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This week's episode of "The Good Wife" was all about returns and reacquaintances, both in plot and in legal inspiration.

After a whole season of intermittent NSA bits, this plotline is finally wrapped up in "All Tapped Out." Here's what you need to know:

Johnny Depp Subpoenaed to Testify in Murder Case

In a plot that seems straight out of a movie, Johnny Depp has been subpoenaed to testify in a murder case.

Nancy Lekon is accused of killing a pedestrian in Los Angeles by running her down and dragging her for a mile. Lekon's attorney wants Depp's testimony to help prove her client is insane because Lekon claims she was in a relationship with the actor at the time of the alleged homicide, according to TMZ.

So does Depp have to take the witness stand?

This week's episode of "The Good Wife" opened with drinking and closed with some drama, but there was a tiny bit of law in between.

Let's try to make a meal out of the side dish of legal information served up in "A Material World":

'Bar Rescue' Lawsuit Alleges Setup, Battery; but Is There Proof?

"Bar Rescue" host Jon Taffer, his wife, and the production company of the show have been sued by a bar owner for an alleged conspiracy to assault the owner.

Dr. Paul Wilkes, the owner of a bar that was featured on the show, is claiming that Taffer and the producers conspired to have him hit on Taffer's wife and get attacked by Taffer for doing so, according to Deadline Hollywood.

So how will Wilkes prove the setup?

Amanda Bynes' 28th Birthday: A Legal Status Update

It's Amanda Bynes' 28th birthday today, and so far, it seems like her fans' legal wishes have come true: She hasn't made any headlines today for a run-in with the law.

While Bynes has certainly faced a fair share of legal troubles in recent years, it seems like the actress is doing much better now. She's apparently a student at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Southern California, according to E! News.

To show how far Bynes has come as she turns the big 2-8, let's take a look back at her recent legal timeline:

Glenn Beck Sued by Boston Bombing Victim for Alleged Defamation

Radio and Internet host Glenn Beck is being sued by a Boston Marathon bombing victim for alleged defamation.

Abdulrahman Alharbi, 20, a student from Saudi Arabia, filed a lawsuit against Beck, who on his radio show called Alharbi the "money man" behind the attacks. Alharbi was injured in the bombings, but was quickly cleared of wrongdoing and was never named as a suspect, according to The Washington Post.

What will Alharbi have to prove in order to make Glenn Beck pay for his words?

'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 16

This week's episode of the "The Good Wife" picked up where last week's shocker of Will Gardner's death left off.

With the departure of a main character to deal with, "The Last Call" wasn't as chock-full of legal issues as other episodes this season. But here are a few legal notes we jotted down:

'Scandal's' Columbus Short Arrested for Felony Battery

"Scandal" actor Columbus Short, best known as Harrison Wright on the hit ABC show, has been arrested on a felony battery charge.

The 31-year-old actor allegedly punched and knocked out a guest at a restaurant in West Los Angeles on March 15, Reuters reports.


'The Good Wife': Good Law? - Season 5, Episode 15

This week's episode of "The Good Wife" was aggressively marketed as an unforgettable, must-see event. It certainly lived up to the hype.

Have you picked up your jaw yet? Yeah, neither have we.

Here's a breakdown of this week's shocking episode, "Dramatics, Your Honor":

8 Ways Twitter Has Gotten Celebrities in Trouble

How has Twitter gotten celebrities in trouble? Let us count the ways...

Over the years, Twitter has become the unofficial medium for celebrities to air their (bad) news -- and for all of us non-celebrities to gawk, point, and shake our collective heads at the stars' all-too-human predicaments.

So in honor of Twitter's eighth birthday, here are eight memorable ways celebrities have landed in hot water over what they shared on Twitter: