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Life Sentence for Lawyer's Date From Hell?

A life sentence was the last thing Lindy Lou Layman was thinking when she destroyed valuable artwork at her date's house.

Actually, Layman wasn't thinking much at all when she trashed attorney Anthony Buzbee's collection in a kind-of drunken clearance sale. She was charged with felony criminal mischief, and a judge released her on $30,000 bond.

The estimated value of the artwork went up a lot since then, however, and now Layman is looking at a possible life sentence? Looks like two Andy Warhols could cost her more than 15 minutes of fame.

Lawyer Charged With Attempted Bank Robbery

Richard Evan Kriger walked into a bank with a fake beard, dark glasses, and baseball cap. He walked out in handcuffs.

Kriger, a Washington state attorney, wanted to rob the bank. He demanded $50,000 and said his nephew was waiting outside with a gun to shoot anybody who tried to stop him.

Fortunately, police were waiting outside and arrested Kriger at the scene. That's what happens sometimes when lawyers think they can get away with anything.

An amici brief, written by more than a baker's dozen of law school professors, was filed in support of Take 2 and Rockstar Games in the appeal filed by Lindsay Lohan over the use of her likeness/image without her permission in Grand Theft Auto V.

The case, which was filed back in 2014, has a rather storied past. Basically, Lohan and Karen Gravano claim that characters in the popular video game are based on them. Unfortunately for the pair, the New York state trial court did not agree that it mattered, and dismissed their claims. Their appeal followed.

Struggling With Addiction? Lawyers Assistance Programs Can Help

Peter was a successful patent lawyer and also a drug addict.

But no one, except perhaps his junkies, knew about his drug problem -- until the day he died. His ex-wife found crystal meth, cocaine, Xanax, Adderall, Vicodin, and a potpourri of other pills in his house.

Like most drug-addicted lawyers, Peter wouldn't get help for his problem. But there is help, if they stop running from it.

Murder-Suicide at Long Beach Law Firm

John Alexander Mendoza was struggling as a lawyer.

For years, clients had complained about his workers' compensation practice. He joined a bigger firm, but eventually the partners decided to fire him.

That was before the holiday party, when Mendoza walked into the office and murdered a managing partner before killing himself.

Prosecutor Caught in Love Triangle Gets Disbarred

Love hurts, especially when it costs attorneys their license to practice law.

Tara Lenich knows this from personal experience. She even knew the pain was coming when she forged wiretap orders to spy on her ex-lover.

"I knew my conduct was illegal," Lenich told a federal judge. It was an ill-fated love triangle and fall for the former prosecutor, and it is a reminder that some love stories are tragedies.

Martin Shkreli's Ex-Lawyer Is Convicted of Fraud

People feel a range of emotions when a defendant leaves the courtroom in handcuffs.

Victims may feel a sense of justice. Jurors, perhaps, feel relief because their job is done. Maybe one attorney revels in victory while another is shamed in defeat.

But every lawyer should be mindful about the conviction of attorney Evan Greebel, formerly with Kaye Scholer. As one observer famously said during a parade of prisoners, "There, but by the grace of God, go I."

What Is Cooperative Law? How Can Lawyers Work With Co-Ops?

Cooperative law is probably not what you think it is.

Family law practitioners, along other lawyers, often think of it as synonymous with collaborative law. In family law, it was recently considered a cutting-edge practice area focused on settlements in divorce.

But cooperative law has its roots in antebellum America, when the country was first growing Westward. It was a time when people worked together on real settlements. Despite its long history in America, today, cooperative law is an area of practice young lawyers often overlook. How can you get into cooperative law?

How to Thank an Employer for a Law Job, According to Gorsuch

It will not go down in history as a love story from Shakespeare, but the "love letter" from Neil Gorsuch to Donald Trump may at least make it on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

When President Trump blew up over comments Gorsuch made about Trump's attacks on the judiciary, the President started to back away from his Supreme Court nominee. Gorsuch responded with a personal note to the scorned nominator.

"Your address to Congress was magnificent," Gorsuch wrote in an opening act that only a Supreme Court suitor could write.

Federal Law Clerk Handbook Addresses Sexual Harassment

On the same day Judge Alex Kozinski retired, the handbook for federal clerks was revised to address sex harassment complaints against judges.

Public allegations against Kozinski probably prompted the sudden change, even though the jurist's behavior went unchecked for decades. In any case, the handbook specifically lifts the veil of confidentiality that has hid him and other judges from scrutiny.

The revision says nothing in the handbook "prevents a clerk, or any judiciary employee, from revealing misconduct, including sexual or other forms of harassment, by their judge or any person."