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The Power of Free: FindLaw's Cases & Codes for Law Students & Associates


Where can you go to view over a million pages of free case law or browse over 600,000 pages of federal and state codes? 

Hint: you're already here.

FindLaw is where the law is when it comes to cases and codes.  And that fits well with law students and associates who find themselves chasing codes and counting cases to find exactly what they are looking for.

Massive stores of relevant law + easy to use searching and browsing make it a bright idea in any light, and a formidable take-off point for your research. 

Here are a few quick facts about FindLaw's Cases & Codes :

  • it's free
  • updated daily
  • includes case law summaries with relevant facts and concise holdings
  • features U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1893, California Supreme Court and Appellate Court decisions dating back to 1934, recent U.S. Circuit Court, and other state court decisions and federal and state codes.

How can law students and associates best harness the power of free?

Wherever your legal research may take you, start here at FindLaw...


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