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5 Myths About Law Students and Lawyers That Need to Stop

People tend to think in broad generalities and they can hardly be blamed for it. The public has its stereotypes about every profession, whether it be programmer, teacher, or doctor. As for lawyers, the stereotypes can be flattering at first, and a little annoying later on.

Here are a few generalities about lawyers a lot of people can't seem to shake.

Want to give back to the next generation, to make the world a better place for the youth? You can. And you don't even have to drop out of the law and take up a second career teaching disadvantaged youth in the inner city, despite your love for "Freedom Writers." (Or "Dangerous Minds," or "Stand and Deliver," or "To Sir, With Love," or "Blackboard Jungle," or even "Welcome Back, Kotter.")

There's plenty of ways you can use your J.D. to improve the lives of children. So, as part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, here are three of this week's coolest, pro-youth legal jobs.

Reading the Law: Alternate Route to Becoming a Lawyer

Did you know that it's possible for you to become a lawyer without having first earned a J.D. at a law school? It's true. It's called "reading the law" and it's an alternate route that many students have considered when faced with few options, but a real burning need to become an attorney.

Still, it's a tough choice for many to make, and the statistics can be discouraging. Here are a few points you should consider.

Top 3 Cool Jobs This Week: Putting Your Tax LLM to Use

For those attorneys who braved additional legal training beyond the three years in law school, we've decided to give you guys a little love. Fear not, your LLM may not turn out to be another case of "lawyer losing money."

As part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, here are this week's three coolest, tax themed legal jobs. For the rest of our lawyer brethren who can't stand tax -- close your eyes and look away. Viewer discretion is advised.

Law school is a rip-off that will probably leave you in thousands and thousands of dollars of debt. The bar exam is a nightmare, two-to-three days of ritualized torture that should be considered more illegal hazing than an accurate test of who is qualified to practice law.

Why put up with it, when you can just fake being a lawyer instead?

Quinn Emanuel Wants to Pay You $35K to Leave Your Summer Job

Do you dislike your summer firm? If you were to stumble upon a new job offer at the end of the summer, would you jump on it?

Fear not, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan is dangling a $35,000 sign-on bonus for lucky associates who join the QEUS team -- after a summer stint at another firm. Regardless of how other firms might feel about this, it could be a valuable opportunity to young lawyers who aren't in love with the firm they chose for their summer gig.

Discovery's Shark Week 2016 ended this weekend, taking with it hours of great white attacks, hammerhead attacks, and the rare bull shark-on-crocodile attack. And if you found yourself rooting for the shark in every attack, well, we understand you.

But while our sea-bound friends might be gone for the summer (from TV at least), there are plenty of sharks still swimming proud in the legal industry. For those of you who'd like to join them, here are our top sharky tips, from the FindLaw archives.

Live the Dream: Turn Your Legal Internship Into a Job Offer

Congratulations, you've managed to secure yourself a summer internship position at a firm and you're certainly relieved by your good fortune. But already, you're letting yourself fantasize: "Can I work here as a lawyer?"

Yes, you can, but there's a fair bit of luck involved, too. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to boost your luck and increase your chances of getting an offer.

Pat Summitt, the winningest college basketball coach ever, died today at the age of 64. Over 38 seasons coaching college basketball, Summitt lead the University of Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team to 1,098 victories, more than any other coach in NCAA basketball history. In doing so, Summitt transformed the role of women's sports and women coaches, turning women's college basketball into a sport people paid attention to, one which could see its most successful coaches could earn more than $1 million a year.

Summitt was a hero in women's sports and in college sports generally, whose coaching skill and commitment to sport helped propel her teams to victory after victory. Here's what lawyers can learn from her impressive life.

Why Do So Many Young Lawyers Hate Their Jobs?

Why do so many young lawyers hate their jobs? Dissatisfied youths can be seen in a wide variety of legal fields (corporate, personal injury, insurance) and every firm size (BigLaw, small firm). Is there something wrong with Millennials' expectations?

Probably, and aspiring attorneys might need to adjust their expectations to new legal realities. But it might also be the legal profession, not unhappy lawyers, that needs to change as well.