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A fake Twitter account can potentially lead to real criminal consequences, beginning with your arrest.

Just ask Jacob L. Elliott, 36, who was arrested after police served a search warrant on a home where they believed someone was operating a Twitter account posing as the mayor of Peoria, Illinois, the Peoria Journal Star reports.

Technically, Elliott was booked on drug charges and not in connection with the @peoriamayor account. Still, how can a fake Twitter account get you arrested?

A fake child abduction has parents upset and police investigating possible charges against the participants, including the "abducted" boy's parents.

Onlookers in a park in Sequim, Washington, watched a masked man grab a toddler and make off with him in a minivan. Frightened parents called 911, and one woman even attempted to chase the van in an attempt to record its license plate number, reports The Associated Press.

What could possibly happen to these fake child abductors?

White House Shooter Sentenced to 25 Years

The White House shooter was sentenced to 25 years in prison for weapons charges and for placing lives in jeopardy.

Although Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, 23, of Idaho Falls, Idaho was originally charged with attempting to assassinate the president, but the charges were reduced pursuant to a plea bargain, according to Reuters.

Ortega-Hernandez's criminal charges are considered terrorism-related acts.

Baby Left in Car for 5 Hours as Mom Drank: Cops

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested after she allegedly left her 2-month-old baby in a cold car for five hours to go drink at a pub.

Police were summoned to a pub in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, after witnesses spotted an unattended infant in a minivan. The 2-month-old girl was only wearing a onesie and covered in a light blanket; the outdoor temperature was about 39 degrees at the time, according to The Express-Times.

The infant's mother, Lisa Altif, 32, was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child.

Toddler Heroin Case Lands N.J. Dad in Jail

Police arrested the father of a toddler after daycare providers discovered 48 packets of heroin in his 2-year-old son's jacket.

Phillip Young, 27, of New Jersey, has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

What's in store for him as his case proceeds?

3 Ways a Misdemeanor DUI Can Become a Felony

The lowest level of DUI is a misdemeanor, and most first-time DUIs are charged that way. However, there are certain circumstances that can turn a misdemeanor DUI into a felony.

Whether you get charged with a misdemeanor or felony can greatly affect your punishment. Felonies are considered much more serious crimes and can result in more than a year in prison and hefty fines. On the other hand, misdemeanors usually result in less than a year in jail and potentially lesser fines.

Drunken-driving laws vary by state, but in general, here are three ways that a misdemeanor DUI can become a felony:

DWI Suspect's BAC Too High for Breathalyzer: Cops

An Iowa man was arrested on suspicion of a DWI, but his actual BAC was apparently too high for the Breathalyzer.

Levi Carter, 28, of Iowa City, allegedly registered a 0.467 percent blood-alcohol concentration, more than five times the legal limit in Iowa; in fact, a BAC of over 0.4 percent can be lethal in some cases. When Carter tried again, the Breathalyzer's display simply said "HI," according to The Huffington Post.

So how did Carter get arrested if police don't know his exact BAC?

Banker Who Faked Own Death Busted by Window Tint

A Georgia banker who allegedly faked his own death in 2012 to escape massive wire and security fraud charges was caught and arrested on New Year's Eve.

To clarify, 47-year-old Aubrey Lee Price was apprehended during a routine traffic stop, not an existential one.

Will Price face criminal repercussions (on Earth) for faking his death?

2 Arrested for Facebook Pic of Puppy in Ziploc Bag

A New Mexico mother and son have been arrested for placing an 8-week-old puppy in an open plastic bag -- a picture of which was posted on Facebook.

Mary Snell, 44, of Albuquerque, and her son James, 21, were arrested Saturday, after the pic showed up on James' Facebook page and someone shared it with authorities. Investigators say the puppy could have suffocated, Albuquerque's KOAT-TV reports.

The pair are now facing felony animal cruelty charges.

Man Arrested for Sparking Gas Station Explosion

A Georgia man has been arrested for allegedly sparking a gas station explosion by flicking a cigarette lighter while pumping gas.

Surveillance video shows Austin Dawkins, 37, of Clarkesville, flicking a lighter and then bringing his hand down to the nozzle, CNN reports.

The video then shows a vapor fuel explosion: Flames erupted from the nozzle and hit Dawkins' 30-year-old wife Jessica. She ended up suffering second- and third-degree burns on her legs, arms, head, and back.