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Donald Trump, billionaire, was a fan of professional wrestling. And Donald Trump, President-elect, remains a fan of one of professional wrestling's biggest magnates. Trump has tapped Linda McMahon, former President and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment and wife of Trump's wrestling nemesis Vince McMahon, as the future head of the Small Business Administration.

Does this mean cage matches for everyone? Will you have to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin up a ladder to get your small business loan? And if you default, will The Miz come to your office to collect?

California is paving a new way for employers to help with the retirement crisis using the new California Secure Choice Retirement Plan. This is a state sponsored retirement account for the employees of small businesses that traditionally could not afford to provide employees with a retirement plan. The plan, which Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law, will allow millions of Californians to start saving toward their retirement. If others states follow California's lead, Fortune notes, this type of plan could help alleviate the retirement crisis in the US.

The California program provides access for private sector employees of small businesses (with 5 or more employees) with the opportunity to participate in low-risk, low cost, portable retirement saving and investment plans. The program also requires that employers provide automatic enrollment, as well as direct payroll deductions.

The American people have the right to be free from unreasonable searches. It's a constitutional right that stems from the Fourth Amendment that is meant to protect the people from the government. Microsoft has been fighting since April to stop the government from searching users' cloud storage without providing notice to the searched user. In the most recent filing, Microsoft has found unusual allies in not only Google and Apple, but also Amazon, BP, Fox News, Delta, the EFF, and even the US Chamber of Commerce.

Basically, the issue focuses on the government's ability to obtain not just a search warrant to search through a user's files stored on the cloud, but also a gag order which prevents the company providing the cloud storage from notifying the user that the search will occur or has occurred.

Lessons From the SEC: Whistleblower Office Reveals Rewards

It takes courage to blow the whistle on fraud, but it can pay off for tipsters. The Securities and Exchange Commission rewards those who come forward with valuable tips and help with investigations of market malfeasance, and this program can be instructive to indiviudal businesses.

In one week this month the agency announced three monetary awards totaling $10 million for whistleblowers. In a statement, the SEC explained why it pays so much and where the funds come from. Let's take a look.

Regulation Nation: What Industries Are Most Carefully Overseen?

All types of businesses are regulated to ensure that certain standards are met and that people are not harmed, or that if they are, there is legal recourse. But some industries tend to be more highly regulated than others, and some are so new that regulators are just starting to figure out what to do.

In what seems like an annual occurrence at this point, the federal government is nearing another potential shutdown over budget squabbles. And while this might all sound like political wrangling to you, there are some real ways a government shutdown could affect your small business.

So what can you do to prepare? Here's how to gear up for a potential government shutdown:

Obamacare's Employer Mandate Takes Effect: 5 Things to Know

Obamacare's employer mandate went into effect January 1, and there are a few things that employers should know.

The mandate was supposed to go into effect last year, but it was delayed for a year to allow businesses to implement the necessary changes. So what were those changes exactly?

Here are five things employers should know about the Obamacare employer mandate:

Obamacare SHOP Is Open for Businesses

More than a year after the Obamacare website had announced an online marketplace for business owners, the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) is finally open.

According to The Washington Post, officially launched its small business-focused section two weeks ago, but traffic has been a bit slow. Despite health plan options being offered through the newly opened SHOP, early reports indicate that businesses haven't exactly surged toward the site.

Why not? And what should your small business know about the Obamacare SHOP?

Is It Legal to Require Proof for Sick Days?

When your employees want to take a sick day, can you require them to give proof that they were sick?

With mandatory sick laws being passed in various cities and states, business owners have real reason to re-examine their sick day policies. Chief among these considerations is what kind of proof, if any, companies should require of their employees in order to take sick time off.

Let's examine some of the legal principles behind requiring proof for sick days.

Should You Support Nat'l Entrepreneurs' Day (HR 401)?

After a Twitter petition successfully convinced President Obama to declare a National Entrepreneurs' Day in 2010, a group of entrepreneurs has now set their sights on Congress.

House Resolution 401, sponsored by Rep. Scott Peters (D-California), would support the designation of the third Tuesday of November as National Entrepreneurs' Day.

Besides just being a mouthful to say, what would a National Entrepreneurs' Day do to actually benefit entrepreneurs and other small business owners?