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By just about any metric, Drake is one of the biggest rappers in the game. One of those metrics would be money, and Drake was in the top five of Forbes list of highest paid hip hop artists in 2016. But the label that claims to have signed Drake back in 2008 also claims it hasn't seen the profits from one of the most profitable acts in the business.

Aspire Music Group sued Cash Money Records in a Manhattan, New York court, claiming breach of contract, breach of good faith and fair dealing, and tortious interference over alleged unpaid profits and copyright royalties under the recording agreement between the two. So how much are we talking about, and where is all the money?

Tomi Lahren, the young conservative pundit hired by Glen Beck's TheBlaze, has filed a lawsuit after being effectively terminated by the show. Although Lahren is still being paid pursuant to her contract, she has been removed from the conservative political talk show. Lahren is alleging that her removal was due to her pro-choice stance, while TheBlaze denies that allegation and denies that Lahren has even been terminated.

Lahren's wrongful termination lawsuit alleges that after her appearance on The View, where she stated that being against abortion rights and against government regulation of individual rights is hypocritical, she was indefinitely suspended. The show issued a statement expressing confusion over how they can be sued for wrongful termination while Lahren was still technically employed and being paid.

The Warhol Foundation has filed a lawsuit against a photographer claiming that a 1984 piece by Andy Warhol infringes upon her copyright. The work of art in question is the Prince Series, which includes several different paintings of the musician Prince. The photographer claims that her 1981 publicity photo of Prince was used to make unauthorized derivative works.

The photographer, after the death of Prince last year, contacted the foundation to demand payment of damages for an alleged copyright infringement. However, the foundation believes that the claim is frivolous and nothing more than a shakedown. Rather than continue to waste time and money negotiating, the foundation has sought the help of the court in settling the dispute.

Hoverboards, those inaccurately named and infinitely injurious contraptions, remain a thing. But one hoverboard company is claiming that their product could be more of a thing, if only Jennifer Lopez had properly promoted the brand on Instagram and Twitter.

Sidekick Group Corp says it gave J.Lo over $50,000 worth of merchandise to use in a concert series, in return for promotion on social media, and is now contending that one tweet didn't fulfill that obligation.

Comedian Katt Williams is no stranger to the legal system and wild accusations. Most recently, a former assistant filed a lawsuit alleging that not only did the comedian underpay her, he verbally abused her, punched her, locked her in a hotel, and abandoned her in an Atlanta airport, fortunately not all at once. The former assistant worked for Williams from 2012 to 2016.

While Katt Williams has not issued a response to these allegations as of yet, it is known that the former assistant bringing these claims is the victim for whom Katt Williams was arrested and charged with battery for punching in July 2016. She is seeking an unspecified amount of damages stemming from that assault, where her injuries were indicated as severe, as well as the damages stemming from her employment with Williams.

Gary Goldman, the screenwriter for 90s classic science fiction film 'Total Recall,' has filed suit against Disney for allegedly stealing the characters, concepts, plot and sub-plots, verbatim dialogue, and even the name he created for his animated talking animals project, 'Zootopia.'

Goldman has alleged that he pitched his idea to Disney twice, once around 2000, and again almost a decade later. His lawsuit includes the drawings of his cute cartoon characters, alongside their alleged counterparts in the Disney film, in an attempt to show the striking similarities. Despite how cute the pleading may look, there are some real big allegations being cast at Disney.

When it comes to celebrities seeking special treatment for criminal acts, Roman Polanski should win an award of some kind, preferably along with a lengthy prison sentence. The fugitive director was alleged to have drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl, and he pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor, back in 1977. However, Polanski became one of the most famous fugitives in the world when he fled the country before he completed his slap on the wrist of a sentence.

After having lived outside the US for the past 40 years, the now 83-year-old Polanski wants to return to the Los Angeles so he can visit his deceased wife's grave. However, he has taken the position with the court that he will only return if he is provided assurances that he will not be imprisoned. 

A San Francisco women's clothing and accessories business has sued Ivanka Trump's brand alleging claims of unfair competition. The claims stem from the marketing and promotion of Ivanka Trump's brand by herself and her husband, who are White House employees, as well as her father, President Trump, his advisor Kellyanne Conway, and even, media-favorite, Sean Spicer.

Basically, the San Francisco retailer is claiming that the promotion of Ivanka's Trump brand by those associated with the White House violates state and federal unfair competition laws, as well as the Constitution of the United States. Furthermore, the lawsuit seeks class action status on behalf of all other women's clothing retailers in California that are victims of Ivanka Trump's brand's unfair advantage due to its proximity to the president.

David Copperfield, the world famous magician, illusionist, and performer, is being sued, along with the Las Vegas venue where he performed his act, after one his popular tricks didn't go exactly as planned. While the illusion was successful, one of the audience participants tripped, fell, and hit his head, while the behind the scenes "magic" was happening.

The injury causing illusion took place back in 2013, and the case was originally set for trial this past January, but it has since been pushed back to October of this year. The plaintiff's attorneys are claiming that Copperfield's secret behind his trick will be revealed during trial, though Copperfield has managed to keep it out of the public eye thus far by keeping the record sealed due to it being proprietary information.

Actor James Woods has been sued because of a tweet he posted misidentifying an Ohio woman, Portia Boulger, as an Illinois Nazi and Trump supporter. As a result of the misidentification, the plaintiff, Ms. Boulger, became the victim of extreme harassment, both online and off, including threats to her personal safety.

Despite her requesting a retraction and apology through an attorney, James Woods exacerbated the situation and allegedly made further untruthful statements about Ms. Boulger via Twitter. To date, he has not apologized for his conduct, and based upon limited information, it appears that he plans to fight these allegations.