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You've finally made it. You survived the school year, you got through final exams, and now it's summer. But while summer sure beats law school, it's not entirely a vacation. You've still got that summer associate position (or clerkship, or internship) to take up your summer days.

Your summer associate position could kick start a successful career. It might even end up landing you a job. That is, if you do well. So, to help you out, here are our top tips on how to be the best summer associate (or clerk or intern), from the FindLaw archives.

Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: Gay Rights and Civil Liberties

There is a lot of focus lately on the rather amorphous state of gay rights and transgender peoples’ civil liberties in this country as of late. Between religious freedom laws and the right to use the bathroom that corresponds with one’s chosen gender identity, political sentiment is fraught with controversy.

That’s why we decided to focus on gay and transgender rights this week. But the overall aim ought to be a renewed focus on civil rights in general. Where there is controversy and social upheaval, there is a place for lawyers.

Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: Hug the Trees, Save the Whales

As the bulk of world leaders convene today at the United Nations to sign broad and sweeping climate reforms agreed to last year, global climate change and the environment are back on the minds of the public. The final hammering out of the "Paris Agreement" talks will likely be remembered as a highlight in President Obama's career.

New environmental policies are not only shaping the future of business, they're also opening doors in the legal job market. Here are three cool legal jobs this week for the tree huggers and whale savers.

If you're a law student or a recent grad, the job hunt can be daunting. Sure, you've got your legal smarts. You can go head to head on civil procedure with the best of them. You were at the top of your class on complex litigation. (Or, if not top, you at least passed.)

But do you have the qualities (besides just a J.D. behind your name) that law firms or prospective clients are looking for when hiring new lawyers?

When Dave DeFazio graduated from law school in 1996, he planned on moving to San Francisco to start his legal career. Instead, he spent his summer working as a river guide in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And he never made it to San Francisco, staying in Jackson Hole to work as a lawyer and ranch hand before starting up his own practice.

Now, twenty years into his legal career, DeFazio and his lawyer colleagues have started up the perfect side project: whiskey production.

The legal industry isn't winning any awards for diversity. After all, law is one of the whitest, malest professions in America. And the industry has been stubbornly slow to evolve. The number of women and minorities in the law has barely changed over the past 15 years, for example. That's probably why law firms have the worst reputation in the country for commitment to diversity, according to a recent survey.

But it's not all bad news! There are places in the law where diversity has persisted and even thrived. With that in mind, here are FindLaw's top seven posts on the legal industry's diversity successes.

Are you a Bernie Bro? A Hillary Hugger? A Trumpeteer? If this election season has fired up your passion for civic engagement, you can turn that electioneering spirit into a successful career. So take a second to cool it with the Facebook posts and start updating your resume instead.

This week, as part of our affiliate program with Indeed, we're bringing you the three coolest politically-related jobs we could find.

You graduated from law school when not a single firm was hiring. You've sent out hundreds of resumes but can't get anyone to call you back. Or you've been stuck in a series of short-term, dead-end doc review and non-legal gigs. Our condolences. You're part of the long-term unemployed, and you're not alone.

But long-term unemployment or under-employment doesn't mean you have to give up on your legal dreams. It's not easy, but you can recover from long-term unemployment.

Tired of your current gig? Looking for something a bit more inspiring? There are plenty of cool jobs out there. Sure, you could be an in-house attorney for the NBA or a litigation director for a major Hollywood studio -- if you've got a decade or two of experience.

But why wait till you're old and gray before you get an awesome job? This week, we're focusing in on those of you just starting out. As part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, we're bringing you the three coolest entry-level jobs we can find.

Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: Public Defenders

Almost every lawyer works hard, but there are a few lawyers that at least appear to work harder than others: family lawyers, civil rights attorneys, and public defenders.

Over the last few weeks we've been noticing what seems to be an uptick in the number of listings for public defender jobs across the country. There's a very real need for legal representation for those persons who can't afford to pay. So if you're feeling like you could use a job that will keep you busy with a wide variety of different (and virtuous) experiences, have we got a list for you.