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Why Do So Many Young Lawyers Hate Their Jobs?

Why do so many young lawyers hate their jobs? Dissatisfied youths can be seen in a wide variety of legal fields (corporate, personal injury, insurance) and every firm size (BigLaw, small firm). Is there something wrong with Millennials' expectations?

Probably, and aspiring attorneys might need to adjust their expectations to new legal realities. But it might also be the legal profession, not unhappy lawyers, that needs to change as well.

Love kids? Love the law? Still a student yourself? Well, Street Law might be for you. Street Law is a long-running, grassroots legal education effort that sends law students into high schools, to teach practical legal lessons to the youth.

The program helps give kids basic legal literacy (more than they'd get watching CSI, at least) on fundamental legal issues, from civil rights law, to criminal law, to employment law, while also helping law students develop their leadership skills and a commitment to public interest.

You're fed up and burnt out. You're ready to finally pursue the passions you let slide when you became a lawyer. It's time for a career change.

But where should you go from here? What are some of the best non-law jobs for lawyers? Here are our top seven alternative career tips, from the FindLaw archives.

Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: I Want YOU! For Gov't Lawyer!

Have you taken your shot at the private sector and now want to move over to government work? We can't blame you. For many young and middle-aged attorneys out there, the fight to be king of the private practice hill is just not all that it's cracked up to be.

But you've probably picked up a bit of experience along the way and that can help you ease your way out of your current rut. So for this week's top three cool jobs, brought to you as part of our affiliate program with Indeed, we present to you some of the cooler government attorney jobs.

You were inspired to pursue the law by Atticus Finch -- before the rewrite. You always wanted a career helping others. Or you just want to get out of debt sooner. Either way, public interest law is for you. And while public interest law might not make you the richest lawyer ever, odds are that it will make you happier.

So, to help you break into a career helping others, here our FindLaw's 6 top tips for lawyers who want to work in the public interest.

BigLaw Money Report: Which Firms Are Making Bank?

Even though there has been a palpable change in the mood as to the continued viability of the large law firm model, BigLaw still is a crowd-drawer. Consumers and practitioners alike are always interested the latest on BigLaw scandals, career prospects, and money reports.

Well, this time it's money. This year, the biggest winner in the gross revenue category is Latham & Watkins, hardly surprising. What's the number to top next year? $2.65 billion.

Before she left the law, Victoria Lai was on track to be a major legal success story. She'd worked for the Obama presidential campaign, clerked for an appellate judge, practiced at a BigLaw firm, and, at 34, landed an enviable gig as a government lawyer in the Department of Homeland Security.

But somewhere along the line, she picked up a home ice cream maker. Soon after, it was goodbye law, hello new career as an ice cream maker. After all, who can resist ice cream?

You've finally made it. You survived the school year, you got through final exams, and now it's summer. But while summer sure beats law school, it's not entirely a vacation. You've still got that summer associate position (or clerkship, or internship) to take up your summer days.

Your summer associate position could kick start a successful career. It might even end up landing you a job. That is, if you do well. So, to help you out, here are our top tips on how to be the best summer associate (or clerk or intern), from the FindLaw archives.

Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: Gay Rights and Civil Liberties

There is a lot of focus lately on the rather amorphous state of gay rights and transgender peoples’ civil liberties in this country as of late. Between religious freedom laws and the right to use the bathroom that corresponds with one’s chosen gender identity, political sentiment is fraught with controversy.

That’s why we decided to focus on gay and transgender rights this week. But the overall aim ought to be a renewed focus on civil rights in general. Where there is controversy and social upheaval, there is a place for lawyers.

Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: Hug the Trees, Save the Whales

As the bulk of world leaders convene today at the United Nations to sign broad and sweeping climate reforms agreed to last year, global climate change and the environment are back on the minds of the public. The final hammering out of the "Paris Agreement" talks will likely be remembered as a highlight in President Obama's career.

New environmental policies are not only shaping the future of business, they're also opening doors in the legal job market. Here are three cool legal jobs this week for the tree huggers and whale savers.