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Since last year, Sofia Vergara has been facing a rather difficult battle over the custody of two embryos that she and her ex, Nick Loeb, had created while undergoing IVF. Although the couple's agreement states that the embryos cannot be used without both parties' consent, Loeb is fighting in court to win the right to implant the embryos in a surrogate.

Vergara has opposed Loeb, and has refused to allow him to use the embryos. Recently, the case has taken an aggressive turn. After Vergara's attorneys learned that on two previous occasions, Loeb had impregnated women who aborted the pregnancies, the attorneys demanded Loeb disclose who those women were. The appeals court just confirmed that Loeb must reveal the women's identities.

Based on what celebrity news outlets are reporting, popular hip-hop artist Rakim Mayers, better known as A$AP Rocky from the A$AP Mob crew, is being sued by his former landlord for destroying a luxury condo. Among the allegations are that Mr. Mayers scratched up the floors, got rid of a chandelier and a security camera, and turned his walk in closet into a recording studio.

While multiple sources are reporting this story, claiming that a federal lawsuit has been filed against Mr. Mayers, it is worth mentioning that the Federal database PACER does not currently turn up documents that support the claim that Mr. Mayers is being sued.

Elvis Guitar Fight Moves Forward in Federal Court

The legendary king of rock n' roll is still an international icon, and Elvis Presley's possessions are highly prized, particularly his guitars. Now a dispute over ownership of a guitar he broke on his last tour in 1977 will go forward after a federal judge in South Dakota determined that dismissal of the case is inappropriate, according to Courthouse News Service.

The instrument in question is a Martin D-55 (or Martin D-35, according to the Associated Press) that Elvis reportedly played in a concert in the last winter of his life and was given to a female fan. The King died in the summer of 1977 in his mansion, Graceland. The guitar has changed hands many times since. Let's take a look at the issues in this case.

Taylor Swift Sued by the DJ Fired for Alleged Backstage Grope

A Denver country music DJ fired for allegedly groping Taylor Swift during a photo session in 2013 is suing the pop super star, saying her false accusations cost him his job on the radio. David Mueller, better known to local radio listeners as Jackson, denies Swift's claim that he lifted her skirt and grabbed her butt backstage while she was taking a picture with his girlfriend.

Mueller's lawsuit alleges that Swift has him confused with one of his co-workers, who actually did grab her and boast about it to Mueller when the two men met up at the concert. Regardless, Swift's complaints got Mueller kicked out of the concert and were passed on to the radio station 98.50 KYGO where he worked. Mueller was fired and banned from Taylor Swift concerts for life.

Katy Perry in a convent. Enough said.

Well, actually, if the nuns have anything to say about it, Katy Perry won't be able to live in the convent of her dreams. The I Kissed a Girl singer wanted to buy a former convent in the hills above Los Angeles from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, but it may already be sold to someone else.

Popstar Kesha just lost a minor battle in her legal war with music producer Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald.

Last October the two both filed lawsuits against each other. Kesha filed a lawsuit in California accusing the music producer of sexual assault. Dr. Luke filed a competing lawsuit in New York accusing the singer of extortion.

Well, maybe you personally didn't win an Oscar on Sunday night, but plenty of people did. And as it turns out, there are some limits on what you can do with that shiny gold figurine.

As The Hollywood Reporter noted in December, even though the Oscar statuette belongs to you, there are some contractual limits on what you can do with it and to whom, if anyone, you can sell it.

'Steve Harvey Show' Slapped With $42.3M Music Theft Lawsuit

"The Steve Harvey Show" has been slapped with a $42.3 million lawsuit over allegations that the program stole music owned by the We 3 Kings.

The music publishing company claims that the self-titled show of comedian Steve Harvey used its unlicensed music without its permission and without paying We 3 Kings a dime, reports The Jasmine Brand. We 3 Kings isn't just suing Steve Harvey's show and him personally, the company has also named every single broadcast group and station responsible for airing the allegedly infringing segments.

Does this music theft suit strike any legal chords?

Bravo Stole 'Real Housewives' From Us: $5M Lawsuit

"Real Housewives of Orange County" creator Scott Dunlop and Bravo are being sued over allegations that the long-running series was actually the brainchild of two people who were cut from the production.

Patrick Moses, a TV producer, and Kevin Kaufman, a personal friend of Dunlop, claim that Bravo and Dunlop conspired to cut the pair out of "Housewives," and they want $5 million in damages. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two filed suit in New York state court last Wednesday, claiming that Dunlop had agreed to split the "Housewives" money with them three ways.

Do these guys actually have a claim to "Real Housewives," or is their suit just more drama?

Lawsuit Against Tyler Perry Over Army Base Is Premature: Court

Comedian and filmmaker Tyler Perry is embroiled in a legal fight to build a movie studio on an old Atlanta Army base, but a federal court has ruled the latest lawsuit was premature.

Fort McPherson, a 488-acre property once used by the U.S. Army for something other than making "Madea" movies, was eyed by Ubiquitous Entertainment Studios as the new site of a "movie studio entertainment complex." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tyler Perry then swooped in and negotiated with Atlanta city officials to purchase the base for $33 million, prompting Ubiquitous to sue... well, everybody.

So what's the latest in this Tyler Perry/Army base/movie studio drama?