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Kanye West's Casting Call Season 4 of Yeezy: Was It Illegal?

Kanye West has succeeded again in unintentionally creating controversy. His most recent casting call for the 4th season of his television program, Yeezy, was blatantly discriminatory, and according to legal experts, illegal, too. Not surprisingly, the internet reacted with righteous indignation and furious anger.

In the casting call, West explicitly states "MULTIRACIAL WOMEN ONLY." This isn't the mythical reverse racism some allege it to be; it is just plain old, regular, insidious racism, and it's very likely illegal.

Musicians Kanye West and Taylor Swift have a strange relationship, which is swiftly getting more bizarre. Kanye long ago insulted Swift when she received her first Grammy award and recently released a song, called "Famous," claiming he made her famous.

This week Kanye West's wife, Kim Kardashian West, released footage to her Snapchat of a phone call that Kanye made seeking approval for the song from Swift. She responded on Instagram, saying West was not explicit about the line. But the social media firestorm is not the real issue here, as People reports. The issue is recording a conversation without the knowledge of one party on the line, which is a crime in California.

Who's Bad? The Gory Stash of Child Porn at MJ's Neverland Ranch

What did Michael Jackson see when he looked at the man in the mirror? Did he feel bad? Remember the time, in 2004, when the King of Pop was indicted for multiple counts of child molestation and intoxicating a minor to seduce him?

A jury found him not guilty after a trial in 2005, but this week Radar Online is reporting what investigators found at Jackson's Neverland ranch all that time ago. It's bad. Real bad.

Fentanyl Killed Prince, Per Cryptic Midwest Medical Examiner's Report

Today a cryptic report about Prince's death was released by the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office. He died of a drug overdose, and his death was deemed accidental, with no details revealed as to how he obtained or administered the Fentanyl that left him dead in the elevator of Paisley Park, his Minnesota home and music studio, on April 21.

This is the last the office will publicly say on the matter, according to the one-paragraph preface to the report, which is really just a form. It is a very interesting form, however, telling in its way and perhaps appropriate for a tiny giant, a paradoxical musical powerhouse who wrote so much music but is mysterious in life and in death. Let's see what we can glean.

Actor Michael Jace Found Guilty of Murdering Wife

Actors are necessarily dramatic people and so it is perhaps not surprising that their personal lives are full of drama, too. Today, for example, Michael Jace, an actor who played a policeman on the hit television series "The Shield," was found guilty of murdering his wife in 2014.

His trial in Los Angeles lasted a week. The jury -- six men and six women -- deliberated for two hours before finding him guilty of second-degree murder. He will be sentenced on June 10 and could be convicted to life in prison. There are conflicting media reports about the minimum sentence Jace faces, varying between 40 and 50 years in prison.

Judge Finds Enough Evidence for Bill Cosby Criminal Trial in PA

A criminal case against Bill Cosby is going forward in Pennsylvania. The comedian is charged with three counts of felony indecent assault and faces 10 years in prison if convicted, reports CNN. Cosby's accuser, who was not in court today, was the first woman to publicly come forward and complain to police about the comedian's conduct in 2004. Police declined to prosecute the comedian then, claiming the evidence was insufficient.

But in the dozen years since Constand gave her statement to the cops, about 50 women have spoken out and new evidence has come to light. There is no trial date set yet. Cosby is expected back in court on July 20.

Authorities Consider Criminal Case Against Prince's 911 Caller

The man who made the 911 call reporting Prince's death could face criminal prosecution. But the story is convoluted and it is not clear yet that Andrew Kornfeld will be charged for his call or any other involvement in the pop star's death.

A thicket of intersecting and conflicting laws and the specifics surrounding the singer's demise have to be untangled first. Let's take a look at what's known about this complicated story and the many interesting issues it raises.

What Money Can't Buy: Young Actress Busted at Coachella for Fake ID

Some people, like Disney star Kelli Berglund, 20, seem to have it all, and when they are so young! But what Berglund doesn't have, at least not now, is 21 years on the planet.

Without that, no amount of fame or fortune entitles her to legally consume alcohol in California, not even at the festival of the year. The young actress Berglund had to find this out the hard way, getting arrested at Coachella last week, before the music festival even got started officially.

LAPD Investigates Charlie Sheen on Talk of Killing His Ex

Stories about Charlie Sheen are rarely wholesome and this one is no exception. The actor is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department after allegedly abusing his ex-fiancée and stating that he would pay $20,000 to have her head kicked in, writes the New York Daily News.

This gem about his former porn star and ex-fiancée — Scottine Rossi, also known as Brett Rossi — arose while Sheen was reportedly speaking with a different woman confronting him about his failure to reveal that he was HIV-positive. Although an LAPD source did confirm that Sheen is being investigated for possible felony charges, representatives have warned that these are still just allegations.

Vanessa Hudgens Faces $5,000 Fine for National Park Vandalism

A resolution may be near on the star Vanessa Hudgens’ red rock carving case. The actress and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, expressed their love by carving their names into a heart on a red rock in a federally protected national forest in Arizona on Valentine’s day. According to Billboard, the actress was recently contacted by the US Attorney’s office in Flagstaff and is now weighing her legal options.