambassador?

Under normal circumstances, referring to a doctor's hands and surgical instruments as "deadly weapons" would sound like over-the-top hyperbole. But Christopher Duntsch is no normal surgeon. Nicknamed "Dr. Death," and referred to by colleagues as a "sociopath," the "worst surgeon I've ever seen," and "a clear and present danger to the citizens of Texas," Duntsch is responsible for a slew of botched surgeries resulting in serious injury, paralysis, and even death.

So when it came to Mary Efurd's spinal fusion surgery, saying what Duntsch "intentionally, knowingly and recklessly" harmed patients doesn't seem like exaggeration at all. Prosecutors said that, and more, at Duntsch's criminal trial and the doctor was found guilty of injury to an elderly person, for which he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Taking a DNA sample from a criminal suspect, after arrest or as part of an investigation, is pretty standard (and legal) stuff by now. But what about forcing someone who isn't a suspect to submit to a DNA swab in order to be released from police custody? And forcing minors to consent without parental notice?

As it turns out, state and city law can conflict on the matter, and the ACLU is suing San Diego to bring its city policy in line with state statutes.

Maybe you're not tired, so you can stay up and drink more. Or it could be that you feel clear-headed, and don't think you're drunk. Or perhaps with more energy comes more risk-taking behavior. Either way, scientists have linked the consumption of highly caffeinated energy drinks (EDs) with higher incidents of drunk driving.

So at this point, the why of the matter might not be as important as how to avoid a DUI associated with energy drinks. Because it turns out that just drinking more energy drinks, even without alcohol, can increase your risk of a DUI.

When a child, teen, or young adult is arrested, parents are often confused about what they can do to help. Although most parents are willing to do anything and everything for their children, unless they are licensed attorneys, parents cannot defend their children in court.

For minor children, parents may be legally responsible for providing a private defense attorney, or paying the public defender’s bill. Adult children may be able to qualify for a free public defender, depending on the jurisdiction. Regardless, the best thing a parent can do for their child facing criminal charges is retain a criminal defense attorney.

Below you’ll find three tips on how to select the right criminal defense attorney for your son or daughter.

Yesterday, Jerry Sandusky's adopted son Jeffrey was arrested and charged on a multitude of child sex charges. Although there was no physical sexual contact involved, Pennsylvania police say the younger Sandusky solicited nude photos from a then-16-year-old girl last year and sought oral sex in 2013 from her then-15-year-old sister, all via text messages.

Jerry Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse in 2012, and is currently serving a 30-year minimum sentence in prison. As of this morning, his son was charged with 14 felony and misdemeanor counts and remained in county jail on $200,000 bail.

Today, a child kidnapper and murderer was convicted of kidnapping and murdering a child back in 1979. Pedro Hernandez confessed to the crime in 2012, and after 5 years, two trials, and one hung jury, was finally convicted.

Hernandez's first trial resulted in a hung jury due to one lone holdout juror who just could not believe that Hernandez's confession was genuine. However, after the re-trial, the jury was able to unanimously convict on the kidnapping and murder charges. The verdict brought a much needed end for the young boy's parents who have waited nearly 40 years for justice to be done. However, Hernandez's counsel did mention a potential appeal.

Even though the customer will always be right, shoplifters, fraudsters and other retail criminals will usually be prosecuted, if caught. Shoppers have been trying to game the system ever since there was a system to game. However, many of these shoppers may be committing retail fraud without realizing that they are committing the serious criminal offense of fraud, which carries serious penalties.

One of the most common shopping frauds occurs when a person wears an item of clothing, then returns it. This practice, called 'wardrobing,' can be fraudulent depending on a store's policies. In extreme cases, individuals will re-buy an item they have worn in order to return the worn item with the new receipt. While stores struggle to detect these fraudsters, a former Mrs. America was arrested for doing that to Macy's last year.

Drunk driving charges all start somewhere, and it's usually the time the police officer pulls you over. There's the conversation, maybe some questions about your alcohol consumption, and a few roadside tests before a possible arrest and DUI charge.

But let's back up -- cops can't pull you over for no reason, right? And if officers had no reasonable suspicion to stop you, that could mean that everything that happens after you're pulled over is inadmissible in court. So here's a look at DUI traffic stops, and how they affect your case.

Those side-view mirrors that protrude out on either side of a car get knocked, bumped, broken, and vandalized more often than most people expect. If you’re driving around with a broken side mirror, you might be wondering whether law enforcement can pull you over, or ticket you, if you don’t get it fixed right away.

Unfortunately, the answer depends on what state you are driving in, as not only do the traffic laws vary from state to state, but what is considered as required safety equipment also varies. While there are federal guidelines that set requirements that specifically mandate side mirrors and a rear-view mirror, the federal guidelines apply more for manufacturers. The state traffic laws about side-view and rear-view mirrors will apply to drivers and govern when a driver can be pulled over and ticketed.