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Notorious filmmaker Roman Polanski might come back to the United States, if his attorneys are successful in getting his decades-old sex abuse case dropped.

In case you missed it, Roman Polanski was charged in 1977 of raping a 13-year-old during a photo shoot. CBS Los Angeles reports that Polanski had agreed to plead guilty to one count of statutory rape, but he fled the country the night before his sentencing in 1978.

Polanski has been living in Europe ever since, but will this new legal move allow him to come back?

Some call it typecasting. Some call it being a bit player. Dimitri Diatchenko calls it a career.

He's not a household name, but you've probably seen him on television or in a movie, or heard his voice in a video game. Diatchenko is the guy they call when they need a Boris, Yuri, or Olag -- the "big muscular Russian gangster" archetype.

His credits include "2 Broke Girls," "How I Met Your Mother," "Sons of Anarchy," and on the silver screen, "G.I. Jane" and that "Indiana Jones" sequel that we'd rather not remember. His most recent role, however, is a little less prestigious: According to police, he re-enacted a scene from the 1987 film "Fatal Attraction" by skinning and eating his ex-lover's pet rabbit, reports The New York Daily News.

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather allegedly heard rapper Earl Hayes shooting his wife Stephanie Moseley and himself while on a FaceTime call on his phone.

TMZ reports that Mayweather confirmed these details to Los Angeles police officers in an interview Wednesday, though the murder/suicide had occurred Monday morning. Mayweather told the LAPD that Hayes called him that morning "trying to say goodbye," but it's unclear whether Mayweather ever reached out to police.

After witnessing (or at least hearing) a murder/suicide, did Mayweather have to call the cops?

Mama June of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" allegedly received death threats on her Facebook page by a man who faces felony charges as a result.

Andrew Kurt Summers turned himself to McIntyre, Georgia, police on Monday after officers obtained a warrant for his arrest, TMZ reports. June (legally June Thompson) claims that Summers threatened to "shoot both her and Pumpkin" (the nickname for June's 14-year-old daughter Lauryn Thompson.)

When Facebook death threats and reality TV collide, what's the legal result?

Paris Hilton and her father have been the subject of threats by one man who (1) thinks Paris Hilton is Jewish and (2) says he wants to kill her.

TMZ reports that the anti-Semitic man allegedly posted death threats against the young heiress on social media, including telling her father Rick, "one month and she's dead, she's never coming home." Police are reportedly tracking the man targeting the Hiltons on Instagram and Facebook, but as of Tuesday, no arrests have been made.

What's going on with this anti-Semitic Paris Hilton hater?

Buddy Valastro, the star of reality television series "Cake Boss," pleaded guilty to driving while impaired in a New York City courtroom on Monday.

Valastro is the owner of Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, the subject of TLC's "Cake Boss" which wrapped its sixth season earlier this year. Valastro posted an apology on social media following his appearance in court, reports WCBS. "I pled guilty today because I wanted to make this right," wrote Valastro. "I learned an important lesson that if you have even one drink you shouldn't drive. I thought I was fine to drive, but I wasn't."

What consequences will Valastro now face?

Reality TV star "Honey Boo Boo" can legally be in the same home as a convicted child molester, even though the man allegedly molested her older sister more than a decade ago.

Mark McDaniel, the new beau of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" matriarch Mama June (aka June Shannon), was released from prison in March after serving 10 years for aggravated child molestation. According to Radar Online, McDaniel was arrested for forcing sexual contact on Anna Marie Shannon, the then 8-year-old daughter of Mama June, and was the subject of several molestation charges before accepting a plea deal.

Considering those facts, how is McDaniel still allowed to be near Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, who's only 9?

What happened last night on "How To Get Away With Murder"? Before we get to our list of the Top 5 legal inaccuracies in Episode 5, "We're Not Friends," here's a super-concise, tweetable recap:

#HTGAWM in 140 Characters: Son kills DV cop dad. Jury selection, then tampering, then nullification. Annalise confronts husband; did he kill Lila? The wallpaper!

As with many courtroom procedurals, this episode gets some of those procedures wrong:

Joe Giudice, who you may know as Teresa Giudice's husband from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," took a plea deal on Wednesday and may face deportation for yet another fraud case.

Joe would hate to one-up his wife in the criminal department, but it turns out he had a charge for driver's license fraud pending while the two were dealing with charges for mortgage fraud. TMZ reports that Joe was initially threatened with a 10-year prison sentence for the driver's license fraud, but he copped a plea to serve an 18-month sentence concurrently with his 41 months in prison on other charges.

He may not be receiving any additional prison time, but what could Joe's plea mean for his potential deportation?

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was indicted Wednesday for tax fraud, and said he wouldn't get drunk or high until his trial is over.

The former "Jersey Shore" cast member was indicted by a federal grand jury along with his brother for filing fraudulent tax returns on nearly $9 million in income. To add insult to injury, in order for Sorrentino to be released on bail, he had to promise the court he wouldn't drink or do drugs while released.

What's going on with The Situation's latest legal situation?