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Bill O'Reilly Wants $10M from Ex, Claims Cheating and Misrepresentation

Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly is suing his ex-wife for fraudulent misrepresentation, saying she lied during their divorce for financial gain. According to Gawker, the O'Reilly filed papers in Nassau County Court in New York accusing Maureen McPhilmy of hiding her extra-marital affair to induce a consensual divorce from O'Reilly.

He says she used money from the divorce to finance her extra-marital affair, and that she got more money because she pretended to be loyal. Now O'Reilly is demanding $10 million, saying he paid McPhilmy based on her material misrepresentations that she was not cheating. Let's consider this from a legal perspective.

Tom Brady's Legal Hail Mary: QB Files for Rehearing on Deflategate

Quarterback Tom Brady wants to play ball. He's filing for rehearing of an appeals court decision reinstating his four-game suspension over claims he deflated a ball during an important game for the New England Patriots in January 2015. This scandal is known as "Deflategate."

Now Brady has filed for rehearing in federal court, a legal long shot. But Brady's lawyers argue that he's doing this for the team, not just NFL players but all unionized workers like him. They say, according to USA Today, that the appeals court decision last month harms all union workers and management by allowing labor arbitrators to "go rogue."

Alba Silent on Suit Targeting Honest Co Organic Baby Food

Jessica Alba was perhaps setting herself up for trouble when she called her business the Honest Company. The company makes a range of products touted as clean and pure -- honest, as it were -- but it has repeatedly been the target of complaints and lawsuits from consumers. Most recently the actress faced questions about Honest Company's organic baby food, the subject of another suit while on a panel at a conference.

Alba was inspired to start the company after her baby's birth made her conscious of chemicals in household products, and Honest has made a big name, very fast, based no doubt on the actress's great success. But it is the company transparent? Is it honest?

Ciara and Future's Custody Battle Resolved

Future and Ciara are celebrities, so naturally they are involved in lawsuits. The couple is public about their spats, airing grievances on social media that then spawn more lawsuits. But this week joint custody was awarded to the two, reports The BoomBox, despite mom's efforts to obtain sole custody of their young son.

A defamation suit Ciara filed against Future, based on his insulting tweets and demanding $15 million, has yet to be resolved. He says she's not famous enough to be defamed, a somewhat outrageous legal and factual claim about his ex made even as she sues him for his outrageous statements.

Memory Lane Trending: Arsenio Hall Sues Sinead O'Connor

Prince's recent death has created a weird media sensation. It's like the eighties all over again as forgotten stars reappear to reminisce about the dead and remind us of their existence. For example, last week singer Sinead O'Connor and comedian Arsenio Hall made headlines, likely for the first time in decades.

O'Connor accused Hall of being Prince's drug supplier in a Facebook post, reports ABC News, and he sued her for $5 million for defamation. It's a blast from the past, only most of the drama is happening online. Let's take a walk down memory lane.

It was probably too much to expect the final episode of "The Good Wife" to wrap everything up with a nice little bow — it was never a show that liked things clean and simple and was self-aware without being self-congratulatory, so a celebratory victory lap in episode 156 was never in the cards.

Still, that final “shot,” so to speak? Not even the most cynical fan could’ve expected the show to end like that. And that doesn’t even address the loose ends in Peter’s Trial of the Century. Here’s a look at the legal angles of last night’s series finale, “End.”

Audacious Vincent Gallo Sues Reporter for Invasion of Privacy

Vincent Gallo is suing a Japanese reporter for invasion of privacy for recording and publishing conversations that were off the record, the actor says. Gallo, best known for his cult hit movie Buffalo 66, which he also wrote, produced, and directed, says that Hikari Takano should pay compensatory and punitive damages.

The artist claims that Takano took material that was off the record, and which Gallo did not know was being recorded, and used it against his express wishes, reports Courthouse News Service. But it seems that the real problem here is that Gallo created an "audacious" interview character who says outrageous things but wasn't amused when that audacious character's views were publicized ... which, frankly, sounds anything but bold.

Fan Sues Bieber for Smashed Camera After Beer Bong Drama

True Beliebers will be disappointed to hear that Justin Bieber is in trouble again. The pop star was accused of smashing a man's cell phone after the man filmed Bieber unsuccessfully chugging from a beer bong in Houston last month during his show after-party.

Robert Morgan filed a complaint in Harris County Court in Texas, reports Courthouse News Service, detailing Bieber's actions that night, and most of it is not nice. The Bieber fan is now demanding punitive and compensatory damages from the pop star for his phone and for a physical attack.

We've got an intriguing court case with a major player facing serious jail time. And we've got Alicia torn between what she has, what she wants, and what's expected of her. With just two episodes left, "The Good Wife" is getting back to what it does best.

And we've got a couple fantastic cliffhangers setting up next week's series finale. Here's what you need to know about all the legal angles of last night's episode, "Verdict."

Only "The Good Wife" could use a coming together to show just how far its characters are fracturing apart. Howard and Jackie's Ketubah signing at Alicia's condo becomes a discussion of divorce, decampment, and a dissolving criminal case. Who's in love with whom? Who's in Diane's new female-led firm? Who's out on their own, and who's out of the woods in Peter's corruption investigation?

Here are the legal ins and outs of last night's episode, "Party."