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Sandra Bullock Adopts Child out of Foster Care

Sandra Bullock has adopted a second child. She spoke to People about her daughter, Laila, who had been in foster care in Louisiana, and her son Louis, 5, who was adopted in 2010.

"I can tell you absolutely, the exact right children came to me at the exact right time," Bullock said. "My family is blended and diverse, nutty, and loving and understanding. That's a family."

It seems Kourtney Kardashian has finally said that enough is enough.

The often overshadowed Kardashian sister has finally broken it off with her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick. Rumors of the split have been simmering for a while since Scott was spotted in Monaco with another woman. Reports claim that Kourtney had enough of Scott's partying and drinking, so she ended the relationship.

What could this mean for the kids?

Custody battles are nasty. One judge ordered Kelly Rutherford's children to live in Monaco with their dad. Another judge ruled that Rutherford could bring the children back to the United States. Then, yet another judge halts the temporary custody order. What's going on?

Does Kelly Rutherford have custody of her kids or not?

Divorce battles are nasty. However, it seems like celebrity divorces take the nastiness to a whole other level.

Bill O'Reilly and his ex-wife, Maureen McPhilmy, divorced back in 2011. However, their custody battle has dragged out for three long bitter years. Recently specific allegations have surfaced. Allegedly, O'Reilly's daughter witnessed her father dragging McPhilmy down a staircase by the neck. Reports also claim that O'Reilly tried to use his influence with the Nassau County Police Department to investigate McPhilmy and her new beau, a Nassau County Police detective.

Weirdest of all, O'Reilly apparently also tried to get McPhilmy excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.

Don't mess with momma, especially a breastfeeding momma!

Alyssa Milano was not happy (see tweets!) after security officers at London's Heathrow Airport confiscated her breast milk because it did not comply with liquid regulations. Milano had 10 ounces of breast milk. While airport regulations do allow her to bring a reasonable amount of milk with her if she was traveling with her baby, Alyssa was not with her baby. Without the baby, Milano had to comply with the 100ml limit for liquids.

Breastfeeding has been a touchy subject in the past few years. Many mothers are demanding their rights to breastfeed or pump in public. Others argue that breastfeeding in public is indecent and should be relegated to dirty bathroom stalls or the home.

Halle Berry Sues Ex Over Daughter's Hair

Actress Halle Berry took her ex to court Monday, alleging that he had straightened and highlighted their 6-year-old daughter's hair, making her appear more white.

Berry and former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry have joint custody of daughter Nahla. But according to TMZ, Berry sent her lawyers to court to request a judge forbid Aubry from altering the girl's naturally curly hair.

Ultimately, the judge ruled that neither Berry nor Aubry could change the girl's hair from its natural color, in the latest court battle between these former lovebirds-turned-litigants.

Uma Thurman Sued by Ex-Fiance Over Custody of Daughter

Uma Thurman's former fiance Arpad Busson has filed suit for custody of the couple's 2-year old daughter.

Busson, a French financier, and Thurman, an actress known for her roles in "Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill," called off their wedding in April, reports the New York Daily News. Now Busson has filed papers in a New York court seeking custody of the couple's daughter Rosalind.

Although the records in this case are sealed, how is child custody between unmarried parents generally determined?

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Stevie J has been arrested for allegedly failing to pay more than $1 million in child support for his two kids in New York.

Stevie J, whom the courts know as Steven Jordan, was arrested Monday for neglecting to pay over a decade's worth of child support, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Jordan stopped paying in 2001, but the authorities kept counting until the bill reached $1,107,412.

What criminal trouble is Stevie J facing for unpaid child support?

Willow Smith's Bedroom Photo Triggers CPS Investigation: Report

Willow Smith may already have a burgeoning career as a singer and actor. But at 13, she's still just a kid.

Which is why Los Angeles County's Child Protective Services has opened an investigation into her equally famous parents -- Will and Jada Pinkett Smith -- after 20-year-old actor Moises Arias posted a picture of himself shirtless in bed with the teenage Willow.

Her parents just do understand, but will CPS investigators?

"Lost Boys" actor Jason Patric has won the right to argue for paternity of a son born through in vitro fertilization (IVF), thanks to a California court decision.

Patric is battling his ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber over custodial rights to their 4-year-old son Gus. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Patric and Schreiber had tried to conceive naturally before Schreiber was able to use Patric's sperm to conceive through IVF.

How can fathers like Patric retain rights to their children when IVF is involved?