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The law might finally be catching up to some of the Internet's least favorite lawyers. An attorney from the infamous Prenda Law firm is currently facing disciplinary action in Illinois. That lawyer, John Steele, and his partner Paul Hansmeier, are thought to be the "masterminds" behind Prenda Law's long running copyright trolling shakedown scheme, according to Arstechnica.

After being hit with sanction, upon sanction, upon sanction, at least one Prenda Law lawyer might finally end up disbarred.

Does the Donald having you itching for a career in politics? Does litigating poorly designed laws make you wish you had a hand in writing better ones? Don't worry, you don't have to become a politician in order to change the law -- working as a lobbyist can be a much more lucrative alternative. How lucrative? Eleven thousand lobbyists spent over $3 billion last year to influence the political process.

And lawyers are well situated to pursue a career as lobbyists. From their ability to understand laws, to their dedication to their clients' needs, to their sometimes questionable moral compasses, attorneys can be the influence peddlers.

An enemy can be a motivator. Many public defenders can fight harder for their clients because they believe that most prosecutors are awful. Corporate counsel can try to destroy employment discrimination lawyers -- in court, of course -- because they think they're pesky opportunists. Viewing the other side as the other side isn't always the worst thing. The law is an adversarial system, after all.

But of course, no one wants adversaries on their own side. No one needs them outside of the courtroom. As competitive as lawyers can be, especially when they're just starting out, it's entirely possible to move up ranks in your firm without making enemies.

File this one to "lawyers behaving really, really badly." A recently disbarred San Francisco lawyer and Harvard Law grad has been arrested for robbing a Bay Area home and kidnapping one of its residents. Matthew Muller, the alleged crimson kidnapper then attempted to ransom the woman for $15,000.

That is, if the kidnapping took place at all. Before arresting Muller, police had been convinced that the entire robbery-abduction was a hoax.

The Evergreen State just got a little greener, at least for lawyers. The Washington State Bar Association gave attorneys the, ahem, green light to use weed and operate marijuana-related businesses, just three years after Washington voters legalized recreational use.

This makes Washington the first state to not only allow attorney recreational use of weed but to also allow lawyers to go ahead and open their own pot shops, farms, or other businesses.

Top of your law school class? On the fast track to making partner? Don't expect us to be impressed. Real gunners become federal judges. Before they're 40.

Honestly, it shouldn't be that hard. At least according to the Ninth Circuit's resident conservative, porn aficionado, and cinephile, Judge Alex Kozinski. Kozinski, you may remember, was appointed to the Court of Federal Claims at the young age of 32. Follow his instructions and you could have the president calling you up for a spot on the federal courts, Kozinksi claims.

Two-thirds of parents want their kids to grow up to be lawyers. The other third have probably read the stats about lawyer depression, alcoholism, and student debt.

But forget lawyer kids, what about lawyer parents? There are plenty of perks that come from being an attorney, including pleasing your parents, but how does the legal profession stand up when it comes to actually being parents?

Welcome to "First Week at the Firm," a FindLaw feature for beginning associates, focused on helping you navigate the transition into firm life. We hope you'll enjoy this new series and come back regularly for more insider tips.

Hello, new associate! There's a lot of unique, variable, and engaging work ahead of you -- some day. In the mean time, you'll be getting used to life as a new associate. Here are three things you'll soon be hearing over and over as you start your career as a lawyer.

Ah, to be a lawyer. The prestige, the wealth, the simple nobility of the legal profession! Sound good? Of course! If only real life matched the fantasy.

The fact is, a career in the legal profession isn't for everyone. The hours are grueling, the work draining, the job prospects shaky. But if you love it, you love it. Luckily, for those considering becoming a lawyer, there's plenty of opportunities to test out the legal profession before getting a J.D.

If only legal skill and acumen were all it took to build a firm! Instead, those looking to grow a practice soon realize that marketing and business development are essential to success — and sadly, these aren’t skills typically taught in law school.

Women lawyers, in particular, can face unique challenges in building a practice and making it rain. Thankfully, Thomson Reuters, FindLaw’s parent company, is here to help with “The Woman Lawyer’s Rainmaking Game: How to Build a Successful Law Practice.” Consider it a legal aid, just as essential as any practice guide on your shelf.