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A white North Charleston, S.C. police officer was charged on Tuesday with the murder of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, following a traffic stop over the weekend.

Officer Michael Slager said he shot Scott after a scuffle during which Scott took Slager's Taser. However, a bystander's cell phone video of the incident showed the officer shooting Scott in the back while he ran away.

Beware the Easter DUI

Spring is finally here, and Easter weekend is upon us.

Maybe you're planning on some March Madness margaritas. An IPA during the Easter egg hunt. Or a few glasses of red with Sunday dinner. (Some of you may even get your 4/20 celebrations started early...) If you're cracking open a cold one this weekend, be aware that cops are cracking down on DUIs, booze or blunt induced.

So here are a few tips to help avoid a bummer of a Bunny Day:

A recent case has people wondering if, how, and when police officers can use their property, including their house, to stage law enforcement operations.

A Henderson, NV family claimed officers violated the Third Amendment ("[n]o Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner") by occupying their homes to investigate a domestic dispute at a neighbor's house. A federal court found that, while officers may have committed some other constitutional violations, the amendment didn't apply because the officers were not soldiers.

So is there any limit to when the police can use your property as a base of operations?

As parents have told children many times, "Don't talk to strangers." In this case, it's "Don't buy from strangers on Craigslist unless you're at a safe zone."

A pregnant Colorado woman was attacked when she responded to a Craigslist ad to buy baby clothes. The victim went to the seller's house alone. While there, the seller stabbed the victim in the stomach and cut out her fetus. The victim survived the stabbing after calling police. Unfortunately, the fetus died.

This is only another in a long line of stories where buyers were attacked or killed by sellers they met on Craigslist. Recognizing the need for a safe place to complete Craigslist transactions, many police departments around the country have designated their parking lots or lobbies as safe zones. Conshohocken, Philadelphia claims to have created the nation's first Craigslist Transaction Safe Zone last year.

While it is reassuring to have a safe place to conduct face to face transactions, who is liable if you still get attacked at a "safe zone"?

If a tree fell in a forest and no one heard it, did it happen? If you drove while intoxicated, but no one saw you, did you break the law?

It was a long day at work. You stopped by a bar, had a few drinks, and got buzzed. During your drive home, you decide you're a little too tipsy, and pulled over and sleep it off in your car. Next thing you know, an officer is knocking on your door, and you're getting arrested for driving under the influence.

Is this possible? Can you get arrested for a DUI if the officer never saw you drive?

A sheriff's deputy took on two drunken Spring Breakers at a Florida beach brawl and, lucky for us, the whole thing was captured on shaky cellphone video (though not in Internet-approved sideways, smh).

As always, police encounters like this are teachable moments. So let's dive right into the video and break down where these two gentlemen went legally wrong:

The good news: There are fewer drunken drivers on the road. The not-so-good news: There are more "drugged drivers" on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released its 2013-14 survey of 9,000 drivers at 300 locations from coast to coast. The findings: 1.5 percent of weekend drivers had illegal blood-alcohol concentrations, down from 2.2 percent of drivers in 2007 and 7.5 percent of drivers in 1973. Meantime, Reuters reports that 10 times as many drivers surveyed, 15.2 percent, had illegal drugs in their system.

An increase in the prosecution and penalties for drunken driving offenses may be responsible for the drop in alcohol-influenced drivers. But what accounts for the rise in drugged drivers? And how does the law deal with drivers under the influence of legal and illegal drugs?

What Counts as Criminal Mischief?

Although many criminal charges are very specific, others, such as criminal mischief, can encompass a wide variety of criminal behavior.

Criminal mischief generally includes what is commonly known as vandalism, dealing mainly with crimes committed against property such as defacing someone's building with graffiti or breaking the windows of a business. Although vandalism may be included under state criminal statutes forbidding "criminal damage" or "malicious trespass," in many states, vandalism may be charged as criminal mischief.

What typically counts as criminal mischief? Here are a few examples of criminal mischief laws in different states:

What is resisting arrest, and what defenses can potentially be used to defeat the charge?

A San Francisco public defender was arrested Wednesday after she refused to let police photograph her client in a court hallway. Notably, a police officer told her before she was placed in handcuffs that she would be arrested for resisting arrest.

Eventually, Deputy Public Defender Jami Tillotson was arrested, though a cellphone video shows that, far from "resisting," she let police cuff her and lead her away. So how can she be prosecuted for resisting an arrest that hadn't happened yet?

Can Your Car's Paint Job Get You Pulled Over?

Most people are well aware that driving too fast or in a reckless manner is likely to get you pulled over. But a car's paint job may also attract the attention of law enforcement.

It's not against the law to have a crummy paint job or to paint your car an especially obnoxious color. Fortunately for most of us, the fashion police have not yet been granted the same power as the actual police to make arrests.

So how can your vehicle's paint job get you pulled over?