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Kendall Jenner Sues Cutera for $10M Over Ads

The half-Kardashian super model Kendall Jenner is suing Cutera, a skin treatment company, for claims that it's responsible for her "nearly flawless skin." Cutera claims its laser acne treatment perfected the 20-year-old. But Jenner's filing says she had no deal and is accustomed to getting paid, which according to TMZ is the take-away from this case.

Ciara Sues Future for Defamatory Tweets, Demands $15M

We are culturally deep in social media, and celebrities are in deepest, leading their lives online, sometimes to their detriment. Twitter libel lawsuits have existed for almost as long as the social network, and now pop singer Ciara is joining the club, suing her child's father, Future, for $15 million over his disparaging tweets.

Future, born Nayvadius Wilburn, has been very vocal about the couple's breakup since it happened in 2014, according to The Verge. But he is a mean tweeter, per Ciara, who wants the slings to stop, demanding also that he delete past defamatory tweets. Meanwhile, TMZ reports that sources close to Future said that the libel suit is a joke and that she is throwing stones at glass houses (well, it was TMZ so they said $15 million rocks at glass houses but you get the idea).

Wu-Tang Clan Album Cover Artist Sues Shkreli

Martin Shkreli, the young drug company executive who came under fire for price hikes last year and for calling Congress imbeciles on Twitter last week, just got sued for allowing images on the cover of the Wu-Tang Clan's album, "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" to be used by Vice.

There is only one copy of the album in existence, and Shkreli owns it. Already reviled nationwide for his drug price hikes, Shkreli found no fans when he announced that he would not listen to the album that cost him $2 million but bought it to keep it from the people. Now the illustrator whose art was used on the cover is suing Shkreli and others for the same amount, saying he did not give permission for his fan art to be used in that context, according to Reuters.

Models Sue Agencies for Financial Abuses and More

It seems like a dream, being beautiful and getting paid bank to just look good. But as anyone who has ever been up close to the modeling or fashion industries will say, there is a high price to pay for participating in the game of glamour. Certainly, that is what a complaint filed by 8 models suing their former agencies states, according to the New York Post.

In a class-action lawsuit filed by 8 models against 6 major agencies in a New York state court in Manhattan recently, the young beauties reveal how agencies take advantage of their youth and beauty, financially and otherwise. While one lawyer for one agency has already dismissed the complaint as the whining of wannabes, the filing does shed light on some seemingly shady practices.

Cosby Criminal Sexual Assault Case Proceeds in PA

A Pennsylvania judge ruled this week that a criminal sexual assault case against Bill Cosby will proceed, NPR reports. This despite claims that the comedian received immunity from prosecution over a decade ago in connection with the civil suit filed by alleged victim, Andrea Constand.

The immunity claim was supported by the statements of a former District Attorney that he orally agreed not to prosecute Cosby. The agreement was allegedly given to Cosby's now-deceased attorney at the alleged victim's lawyers' request. The judge apparently was not buying it and the criminal case will proceed.

Model Drops 2008 Playboy Mansion Assault Case Against Bill Cosby

It's hard to keep track of all the Cosby cases lately. But there is one matter less, reports the New York Daily News, as a model who sued comedian Bill Cosby for an alleged assault at the Playboy Mansion in 2008 has moved to dismiss her suit without prejudice.

The filing by Chloe Goins in a Los Angeles federal court was short and did not elaborate on the model's reasons for dropping her claim, but it did reserve the right to file again. Does her decision have to do with the fact that prosecutors declined to file criminal charges against Cosby for the assault after a year of investigation?

If Alicia's life had been fraying at the edges this season, we might have finally seen her at the end of her rope last night. Failed love, failed campaigns, and failed revenge plots all came crashing in, and Alicia's professional and personal worlds were collapsing.

As bleak as that sounds, there's just enough hope that our protagonist can climb out of this hole, perhaps finding herself back where it all started. She just has to resolve a few court matters first. Here's a look at the legal aspects of last night's episode, "Judged."

Caitlyn Jenner Settles Lawsuit With Crash Victim's Family

Caitlyn Jenner has settled a negligence lawsuit with the stepchildren of a woman who was killed in a car crash she was part of last year, Variety reports. Kim Howe's family sued Jenner for negligence last May, saying her reckless driving caused the three-car crash in which another woman was also injured.

But after prosecutors declined to charge Jenner with vehicular manslaughter, the family's claims seemed less likely to succeed. Indeed, the settlement announced this week is reportedly for a "modest amount," writes TMZ. But the story is not totally over yet.

Lawsuit Blames Hollywood Talent Management Cartel for Diversity Woes

You may have heard of a lawsuit against Hollywood's major talent agencies, blaming them for stifling diversity. But discrimination is not the real claim in the lawsuit, The Hollywood Reporter complains.

Bruce Lenhoff, an agent, sued major talent management agencies last year -- his competition -- for poaching his clients. Since filing, he has amended his complaint to allege discrimination results from lack of competition, a conspiracy by a cartel in Hollywood. But some say it's just a way for an antitrust suit to dress up as a case about discrimination, a timely topic in light of the "#OscarsSoWhite" scandal making headlines.

Jay-Z Sued for $20M in Cologne Contract Claim

Jay-Z is familiar with the sweet smell of success, and when he gives a product his blessing, it's likely to sell. It is easy then to get the impression from the hip-hop superstar's range of interests, and his riches, that everything Jay-Z touches turns to gold.

Not so. Even Jay-Z can't avoid promotions. And his failure to promote on behalf of Gold Jay-Z cologne, made by Parlux Fragrances, prompted the company to sue him for $20 million in New York state court in Manhattan today, reports Gossip Cop.