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In order to support a petition for asylum, it’s important to prove persecution or likelihood of future persecution. Without a showing of either of these two, a case for asylum becomes very difficult.

The First Circuit Court of Appeals looked at such a case last week. A Guatemalan native petitioned for review of her removal order, saying that the immigration courts erred when they denied her petition for asylum.

What does the First Circuit Court of Appeals say about former FBI informants who claim use immunity?

Unfortunately for James “Whitey” Bulger, there isn’t much room for immunity. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be raising the argument.

Bulger’s attorneys already raised the issue in a U.S. District Court, writes The Boston Globe. But U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz scoffed at the idea, telling The Boston Herald that there is no such immunity deal.

The ACLU is weighing in on the fate of Jason Wayne Pleau, saying that the federal prosecutors are exercising "governmental vengeance."

Steve Brown, Director of the Rhode Island ACLU, has stated that there is no legitimate rationale for the government's interference in the Pleau matter, reports WPRO News.

This just in -- The First Circuit Court of Appeals has appointed a new Bankruptcy Judge.

We've been bringing you news about several vacancies over the past few months, not just in the First Circuit, but across the Circuits. Here's the first one of these vacancies to be filled: On June 8th, Chief Judge Sandra Lynch announced that the Diane Finkle has been chosen to sit as United States Bankruptcy Judge for the District of Rhode Island.

Whitey Bulger's girlfriend is appealing her conviction before the First Circuit Court of Appeals, reports The Associated Press.

Yesterday, Catherine Greig was sentenced to eight years behind bars for her role in helping her notorious boyfriend evade capture by authorities.

She pleaded guilty in March to conspiracy to harbor a fugitive, conspiracy to commit identity fraud, and identity fraud.

And the Pleau saga continues.

We're talking about the Jason Wayne Pleau saga: The ongoing tug-of-war between a state and the feds over the fate of an accused killer.

Now, a federal judge has issued an order that might shed some more light on the fate of Jason Pleau and whether or not he will face the death penalty, if tried by the federal judiciary.

Are you a First Circuit bankruptcy attorney looking to move up the ranks? This may be the news you were waiting hear: The First Circuit Court of Appeals has announced a vacancy for Bankruptcy Judge.

The position is for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Hampshire, and it will be based out of Manchester, New Hampshire.

Here’s some interesting information about a Continuing Legal Education event in the Boston area on Wednesday.

The event is titled “First Circuit Court of Appeals: Insights and Observations on Successful Strategies for First Circuit Appellate Practice.”

It’s being hosted by The Massachusetts Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, The Boston Bar Association and The Woman’s Bar Association .