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Move over doctors, tech bros, and Academy Award nominees. When it comes to being the whitest, malest profession in America, the law has everyone else beat.

And it's only getting worse, as the percentage of minority associates stagnates and, for black lawyers, shrinks.

Law Firm on Hook for $196M in Malpractice Fees

One hundred and ninety-six million dollars. That astounding number is the amount a Texas jury awarded plaintiff Scott D. Martin who sued Andrews Kurth for malpractice.

Plaintiffs have just moved the court to file an entry of judgment. The proposed order seeks an actual damages award of $196 million, an additional $20.7 in prejudgment interest, and more interest as yet to be determined.

When you have to chose between sleep and work, work wins. That leaves many lawyers with huge sleep deficits. After a deadline crunch leaves you working ten hours a day or more, six days a week, many esquires try to catch up by sleeping in all weekend long.

But sleeping in on days-off, it turns out, could be hazardous to your health.

Whether it's putting together a deal for a client or clinching a better bonus for yourself, negotiating is an inescapable part of your legal life. You can prep for days, run through dozens of potential negotiating scenarios, and know just what deal you need to make in order to come out on top.

But all of that could be for naught, if your body language betrays you. Body language and non-verbal communication can have just as much impact on your negotiations as the offers you put on the table. Here's how to make your body language work for you in a negotiation.

Police Bust Lawyers' House Party, City Pays $1.5M Settlement

If there's any house the police want to be careful about busting into, it's the house of a power couple pair of attorneys.

The town of Westfield, New Jersey has just agreed to settle federal civil rights claims brought by Lawrence Rolnik and Kimberly Sorrentino -- both lawyers. The case was sparked when police arrived at their home in response to an alleged 'drunken brawl' in front of their home. Only $1.15 million dollars later, all is forgiven.

Transgender people have seen unprecedented growth in public visibility lately, what with the public transition of Caitlyn Jenner and award-winning shows like Transparent. But even as the national awareness of transgender issues grows, transgender individuals continue to face discrimination, violence, and shockingly high rates of homelessness and suicide.

Today marks the 16th annual Transgender Remembrance Day, where we remember the transgender people who have been murdered over the past year -- at least 81 in total, largely women of color -- and pledge to fight for greater equality. In that spirit, here are some ways lawyers can help in the fight for transgender rights.

Well, that was unexpected. This week's episode of How to Get Away With Murder (the zenith of the golden era of television) delivers some very satisfying revelations, tidying up the mess of a plot that we've been struggling through for months and introducing a whole new mystery.

No more flash forwards. We've finally reached the big day. It's time to watch Annalise get shot. Here's your spoiler-filled recap of last night's insane HTGAWM episode.

How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

The term 'emotional intelligence' refers to a person's ability to show empathy and understanding.

This is an area where lawyers often need improvement. The truth is, high-stress lawyers aren't exactly prone to being empathetic. Fortunately, unlike IQ, which seems to be pretty much set, EQ is something that can be worked at around the edges.

Here are a few suggestions for increasing your emotional intelligence, as proposed by Preston Ni at Psychology Today.

Like books? Like the law? Worried about the crushing debt of a J.D. or the soul-sucking hours of a young associate? Maybe it's time to consider being a law librarian. Even as physical law libraries are becoming less common (no one needs those stacks of reporters when it's all digital), the law librarian still plays an important role in the legal industry.

Is a career as a law librarian in your future? Here's what you should consider.

Law Firm Raided by FBI in Aggressive Seizure of Property

The FBI appeared at the headquarters of Martin & Seibert L.C., a West Virginia law firm, and "aggressively seized property and detained personnel." The firm said that it was surprised by the magnitude of the action by the FBI but maintained that it would "rise above th[e] allegations" and return to client service.

The ordeal appears to have started months ago when allegedly defamatory remarks were made against the firm on social media.