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Move over doctors, tech bros, and Academy Award nominees. When it comes to being the whitest, malest profession in America, the law has everyone else beat.

And it's only getting worse, as the percentage of minority associates stagnates and, for black lawyers, shrinks.

When you have to chose between sleep and work, work wins. That leaves many lawyers with huge sleep deficits. After a deadline crunch leaves you working ten hours a day or more, six days a week, many esquires try to catch up by sleeping in all weekend long.

But sleeping in on days-off, it turns out, could be hazardous to your health.

Law Firm Raided by FBI in Aggressive Seizure of Property

The FBI appeared at the headquarters of Martin & Seibert L.C., a West Virginia law firm, and "aggressively seized property and detained personnel." The firm said that it was surprised by the magnitude of the action by the FBI but maintained that it would "rise above th[e] allegations" and return to client service.

The ordeal appears to have started months ago when allegedly defamatory remarks were made against the firm on social media.

It's the Ides of Movember and college campuses, corporate offices, and even law firms are filling up with the wispiest of brostaches. Movember, also known as No-Shave November, is the annual charity drive for men's health issues. It's the month where barefaced lads start growing facial hair and collecting money for prostate cancer, mental health, and similar causes. Think of it like a breast cancer marathon, but without any of the physical effort.

But if you're a lawyer or law student tasked with growing a 'stache while maintaining a professional appearance, Movember can be a trying month.

Contract Lawyer Indicted for Child Porn on Firm's Computer

The life of a 65 year old attorney is about to change profoundly: he has been charged with using his Philadelphia law firm's computer to access and view child pornography.

According to an affidavit, Lawyer Goerge Bock Ditter told investigators that it all began when he came across child pornography while researching material for his book. In his own chilling words, "this is where I would say I fell off the cliff ... I discovered an unknown interest in these images ..."

Gen X or Younger? Chances Are You're Not Going to Make Partner

According to recent reports, only 3 percent of managing partners at the nation's top 100 law firms are from Generation X.

This is consistent with the public's image of law firm partners as being white, balding, 3-piece-suit-wearing law firm fixtures. But even we were surprised by these numbers. On the other hand, this information might just be the push young associates need to question whether making junior partner is worth the trouble.

Al Jazeera America Suspends Its GC on License Irregularities

Al Jazeera America, the sister news channel analog of the venerable Al Jazeera English channel, has suspended its general counsel, David W. Harleston, after questions were raised about his qualifications to practice law.

Mr. Harleston’s is another high level blow to AJAM. His arrival to the news channel took place during a time when the company was suffering internal turmoil amid staff complaints of a culture of anti-Semitism and sexism.

Flying? Blood? Snakes and spiders? None of them keep lawyers up at night. When it comes to lawyerly fears, classic phobias are nowhere to be found. Instead, attorneys stay up all night with severe performance anxiety. According to the ABA Journal's list of lawyers' most common fears, attorneys are worried about courts, colleagues, and even "seeming 'too nice.'"

Take a Klonopin, lawyers. You seem stressed out.

Should Lawyers Have Guns?

It's been over a month since a Long Island district attorney banned his prosecutors from owning guns -- then almost immediate rescinded the rule. But the question remains: should lawyers have dogs guns?

Sure, gun ownership is correlated to a slight increased risk of gun violence. Sure, your six-year-old might accidentally shoot his brother. Or your child may intentionally shoot up his high school. But those aren't uniquely lawyerly concerns.

It's the best holiday of the year, a chance to blow off steam and stuff yourself with sugar. As with so many holidays, though, Halloween often comes with an office party. Sure, you'd rather be trick-or-treating with your kids, haunting a bar downtown, or just catching up on billable hours.

But the office party is also a chance to impress your colleagues, even if it is just with your brilliant costume. Here's how to win it, because, like it or not, everything is a competition.