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When everyone else was complaining about the amount of reading in law school, did you secretly think, "Hey, this is awesome?" Where other associates grumble about pecking at their keyboards all day, do you get excited about the prospect of a few more hours of research?

Well, you might be a bit of a nerd bookworm. And that's great, because if you love legal research, we've got the jobs for you. As part of our affiliate program with Indeed, we're bringing you the coolest legal jobs of the week, legal research edition.

Lawyer Wears KKK Hood, Swastika, Files Free Speech Complaint

The California attorney who was arrested after it was determined his KKK comment card could be a hate crime has filed two claims against the city of Los Angeles. He's demanding a little over $750,000 in damages owing to damage to his practice and to emotional distress after the arrest.

The claim of emotional distress is a rather fantastic one coming from a man who has repeatedly appeared in hearings held by the Los Angeles City Council wearing a white hood with a red swastika, all the while accosting black council members with invectives probably too indecent to reprint here.

Judges are just like everyone else. They love, they fear, they cry, they tweet. But on Monday, the New Mexico Supreme Court cautioned judges against crossing lines on social media.

Sure, judges can go ahead and repost that funny cat pic or hop on a trending hashtag. But the state supreme court wants them to keep the social media drama out of the courtroom -- something that several judges have proven they're not too good at.

There are just over four weeks left until the July bar exam. That's four weeks to get your pneumonic devices straight, four weeks to master IRAC, four weeks to figure out what the deal with mortgages is and why no one ever taught you about them in law school.

That is to say, there's a lot to be done. Here are some tips to help you through it.

July bar takers, you are halfway there. Many of you have been studying for about a month and have just over one month left to go. Congrats? It probably doesn't feel like it now, buried as you are under flashcards and crippling anxiety, but you've already accomplished a lot.

Now is the home stretch. To help you ace your bar exam, here are our five top study tips from the FindLaw archives.

BofA GC to BigLaw: '$180K Junior Pay Is on Your Dime, Not Ours'

BigLaw associates are still tipsy over recent news that many of the hallowed BigLaw firms (including Cravath, which has led the charge) bumped first year associate pay to $180,000. But in these uncertain economic times, it's understandable that some parties might have some misgivings about this development.

Take Bank of America's reaction, for example: "Don't expect us to fund your expensive new associates."

Feeling a gnawing in your belly, but for a better job? Ready to sink your teeth into a new experience? Savoring the idea of a sweater career?

Well, if you've got an appetite a new job (as well as snacks and sweets), we've got some jobs to serve up for you. As part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, we're bringing you the three coolest jobs we can find this week -- and they all taste great.

Young Lawyers Need to Learn Tech Skills

In today's competitive job market, new lawyers need to learn tech skills if they want to stand out. When the economy crashed and technology began improving at a rapid pace, it became apparent that lawyers (especially solo lawyers) could no longer simply rely on tech-proficient staffers. It's time for lawyers to be their own best assistant when it comes to using computer applications and legal practice software in the day-to-day practice of law.

You find sunken treasure, literally piles and piles of gold (and a fair amount of human bones) at the bottom of the ocean. You're set for life, right? Not quite. As any fan of "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" can tell you, finding gold is just the start of your troubles.

And so it goes with the S.S. Central America, a Gold Rush era steamship that deposited over 30,000 pounds of gold (worth about $50 million today) in Davey Jones' locker, just off the coast of South Carolina, more than 150 years ago. That sunken treasure was discovered in the late 80s, only to lead to legal battles that are still playing out today, most recently with attorney Richard Robol being sanctioned for $225,000 for failing to turn over documents regarding the gold.

So you're going to law school come the end of August. Congrats! We're sure you're excited about the fascinating world of service of process, negligence per se, and adequate consideration. But you're also probably a bit apprehensive. "Is there something I should do before hand to prepare?" you wonder.

Yes, future law student, there is.