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A disgruntled ex-BigLaw associate took to Reddit yesterday to call out her old firm and explain why she left the law. Kristen Jarvis Johnson says she was a partner-track associate for nine years with Squire Patton Boggs. While at the firm, she experienced "blatant gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and a very clear glass ceiling," she wrote on Reddit.

So Johnson quit her job, walked away from her a nearly $400,000-a-year income, and now wants everyone to know just how awful her time in BigLaw was. Spoiler alert: it was pretty awful.

Law Clerk Murdered in Tragic Case of Mistaken Identity

Tragedy struck the city of St. Paul, Minnesota last week. Chase Passauer worked as a law clerk at the small criminal defense firm, North Star Criminal Defense, until he was shot dead last Thursday when a disgruntled client mistook him for his lawyer. The young clerk was considering eventually becoming a lawyer.

This is a reminder to all attorneys that they must practice vigilance, particularly when practicing law in emotionally-charged legal areas like criminal and family law.

Be a Better Lawyer by Handwriting Your Notes

If you're a millennial lawyer, you most likely spent your entire academic career taking notes in class using your computer. But according to research conducted by UCLA and Princeton, you weren't doing yourself any favors. Looks like new news is old news.

The research suggested that those students who took notes by longhand actually learned material better and retained the information longer than their laptop typing counterparts. It's no secret that writing effectively and learning quickly are essential tasks for lawyers. Can writing notes by hand make you a better lawyer?

The legal industry isn't winning any awards for diversity. After all, law is one of the whitest, malest professions in America. And the industry has been stubbornly slow to evolve. The number of women and minorities in the law has barely changed over the past 15 years, for example. That's probably why law firms have the worst reputation in the country for commitment to diversity, according to a recent survey.

But it's not all bad news! There are places in the law where diversity has persisted and even thrived. With that in mind, here are FindLaw's top seven posts on the legal industry's diversity successes.

Allow me to rehash a few clothing-centric adages for a moment: dress for success, dress for the job you want, not the job you have, the suit makes the man, the pantsuit makes the presidential candidate, etc. You've heard them all before, but there's some serious truth behind those platitudes.

Clothes don't just change how people look at you, but how you look at yourself. And there's research to back it up.

The clothes really do make the man (or woman). A new study from California State University shows that dressing well at work is connected in higher-level expansive and abstract thinking, while dressing informally is correlated to focusing on immediate, pragmatic tasks. Or, as NPR puts it, "slouchy clothes make for slouchy work."

Dressing well as an attorney isn't as simple as not wearing pajamas to court. Here are FindLaw's top nine tips to help you dress for success.

Your next cocktail hour might feature a kale-wheatgrass smoothie rather than a Manhattan. That is, if the latest Millennial trend takes hold: the sober happy hour. Youths these days are adding some good, clean fun to their socializing and we can see it making its way into the legal industry sooner or later.

Is the sober happy hour the worst thing ever invented or could this be a welcome addition to our booze-soaked trade?

NJ Law Firm Manager Allegedly Traded Sex for Legal Services

According to, a prominent law firm's manager exchanged sex from both male and female clients for the firm's services. A complaint filed in Camden County Superior Court last December against the Law Offices of Conrad J. Benedetto alleges the firm manager John Groff (also a convicted felon) manipulated clients and exchanged legal services for sex.

An exchange of service for service, one could say.

Reed Smith Boots 45 Attorneys. More to Come?

If you follow BigLaw at all (3Ls, we're looking at you), you already know of the 45 lawyers laid off by Reed Smith last week. Reed Smith cites belt-tightening and "shifting in the legal landscape" for reasoning behind the shifts.

The question remains: are the Reed Smith layoffs a harbinger of things to come?

Wikipedia, the free Internet encyclopedia and seventh most trafficked website in the world, turned 15 years old last week. And as maligned as the crowd-sourced encyclopedia is, it certainly beats shoving an Encarta '96 CD into your computer or, God forbid, pulling a book off the shelf.

Sure, Wikipedia can be unreliable, amateur, biased, unstable. But where would we be without it? After all, you use Wikipedia all the time. We all do. And it's nothing to be ashamed of.