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Law Firm on Hook for $196M in Malpractice Fees

One hundred and ninety-six million dollars. That astounding number is the amount a Texas jury awarded plaintiff Scott D. Martin who sued Andrews Kurth for malpractice.

Plaintiffs have just moved the court to file an entry of judgment. The proposed order seeks an actual damages award of $196 million, an additional $20.7 in prejudgment interest, and more interest as yet to be determined.

When you have to chose between sleep and work, work wins. That leaves many lawyers with huge sleep deficits. After a deadline crunch leaves you working ten hours a day or more, six days a week, many esquires try to catch up by sleeping in all weekend long.

But sleeping in on days-off, it turns out, could be hazardous to your health.

Whether it's putting together a deal for a client or clinching a better bonus for yourself, negotiating is an inescapable part of your legal life. You can prep for days, run through dozens of potential negotiating scenarios, and know just what deal you need to make in order to come out on top.

But all of that could be for naught, if your body language betrays you. Body language and non-verbal communication can have just as much impact on your negotiations as the offers you put on the table. Here's how to make your body language work for you in a negotiation.

Gen X or Younger? Chances Are You're Not Going to Make Partner

According to recent reports, only 3 percent of managing partners at the nation's top 100 law firms are from Generation X.

This is consistent with the public's image of law firm partners as being white, balding, 3-piece-suit-wearing law firm fixtures. But even we were surprised by these numbers. On the other hand, this information might just be the push young associates need to question whether making junior partner is worth the trouble.

Casey Anthony's Lawyer Gets 5 Months in Federal Prison

A lawyer who represented Casey Anthony was sentenced to federal prison earlier this week after he pleaded guilty to charges of fraud.

The Rancho Santa Fe PI attorney pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud earlier this year. He also admitted that he forged client signatures, and used notary stamps to convince investors to advance him millions of dollars, reports the Patch.

Lawyer Posts Marketing Flyers at Punk Festival

An attorney in Gainesville, Florida, has, rather strategically, tailored his ads to appeal to a decidedly counter-culture target audience. Specifically, he targeted the youth at Gainesville's yearly punk event, the Fest, by posting flyers around the event with the words, "Arrested during The Fest?"

Is this genius lawyer marketing, or is it ambulance chasing?

Should Lawyers Have Guns?

It's been over a month since a Long Island district attorney banned his prosecutors from owning guns -- then almost immediate rescinded the rule. But the question remains: should lawyers have dogs guns?

Sure, gun ownership is correlated to a slight increased risk of gun violence. Sure, your six-year-old might accidentally shoot his brother. Or your child may intentionally shoot up his high school. But those aren't uniquely lawyerly concerns.

5 Ridiculous Lawyer Stock Photo Stereotypes

Many lawyers were initially drawn to the practice of law because of the sex appeal and image of it all. Think back to all those shiny law school brochures beckoning you to be part of the lawyer club. No doubt the brochures were jam packed with stock photos of lawyers exuding black-suited power.

Stock photos capture all the stereotypes of the lawyer. Here's how to be a lawyer as portrayed by stock photography:

Celebrate Pro Bono Week With the ABA

The week of October 25-31 has been designated National Celebration of Pro Bono week by the ABA; and this years' marks the seventh such celebration. Throughout the past few days, the ABA has been taking the time to recognize pro bono achievements by lawyers but has decided to push especially hard today.

Congrats, lawyers. You're about to become TV stars. No, they're not casting an attorney-only version of American Ninja Warrior. Rather, lawyers are becoming a more common sight on the boob-tube the more traditional way: buying up advertising.

And buying we are. Spending on television advertising has grown 70 percent over the past seven years, to almost $900 million annually, according to a new report released yesterday by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for Legal Reform.