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Research Corp. Technologies, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp., 10-1037

Patent infringement suit against Microsoft related to digital image halftoning

Research Corp. Technologies, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp., 10-1037, concerned a challenge to the district court's judgment in favor of Microsoft Corporation, in plaintiff's suit against Microsoft  for infringement of patents related to digital image halftoning.


The court held that, because the '310 and '228 patents claim patent-eligible subject matter, district court's holding that certain claims of the '772 and '305 patents were not entitled to claim the benefit of earlier filed applications that led to the '310 and '228 patents is reversed.  The court also reversed as to the district court's effective date ruling, as claim 29 of the '305 patent deserves the earlier filing date.  However, the court affirmed the district court's decision that claims 4 and 63 of the '772 patent are not entitled to the earlier effective filing date.

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