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Judge Judy Lists $11M Condo for Sale

Henry David Thoreau, historical advocate of simple living and author of Walden, wrote that wealth is the ability to fully experience life. But for some, people wealth is something less abstract and more tangible.

Celebrity real estate deals often demonstrate this point. Recently, Judge Judy joined the ranks of celebrities making over-the-top real estate deals. Let's marvel at the excesses as we count our blessings ahead of a new year.

B-List Celebrities Could Make Big Money on Ohio Marijuana Initiative

Ohio is voting on a bizarre ballot initiative today that could change legal pot cultivation. That is, if Ohioans approve legalization of marijuana at all.

If legalization does pass, then state voters will face the question of whether they want their weed from farms financed by small-time celebrities. The proposal is "a synergy of B-list celebrity and entrepreneurial democracy in a culturally conservative state," according to The Washington Post.

Two years after his fatal crash, Paul Walker's daughter is suing Porsche, who manufactured the car Walker was a passenger in when he died. The lawsuit alleges that design defects in the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT led to her father's death.

Porsche has previously admitted to problems with the stability control in the Carrera GT, statements which could affect this case.

Everyone wants a piece of Paul Walker, or rather his cars.

Last week, lawyers representing the Paul Walker's family and estate filed a lawsuit against Richard Taylor, who formerly worked for Walker, for theft by conversion of Walker's many cars.

Robin Williams may be resting in peace, but his family isn't co-existing peacefully.

Months after Robin Williams died, his children and widow are still in a bitter battle over his estate. While Williams had a will dividing up his property, the fight centers on interpretation of certain provisions in that will.

An era has ended, but the drama continues.

Blues legend, B.B. King, real name Riley B. King, died earlier this month at the age of 89. Clark County, Nevada Coroner listed King's cause of death as a series of small strokes caused by type 2 dementia.

King died peacefully in his sleep at his home on May 14, but some of his family members reportedly suspect foul play.

The Internal Revenue Service filed $6.4 million tax lien against Robert De Niro in response to the actor's 2013 1040 filing.

The lien, filed three months ago, alleges the 71-year-old actor owes $6,410,449.20 to the IRS -- a sum possibly connected to his substantial real estate investments in New York City.

Well, maybe you personally didn't win an Oscar on Sunday night, but plenty of people did. And as it turns out, there are some limits on what you can do with that shiny gold figurine.

As The Hollywood Reporter noted in December, even though the Oscar statuette belongs to you, there are some contractual limits on what you can do with it and to whom, if anyone, you can sell it.

James Brown Will Dispute: Was He Legally Married When He Died?

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, died in 2006, but a legal battle over his estate has been going on ever since. Brown's will left his entire estate to a charitable trust, leaving nothing to the woman he married in 2001, Tommie Rae Hynie.

But legally speaking, was Hynie even Brown's spouse at all? The question arose because Hynie had married another man in 1997; she filed for an annulment of that marriage in 2004, the same year James Brown filed for an annulment of his marriage with Hynie. (Brown dismissed his action after the couple reconciled.)

After Brown's death, Hynie contested his will, claiming that she had been married to Brown at the time. In a 46-page decision (!), a South Carolina judge agreed, potentially entitling Hynie to a portion of Brown's estate -- even though she was never mentioned in Brown's will.

Paul Walker's Dad Files $1.8M Claim Against Crash Driver's Estate

Paul Walker Sr., father of the late actor Paul Walker, has filed a $1.8 million claim against the estate of Roger Rodas, the man who drove the car in which Walker was killed in late 2013.

The claim involves exotic cars that Walker's family claims were either wholly or partially owned by the late actor but have remained in the possession of Rodas' estate, reports Los Angeles' KCBS-TV. Rodas, who was also killed in the crash, was the CEO of Always Evolving, an exotic car shop owned by Walker.

The claim is the latest legal dispute in the wake of the "Fast & Furious" actor's 2013 death.