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One of the Western world's most important holidays is upon us: International Be Kind to Lawyers Day. So stop complaining about how your ex's slimeball attorney stole all your money in the divorce and start showing us, or yourself, some love.

What's the best way to be nice to a lawyer, even if you are one? Money, of course. Beyond that, here are some other ways to show a little appreciation to the lawyers in your life, whether they're your colleagues, friends -- or that vile slimeball attorney who stole all your money:

Everyone's favorite disgraced, copyright porno trolls are back -- and this time, they're championing the rights of the disabled.

Sort of.

Paul Hansmeier, a former principal of Prenda Law, now calls his firm "Class Justice," and he's suing Kahler Hotels for ADA violations. Kahler, though, isn't interested and instead is counterclaiming for abuse of process and civil conspiracy.

It's down to the Final Four: Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the East, Federal Circuit in the South, Indiana Supreme Court in the Midwest, and California Supreme Court in the West. Who will take home the coveted ... bragging rights?

Every holiday has its traditions. On Halloween there are pumpkins. And eggs. For the Fourth or July we celebrate independence with ritual explosions. For spring? We trot out the Peeps, those strangely colored marshmallow confections resembling young chicks.

They say Peeps are edible and I'm inclined to believe them, but why eat your sugar snacks when you can play with them? That, at least, is what the ABA wants you to do.

March has slipped away, but our madness for court websites remains. It's time for another round of FindLaw's head-to-head tournament. Last week, Indiana came out as number one in the Heartland, winning best court website in the Midwest.

Today, we go West, young men (and women), to find the greatest court website that side of the Rockies.

There are a lot of legal words that seem obscure to law "civilians," but that lawyers easily recognize and understand. Everyone who went to law school knows res ipsa loquitor, promissory estoppel, and liquidated damages, right?


Yet, there are still even more obscure words that not even lawyers might know. To some of you out there, these words are obvious -- but probably because you still use them in certain situations. To others in different practice areas, these words are totally unfamiliar or elicit an "I think I learned that once in law school" response.

It's time for the third edition of the FindLaw Court Website March Madness Tournament, where we pit state and federal court websites against each other to see who will be the victor. Last week, the Federal Circuit barely beat out the Fourth to claim the title of best court website in the South.

Today, we go home, home on the range, to see which of the Great Plains courts have the most aesthetically pleasing, usable, and timely websites.

Last week, we inaugurated the FindLaw Court Website March Madness Tournament, where we use a single-elimination tournament to determine which, among the fifty state supreme courts, thirteen federal circuits, and U.S. Supreme Court, has the best website.

Did SCOTUS win last week? Not even a little. It got trounced in the third round of the Eastern conference by Pennsylvania, which ended up winning the region. This week: the Southern Conference.

Dare we mess with Texas?

An attorney in Connecticut has been cited for possession and fined $150 after he dropped a small bag of marijuana on courtroom floor. Attorney Vincent Fazzone was busy representing a client in New London Superior Court, when the bag of pot fell from his back pocket, in full view of the court marshal.

After Fazzone was finished with the judge, the marshal approached and cited him for possession of an illegal substance. The bag contained approximately two ounces of dank weed.

March Madness is here! And along with March Madness comes brackets and tournaments of all shapes and sizes. Other legal blogs have done the worst law school thing before, so we wondered: Is there any other tournament out there?

Our experience reading through many different court websites led us to an obvious conclusion: Yes, there is. Some state and federal court websites are good, and some are terrible. In order to figure out which is the best, we present FindLaw's Court Website Madness Tournament!

Who do you think should win? Vote in our poll below, then download the tournament bracket (also embedded below) to play along at home.