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'Tis the season for furiously clicking that "Track Package" button in sales confirmation emails. Whether you're worried about outgoing gifts making it to their destination on time or excited about an incoming present, tracking a package online can become a daily or even hourly obsession.

And it can get you arrested, if you happen to be tracking a package full of drugs from China.

Criminal Consequences for Christmas Vandals

A rash of Christmas vandals, determined to take the fun out of kitsch, are attacking inflatable Santa Clauses and other outdoor holiday displays around the country. But yes Virginia, it is a crime.

Police do prosecute vandals of all kinds, and those who attack outdoor holiday displays are in no way exempt from being charged with a crime. In fact, some citizens are so offended by the abuses that they have set up their own surveillance to help cops catch these culprits.

Let's look at two recent cases.

Criminal Consequences of Stealing Packages

It is a federal criminal offense to tamper with the mail. So no matter how delightful and intriguing the neighbor's deliveries seem, avoid the temptation to pilfer a package from their porch because you're short on Christmas gifts.

Theft of a letter, post card, package, bag, or mail from a US post office or a collection center associated with USPS is subject to fines and up to five years imprisonment, according to the United States Code, Section 1708. Receiving mail that was stolen is similarly punishable.

Phone Thief Uploads Selfies to Victim's Cloud Storage

A California high school student whose phone was stolen provided police with a perfect description of the thief. Selfies appeared on the victim's cloud storage days after the robbery, showing the suspect smiling, pouting, and posing happily, NBC News Bay Area reports.

The victim noticed the images uploaded a few days after the incident and gave them to the police. Now they are all over the web, and the cops are asking for the public's help in identifying the thief.

Supervised release works for some ex-cons. Time spent in halfway houses can help some recently released offenders acclimate to life outside and more easily transition into life after prison. Others, not so much.

Phillip Allen Nelson didn't quite take to supervised release, and while there the convicted bank robber knocked over two more banks less than a month after he had been paroled.

An Arlington, Texas man carving a Halloween pumpkin with his daughter stabbed an intruder on Tuesday, unwittingly ending a two-hour, carjacking crime spree. After catching the man rifling through his wife's purse, Scott Hackney stabbed him in his back with a pumpkin carving knife.

Hackney held the man down while a neighbor summoned police, and the home intruder received treatment at a local hospital before heading to jail.

Hey everyone! Watch me break the law!

If two boys commit a crime but no one is watching, did it really happen? Perhaps not, which is why two teenage boys had the bright idea to film and livestream their illegal ice cream stealing escapade.

Unsurprisingly, the video landed them in juvenile court.

Everybody probably has a story or two about a horrible teacher, a mean teacher, a strict teacher.

We know bad teachers are only a small minority among the thousands of wonderfully dedicated teachers doing a hard, underpaid job every day.

But, bad teachers are still pretty fun to talk about -- and we can even learn something from them and their bad behavior. So, here's a round-up of just a few of our best bad teacher stories:

Who better to be your getaway driver than your own 13-year-old son? You don't even have to pay him!

An inebriated Albuquerque man, Sergio Barrientos-Hinojosa, allegedly had his 13-year-old son drive him to a gas station to buy beer. That's not a good start, even if he didn't want a DUI. While leaving the station, Barrientos-Hinojosa got into an argument with another customer and started shooting a gun he retrieved from his car. Investigators report that he then ordered his son to hit the gas and make a break for it, while he busily fired his gun in the air.

The two didn't get very far though. Police at a nearby DUI checkpoint stopped the car, and arrested the father. Doesn't he know that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself?

A sheriff's deputy took on two drunken Spring Breakers at a Florida beach brawl and, lucky for us, the whole thing was captured on shaky cellphone video (though not in Internet-approved sideways, smh).

As always, police encounters like this are teachable moments. So let's dive right into the video and break down where these two gentlemen went legally wrong: