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How Do I Sell My Business?

So, you've spent the last 20 years building up your business. Now, it's time to leave the corporate world behind for a beach in Tahiti. Or a condo in Oshkosh. Whatever.

Is it time to sell your business? Here are some tips for selling your business for the best value:

Last Sunday, a brawl among biker gangs broke out in front of Texas Twin Peaks restaurant.

It started out as quiet Sunday, but police were already on edge. They had prior warning that trouble between bike gangs may occur. So, police were at the Twin Peaks' parking lot staking out the restaurant. Suddenly, a fight erupted. The fight, between five rival gangs, escalated rapidly from punches and kicks to gunfire.

Nine people were killed. At least 18 people were injured. and over 170 people were arrested.

The bearded co-founder of Burt's Bees reveals in a recent documentary that he was ousted by the company after he had an affair with an employee.

Burt Shavitz, 79, is the subject of a new documentary "Burt's Buzz" which chronicles Shavitz's life and his role in the founding of Burt's Bees, whose products still bear his cartoon likeness, reports The Associated Press.

What can we learn from Shavitz's 1993 ouster and what's happened since? Here are at least five things for business owners to keep in mind:

Should your small business file for bankruptcy? If you find yourself asking this question, you're not alone.

Filing for bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean throwing in the towel. On the contrary, it may just mean a fresh start for you and your business.

Here are five factors to mull over when deciding if your business should file for bankruptcy:

Can You Get Out of a Franchise Agreement?

Can you legally get out of a franchise agreement?

Buying a franchise may seem like a great business opportunity, but there are a few situations that may warrant the termination of a franchise contract.

Although it's best to talk to a business and commercial law attorney about any issues that arise, here are a few ways you may be able to get out of your franchise agreement:

Selling Your Small Business? 3 Legal Tips

Need some legal tips on selling your business? That's not suprising considering that the number of small businesses that were sold in 2013 increased by 41.7 percent in the third quarter.

Mergers-and-acquisitions insiders predict that the market will pick up this year, CNBC reports. With consistently low interest rates, this may be a good time to say bon voyage to your business and hello to endless vacation days.

If you're planning to sell your small business, here are three legal tips to get you started:

5 Key Steps in Dissolving a Partnership

Do you know how to dissolve your partnership? If you feel as though you've come to the point in your business where you're ready to wind down and close, it's best to be prepared. Closing a business is not as simple as just ceasing all operations and leaving.

However, dissolving a partnership doesn't have to be too difficult either. Just keep in mind these five key steps when dissolving a partnership:

Baby boomers are retiring, and that means their small businesses are being acquired at an increasing rate.

Boomer business owners are starting to throw in the towel, and a recent Pepperdine University study pinned the sales of businesses from the end of 2012 and into 2013 on retirement, the Associated Press reports.

What does this new trend mean for your small business?

Selling Your Office? 5 Legal Issues to Consider

For any business owner there comes a time when you need to consider selling your office. It's important to know the legal implications when you do.

Maybe it's because you're retiring and handing the business over to someone new. Maybe it's because your business is growing and needs a bigger home. Regardless of the reason, you still need to know how to protect your legal interests.

An experienced attorney will be able to handle all the details but you still want to know what to look out for in the process. Here are five legal issues to consider:

Want to Sell Your Company? It's Complicated

When an owner decides to sell a company, there are a few things he must do before the company is put on the market. First, all records need to be put in order, including financials, leases, legal documents and licenses. Then the business must be appraised--a reasonable price is best for all parties. After that, the owner may want to employ a broker to help get the word out and handle the negotiation side of any dealings. During this process, the business must continue to grow.

If all goes well, a deal is reached, financing is acquired, and a closing date is set. And when that date comes, the deal is completed and both parties think they got a good deal.

Sounds pretty cut and dry, right? It used to be that this process was as easy as it sounds, deals going through with little trouble and yielding high payouts. Not anymore. Expect complications if you decide to sell your company.