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To be a great lawyer, you've got to walk the walk, talk the talk, and work till your eyes bleed. But if you want to feel more like the dapper attorneys you see on prime time, and less like an overworked associate, you need more than just a J.D. and a job. You need a bit of style.

To help you out, here are our top legal lifestyle tips so that you can be the most lawyerly lawyer you can be.

A prosecutor in the Brooklyn district attorney's office was arrested on Monday. Her crime? Love.

Well, love, plus allegedly forging judges' signatures to fake their approval of an illegal wiretap she used to spy on a police detective and a fellow prosecutor as part of a messy "love triangle gone wrong."

Is Delaware the Best-Paying State for Lawyers?

'It's Good Being First.' Delaware's slogan turns out to be true -- again.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hottest spot on the map for new lawyers is Delaware. The report shows that the first state in the union is also the highest paying for lawyers based on cost-of-living adjusted salaries. The magic number is $132,446 annually.

Lawyer Disbarred for Tell-All Book About Former Client

When it comes to attorney-client privileged information: if you don't ask, don't tell.

That's a rough translation of a professional rule that led to the disbarment of Jodi Arias' former attorney, who wrote a book about his client's infamous murder trial. Rule of Professional Conduct 1.9(c)(2) explains that a lawyer has a duty not to reveal information relating to the lawyer's prior representation of a former client. Lawrence "Kirk" Nurmi probably never read the disciplinary footnote, which goes even further:

"The confidentiality rule, for example, applies not only to matters communicated in confidence by the client but also to all information relating to the representation, whatever its source," according to the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility.

Surviving as a Weekend Warrior Lawyer

To be or not to be a weekend warrior; that is a tough question.

Yet it's a question every lawyer must answer sometime in his or her career. The difficult answer too often is "yes" because attorneys don't always have a choice. Being a weekend warrior is part of the business of law.

Kentucky Lawyer Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Settlement Funds

Kentucky police have arrested a lawyer for allegedly stealing one client's money. Police also apparently have evidence of more victims.

Danny Butler, 70, is being held on $207,000 bail -- the same amount he allegedly stole from his client. Wanda Brewer, who filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of her son Dana, said Butler was a respected lawyer in her small town. She expected he would be honest and dependable.

Even Though You're a Lawyer, You Shouldn't Be an Elitist

How many lawyer jokes are there? Three. The rest are true stories.

It's an oldie but illustrates a point. Many of those jokes are based on a public perception that attorneys are elitists and must be put down or at least humbled. Like the U.S. election results seem to say, 323 million people can't be wrong.

Lawyer jokes are to the profession what gallows humor is to the condemned. Sad but true -- which is what makes them funny. It is society's way of purging a distasteful reality without choking. An attorney says on national television that his murderous client is not guilty as a matter of law (ahem, Dershowitz), and you can almost hear the collective retching.

ABA Punishes Law Schools for Low Bar Pass Rates

It's bad enough failing the bar exam, but when your law school fails bar association standards, that's just disheartening.

The American Bar Association has now sanctioned three law schools for not preparing students to succeed in school and pass the bar exam. Basically, the schools got a "D" or an "F" on their bar pass percentage rates.

Way back in May, Donald Trump released his first list of potential Supreme Court nominees. Among those named was Eleventh Circuit Judge William Pryor. Now that Trump has won the presidency, he has recommitted to picking a justice from that group. Pryor could be a good fit. He's extremely conservative, emphatically against Roe v. Wade and gay rights. The fact that Trump has started packing his cabinet with controversial right wingers doesn't hurt Pryor's chances either.

There's just one problem: rumors that Judge Pryor has a gay porn past.

Last week, the legal search firm Major, Lindsey, and Africa released its bi-annual Partner Compensation Survey and the results were pretty shocking. While male partners brought in an average compensation of $949,000, their female counterparts reported earning just $659,000, a difference of 44 percent. That's right, female partners make just over half as much as men do. It's a discrepancy that almost makes 79 cents on the dollar look not so bad. (Almost, but not quite.)

But what about the rest of us, who aren't partners pulling in high six-figure incomes? How much are we worth? Here's some ways you can find out.