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"Django Unchained" Actress Daniele Watts was detained and handcuffed by the LAPD, apparently for showing affection in public.

Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas (also known as celebrity chef Cheffy Be*Live) claim that police detained the couple on Thursday because they suspected the pair to be a prostitute and her client, CNN reports. For its part, the LAPD explains that officers were responding to a complaint that a couple matching their descriptions were "involved in a sexual act inside a Mercedes with the vehicle door open."

So what caused the "Django Unchained" actress to be detained?

Appearing in Las Vegas court on Wednesday, MMA fighter War Machine pleaded not guilty to all 32 charges against him, including kidnapping and assault.

War Machine, whose birth name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, was captured by law enforcement in Ventura County, California, in mid-August after several days on the lam. Koppenhaver is accused of attacking former girlfriend Christine Mackinday (aka "Christy Mack") several times over the last 15 months, reports Las Vegas' KVVU-TV. The most recent attack landed Mack in the hospital with "severe facial injuries as well as knocked-out teeth."

Is War Machine down for the count in this legal bout?

For those who think "Cops" isn't real: One of the show's crewmembers was shot and killed by Omaha police officers during a shootout with an armed robbery suspect.

Bryce Dion, a sound supervisor with the "Cops" camera crew, was fatally shot by police gunfire despite wearing an armored vest. TMZ reports that Dion was in the entryway of a Wendy's -- where police had received a robbery call -- when the robbery suspect emerged, fired his weapon, and police opened fire.

What in reality TV happened here?

MMA fighter "War Machine" is on the run from the Las Vegas police after allegedly beating girlfriend/porn star Christy Mack to a pulp.

The mixed martial artist, also known as Jonathan Koppenhaver, faces seven arrest warrants after the alleged attack that sent Mack to the hospital Friday. TMZ reports that Mack has 18 broken bones in her face and a ruptured spleen.

What serious charges does War Machine face as he tries to run from the law?

Wiz Khalifa has a warrant for his arrest in Texas after he skipped a court hearing in El Paso for a May marijuana arrest.

The young rapper, born Cameron Jibril Thomaz, was supposed to appear in court Wednesday to be arraigned for a misdemeanor pot possession charge. TMZ reports that when he was busted in May for allegedly trying to sneak weed through the El Paso International Airport, he snapped a selfie "and tweeted it out."

Now that there's a warrant out for his arrest, what will happen to the weed-loving rapper?

"The Hunt" is a new television show spotlighting wanted fugitives. But in the show's first month on the air, two of the suspected criminals featured on the show have turned up dead.

"The Hunt" is hosted by John Walsh, who as former host of the long-running "America's Most Wanted" certainly has some experience in harnessing the power of television to bring suspected criminals to justice.

But can "The Hunt" be liable for the deaths of the two men featured on the show?

Former WWE star Daniel Bryan tackled an alleged burglar at his Phoenix home on Thursday night, proving that TV smackdowns might not be fake after all.

Bryan, an ex-WWE World Heavyweight Champion whose real name is (confusingly) Bryan Danielson, told police that he saw two robbery suspects flee his home as he and his wife were returning. Perhaps leaning into his WWE skills, the ex-wrestler was able to chase down and subdue one suspect, Cesar Sosa, until police arrived, reports AZ Central.

Is it OK for homeowners like Danielson to subdue home invaders?

Ray J is facing a slew of misdemeanor charges, including sexual battery, for allegedly grabbing a woman's breast in the lobby of a Beverly Hills hotel.

Ray J, born William Ray Norwood Jr., was arrested May 30 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel after an altercation at the hotel bar and a struggle with police. TMZ reports that although police originally believed Ray J "incidentally" touched a woman's butt during the incident, new evidence points to the singer grabbing a woman's breast.

With this new evidence, what is Ray J facing?

Search warrants used to gather evidence against actress Sandra Bullock's alleged stalker have revealed that the actress came face-to-face with a man police say is "obsessive and fixated" on Bullock inside her own home.

Joshua James Corbett, 39, is being charged with 19 felonies, including stalking charges, in connection with breaking into Bullock's Hollywood Hills mansion last month, reports the Los Angeles Times. The charges also include gun charges, after a subsequent search of Corbett's home turned up a stash of illegal weapons including several automatic rifles.

How did police catch this crazed super fan, and what can you do if someone is stalking you?

Three producers of "Midnight Rider," a Gregg Allman biopic, have been charged in Georgia after the death of a camera assistant during a February shoot in rural Georgia.

Jody Savin, Randall Miller, and Jay Sedrish were indicted by a Georgia grand jury on July 2 on charges of involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass in relation to the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones. The Los Angeles Times reports that in addition to Jones' death, six others were injured when a freight train "collided into the crew" during the movie's first day of production.

While things may not look good for the movie, is this the final legal cut for "Midnight Rider"'s producers?