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Just the name Snowden is polarizing. Hero, traitor, patriot, rat -- depending on your political leanings, any one of these can fit Edward Snowden in your mind. It turns out movies about Snowden, and his disclosure of mass NSA surveillance, can be just as divisive, legally speaking.

After a former Naval officer tried to sue makers of a Snowden documentary for "billions of dollars" to be paid to the entire populous of the United States, a slightly more specific lawsuit has been filed over the fictionalized film account. The film distribution company Wild Bunch is suing production company Vendian for $3 million it claims Vendian agreed (and allegedly failed) to pay for distribution of Oliver Stone's biopic "Snowden."

In the never ending saga that is the Dr. Luke versus Kesha lawsuit, new allegations have surfaced and each side has amended their respective lawsuits against each other. While Kesha's lawsuit was amended to include seemingly random statements about Dr. Luke that tend to not have any legal bearing whatsoever, Dr. Luke's new claims appear to be legally sound and based upon actual events.

In addition to the new claims about new commissions owed by Kesha to Dr. Luke under the contract for recent performances, it is being claimed that Kesha made defamatory statements about Dr. Luke to the superstar Lady Gaga via text message. Allegedly, Kesha texted to Lady Gaga that Dr. Luke had raped her and another recording artist. The text message defamatory statement to Lady Gaga was then used as the basis for other statements made by Lady Gaga about Dr. Luke, which in turn, led to reputational damage for Dr. Luke.

A recent lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp against his former business managers and attorneys is seeking over $25 million. The company asserts that the actor's spending is to blame, while Mr. Depp asserts the real problem was gross mismanagement of his business, finances, and personal assets by his managers.

The lawsuit is the result of Depp hiring a new business manager, who after conducting an audit of his finances and business, discovered the gross mismanagement. Depp fired his former managers after they advised him to sell his home in France in order to payoff a rather large debt.

Richard Carpenter, the surviving member of his famous band, the Carpenters, knew exactly where to go after settlement negotiations broke down between him and Universal Music Group. Carpenter has filed a lawsuit against UMG on his own behalf, and on behalf of the estate of his dead sister and former bandmate, Karen Carpenter, for unpaid royalties. The lawsuit alleges that UMG owes over $2.3 million in unpaid royalties to the group, and that's only going back to 2008.

The bulk of the unpaid royalties come from digital downloads, which UMG allegedly handled as if it were the sale of a physical record or other album, rather than a type of license. In 2010, the Ninth Circuit ruled in a case for the artist Eminem that downloads should be treated as licensing deals. Unfortunately for UMG, the Carpenters' contract called for a much higher royalty for licensing deals than album sales.

Since last year, Sofia Vergara has been facing a rather difficult battle over the custody of two embryos that she and her ex, Nick Loeb, had created while undergoing IVF. Although the couple's agreement states that the embryos cannot be used without both parties' consent, Loeb is fighting in court to win the right to implant the embryos in a surrogate.

Vergara has opposed Loeb, and has refused to allow him to use the embryos. Recently, the case has taken an aggressive turn. After Vergara's attorneys learned that on two previous occasions, Loeb had impregnated women who aborted the pregnancies, the attorneys demanded Loeb disclose who those women were. The appeals court just confirmed that Loeb must reveal the women's identities.

Based on what celebrity news outlets are reporting, popular hip-hop artist Rakim Mayers, better known as A$AP Rocky from the A$AP Mob crew, is being sued by his former landlord for destroying a luxury condo. Among the allegations are that Mr. Mayers scratched up the floors, got rid of a chandelier and a security camera, and turned his walk in closet into a recording studio.

While multiple sources are reporting this story, claiming that a federal lawsuit has been filed against Mr. Mayers, it is worth mentioning that the Federal database PACER does not currently turn up documents that support the claim that Mr. Mayers is being sued.

Elvis Guitar Fight Moves Forward in Federal Court

The legendary king of rock n' roll is still an international icon, and Elvis Presley's possessions are highly prized, particularly his guitars. Now a dispute over ownership of a guitar he broke on his last tour in 1977 will go forward after a federal judge in South Dakota determined that dismissal of the case is inappropriate, according to Courthouse News Service.

The instrument in question is a Martin D-55 (or Martin D-35, according to the Associated Press) that Elvis reportedly played in a concert in the last winter of his life and was given to a female fan. The King died in the summer of 1977 in his mansion, Graceland. The guitar has changed hands many times since. Let's take a look at the issues in this case.

Taylor Swift Sued by the DJ Fired for Alleged Backstage Grope

A Denver country music DJ fired for allegedly groping Taylor Swift during a photo session in 2013 is suing the pop super star, saying her false accusations cost him his job on the radio. David Mueller, better known to local radio listeners as Jackson, denies Swift's claim that he lifted her skirt and grabbed her butt backstage while she was taking a picture with his girlfriend.

Mueller's lawsuit alleges that Swift has him confused with one of his co-workers, who actually did grab her and boast about it to Mueller when the two men met up at the concert. Regardless, Swift's complaints got Mueller kicked out of the concert and were passed on to the radio station 98.50 KYGO where he worked. Mueller was fired and banned from Taylor Swift concerts for life.

Katy Perry in a convent. Enough said.

Well, actually, if the nuns have anything to say about it, Katy Perry won't be able to live in the convent of her dreams. The I Kissed a Girl singer wanted to buy a former convent in the hills above Los Angeles from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, but it may already be sold to someone else.

Popstar Kesha just lost a minor battle in her legal war with music producer Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald.

Last October the two both filed lawsuits against each other. Kesha filed a lawsuit in California accusing the music producer of sexual assault. Dr. Luke filed a competing lawsuit in New York accusing the singer of extortion.