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Transgender people have seen unprecedented growth in public visibility lately, what with the public transition of Caitlyn Jenner and award-winning shows like Transparent. But even as the national awareness of transgender issues grows, transgender individuals continue to face discrimination, violence, and shockingly high rates of homelessness and suicide.

Today marks the 16th annual Transgender Remembrance Day, where we remember the transgender people who have been murdered over the past year -- at least 81 in total, largely women of color -- and pledge to fight for greater equality. In that spirit, here are some ways lawyers can help in the fight for transgender rights.

Like books? Like the law? Worried about the crushing debt of a J.D. or the soul-sucking hours of a young associate? Maybe it's time to consider being a law librarian. Even as physical law libraries are becoming less common (no one needs those stacks of reporters when it's all digital), the law librarian still plays an important role in the legal industry.

Is a career as a law librarian in your future? Here's what you should consider.

Want to land a cushy spot as a federal judge? It's simple, at least according to D.C. Circuit Judge David Sentelle. Sentelle recently doled out some simple advice at the Federalist Society's National Lawyers Convention. (That's the annual gathering where libertarian and conservative lawyers get together to discuss the Federalist papers and the free market while wringing their hands over Donald Trump.) Just get to know a senator or at least someone who knows a senator.

Don't worry, it's not as hard as it looks. Here's out to find your own senatorial BFF.

Pros and Cons of Small Town Lawyering

Things continue to look grim for new attorneys -- at least in heavily populated areas. According to stories by The New York Times and NPR, there are areas of rural America where jobs are actually plentiful.

Advantages of Working as a Freelance Lawyer

Attitudes towards freelance lawyers have been changing over the years. Such changes were an almost predictable outcome of the 2008 crash that left many professionals without a job. Suddenly, attorneys who had previously been labeled "substandard losers who couldn't get a job" are now an industry regular.

That "loser" terminology are the words of Donna Seyle, founder of Law Practice Strategy. She writes that some of the perks that come with freelance lawyering are enough to make at least some lawyers consider this "loser" route.

Gen X or Younger? Chances Are You're Not Going to Make Partner

According to recent reports, only 3 percent of managing partners at the nation's top 100 law firms are from Generation X.

This is consistent with the public's image of law firm partners as being white, balding, 3-piece-suit-wearing law firm fixtures. But even we were surprised by these numbers. On the other hand, this information might just be the push young associates need to question whether making junior partner is worth the trouble.

Al Jazeera America Suspends Its GC on License Irregularities

Al Jazeera America, the sister news channel analog of the venerable Al Jazeera English channel, has suspended its general counsel, David W. Harleston, after questions were raised about his qualifications to practice law.

Mr. Harleston’s is another high level blow to AJAM. His arrival to the news channel took place during a time when the company was suffering internal turmoil amid staff complaints of a culture of anti-Semitism and sexism.

Harvard Professor: 'Low Bar Passage Rates Can Be a Good Thing'

Harvard law Professor Noah Feldman recently put forth the suggestion that it's not up to law school admissions to baby law school applicants out of applying for schools; its up to students to make their own decisions.

Although there is nothing particularly earth shattering about this statement, it strikes some people as being outrageous, given that bar passage rates have been plummeting. But the professor remains adamant in his position. Although, Harvard JDs probably don't have too hard a time with the bar exam, do they?

Lawyer Posts Marketing Flyers at Punk Festival

An attorney in Gainesville, Florida, has, rather strategically, tailored his ads to appeal to a decidedly counter-culture target audience. Specifically, he targeted the youth at Gainesville's yearly punk event, the Fest, by posting flyers around the event with the words, "Arrested during The Fest?"

Is this genius lawyer marketing, or is it ambulance chasing?

Celebrate Pro Bono Week With the ABA

The week of October 25-31 has been designated National Celebration of Pro Bono week by the ABA; and this years' marks the seventh such celebration. Throughout the past few days, the ABA has been taking the time to recognize pro bono achievements by lawyers but has decided to push especially hard today.