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You're a Nerd, Accept It. Top 5 Nerdy Legal Travel Destinations

I know, you think you are going down the path of a cooler profession, than say, accountant, but think again. If you are in law school, or are have already graduated, you are a nerd. Accept it, move on.

Now that we have that out of the way, since it is actually summer, we thought we'd give you some travel ideas to sate the legal curiosity inside you. Here are our top five nerdy legal travel destinations for your summer get away.

The Hague, Netherlands

Home of the International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands should top any list of law-related travel destinations. The highest court -- globally speaking -- and judicial arm of the United Nations, the Court settles legal disputes "in accordance with international law" and also issues advisory opinions to U.N. agencies. Just a skip away from Amsterdam, and European neighbors, visiting the ICJ is a good excuse to take a small European vacation.

Washington, District of Columbia

Our capital city, Washington, D.C. is the top domestic legal travel destination as it houses our highest court, The Supreme Court. Doesn't every attorney want to see the Supreme Court (if not actually argue there)? And while you're there, you can visit the National Archives where you can see copies of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Law nerd heaven.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

So much U.S. history transpired in Philadelphia, it's a place you definitely should visit (if not just for the cheesesteaks alone). The First Continental Congress met there, and the Declaration of Independence was written and signed in Philadelphia. After the revolution, Philadelphia was our nation's temporary capital, and the Constitutional Convention took place here. Places to visit include Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center, the Liberty Bell, Carpenter's Hall and Betsey Ross House.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Similar to Philadelphia, many pivotal moments of U.S. early took place in Boston, Massachusetts. A great way to take in all of the historical sites Boston has to offer is by walking The Freedom Trail. It's long (especially in June -- take it from me, been there done that) but is really interesting and a great thing for nerds to do.

Various Cities, England

Why? Well because there are several copies of the Magna Carta -- the document that started it all and is the basis for constitutional law in the United States. Surviving copies of the document can be viewed in various cities in England.

While a nerdy legal history-inspired trip may be interesting, we understand it's not for everyone. That's why we have a post coming up on legal pop culture-inspired trips coming up for you. And we'll also be addressing the nagging question of whether you need to buy souvenirs for your co-workers. Stay tuned!

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