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Property of the Rich and Famous: Taylor Swift's $25M Mansion

So you want to be Taylor Swift and you wish you could live her life. Well, you probably can't but you can peek at how the young superstar is living by taking a tour of her $25 million mansion.

She shared her home and her thoughts with Vogue and now we all know that she advises getting a good lawyer and that she considers herself "a national lightning-rod for slut shaming." Also, she has a fancy Scrabble board and spatulas with her initials on them, among tons of other junk. Swift may be a pop visionary and an intellectual property hawk angling to own "1989" but her sense of design is very 1942, which is the year her mansion was built.

Estate Planning Principles and Drilling Prince's Vault

Since Prince died late last month, little time has been wasted addressing the handling of his estate. His sister filed documents with the Minnesota courts stating that Prince left no will just days after he died, and last Friday, reports ABC News, the singer's mysterious vault was drilled open by the Bremer Trust, appointed the administrator of his estate.

The vault reportedly contains enough unpublished music to release an album by Prince every year for the next century, some of it pre-dating Purple Rain, the album that catapulted him to fame. But for our purposes, the drilling of the vault is interesting for what it illustrates about estate law and keeping precious goods safe.

Making Sense of Michael Jackson Estate's Tax Troubles

Michael Jackson was a unique man and musician and now his death has spawned a tax battle unlike any other. The Internal Revenue Service claims that, based on the value of his name and likeness, Jackson's estate was worth more than $400 million when he died. The estate claims it was much lower -- more like $2,000.

The tax authority and the estate are expected to have a showdown in court in 2017, but according to The Hollywood Reporter , neither party has much information about how the other arrived at the figures they cite. Let's look at the issues.

Prince's Heirs: Star's Sister Says He Died Without a Will

When pop powerhouse Prince died last week at age 57, it came as a shock to fans. But it seems that the musician was also not expecting such an early demise, as his sister this week filed documents saying he died without a will.

"The Decedent died intestate," Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, wrote in her petition to the courts for the appointment of a special administrator to deal with Prince's estate, according to USA Today. It's still possible that Prince does have a will somewhere -- his attorney has not responded to reporters' requests for comment. But Nelson says she does not know of one. Let's take a look at intestacy, in light of her filing.

Judge Sides With LA Archdiocese: Katy Perry Could Own Convent

Pop star Katy Perry has been trying to buy a convent in Los Angeles, but the five nuns who live there opposed the sale. Meanwhile, the local archdiocese says they decide who buys. Now a judge has sided with church officials and Perry seems primed to buy the property.

According to a CNN report with a remarkable number of the star's song titles, LA Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick threw out a prior sale by the nuns. But they say they may appeal, so Perry's deal is not quite sealed.

Judge Judy Lists $11M Condo for Sale

Henry David Thoreau, historical advocate of simple living and author of Walden, wrote that wealth is the ability to fully experience life. But for some, people wealth is something less abstract and more tangible.

Celebrity real estate deals often demonstrate this point. Recently, Judge Judy joined the ranks of celebrities making over-the-top real estate deals. Let's marvel at the excesses as we count our blessings ahead of a new year.

B-List Celebrities Could Make Big Money on Ohio Marijuana Initiative

Ohio is voting on a bizarre ballot initiative today that could change legal pot cultivation. That is, if Ohioans approve legalization of marijuana at all.

If legalization does pass, then state voters will face the question of whether they want their weed from farms financed by small-time celebrities. The proposal is "a synergy of B-list celebrity and entrepreneurial democracy in a culturally conservative state," according to The Washington Post.

Two years after his fatal crash, Paul Walker's daughter is suing Porsche, who manufactured the car Walker was a passenger in when he died. The lawsuit alleges that design defects in the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT led to her father's death.

Porsche has previously admitted to problems with the stability control in the Carrera GT, statements which could affect this case.

Everyone wants a piece of Paul Walker, or rather his cars.

Last week, lawyers representing the Paul Walker's family and estate filed a lawsuit against Richard Taylor, who formerly worked for Walker, for theft by conversion of Walker's many cars.

Robin Williams may be resting in peace, but his family isn't co-existing peacefully.

Months after Robin Williams died, his children and widow are still in a bitter battle over his estate. While Williams had a will dividing up his property, the fight centers on interpretation of certain provisions in that will.