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Police have arrested a man believed to have stabbed and killed one member of Nicki Minaj's tour crew and wounded another.

After a late night brawl in Philadelphia last month, two of Minaj's crew members were walking a bar employee to her car when they were attacked. De'Von Pickett, 29, was stabbed in his heart and stomach and died; a second crew member is still in the hospital with stab wounds to his back. The alleged attacker, Pierce Boykin, 31, faces numerous charges, including murder and attempted murder.

What will prosecutors need to prove in order to secure a conviction, and does Boykin have any possible defenses?

"How To Get Away With Murder," our favorite legal soap opera/murder show, ended its first season with quite a bang last night, promising an equally interesting second season. Most of the mysteries -- who killed Lila, what happened to Rudy Walters, and what the deal is with Rebecca -- were answered, but the season ended on a brand-new mystery that will take us into Season 2.

Though only the first of this two-part finale had much to do with the law, it naturally got some of the points wrong.

#HTGAWM in 140 Characters: Kidnapping works pretty well, right? Rebecca didn't do it, after all. But everyone was so busy lying, they didn't notice Rebecca ran away.

The Bradley Cooper vehicle "American Sniper" was a huge hit at the box office, and has engendered many think-pieces about the film's treatment of the Iraq War -- as well as the veracity of many of the claims made by its main character, the late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle.

One fact that's definitely real is that Kyle was shot and killed at a shooting range in 2013, allegedly by Eddie Ray Routh, a fellow Iraq War veteran with post-traumatic stress. Routh was arrested and charged with the murder of Kyle and Chad Littlefield, another veteran.

Here are five things to know about Routh's trial, which is set to begin February 11:

Famous (and at times infamous) music producer Marion "Suge" Knight has found himself once again in legal hot water. This time, Knight was arrested after a hit-and-run in which he allegedly ran over two people in his car, killing one of them.

Knight's attorney claimed he fled in his truck in self defense, because the two victims were actually trying to kill him following a fight on a film set. What crime does Knight stand accused of, and does he have any defenses?

Fitness model and reality TV star Greg Plitt may have been trespassing on the train tracks where he was struck and killed by a train Saturday afternoon near Los Angeles, authorities say.

Plitt, 37, was struck by a Metrolink commuter train about 4 p.m., reports the Los Angeles Times. According to crew members who were at the scene, Plitt may have been attempting to film a "Superman"-themed segment when he was struck just north of the Burbank Metrolink Station.

Metrolink officials said that Plitt and his crew had not obtained the permits required to film on the railroad's right-of-way.

Adnan Syed, the subject of "Serial" -- the podcast that took the world by storm last fall -- might get some relief from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

Even though Syed was convicted of the murder of fellow high school student and ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 2000, and long ago exhausted his appeals, the podcast -- which reached the milestone of 5 million downloads faster than any other in iTunes history -- reignited interest in the case.

Rapper Crunchy Black of Three 6 Mafia has a warrant out for his arrest after missing his court date for felony drug and domestic violence charges.

Crunchy Black was arrested last March, TMZ reports, after guests at a Minnesota hotel reported hearing screams and thuds coming from his hotel room. A hotel employee who came to check on the room told police that Crunchy Black's fiancee had locked herself in a bathroom and said she would only come out if Crunchy Black would "stop beating her."

When police arrived, they reportedly found blood on the hotel bed and on the door frame, along with visible injuries on the woman's face.

Celebrities: They're just like us! They break the law, they sue each other!

By virtue of their excessive wealth and often even more excessive lifestyles, celebrities rarely fail to generate interesting legal headlines. Likewise the entertainment industry as a whole: There's almost never a shortage of lawsuits, legal intrigue, or brewing scandal when movies, music, and television are involved.

So what were 2014's hottest celeb-related legal stories? Here are this year's 10 most popular stories from FindLaw's Celebrity Justice blog:

Notorious filmmaker Roman Polanski might come back to the United States, if his attorneys are successful in getting his decades-old sex abuse case dropped.

In case you missed it, Roman Polanski was charged in 1977 of raping a 13-year-old during a photo shoot. CBS Los Angeles reports that Polanski had agreed to plead guilty to one count of statutory rape, but he fled the country the night before his sentencing in 1978.

Polanski has been living in Europe ever since, but will this new legal move allow him to come back?

Russian Guy From Every Sitcom Ever Charged With Killing Rabbit

Some call it typecasting. Some call it being a bit player. Dimitri Diatchenko calls it a career.

He's not a household name, but you've probably seen him on television or in a movie, or heard his voice in a video game. Diatchenko is the guy they call when they need a Boris, Yuri, or Olag -- the "big muscular Russian gangster" archetype.

His credits include "2 Broke Girls," "How I Met Your Mother," "Sons of Anarchy," and on the silver screen, "G.I. Jane" and that "Indiana Jones" sequel that we'd rather not remember. His most recent role, however, is a little less prestigious: According to police, he re-enacted a scene from the 1987 film "Fatal Attraction" by skinning and eating his ex-lover's pet rabbit, reports The New York Daily News.