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Hi, I'm Mark Wilson! You may remember me from such Greedy Associates blog posts as "What's for Lunch? 5 Foods That Won't Put You to Sleep" and "Post-Bar Blues? Join a Bar Committee!"

With so many great lawyer characters in "The Simpsons" (Lionel Hutz, the Blue-Haired Lawyer, and Judge Snyder, just to name a few), we thought we'd cash in on cable TV network FXX's "#EverySimpsonsEver" marathon to remember some of the Best. "Simpsons" courtroom scenes. Ever.

Here are our Top 5 -- along with a few lawyerly takeaways:

You know the feeling: after a hearty "business lunch," you return to the office only to realize that you're staring out the window, having trouble concentrating, and slumping a little in your chair. I'll just rest my eyes for a few quick ...

And then you're out. The post-lunch blahs are awful -- until they're remedied by the post-blah Starbucks. What is one to do?

Try eating these five things for lunch instead.

This is fun: Above the Law just ran a caption contest on a photo of some dude's (or very hairy lady's) leg, which is now adorned with a tattoo of a law review citation: 11 Ohio St. J. Crim. L. 827 (2014).

We (read: I) have nothing better to do with our lives, so we dug up the article, the author, and then wondered what other terrible law-related things people could get tatted on their bodies. Because, you know, nothing says "legal professional" like a citation, or a scale, or Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's portrait in the form of a tramp stamp.

Well, law school is over. The bar exam is over. And yet you still have a pile of casebooks from 3L year -- as well as a smaller pile from previous years you couldn't get rid of because the federal rules advisory committees have to change the rules every single year!

Sure, you could sell these books and make about 18 cents on the dollar, but that takes time and it's no fun at all. Instead, consider these seven more creative uses for Chemerinsky's Con Law book. Plus, it's an excuse to use power tools.

As "Shark Week" is coming to a close, and as we've spent most of "Legal Shark Week" co-opting the term, part of me wonders why lawyers can't be analogized to more sympathetic creatures, like kittens or koala bears.

So let's take a bite out of the "lawyer shark" stereotype. Here are our Top 5 choices for other animals -- some wise, some magical -- that we'd rather be called than sharks:

On Monday, we lost one our most beloved comedians and actors, Robin Williams. From my earliest memories, he has been an entertainer that has always brought a smile to my face -- and undoubtedly, yours as well.

There are so many lessons we can take away from his passing, but we want to remember him for the comedic (and dramatic) genius he was. To celebrate that, we look to some of his famous roles as lessons for young attorneys.

Like it or not, Discovery's "Shark Week" is upon us again. And since lawyers are often referred to as "sharks," what better way to get into the spirit of FindLaw's second annual "Legal Shark Week" than for you to see which type of shark you are?

Like lawyers, sharks come in all shapes and sizes. There are even highly specialized sharks. There are transactional sharks and litiga -- well, maybe sharks don't work that way.

Why didn't the shark eat the lawyer? Professional courtesy. But we digress. Check out these five types of sharks to see which species you most closely resemble:

One more year. Well, one more year and bar review, but still, it's almost over.

For rising 3Ls, it's time to work on your golf game, and your brown-nosing game. You need to find a job, obviously, especially if you didn't get offered after 2L summer. And oh yeah, there's class, which you'll totally take seriously.

Nine more months. Twelve, if you count bar review. As our series of Back to (Law) School Week blog posts continues, here are five tips to make the most of your 3L year:

We often talk about lawyers who do strange things with (or in spite of) their legal education: spirit healers, musicians, and startup titans are just some of the roads less traveled.

But a beauty pageant contestant? Laura Puleo is the first we've heard of, and of course, she goes to the greatest law school in America -- Washington and Lee, where this blogger also went to school.

I emailed 20 questions to Puleo -- who's set up a page on GoFundMe (after all, student loan payments don't leave a lot of leftover cash for pageant gowns and the like) -- about her two paths: aspiring lawyer and Miss Virginia contestant. Here are her answers:

World Cup fever has swept up Americans, even if we stubbornly refer to the game of football as soccer. And with Germany and Argentina going head-to-head on Sunday, we thought now would be as good a time as any to reflect on what young attorneys could learn from World Cup 2014.

So here we go with four lessons for young attorneys from World Cup 2014.