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Why Lawyers Shouldn't Handle Their Own Divorce Cases

Attorney Anthony Zappin should have sued his lawyer, except for the fact that he was the lawyer.

Zappin made the classic mistake of representing himself in an emotional divorce case, where he quickly found himself in over his head. He was in deep water, as in the Titanic-going-down deep. Here's just the tip of the iceberg at the end of a custody hearing:

The court: "Is there anything else, Mr. Zappin?"

Zappin: "Yeah, your Honor. I am tired of these lies coming from you on the record."

Few Asian-Americans in Top Legal Jobs, National Survey Reveals

After leading a national survey of Asian-Americans in the legal profession, California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu saw that he serves in a uniquely rare position.

Liu is one of three Asian-Americans serving on the high court. With a seven-member panel, the court is 42 percent Asian-American.

And there is no place like it in the country, where Asian Americans comprise more than five percent of the general population but less than two percent of the judicial population. Liu, with a team of Yale students, found that Asian-Americans are well-represented in legal jobs but under-represented in the top positions.

"They have a foot in the door in virtually every sector of the legal profession," Liu told the Associated Press. "The question now is how wide that door's going to swing open for them."

Sober Lawyer Regains License to Practice

Three years ago, attorney Frank Barnwell McMaster woke up from the worst hangover in his life.

It was not the pain in his brain that floored him, it was his mug shot in the media after he was arrested for his second alcohol-related crime. McMaster, the brother of South Carolina's former attorney general, was now the poster boy for alcoholic lawyers. An irreverent website took a swipe at McMaster and his famous brother, posting the mug shot with the lead-in:

"What would former S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster look like if they made a Palmetto political version of 'The Hangover' films?" FitNews posed.

"Probably something like his younger brother Frank McMaster of Lexington, S.C. -- who was busted late last month on charges of illegally tampering with a vehicle, discharging a firearm while under the influence of alcohol and disorderly conduct."

Shamir L. Coll may have felt he had a fool for a client in his first case before the Ohio Supreme Court.

Coll, representing himself in the case, faced tough questions from the justices about his failure to disclose traffic convictions on an application to take the bar exam. Coll said that his traffic record wasn't material to his bar admission, and that the First Amendment protected his right to say the police who cited him were racially motivated.

Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor said that Coll's case was not about his opinion, but about his respect for the rules of the court. The bar application asked whether he had any traffic convictions.

"You were asked to respond to these questions," she said. "You were given multiple opportunities to respond to the question, and you pretty much took it upon yourself to be non-responsive."

Career Advice for Millennial Lawyers From Vince Lombardi

As the Super Bowl approaches, it is fitting to review a few lessons from Vince Lombardi, the greatest coach in NFL history.

After his team lost the title one year, he took his players back to training camp to teach them the fundamentals. He held up a pigskin and said: "Gentlemen, this is a football."

Lombardi, who won five NFL championships in seven years, taught players how to win on the field and his teachings have inspired people in all walks of life. Applied to law students and new lawyers trying to hone their skills in the workplace, here are some Lombardi quotes concerning consider:

Being 'in the zone' is a good thing for basketball players. It means they are in a Michael Jordan-like zone where every shot seems to go in the basket.

For students at for-profit law schools, not so much. It means their law schools are failing education department standards or are "in the zone" for failure.

According to a new report from the U.S. Department of Education, virtually every for-profit law school in the country has failed debt-to-earnings ratios or is "in the zone" for failure. That means the schools are at risk of losing federal student loans because their students are not making enough money to repay them.

Attorney Translates Online Terms for Teens

Jenny Afia, a privacy lawyer and partner at Schillings law firm in London, speaks at least three languages: English, lawyerese, and teen.

English helps her with clients on both sides of the Pond, but it is her command of lawyerspeak and teen talk that is making headlines on the World Wide Web. Afia translated Instagram's "terms of use" into language that teens can understand.

In a new report titled "Growing Up Digital," Afia says that most people don't read the terms of use on websites they visit. It is especially true with teens, who comprise about one-third of all internet users.

"The situation is serious," Afia said. "Young people are unwittingly giving away personal information, with no real understanding of who is holding that information, where they are holding it and what they are going to do with it."

What should you wear to the cocktail party? What should you drink at the cocktail party? How much should you try to schmooze partners at the cocktail party? When can you leave the cocktail party and get back to finishing that memo?

If you're a new lawyer just starting out, getting by in the legal world involves a seemingly endless series of daunting questions -- and not just about legal minutia. To help you out, here are some of our best lifestyle and practice tips, taken from the FindLaw archives.

Hollywood 'Talent Attorney' Joins Arnold on Celebrity Apprentice

After all, maybe it is who you know.

Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger, the boardroom lawyer for the New Celebrity Apprentice, happens to know the boss on the popular television show. What are the odds?

The governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is taking over the show for Donald Trump. But if you want to become an entertainment lawyer, it is all about connections or "networking." Just ask. The Hollywood Reporter did:

Law Grads Greatly Favor Uniform Bar Exam

In a difficult job market, a vast majority of prospective attorneys want states to adopt a uniform bar exam.

According to a new Kaplan survey, ninety-one percent of law students favor a bar exam that is the same across the board. Virtually all of them say it's because they want more options about where they can practice law.

Half the states have adopted a national test. Four of the largest states -- California, Florida, Illinois, and Texas -- have not. Part of the reason for the difference between the states is the difference in their test standards.