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John Oliver's ability to bring a lighter touch to serious topics has made his take-downs must see TV. The Last Week Tonight host can provide both laughter and awareness on important social and political issues.

And apparently he can also provide the basis for legal judgments, after the Ninth Circuit cited a recent rant in a class action lawsuit. So is the weekly show host on his way to becoming Judge John Oliver?

Personality person Dan Bilzerian is suing personality website TheDirty.com, claiming that STD rumors are false. (If you, like me, need a primer on Mr. Bilzerian, here you go.)

The lawsuit stems from an allegation from a commenter on one of the site's stories, claiming she contracted chlamydia from Bilzerian.

Donald Trump is having himself quite a year. His presidential run means that he has to open his mouth. And every time he opens his mouth he loses business partners. And every time he loses a business partner he sues that business partner.

First it was suing Univision after the network dropped Trump's Miss Universe competition due to Trump's racist comments about Mexican immigrants. Now The Donald is suing a celebrity chef for backing out of a restaurant in a new Trump hotel. No, not that other celebrity chef he sued for backing out of a restaurant in a new Trump hotel. This is a new one.

After years of litigation and decades of uncertainty, popular role playing franchise Dungeons & Dragons is finally coming to the silver screen. (No, we didn't forget about that 2000 disaster -- we're choosing to ignore it.)

Warner Brothers has announced it has the rights and a script for a D&D movie, which will take place in one of the game's most popular settings, Forgotten Realms. The announcement comes after a year of legal wrangling over a variety of issues, one being how to define a movie sequel.

Stop me if you've heard this one: two guys walk onto a plane...

Actually, I read that one on Twitter. At least, that's what one long-time joke writer is saying about a joke Conan O'Brien told on-air, allegedly the same night the writer posted it online. Coincidence? Or yet another incidence of joke theft in the modern world?

Actress Paz de la Huerta's career is ruined! Or, so she claims.

Do you remember the movie Nurse 3D? No? Well, you're not alone. Paz de la Huerta claims her injury while filming the movie and the director's horrible dub job wrecked her career. So, she's suing for $55 million.

Bill Cosby's rape drama continues.

After nearly 40 women have accused him of raping them since as far back as 1965, The New York Times found and published a decade-old deposition where Cosby seemingly admitted to drugging women to have sex with him.

Now, Cosby's lawyers want to know how the deposition, which was supposed to be sealed, got leaked.

Man Drowned in Demi Moore's Pool

It's a homeowner's worst nightmare. Someone died at your home.

Demi Moore must be reeling after she received news that a young man died at the pool at her home. Police aren't currently investigating the death as a homicide, but is Demi facing any liability?

Rapper 50 Cent just filed for bankruptcy! Is it no big deal, or will he be on the streets soon?

50 Cent recently filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Hartford, Connecticut. More specifically, he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This move is a surprise to many, especially since Forbes estimated his net work to be at least $155 million this year. However, 50 Cent is downplaying the significance of the filing as simply a smart business decision to reorganize his financial affairs.

So, is the rapper facing financial ruin or not?

Josh Duggar and the Duggar clan may have thought they were in the clear when the statute of limitations for criminal sexual molestation passed. However, the Duggars may soon find themselves defending their actions in civil court.

One of Josh's victims is reportedly preparing to file a civil suit against Josh and his parents Jim Bob and Michelle.

If the statute of limitations is passed, how can the victim still sue?