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A Los Angeles immigration lawyer who dedicated her life to trying difficult asylum cases is now getting what every Angeleno dreams of: a movie. Attorney Judy Wood will be the subject of a new biopic entitled Saint Judy.

The film will chronicle Wood's fight to protect immigrants and ease restrictions on asylum seekers. Here's a quick preview.

Attorney Thomas Tamm, Champion of Civil Liberties, Faces Ethics Charges

A man known for his civil liberties work faces disciplinary action by the D.C. Office of Disciplinary Counsel -- the body responsible for ethics violations by attorneys licensed with the D.C. bar. And what clearly egregious instance of misconduct did this man commit to warrant this charge? Embezzlement? Conspiracy?

No, Mr. Thomas Tamm has been charged with two counts professional misconduct stemming from his whistle-blowing on then President Bush's warrantless wiretapping programs in 2004, almost 12 years ago. Sources report that his license possibly is at stake.

Martin Shkreli became the world's most hated man last fall when he raised the price of a lifesaving medication by 5451 percent overnight. It was a role he relished, saying he only regretted not raising the price higher and taunting his critics on social media.

Shkreli's bad behavior also landed him in legal hot water. He was arrested in December on fraud charges related to previous stints as a hedge fund manager and at a biopharmaceutical company. Now, Shkreli's got himself a celebrity criminal defense lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, who has previously represented Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, and Plaxico Burress.

Don't Let a Disability Crush Your Legal Career Goals

If you're an able-bodied individual who's beginning to slip into self-pity, consider people like Haben Girma, the first deaf and blind person to graduate from Harvard Law. Now look reassess your situation.

But if you have a physical disability like Ms. Haben Girma, her story should invigorate you. At the very least, her example destroys common assumptions about what's possible for those with physical disabilities.

Rewriting Your Resume to Escape the Law

Leaving so soon? Maybe the practice of law has not delivered on your expectations. Or maybe you feel the call of another career opportunity beckoning you. We each have our reasons and we won't judge you. After all, there are at least 101 things to do with your JD besides practice law.

If you're looking to say farewell to the practice of law, keep in mind a few tips that will help you craft your resume for a non-law-related field.

Your next cocktail hour might feature a kale-wheatgrass smoothie rather than a Manhattan. That is, if the latest Millennial trend takes hold: the sober happy hour. Youths these days are adding some good, clean fun to their socializing and we can see it making its way into the legal industry sooner or later.

Is the sober happy hour the worst thing ever invented or could this be a welcome addition to our booze-soaked trade?

NJ Law Firm Manager Allegedly Traded Sex for Legal Services

According to, a prominent law firm's manager exchanged sex from both male and female clients for the firm's services. A complaint filed in Camden County Superior Court last December against the Law Offices of Conrad J. Benedetto alleges the firm manager John Groff (also a convicted felon) manipulated clients and exchanged legal services for sex.

An exchange of service for service, one could say.

Is Massive Law School Debt Hurting Public Interest Law?

It looks like our neighbors to the north are going through a bit of a crisis in terms of law student priority. In the opinion of a current 2L at the University of Manitoba, the climbing tuition rates of law school is possibly hurting public interest. Rather that pursuing public interest work, debt-laden law students are motivated to seek higher paying corporate jobs.

These same observation can be made down south. In fact, we Americans were talking about it a long time ago.

It's no secret that law schools are struggling. Top students aren't attending, new grads aren't passing the bar, and pretty much no one is able to pay back their debt. But that crisis isn't confined to the Florida Coastal School of Law; it's reached even the upper crusts.

It seems Harvard and Yale, for all their tea, crumpets, and Supreme Court clerkships, can't get students to enroll, even as they shrink their law school class sizes. Let's look at which top schools are suffering the most.

How Do You Become a Sports Lawyer?

When asked what area of law they'd like to pursue, 2Ls and 3Ls traditionally say BigLaw partner, prosecutor, or in-house counsel. But lately, new grads are looking for something that will be more ... interesting.

One of these brass ring careers is sports law. But, as you already knew, one does not simply slip into sports law and start negotiation multi-million dollar contracts right out of the gate. That is, not unless they're extremely lucky.