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Plenty of attorneys will slump in to work today, bleary-eyed, bloodshot, and with a slight ringing in their head. Sure, it's the day after the Super Bowl, so that explains a bit of it. But for many lawyers, that's just the regular start to their day.

Lawyers are drunks. And there's empirical proof of it, thanks to a forthcoming study on attorney substance abuse.

Should Law Students Hand out Business Cards?

Do law students need business cards? The short answer is "yes." The long answer is is "no-with-a-but." Even though it's not exactly a necessity to get business cards while in law school, there are some compelling reasons to consider getting some.

Lawyers Under 30 More Accomplished Than You, According to Forbes

It's the new year. You've probably made new year's resolutions to really do something with your life. Well, the following piece will either give you a much needed kick in the pants, or will make you feel really useless.

Every year, Forbes releases its "30 under 30 for Law and Policy," which highlights the movers and shakers aged under 30. This year, some of our fellow officers of the court made the list.

Chief Justice Roberts Wants Less Courtroom Gamesmanship

The most senior judge in our land had some critical words for his more junior federal counterparts and for lawyers in general. In Chief Justice Robert's opinion, there's just too much in the way of bad-faith tactics in the practice of law. Whatever happened, lamented the Chief Justice, to just, speedy, and efficient resolutions to civil disputes?

It appears that Roberts is at the end of his tether waiting for lawyers to police themselves and has encouraged lower federal judges to assume a greater role in management and progression of the discovery process in civil disputes.

Georgia 'Lawsuit Factory' Hit With $3.1M Fine

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, a Georgia-based 'lawsuit mill,' resolved a lawsuit brought against it by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB's complaint alleged that the law firm and its three principal partners relied on faulty, questionable evidence and misleading court filings in order to continue operating a lawsuit factory.

The settlement number is $3.1 million in penalties payable by Hanna without the firm admitting any wrongdoing.

Filing a Baseless Suit in NY? Get Ready to Reimburse $19K

A New York federal judge just slapped a vexatious litigant who brought a civil rights lawsuit against the New York City Police based on 'highly unreliable' facts.

The price for making this baseless claim against the city? $19,000. He should consider himself lucky. The costs associated with litigation were upwards of $95,000 and he could have been slapped harder if it weren't for his inability to pay.

You're hosting a holiday party. You're attending a holiday party. You just want a quick, but fancy and seasonally-appropriate, nip to get you through the last few hours of some late night work.

What you need is a nice holiday cocktail, fit for a festive attorney. No, we're not talking spiked eggnog. Tasty, festive, merry, kind of impressive, these holiday cocktail recipes definitely beat Santa's cookies.

BigLaw Partner Who Aided Shkreli Arrested for Fraud

Martin Shkreli's recent arrest happened to nab at least one other body its wake, Kaye Scholer partner Evan Greebel. According to allegations contained in the formal indictment against both men, Greebel was instrumental in helping Shkreli carry out at least one major fraudulent transfer, including funneling stock out of his dubious biotech company Retrophin to clear off a number of unrelated debts.

The Financial Times was perhaps more accurate that it knew when it recognized Greebel as a "U.S. Innovative Lawyer."

How Unlicensed Law School Grads Benefit From Their JDs

To those who failed to get a passing mark on this last administration of the bar exam, your dreams of being able to tack the letters 'Esq.' after your name have been delayed a little longer.

Whether or not you plan on taking another crack at the bar exam, the truth of the matter is that you're most likely lawyering already...

Sure, the New Year is still a few weeks away, but that's no reason to avoid planning your 2016 resolutions. Ignore the naysayers that say New Year's resolutions are a silly tradition. There's no better time than the start of 2016 to make the changes that will make 2016 your year, whether your goals are making it rain or making a career change.

Here are our ten best New Year's resolutions for attorneys in 2016.