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Employee perks, especially at tech startups, are becoming the stuff of legend. When you have companies competing for the best and brightest by mandating paid sabbaticals, you know it's a decent time to be in the job market.

When one tech company sends its entire staff to Cambodia to work remotely for an entire month, you may wonder how your company can keep up. And if employees can work effectively from a beach on the other side of the globe, are there any limits to where they can telecommute from?

Can Employers Limit the 2nd Amendment Rights of Employees?

You and your workers have the right to bear arms. No boss can bar employees from owning a gun. What the boss can can do is limit Second Amendment rights. This is exactly what the DA at the Nassau County Prosecutor's office has done with a new policy.

Proponents of the Constitutional right to bear arms are riled up this week after the The Washington Post reported on the New York District Attorney's no-handguns policy. In Nassau County, any employee of the DA is barred from owning a handgun, even for use at home.

Whataburger Survives PR Nightmare After Worker Denies Service to Police

A Whataburger worker in Lewisville, Texas was fired for refusing to serve two off-duty police officers, creating a public relations nightmare for the company and raising interesting questions about how to handle rogue employees. The fast food joint came under fire on Twitter after news of the employee's refusal to serve the officers circulated. Whataburger immediately responded on social media.

"We would never condone this action and this is completely unacceptable. We are working hard to address this as soon as possible." Indeed, by this morning at 9 AM the business tweeted that the employee was off the payroll and that the two officers who were refused service have been asked back so that Whataburger can "make this right."

Days of Awe: Must Employers Give Time Off for High Holidays?

If you are Jewish, you are being judged for the next ten days. God has your name written in a book and will determine your fate for the year based on this period between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur -- called the Days of Awe. As such, practicing Jews try to right wrongdoings before the book is sealed.

This is serious business, a time of introspection and repentance; but God is not the only one judging. Employers are, too. Do employers have to give paid holiday time for this Jewish holiday?

3 Tips for Hiring Immigrants

When police departments low on officers are turning to green-card holders to fill their ranks, you know many small businesses are doing the same. But when the White House is cracking down on hiring undocumented workers, you also know you need to be careful.

In some states, employers who hire undocumented workers could lose their business licenses, so there is even more of a burden to stay on the right side of employment laws. Here are 3 tips for hiring immigrant employees.

With all the attention lately on paid family leave (or lack thereof), you'd think the women in positions of power would take all the time they can. Especially when one of those women instituted one of the most comprehensive paid family leave policies in the country.

But just two short years after extending paid leave for both mothers and fathers at her company, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced she would only be taking 14 short days of maternity leave following the birth of her twins. The Internet erupted, and now opinions are flaring up not about how much maternity leave women in business can take, but how much they should take.

Dealing with customer theft is one thing, but what happens when it's your own employees stealing from your store? Of course there are criminal laws against theft, but that may not get you the full value of what was stolen.

So can you file a lawsuit against an employee for theft? And, if so, what kinds of theft are covered?

As a small business owner, you're probably more focused on your product than on employee pensions, but if an employee dies, knowing how your company and the state deal with death benefits could come in handy.

So here's a primer on what death benefits are, who's eligible to receive them, and how they could impact your business.

Everyone wants to work hard at their job, but some job sites don't work for everyone. Specifically, workers who have environmental sensitivities can have disabling reactions to substances in the air or office that most people wouldn't notice.

An estimated 15 percent of the population has some form of environmental sensitivity, meaning that one of your employees may be suffering from a hidden disability. As an employer, how can you accommodate an employee with environmental sensitivities?

We cannot stress this enough: interns are not free labor. You can't use interns like employees and then not pay them or not provide any educational experience.

This is what the Olsen twins seem to have done with their interns, leading to litigation from one intern that has possibly ballooned into a 40-intern class action lawsuit.