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The terrorists have won. At least according to the Internet hordes decrying Sony's move to drop the release of "The Interview" on Christmas Day.

It certainly didn't help that theater chains across the country were refusing to show the comedic tale about a plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, but there may also have been a legal motive. As The New York Times reports, lawsuits filed after the theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado, may have set the stage for Sony's decision.

Could Sony be hedging its legal bets by cancelling "The Interview?"

Sony Pictures has been hit with multiple lawsuits related to the massive data breach recently suffered by the company.

On Monday, the company was sued by two former employees who claimed that they had personal information such as Social Security numbers and salary history made public as a result of the hack of Sony's computer networks last month, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Two more former Sony employees filed suit on Tuesday, seeking recovery for damages caused by the leak of their private information. Both lawsuits seek class action status for all those similarly affected by the data breach.

What does the latest lawsuit allege that Sony did wrong?

A federal court judge ruled on Friday that comedian Tracy Morgan can move forward with a lawsuit against retailer Walmart for injuries Morgan suffered in a fatal crash earlier this year.

The ruling came after Kevin Roper -- the driver of the Walmart truck that slammed into Morgan's tour bus on the New Jersey turnpike -- had filed a motion asking the court to delay Morgan's lawsuit, reports the Associated Press.

Roper is not named as a defendant in Morgan's lawsuit. However, he had argued that the lawsuit may affect his criminal case stemming from the crash.

A lawsuit that accused rapper Jay-Z of unlawfully sampling a single syllable from an obscure funk record was dismissed in federal court on Monday.

The lawsuit was filed by record company TufAmerica, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The company holds the copyright for the 1969 recording of "Hook and Sling - Part I" by Eddie Bo. In its lawsuit, TufAmerica alleges that Jay-Z had unlawfully sampled an instance of Eddie Bo saying "Oh" from "Hook and Sling - Part I" 42 times in the background of the rapper's 2009 Grammy-winning single "Run This Town," which also featured Kanye West and Rihanna.

What did the judge have to say about the lawsuit?

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice has filed a $5 million lawsuit against her former attorney alleging malpractice.

The lawsuit comes after Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud, reports the New York Daily News. The prison sentence was part of a plea deal with prosecutors. Giudice later claimed she didn't understand the plea deal meant she would have to go to prison.

What's behind the latest twist in this ongoing celebrity legal drama?

Comedian Bill Cosby has responded to a lawsuit filed against him earlier this week that alleged he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl at the Playboy Mansion in 1974.

Calling the allegations "patently false," Cosby filed his response to the lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, reports the Los Angeles Times. In addition to challenging the factual basis of the allegations made in the lawsuit, Cosby also claims that the lawsuit should be barred by the statute of limitations.

What's the story behind the lawsuit and Cosby's response? Here are five things you should know:

After getting married to "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi over the weekend, Jionni LaValle was in court Monday facing a DUI charge.

LaValle was arrested August 7 and charged with driving under the influence, reports E! Online. In court on Monday, LaValle pleaded guilty to DUI in exchange for the dismissal of reckless driving and unsafe lane change charges he was also facing.

What sort of criminal penalties is the newly minted Mr. Snooki now facing?

Actress Halle Berry took her ex to court Monday, alleging that he had straightened and highlighted their 6-year-old daughter's hair, making her appear more white.

Berry and former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry have joint custody of daughter Nahla. But according to TMZ, Berry sent her lawyers to court to request a judge forbid Aubry from altering the girl's naturally curly hair.

Ultimately, the judge ruled that neither Berry nor Aubry could change the girl's hair from its natural color, in the latest court battle between these former lovebirds-turned-litigants.

As the mid-season finale of The Good Wife, "The Trial," features both an actual trial -- Cary's criminal conspiracy trial -- as well as the continuing trials and tribulations of Alicia's political campaign.

In "The Trial," Alicia is confronted by a joke shared with her daughter Grace that threatens to derail her campaign for State's Attorney, forcing her to negotiate with a scheming teacher. At the same time, Cary and Diane also find themselves forced to the negotiating table with Assistant State Attorney Geneva Pine, who offers Cary six years in prison for a guilty plea in his criminal case.

So we finally found out #WhoKilledSam, and it was... Wes? "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me" had its hand on the suspense tiller for this one, initially teasing that Michaela had somehow killed him by causing him to fall over the railing. And as you may have guessed, this "Winter Finale" of "How To Get Away With Murder" had very little to do with the law.

#HTGAWM in 140 Characters: More flashbacks & puzzle put together. Wes killed Sam with trophy. Kids threw Sam's pieces in dumpster. Annalise knows but seems OK with it.

Annalise ends by telling the Keating Five to tell the truth, but we all know she doesn't mean it. Check out these other legal lies from the show's bloody mid-season finale: