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US v. Jeong, No. 09-11127

Bribery Conviction Affirmed

In US v. Jeong, No. 09-11127, the court affirmed defendant's conviction for bribing American public officials where 1) Article 4.3 of the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions was not a bar to multiple prosecutions; and 2) the U.S. did not impliedly or expressly cede its right of prosecution to South Korea.


As the court wrote:  "Gi-Hwan Jeong, a South Korean national, was convicted in South Korea
for bribing American public officials in exchange for their assistance in landing a lucrative telecommunications contract. Jeong was sentenced to time served and ordered to pay a fine. Later that year, the United States induced Jeong to travel from South Korea to Dallas, Texas. When he arrived, Jeong was arrested and subsequently indicted on the basis of the same bribery scheme that had led to his conviction in South Korea."

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