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BarBri Sued by Another Bar Prep Company

According to The Wall Street Journal, BarBri, the ubiquitous bar exam prep program that all law students have considered paying for, has been accused of employing questionable tactics in elbowing out competition. It's yet another suit the bar prep company has had to contend with in recent years.

Top NY Lawyer Sues Family Matriarch for Defamation

To say that this is a family feud would be characterizing the facts mildly. Top litigator Nicholas Gravante of the firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner has sued his mother, Elinor Gravante, for $15,000 and injunctive relief stemming from what he alleges are defamatory remarks about him and his firm. And if you think the name Gravante sounds familiar, it's because Gravante, Sr. represented the Gambino and Lucchese crime families.

To make things more interesting, Gravante's sisters have joined their brother against their mother in a separate suit concerning high value property in Connecticut. And mom has sued back. What a great piece to follow Mothers' Day, right?

Lawyer Suspended for Using Illicitly Obtained Privileged Info

In the lawyer game, you may be tempted to use every single advantage you can get your hands on. But if you break the rules, you'd better be willing to face the consequences.

Case in point: Joel Eisenstein of Missouri. This experienced lawyer was suspended by the state's supreme court after using confidential information obtained by his client of the opposing side. He got caught because he sent that information back to opposing counsel.

The Panama Papers: Money Laundering and the World's Elite

Panic hit in the upper crust over the weekend after 11 million documents were leaked from the secretive Panama law firm of Mossack Fonseca. The documents revealed just how some of the world's most influential people launder their assets away from prying governmental eyes.

World governments, for their part, have reacted with predictable urgency. Will this revelation mark the beginning of the end of legal tax-loopholes? Unlikely.

Apple is in the middle of a high-profile fight with the FBI over iPhone encryption. And now Apple has a very high-profile lawyer leading their battle against the feds.

The tech company has hired superstar lawyer and former Solicitor General Ted Olson to help defend against an order to undo its phone encryption and bypass security functions on the phone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. And while Olson has a stellar legal reputation, he also has a poignant connection to terrorism that makes him well-suited to lead Apple's fight.

New Jury Duty Scam Targets Lawyers and Other Professionals

It was just another day for family lawyer Cindy Harrington Napier when she got a phone message from a Lt. Yates of the Sheriff's Department, who left an urgent message for her to call him back. When she did, she was shocked -- and terrified -- to hear that she had failed to appear for jury duty and an arrest warrant would soon be coming.

Let us ask you: if this happened to you, would you keep your cool? Probably not -- and that's part of the scam.

Prosecutor Who Lied to Secure Death Penalty Is Disbarred

The Netflix series "Making a Murderer" almost seems echoed by Texas' Board of Disciplinary Appeals' decision to disbar a former prosecutor who lied and hid evidence in a death penalty case.

The victim of this alleged miscarriage of justice is Mr. Anthony Graves who pushed to have a man who prosecuted him disbarred. On Monday, he was vindicated in his quest.

Plenty of attorneys will slump in to work today, bleary-eyed, bloodshot, and with a slight ringing in their head. Sure, it's the day after the Super Bowl, so that explains a bit of it. But for many lawyers, that's just the regular start to their day.

Lawyers are drunks. And there's empirical proof of it, thanks to a forthcoming study on attorney substance abuse.

Should Law Students Hand out Business Cards?

Do law students need business cards? The short answer is "yes." The long answer is is "no-with-a-but." Even though it's not exactly a necessity to get business cards while in law school, there are some compelling reasons to consider getting some.

Lawyers Under 30 More Accomplished Than You, According to Forbes

It's the new year. You've probably made new year's resolutions to really do something with your life. Well, the following piece will either give you a much needed kick in the pants, or will make you feel really useless.

Every year, Forbes releases its "30 under 30 for Law and Policy," which highlights the movers and shakers aged under 30. This year, some of our fellow officers of the court made the list.