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Bar Exam Gets Hate Mail From Law School Prez

"No one who graduates from an ABA-accredited law school with a strong GPA should have to take the bar exam." At least this is the opinion of the president of Brooklyn Law School, Nicholas Allard. "The test is "expensive, and not a great measure of competence to actually practice law."

Allard's opinion echoes those of many frustrated law students who regard the exam as an outmoded relic of law school mythos and are calling for it to be abolished. He is part of an increasing number of law school professors and professionals who have previously kept silent with regards to the bar exam and its monolithic presence. When bar exam passage rates have dropped to a depressingly low level, the time seems right to question the exam itself.

3 Test-Taking Tips From the Harvard Grad Who Aced the SAT

October 3rd is just around the corner and it looks like the latest SAT is set to ruin the lives of a fresh legion of college hopefuls. Whether you're gearing up for the SAT, LSAT, or bar exam, there are a few universal tricks to help you excel.

According to one test-taking expert, your strategy should include sleep, proper strategy, and sugar water.

Just a few months ago, young law students and aspiring future lawyers sat down for the ritualized torture that is the state bar exam. Now, the results are starting to come in and things aren't looking good.

Scores on the Multistate Bar Exam multiple-choice questions tanked, dropping even lower than last year's disappointing results. They were the lowest scores in over 25 years, dropping to a mean score of 139.9, compared to 2014's 141.5 and 2013's 144.3, Bloomberg reports. State passage rates are likely to continue their decline as a result.

Who will get the blame?

A note to all the J.D.'s who just sat for the California bar exam: you're chumps. The State Bar Board of Trustees has unanimously approved dropping the bar exam's notorious third day. That brings California in line with pretty much every other state bar exam. Had you waited just two more years, you would have had a third less to do.

But don't worry, the future, shorter exam won't be any easier.

Once you're done sitting for the bar, you'll probably want to head to a real bar. You've dedicated years of your life and months of cramming to the bar exam -- going out for a night of celebration is your right and obligation.

But as a soon-to-be-lawyer, you don't want to drink just any swill. Here are seven drinks to help you celebrate finishing the bar exam the right way.

As the bar exam creeps ever closer, you're probably finding yourself scrambling to get the UCC under your belt, trying to up your memory, or just generally panicking. It's normal. But don't let your dread and apprehension blind you to the best part of taking the bar: being done.

In just about a week you will be done with the bar exam and once again remember what it's like to be a part of humanity again. Don't let the moment go to waste. Here are five things to do once you've finished the bar exam:

There's about three weeks left before the bar exam. You know how to write an essay. You've studied all the black letter law. You've got the MBE under your belt. Or you would, if only you could remember whether singing the curtains is enough to get you charged with arson.

Here's where simple, brute memorization comes in to play. You won't be able to fully rewire your brain in time for the bar exam, but there are certain tricks that might help. Here's five techniques to help you improve your memory as you cram through the final weeks of bar prep.

The bar exam is just about a month away. One month. If you aren't starting to feel the pressure now, you should be. But you don't need to start pulling your hair out just yet. You've got plenty of time to shore up your strengths and deal with your weaknesses.

Here's some milestones you should be encountering in your bar study, just a month before the exam:

Enjoying summer yet? We didn't think so. If you're a recent law school grad prepping for the bar exam, this summer promises to be anything but fun in the sun. But don't worry too much; a well planned bar study schedule can help make your bar review summer, if not enjoyable, survivable.

So, a few weeks after most bar review courses have begun, where should you be in your bar prep? Follow these bar study milestones to make sure you're staying on track, right from the start.

The Varieties of Bar Review Methods

Unless you're an autodidact (and it's highly likely you're not), you'll need some help studying for the bar exam. This help usually comes in the form of a bar review course that costs thousands of dollars. That seems expensive, but trust us -- you don't want to take the bar exam more than once.

So what are the varieties of different bar review methods and courses? Here's the lowdown.