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Law Graduate Sues for Open-Book Bar Exam

Mark Tetzlaff is an academic overachiever, but he just can't pass the bar exam.

He has a JD, an MBA, an MA, and a BBA, and is pursuing an LLM on scholarship. He has done nearly 200 research and writing projects in state and federal courts.

But he has failed the bar exam four times because he has short-term memory loss, he says. So he is suing the Illinois state bar to allow him to take an open-book exam.

Can Moms Breastfeed During the Bar Exam?

Women have gained more accommodations to breastfeed in public, and now one state supreme court has ordered those accommodations at the bar exam.

The Montana Supreme Court has ordered bar administrators to accommodate breastfeeding mothers "in a manner consistent with public policy and law." The interim order is effective for the July exam, as the examiners' board considers public comments for a permanent order.

The new rules include 15-minute breaks every three hours for the mothers, but do not answer one question: where will their babies be during the exam?

North Carolina Law School Crowdfunds to Help Graduates Take the Bar Exam

When studying for the bar exam, sometimes you just don't have any gas left in the tank -- literally.

That's why one law school is raising money -- to help struggling students prepare for the big test. Campbell University's Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law is doing it with crowdfunding.

"Through your generous contribution students are able to buy groceries, keep their bills up to date, or enable them to have enough gas in their car to get to the bar exam and a few job interviews," the crowdfunding page says.

California Bar Test-Takers May Get a Break

Christmas may come early for those preparing to take the California bar exam.

According to reports, the California Supreme Court may lower the passing score as early as September. Its decision could be retroactive to the exam set for July 25, 2017.

The court has been reviewing whether California's cut score is too high, and has taken over the issue from the Committee of Bar Examiners. In other words, Santa has a brand new bag.

How to Answer That Bar Exam Question You Didn't See Coming

There's this nightmare, where you are crossing a bridge and it suddenly runs out.

There you are, looking at the vast below and the bridge starts to crumble behind you. You have no place to go but down.

That's what it feels like when you face a question on the bar exam and you don't know the answer. Nothing prepared you for this. Now what do you do, besides panic?

Prepping for the Bar Exam Performance Test: How to Beat the Clock

'Time's up.'

Like a death sentence, those words await everyone taking the bar exam. So when time expires, will you?

This article is about how to beat that relentless taskmaster -- the clock that winds down to the last minute of your bar exam life. Ladies and gentlemen, you may start now:

Woman Claims Bar Exam Was Flawed, Files Court Complaint

What causes of action, if any, does a law student have against bar examiners for failing her?

No, this is not a cruel bar exam question. It is a question in a lawsuit pending in a Mississippi court, where Zundria Crawford has filed a complaint over her failed bar exam results.

Crawford claims she didn't fail the bar, rather the bar failed her. Her complaint looks like a Hail Mary, but many other examinees who have failed may be praying it flies.

Alcatraz Swimmer Helps Man Pass the California Bar

Alcatraz, a haunting island prison in San Francisco Bay, closed after three prisoners escaped and plunged into the treacherous waters in 1962.

It is a true story that became legend because the men were never found. It was made even more famous by the movie, "Escape from Alcatraz," starring Clint Eastwood.

Alcatraz also presents a challenge for swimmers, like young James Savage, who attempt the same "escape" each year. But little did Savage know that he would inspire an older man to take another perilous plunge -- the California bar exam.

Lawyers with Low Bar Scores More Likely to Face Discipline, Study Says

If the bar exam weren't tough enough, now you can add a shot of stress from the ethics committee.

According to a new study, lawyers who perform poorly on the bar exam are more likely to have disciplinary problems. Unlike fine wine, it gets worse with age as attorneys have more bar complaints as they get older.

In other words, by the time you figure out how to practice law you will be in jeopardy of losing your license. No wonder so many lawyers have drinking problems...

The Slowest Bar Exam Results in America

Waiting for bar examiners to post exam results in the District of Columbia is like waiting for Congress to fund the government on the eve of a shutdown: you don't know when it's going to happen but it feels like they're not taking the consequences seriously.

It has been especially stressful for hopeful admittees because the DC bar has not posted its February results but says the regular deadline for applying for the July exam has already passed (the late filing deadline is May 18th). A similar situation faces test-takers in Arizona, California, Georgia, Nevada, and Rhode Island.

For a profession that demands timely performance, it doesn't feel right.