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Do you drink Beck's beer? If you do, you may be entitled to a refund.

A couple years ago, Francisco Rene Marty, Seth Goldman, and Fernando Marquet, all avid Beck's drinkers, sued Anheuser-Busch, the company that makes Beck's Beer for misleading marketing claims regarding the beer's origins . Finally, the case has settled, and deceived customers may soon be able to claim a refund.

While same-sex couples can now legally marry in every state, LGBT people still face discrimination in many other areas of life.

LGBT people face employment discrimination everyday, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are five tips to prevent LGBT employment discrimination and avoid lawsuits:

Many politicians have strong feelings about undocumented immigrants coming to the United States. However, Donald Trump took things too far, and now it's backfiring on him.

Mexican language television company Univision announced that it has cut all ties with Donald Trump and his organization after Trump made seemingly racist comments against Mexico and Mexican people.

Do you have a small business lawyer? If no, why not?

When there are countless rules, regulations, and laws governing the operations of a business, small business owners can't afford to ignore the legal aspects of running a business. Go find a small business attorney and ask him or her these three legal questions asap:

I'm sure there are a million things you'd like to do to a shoplifter in your store. That's your merchandise (and hard earned revenue) walking out the door.

But you don't want to get in trouble yourself, right? So what are your legal rights when dealing with shoplifters?

Obama Plans to Expand Overtime Pay

How many hours a week do your employees work? 40? 50? 60? Do they get overtime pay?

Most salaried workers do not get overtime pay, but President Obama may be looking to fix that. Since last year, the President ordered the Labor Department to implement new rules to expand overtime pay for millions of workers.

Reports speculate that the Labor Department will announce its new proposed rule soon.

Regardless of your personal feelings about #hashtag activism and personal shaming on social media, the fact remains that an employee's personal tweets can have a negative impact on your business. Look no further than Regal Movies employee Hyley DiBona's racist tweets following the Charleston shooting, and the subsequent boycott of the theater chain until DiBona was fired.

Yes, they were just tweets, and yes it was her personal, in-no-way-related-to-work account. But her online comments undoubtedly had a negative effect on Regal, and the company fired her quickly and publicly. 

Did they make the right decision? How should your small business respond if an employee publishes offensive personal tweets?

All small businesses have different expansion patterns. Most grow in fits and starts rather than following one smooth upward curve of success. As a result, figuring out specific benchmarks for your small business can be difficult.

One key benchmark is the moment you hire your own in-house counsel. How big does your company need to be before it makes sense to have full-time legal counsel? While there is no perfect formula to figure this out, here are a few considerations:

Last year, California passed the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 (AB 1522). The act is also known as the Paid Sick Leave law.

The law requires employers to give qualified employees paid sick leave. While the law took effect on January 1, 2015, the accrual period starts July 1, 2015.

Here is what you need to know:

What may be legal in the United States can get you arrested in another country.

Toyota and its new head of global public relations, Julie Hamp, are learning that lesson the hard way. A U.S. citizen, Hamp was arrested recently on suspicion of illegally importing a drug into Japan.