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What to Do If You Didn't Get a Summer Job

What ever happened to those lazy summer days, when we basked in the sun of our parents' labors and didn't worry about work?

For most of us, the answer is we got jobs. It's that thing we do 9 to 5 and often longer, rain or shine, sunrise, sunset, and all summer long.

But for those law students caught in between semesters, here are some ideas about what to do if you didn't get that summer job:

Law Grad Sues Her Law School and Twitter

If at first you don't succeed, file an amended complaint.

It may sound like first-year civil procedure, but that's what law school graduate Tiffany Dehen knows so far. She sued her law school in February for defamation after someone there created a fake Twitter account to mock her.

Bloggers mocked her more for a "rambling lawsuit," so, well, she did it again. This time, she's really serious.

What's on Your Summer Reading List?

Reading is the laboratory of the mind.

It is where we experiment with ideas, played out on an inner stage set by a writer against the background of another place and time. And when we choose a book for leisure reading, it should be for the adventure of that world more than to escape our own.

So you want to know how this ends? For law students and lawyers, try reading one of these books this summer:

First Openly Gay Judge Named to NY's Highest Court

Judge Paul G. Feinman will change New York's highest court at a time when change is sometimes uncomfortable.

Filling a vacancy created by the apparent suicide of his predecessor, Feinman will become the first openly gay member of the New York Court of Appeals. Gov. Andrew Cuomo nominated Feinman and sent his name to the state senate for confirmation.

"He is a talented jurist who has dedicated his career to public service and standing up for a fairer and more just New York," Cuomo said. "While we continue to mourn the untimely passing of Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, Justice Feinman will help ensure that the Court of Appeals upholds the highest principles of law and fairness that embody the very best of New York."

Law School Lab 'LawX' Wants to Close Justice Gap

If you ever thought about a better way to provide legal services, but didn't have the time to develop it, then your time may have come.

BYU Law School is offering a legal design lab to create products and other ways to improve access to legal services. The brainchild of the dean and a startup attorney, LawX will be offered to students at the law school.

"LawX will tackle some of the most challenging issues facing our legal system today," said Gordon Smith, dean of BYU Law School.

Woman Claims Bar Exam Was Flawed, Files Court Complaint

What causes of action, if any, does a law student have against bar examiners for failing her?

No, this is not a cruel bar exam question. It is a question in a lawsuit pending in a Mississippi court, where Zundria Crawford has filed a complaint over her failed bar exam results.

Crawford claims she didn't fail the bar, rather the bar failed her. Her complaint looks like a Hail Mary, but many other examinees who have failed may be praying it flies.

Top Hollywood Lawyer Takes Case in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Scandal

As everybody who is anybody knows, Marty Singer is the go-to lawyer in Hollywood.

That's why reality TV contestant Corinne Olympios has hired him in a scandal that recently shut down "Bachelor in Paradise." Olympios was referred to Singer because, well, everybody in Hollywood goes to him.

"Marty Singer, Marty Singer ... you lifesaver, you!" movie star Scarlett Johansson gushed at a bar association tribute to the entertainment lawyer. "You are a real-life superhero."

Alcatraz Swimmer Helps Man Pass the California Bar

Alcatraz, a haunting island prison in San Francisco Bay, closed after three prisoners escaped and plunged into the treacherous waters in 1962.

It is a true story that became legend because the men were never found. It was made even more famous by the movie, "Escape from Alcatraz," starring Clint Eastwood.

Alcatraz also presents a challenge for swimmers, like young James Savage, who attempt the same "escape" each year. But little did Savage know that he would inspire an older man to take another perilous plunge -- the California bar exam.

LSAT Scores Down: Where Are Top Performers Going?

What's that giant sucking sound coming from law schools?

Is it the sound of fewer students enrolling? No, that alarm has been ringing for seven years now.

This is more like a whoosh from a vacuum of top students leaving for other graduate programs. At least, that's a conclusion from statistics showing a big drop in law school applicants with the highest law school admission test scores.

Yale Law Student Turned Best-Selling Hillbilly Author

J.D. Vance came from ‘hillbillies, rednecks, white trash, choose your epithet,’ wrote the New York Times reviewer.

Reviewers say that Vance, who rose from Appalachian poverty to New York Times best-selling author, wrote the only book to make sense out of the election of President Donald Trump. Vance, a Yale Law School graduate, put it together in “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis.”

“Mr. Vance has inadvertently provided a civilized reference guide for an uncivilized election,” the Times said.