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What to Do If You Didn't Get a Summer Job

What ever happened to those lazy summer days, when we basked in the sun of our parents' labors and didn't worry about work?

For most of us, the answer is we got jobs. It's that thing we do 9 to 5 and often longer, rain or shine, sunrise, sunset, and all summer long.

But for those law students caught in between semesters, here are some ideas about what to do if you didn't get that summer job:

Law Grad Sues Her Law School and Twitter

If at first you don't succeed, file an amended complaint.

It may sound like first-year civil procedure, but that's what law school graduate Tiffany Dehen knows so far. She sued her law school in February for defamation after someone there created a fake Twitter account to mock her.

Bloggers mocked her more for a "rambling lawsuit," so, well, she did it again. This time, she's really serious.

First Openly Gay Judge Named to NY's Highest Court

Judge Paul G. Feinman will change New York's highest court at a time when change is sometimes uncomfortable.

Filling a vacancy created by the apparent suicide of his predecessor, Feinman will become the first openly gay member of the New York Court of Appeals. Gov. Andrew Cuomo nominated Feinman and sent his name to the state senate for confirmation.

"He is a talented jurist who has dedicated his career to public service and standing up for a fairer and more just New York," Cuomo said. "While we continue to mourn the untimely passing of Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, Justice Feinman will help ensure that the Court of Appeals upholds the highest principles of law and fairness that embody the very best of New York."

Top Hollywood Lawyer Takes Case in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Scandal

As everybody who is anybody knows, Marty Singer is the go-to lawyer in Hollywood.

That's why reality TV contestant Corinne Olympios has hired him in a scandal that recently shut down "Bachelor in Paradise." Olympios was referred to Singer because, well, everybody in Hollywood goes to him.

"Marty Singer, Marty Singer ... you lifesaver, you!" movie star Scarlett Johansson gushed at a bar association tribute to the entertainment lawyer. "You are a real-life superhero."

Trump Names Attorney to Head FBI in Heat of Russia Investigation

As former FBI director James Comey prepared to testify about the Russia investigation, President Trump briefly turned the spotlight away from the controversy to name a new FBI director.

After a month-long search that seemed to frustrate the president, Trump named attorney Christopher Wray to the head the FBI. Trump tweeted his choice even as Comey told the Senate the president lied when he fired him over the investigation into Trump's contacts with Russian officials during his run for the White House.

Wray, a veteran of Washington and defending clients against charges of white-collar crimes and political scandal, will step into a job that apparently nobody wanted in the heat of the month-long moment.

NY Judge Arrested for DUI Non-Appearance, Shows 'Air of Arrogance'

What's wrong with this picture?

Literally, take a look at this video of Judge Leticia Astacio being led through the courthouse in handcuffs. The judicial procession was captured at the Monroe County Hall of Justice, where police and reporters were waiting for her.

If you didn't notice, the judge is smiling. That's unusual for a judge anytime, but unprecedented for one in handcuffs!

'Flight Risk' Lawyer Disappears After $550M Fraud Arrest

Attorney Eric Christopher Conn said he would flee to Cuba or Ecuador if he ever got caught.

Conn, awaiting sentencing in a $550 million fraud on the federal government, apparently has made good on his word. It was no surprise to those who knew him best, but a big surprise to those who only knew his public persona.

"He's not one to walk away from a fight," the narrator says in one of Conn's many advertisements.

Can Trump's Lawyers Testify Against Him?

President Trump's personal attorney reportedly has been subpoenaed for information about Russian efforts to influence the 2016 campaign, bringing into focus the reaches of an attorney's privileges against a subpoena.

Can Michael Cohen assert a Fifth Amendment privilege? Can the president's lawyer testify against him? Can the president keep his lawyer from testifying?

Unlike bar exam questions, these are real-life questions. But like the bar exam, the pressure is on for some serious answers. So forget about IRAC and Iran; this is about Russia.

Lawyer Arrested for Witness Intimidation in Rape Case

Attorney Christos Vasiliades apparently thought street justice would work better than criminal justice.

Vasiliades was defending an alleged rapist, and he told the victim's husband that they should settle the case out of court. He offered to pay $3,000 if the victim didn't testify, and said they should take it out on his client later in the street.

"I think you should find him and kick his ass, personally." Vasiliades was recorded saying.

Mea Culpa, Supreme Court Suspends Wrong Lawyer

It was a cringe-worthy moment, nearly on the scale of Steve Harvey announcing the wrong winner of the Miss Universe contest or Faye Dunaway declaring the wrong Oscar-winner for Best Picture.

Only it took the U.S. Supreme Court a little longer to fix its mistake after announcing the suspension and intent to disbar the wrong lawyer two weeks ago. Poor Christopher P. Sullivan.

"Due to mistaken identity, the order suspending Christopher Patrick Sullivan of Boston, Massachusetts from the practice of law in this Court, dated May 15, 2017, is vacated," the court said in an unsigned order.