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Only "The Good Wife" could use a coming together to show just how far its characters are fracturing apart. Howard and Jackie's Ketubah signing at Alicia's condo becomes a discussion of divorce, decampment, and a dissolving criminal case. Who's in love with whom? Who's in Diane's new female-led firm? Who's out on their own, and who's out of the woods in Peter's corruption investigation?

Here are the legal ins and outs of last night's episode, "Party."

Reality TV Star Sued for Weed Stink From Apartment

Scheana Shay's neighbor is not happy about the scent emanating from her apartment, and filed a lawsuit over her weed smoking, according to Page Six. If you don't know who Shay is or how she made headlines over a neighborly dispute, you must not be up on your Bravo shows.

Scheana Shay is a reality TV star who appears on "Vanderpump Rules," a show about a restaurant in LA, which is run by a real housewife of another reality television show. In real life, Shay and her husband live in a building in LA and are facing complaints over their habits.

Kanye Tricked Fans to Save the Life of Tidal, According to Lawsuit

Kanye West makes many wild claims and who can blame him? He gets a lot of attention and people do listen, as evidenced by a recent lawsuit filed against him in federal court in San Francisco. The suit targets Kanye and the music streaming company Tidal, demanding $5 million in damages, and saying the defendants tricked 2 million people into subscribing to the service.

Early this year, Kanye and Tidal promised prospective users a free one-month trial and that his latest album, The Life of Pablo, would be on the streaming service exclusively. But six weeks after its release, the album was available for download on Apple's iTunes and on Kanye's own website, and Tidal now has valuable data on millions of people lured by Kanye's false promise. The plaintiffs call this a bait and switch tactic.

"So we're right back where we started." Yeah, Peter, we are. Mr. Florrick is facing a scandal, and there's Mrs. Florrick, standing resolutely by his side: "I am standing by my husband again."

Only some big things have changed over the past seven years, to the point that Alicia might finally know exactly what she wants. But is she any closer to getting it? Can she keep her (as of now at least) husband out of jail? And who has criminal jurisdiction in international airports? Here's a legal rundown of the recent episode, "Landing."

Madonna Sues Her NYC Co-Op for Kids

Lately Madonna and her New York neighbors have not been getting along, as evidenced by a lawsuit she filed against her co-op last week. The international pop icon sued the Upper West Side property group, claiming it changed her proprietary lease without notice, blocking her from using her apartment as she intended.

Madonna's suit says no one notified her of the vote on the co-op's lease change, according to Courthouse News Service. The change bars her kids from being in the co-op with caretakers if she is not around. Let's look at what she seeks in terms of relief.

Recording Blues: Brandy Sues Her Label

Recording artist Brandy has terminated her contract and is suing her label, Chameleon Entertainment, for $1 million dollars. She claims she's being thwarted -- not allowed to record or release music -- and bullied into signing a "terrible deal," according to Courthouse News Service.

The singer, known in court as Brandy Norwood, argues that the label breached its contract with her by refusing to let her work. This effort to force her to sign another inferior deal with Epic Records benefits Breyon Prescott, Chameleon's owner and CEO who also works for Epic, by allowing him to double dip, she says. The pop star wants compensatory and punitive damages for the alleged bullying tactics.

Elton John Security Guard Sues, Claims Years of Sexual Abuse

Elton John, who is known for his thoughtful love songs, is facing a lawsuit for sexual abuse. A former longtime bodyguard of the singer's filed a lawsuit alleging a long pattern of abuse taking place over years. Elton John's lawyers have denied the allegations in the suit and said that Captain Jeffrey Wenninger's claims are completely false.

"This baseless lawsuit is brought by a disgruntled former security officer seeking to extract an undeserved payment," Orin Snyder, Elton John's attorney for Rocket Entertainment Group, said in a statement. But Wenninger's claims are quite detailed and he says that the actions went on for several years.

We complained last week that none of show's subplots were hitting home. That all changed this week.

Alicia's affair with Jason finally collided with her marriage to Peter. The first dominoes (and partners) began to fall in Diane's plan to have women take over the firm. And the grand jury investigation into Peter is finally impacting someone we care about. Oh and drones -- there were some drones, too. Here's your legal primer on last night's episode, "Unmanned."

NJ Actor Faces Decade in Prison for Film Shooting

An unknown New Jersey actor and comedian is making national headlines with a bit part in an unfinished independent film. But he's still waiting for his big break.Carlo Goias -- stage name Carlos Bellario -- faces ten years in prison for shooting a prop Airsoft gun without a permit during the shooting of a film in New Jersey.

The accused this week turned down a plea deal involving less than a year in jail, according to Salon. He is opting instead to fight the charges despite the fact that he faces up to a decade in prison for this crime, based on his prior record.

Move Over Judge Judy: Sarah Palin Signs TV Judge Deal

Sarah Palin is not a lawyer but she might soon play one on TV. Specifically, she has signed a deal to preside over a courtroom on a new arbitration entertainment show that has not yet been made or sold but is expected to appear next year, in the fall of 2017.

Unlike her TV judge predecessors -- most famously, Judge Joseph Wapner and Judge Judy Sheindlin -- Sarah Palin did not attend law school or pass the bar exam, so she cannot be a judge in real life. But Palin has got something else. She is telegenic and has "common sense wisdom," a source close to the deal between Palin and the production company, Warm Springs, told People.