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Chatting With El Chapo: Was Sean Penn's Secret Meeting a Crime?

When an actor working as a reporter visits a wanted fugitive to talk about making a biopic, is it a crime? The question presents itself because last week Mexican officials arrested drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman, known as El Chapo, and the next day Rolling Stone published an account of a secret meeting between the fugitive and Sean Penn.

The clandestine meeting took place in October, while law enforcement agents were still hunting El Chapo down. Now the drug kingpin is in custody in Mexico and many are wondering whether Sean Penn could be next. Did he break the law by meeting with El Chapo?

Just weeks after he sued his accusers for defamation, and almost a full 12 years after Andrea Constand claims that he raped her, Bill Cosby has been charged with felony aggravated indecent assault for allegedly drugging and assaulting Constand in 2004.

Although Montgomery County prosecutors declined to press charges when Constand first came forward, a deposition in her civil suit against Cosby became public earlier this year, in which Cosby admitted to obtaining Quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with and giving it to at least one woman. Constand claims Cosby urged her to take pills and drink wine in order to assault her.

Subway Pitchman Sentenced to 15.6 Years of Prison Sandwiches

Jared Fogle is looking at another 15 years of eating sandwiches ... but not from Subway. He'll be in prison for possessing child pornography and having sex with two minors.

The former Subway spokesman who made a name for himself by getting skinny eating sandwiches pled his criminal case up to a judge today. She denied the proposed plea deal -- a much shorter prison sentence offered by prosecutors -- and gave him a more severe punishment, TMZ reports. Fogle will be on probation for the rest of his life after he is released from prison.

Celebs Put Star Power Behind Prison Reform

In this culture, when celebrities talk, people listen. That is why Russell Simmons and about 100 other stars are joining in a prison reform campaign. The goal is to cut the American prison population by half over the next ten years.

Comedian Amy Schumer, actor Ed Norton, and the author of Orange is the New Black, Piper Kerman, are all also on the list of popular figures joining in the fight for prison reform. Called #cut50, the campaign aims to shift the alarming statistics on American incarceration. With less than 5 percent of the world's population, the US has 25 percent -- or one quarter -- of the world's prisoners.

5 Deaths Caused by Celebrity Car Accidents

The rich and famous are just like us. They too make mistakes. But do they face the same consequences for their actions as other folks?

Decide for yourself. Take a look at this list of deaths caused by celebrity driving accidents and the accompanying punishments, if any, below. Keep in mind that in some cases where criminal charges were not filed, stars still faced civil lawsuits for victims' wrongful deaths (yes, that includes Caitlyn Jenner).

On February 7th, Caitlyn Jenner was driving a black Cadillac SUV on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu when she collided with Kimberly Howe's Lexus from behind, sending the car into oncoming traffic where it was hit by another SUV. Howe died at the scene.

Police have now completed their investigation into the crash and will turn their findings over to the district attorney next week. But the question remains: will she be charged with a crime?

It's a story almost too odd to already be cliche: Hammond, Indiana police literally pulled the plug on a holographic Chief Keef performance. It's the second time in as many weeks that such a Keef show has been shut down, after a similar appearance was previously shut down in Chicago.

Performing as a hologram is somewhat necessary for Chief Keef in the Midwest, due to several outstanding arrest warrants. The performance shutdowns were allegedly based on safety fears.

Australia seems to be taking Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's doggie indiscretion very personally.

In a yet another chapter of the dog drama, Amber Heard has been formally charged with smuggling and may soon be spending her days in an Australian prison.

News sources are reporting that Ariana Grande won't face any criminal charges for her doughnut-licking indiscretion. She's off the hook! Or, is she?

Reports claim that Joe Marin, the owner of Wolfee Donuts where Grande licked the doughnuts, declined to press charges against Grande. Apparently, this was news to him. He claims he definitely pressed charges.

So, will Ariana Grande face charges or not?

Justin Bieber pled guilty to assault and careless driving charges as part of a plea bargain that will see him pay $750 (Canadian) in fines. Charges of dangerous driving stemming from and ATV accident last year were dropped.

So did The Biebs get off light? While the fine won't put a dent in his $200 million pockets, was it normal for these charges? Let's take a look: