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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the oldest Justice on the Supreme Court, will turn 83 next March. Antonin Scalia, her BFF, will hit 80 just four days before. (They're both Pisces!) If they were practicing in many Big Law firms, both would have faced mandatory retirement policies years before.

Sorry, Ruth and Nino. When it comes to many firms, 65 is too old to practice.

They litigated one of the landmark cases of a generation. They made it to the Supreme Court and won. They expanded marriage to millions of couples who had been denied it just years before. Now they want to cash in.

The lawyers who represented gay marriage plaintiffs in Obergefell v. Hodges, which recognized a constitutional right to marriage for same-sex couples, have submitted their bill to the courts. They're asking for over $1 million in attorneys' fees. Let's see how it breaks down.

The law might finally be catching up to some of the Internet's least favorite lawyers. An attorney from the infamous Prenda Law firm is currently facing disciplinary action in Illinois. That lawyer, John Steele, and his partner Paul Hansmeier, are thought to be the "masterminds" behind Prenda Law's long running copyright trolling shakedown scheme, according to Arstechnica.

After being hit with sanction, upon sanction, upon sanction, at least one Prenda Law lawyer might finally end up disbarred.

Defense attorneys do more than represent criminals. Apparently, they also make friends with them when there are nefarious deeds to be done. This seems to be the case with Frank Carson, a defense attorney in Modesto, California who used his criminal connections to mastermind a murder-to-hire plot.

In jail since last Friday, Carson is currently held without bail. If all goes well for the prosecutors, Carson may indeed be able to continue developing his relationships with criminals -- as he spends quality time with them behind bars.

Last year, Airbnb, the tech company that allows users to rent out their spare rooms or empty apartments to travelers, launched its first business travel venture. The tech company claims that using Airbnb instead of a traditional hotel will help business travelers feel more at home when they're abroad, while simultaneously allowing them to be inspired by their unique surroundings.

As lawyers, we're skeptical. While Airbnb can give you a native's perspective of a city, it also lacks many of the amenities of a hotel service, the kinds that you most desperately need when you're traveling for business. You be the judge, though. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Airbnb for business travel:

Working at a big firm this summer? Congrats! Summer associate positions aren't easy to come by. You've had to work hard to land the spot and you'll work hard throughout it. But, it's not like a summer associate position isn't without its perks.

Indeed, while you should treat the summer as a season-long interview, the firm will also be trying to sell itself to you. Good pay, good food, good work -- or at least lots of work -- are just some of the perks awaiting you.

Mark Fuller, possibly the most reviled judge in recent history, has finally resigned. Fuller came into the spotlight in summer 2014, when he was arrested on a domestic violence charge. The assault occurred after his wife accused him of carrying on an illicit relationship with a clerk.

During his time on the bench, Fuller came under scrutiny for his private business interests that allegedly conflicted with his obligations as a judge. Specifically, he owned a significant interest in Doss Aviation, Inc., a government contractor. It was estimated that his annual income from stock in the company was worth up to $1 million in a single year.

Voters in Ireland go to the polls today to vote on whether the Emerald Isle will legalize gay marriage. If the vote is successful, Ireland will be the first country to adopt marriage equality by popular referendum.

Meanwhile, gay marriage fans and foes alike in the United States are left waiting for the Supreme Court to decide whether the Constitution protects an individual's right to marry a same-sex partner. According to some, they might have a hint of how the Court will eventually rule, based on a figurative wink and nod Justice Ginsburg gave as she officiated a same-sex marriage last weekend.

Lawyers don't just carry their clients troubles on their shoulders -- we also have to drag along notebooks, filings, legal pads, computers and even the rare law book. Some days it's enough to make you feel like a highly-paid Sherpa.

That's no excuse for wearing a backpack, though. Or even a bad briefcase. As a lawyer, you need to look the part -- back pain be damned.*

5 Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! This is the day when you appreciate the person in your office who prints, copies, files, types, answers the phone, and handles your calendar logistics.

Don't worry, the actual day isn't until April 22. If you forgot about it, there's plenty of time to get a gift for your administrative professional.