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Kristin Brooks Hope Ctr. v. FCC, No. 09-1310

Petition for Review of FCC Order

In Kristin Brooks Hope Ctr. v. FCC, No. 09-1310, a petition for review of the FCC's permanent reassignment of petitioner nonprofit organization's phone lines to a government agency, the court granted the petition where: 1) the FCC did not explain why petitioner's two years of funding was not acceptable, while the agency's barely longer term was; and 2) the FCC failed to evaluate evidence offered by petitioner.


As the court wrote:  "The Kristin Brooks Hope Center (the "Center") is a nonprofit organization that has operated suicide prevention hotlines since 1998. With the Center facing financial difficulties that risked causing the hotlines' disconnection, the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ("SAMHSA") asked the Federal Communications Commission in December 2006 to reassign five of the Center's toll-free hotline numbers to SAMHSA."

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