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According to the Palm Beach Post, Serena Williams was clocked last weekend on South Florida's I-95 driving somewhere in the neighborhood of 86 miles per hour. The only problem for Williams is that the posted speed limit for that section of highway is 65 mph. (Well, there is another problem of her speeding ticket, for $281, being posted online; thanks, Sunshine laws!)

But the tennis star is just one of many celebrities and athletes caught flying down our nation's highways and byways. Here are five of our favorite recent celebrity speeding tickets.

The Weinstein Company may have thought it handled the matter of serial sexual harassment and abuse by its founder by firing him. But the ouster of Harvey Weinstein from his eponymous film studio didn't stop the New York Attorney General's Office from opening a civil rights investigation into the company, to determine what, if any, antidiscrimination laws had been broken.

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office issued a subpoena to the Weinstein Company seeking any records regarding harassment complaints and legal settlements the studio may have entered into regarding Weinstein's behavior. "No New Yorker should be forced to walk into a workplace ruled by sexual intimidation, harassment or fear," Schneiderman said in a statement this week. "If sexual harassment or discrimination is pervasive at a company, we want to know."

The endless legal saga of Roman Polanski rages on, this time with another accuser saying the she was also 'victimized' by the filmmaker in 1973 when she was just 16 years old. The 59-year-old woman, who gave only the name Robin, said she was forced to come forward after Samantha Geimer (the woman who originally accused Polanski of rape) allegedly urged a California judge to drop the charges against him. Robin was flanked by famous civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred.

"This infuriated me," Robin said. "I am speaking out now so that Samantha and the world will know that she is not the only minor Roman Polanski victimized."

While the first quarter of 2017 has barely reached a close, the wave of celebrity burglaries that has rocked Hollywood this year has netted close to $3 million in stolen goods. The list of celebrity targets is both long and distinguished. Victims include notable personalities such as Alanis Morissette, Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, Emmy Rossum, and Jaime Pressly.

The robbery at Morissette's home is reportedly the largest of the group, reporting a nearly $2 million dollar heist of jewelry. Comparatively, Jenner, Minaj, Rossum, and Pressly were only robbed of a few hundred thousand dollars' worth of jewelry. In many of the cases, the robbers got past security systems and safes.

When it comes to celebrities seeking special treatment for criminal acts, Roman Polanski should win an award of some kind, preferably along with a lengthy prison sentence. The fugitive director was alleged to have drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl, and he pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor, back in 1977. However, Polanski became one of the most famous fugitives in the world when he fled the country before he completed his slap on the wrist of a sentence.

After having lived outside the US for the past 40 years, the now 83-year-old Polanski wants to return to the Los Angeles so he can visit his deceased wife's grave. However, he has taken the position with the court that he will only return if he is provided assurances that he will not be imprisoned. 

America's former favorite TV dad's fall from grace has been a harrowing and conflicting experience for longtime fans. In the wake of rape allegations, Cosby's attorney issued numerous statements denying the allegations. One statement, issued in letter form to a news organization, became the basis of a defamation lawsuit against Cosby brought by one of his rape accusers. Last week, this defamation suit was dismissed by a federal court because the judge ruled that the letter, which formed the basis of the claim, was drafted in such a way to immunize the writer from defamation liability.

The lawsuit was filed by Katherine McKee, an actress and former girlfriend of Sammy Davis Jr., who told her story during a 2014 interview about how Cosby raped her in 1974. After she told her story, Cosby's attorney issued a written statement to the news outlet that called Ms. McKee's story into question, and opined that she was not telling the truth. McKee's defamation case asserted that this letter, in essence, falsely called her a liar and caused her reputational harm and damages.

Last week, criminal charges were filed against five major Hollywood casting agencies as a result of a pay to play investigation conducted by the Los Angeles City Attorney. The casting agencies/firms facing charges include: Actors Alley, The Actors Link, The Actors Key, Studio Productions, and The Casting Network.

Under the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act, no casting agency, or other organization involved in casting a role, can charge the talent in order to audition. The firms and individuals charged in the action have done the casting for some recent, and some not so recent, hits including:

The daytime Emmy Award winning producer, Andre Bauth, also known as Andre Salaman Bautista, from Colombia, was found guilty last week of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Bautista won an Emmy in April 2015 for his work producing the online soap opera, "The Bay." The incident occurred after he got really upset while watching the Oscars with his roommates and tenants back in September 2015.

The producer and actor took offense and got upset after his Oscar watching buddies laughed at him after he said that he would win 5 Oscars one day. However, the laughter turned his rage deadly, and Bautista got a knife and stabbed one of his tenants in the chest for laughing at his Oscar aspirations. Fortunately, the tenant was able to receive immediate medical attention and as a result survived the attacked which punctured his lung.

The former Mrs. Bergen County, Soneca Guadara, is facing criminal charges as a result of an alcohol fueled party involving 10 minors, where she may not have even been present. When one minor was discovered drunk and passed out off the property in the neighborhood, police were called. Officers discovered nine additional juveniles at Guadara's home where alcohol was being served, and described the situation as the "standard kids getting together having alcohol party."

The 47-year-old former beauty queen lives in the suburbs of New Jersey and is now a fashion designer. It is likely that one of the former beauty queen's four children hosted a party and invited minor guests, but details on the incident are scant. What is known is that Guadara is facing criminal charges for nuisance, as well as "leaving property in custody of another where alcohol was being served to minors."

Also, while authorities assert that she was arrested, Guadara maintains that she was never arrested, charged, or even notified. Lastly, it was reported that the drunk minor found passed out was transported to the hospital, and that there are no other criminal charges being filed at this time.

Given the social history of the United States, it is not surprising that American culture glorifies criminals, not just at home, but all over the world. After all, our earliest intellectuals were proponents of civil disobedience and actually broke the law to found the country.

Throughout history, there have been criminals that have captured the imaginations of the American people, reaching superstar levels of fandom. Whether it was Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, or the ever so secretive Carlo Gambino, it is hard to deny that these individuals have been glorified and idolized.

Below, you'll find a list of 3 such famous, or better yet, infamous, drug lords, and where you can see their glorified story dramatized.