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American Pie Singer-Songwriter Arrested for Domestic Violence

Don McLean, the singer and writer of the classic hit song 'American Pie,' was arrested for domestic violence on Monday. According to his wife, Patrisha McLean -- who apparently shares his poetic inclinations -- 'this is not much ado about nothing.'

In response to reporter requests for further comment on the arrest of her husband, she cited Shakespeare and wrote only that she could not say anything more at the moment, according to the New York Daily News. McLean, who lives in Camden, Maine was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence and released on bail.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Arrested in Key West for Bar Fight

The Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter was arrested yesterday for what is being called a bar fight in Key West, Florida. But police refuse to reveal what Carter did wrong and even a manager at the bar where the incident allegedly occurred is resisting the urge to share the news with local radio WILD's Gossip Cop, which reported the arrest.

The pop and reality TV show star was at the Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West when a dispute erupted. It seems likely that Carter was in a fight of some kind but details are unknown and it does not take too much to pick up a battery charge in Florida.

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton apologized to former tennis star James Blake after Blake was body-slammed to the ground in a case of mistaken identity. Undercover officers were allegedly investigating a credit card fraud ring and tackled Blake as he exited the Hyatt hotel in Manhattan on Wednesday.

The officer who took down Blake has reportedly been reassigned to desk duty and Bratton acknowledged, "The use of force is such that I'm comfortable that it's in the best interest of the department to place the officer on modified assignment."

For the second time this month, Rick Ross has been arrested. This time, he won't be getting out -- at least not for a while.

Ross and his bodyguard were arrested today and charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and kidnapping.

What happened?

Parents are often very protective of their children. It's natural.

However, Sean "Diddy" Combs took that protective instinct too far, and it landed him in jail. The media mogul was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon recently after an altercation with one of his son's football coaches at UCLA.

Hubris caused the downfall of many Greek heroes. And after years of eluding investigators, it seems Robert Durst's hubris may have landed him behind bars.

Robert Durst, once heir to one of New York's real estate dynasties, has lived under the watchful eye of law enforcement since the disappearance of his wife Kathleen in 1982. Since then, he has been suspected of killing a friend in Los Angeles in 2000, and shooting and dismembering a neighbor in Texas in 2001. Durst was acquitted of the murder in Texas; he was never arrested for the disappearance of his wife or the death of his friend.

But that changed on Saturday, when Durst was arrested in connection with his friend's murder in L.A. How? He allegedly confessed! Well, kind of. After filming a documentary about his life, Durst, still wearing a wireless microphone, went to the restroom. There, he whispered to himself, "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course."

Do prosecutors now have a smoking gun? Can anything he said be used against him in a court of law?

R&B singer Angie Stone has been arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault after an altercation with her daughter.

Stone, whose real name is Angela Brown, was arrested Monday after a fight with her daughter Diamond Stone. The two women were allegedly arguing over Diamond's kids running around the house when the fight broke out. Diamond claimed Angie hit her in the face with a metal stand, knocking out some teeth; both women were taken to the police station. Diamond was released, but Angie was booked and charged with felony aggravated domestic assault.

What is aggravated domestic assault, and what could happen to this angry mom?

Vanilla Ice, nee Robert Van Winkle, was arrested in Florida and charged with burglary and grand theft after police found items allegedly stolen from a foreclosed home at Van Winkle's residence.

The burgled home was adjacent to a house the ex-rapper was renovating as part of his television show for DIY Network called "The Vanilla Ice Project."

'Suge' Knight Arrested: Murder, Hit-and-Run Alleged

Famous (and at times infamous) music producer Marion "Suge" Knight has found himself once again in legal hot water. This time, Knight was arrested after a hit-and-run in which he allegedly ran over two people in his car, killing one of them.

Knight's attorney claimed he fled in his truck in self defense, because the two victims were actually trying to kill him following a fight on a film set. What crime does Knight stand accused of, and does he have any defenses?

Mark Walhberg's Pardon Petition: What Happens Next?

Actor Mark Wahlberg has petitioned the state of Massachusetts to be pardoned for crimes he committed when he was 16.

Wahlberg was arrested in 1988 for attacking two Vietnamese men while trying to steal beer, reports The Associated Press. As a result of the attack, which left one man partially blinded, Wahlberg was convicted on a number of different criminal charges, including assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, possession of a controlled substance, and criminal contempt. Wahlberg subsequently served 45 days in jail.

Wahlberg, now 43, is looking to wipe the slate clean with a pardon. What does a pardon actually do and what does Wahlberg need to prove in order to get one?