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Beards were once fairly common in the legal profession, even if they were never the norm. Portraits of the Supreme Court under Justice Waite show a few Stonewall Jackson look-alikes, though the last Justice to sport a full beard, Justice George Sutherland, stepped down in 1938.

A few generations later, beards are booming again. From Brooklyn hipsters, to college professors, to Hollywood stars, beards are everywhere. But, are they appropriate for lawyers?

The last episode of AMC's "Mad Men"aired this weekend, bringing to a close the critically acclaimed, booze-soaked series. While the show focused on the advertising industry in the 1960's, there's plenty that lawyers can learn from the chain-smoking, heavy-drinking characters.

Besides the best way to mix a cocktail before lunch, or why you shouldn't smoke a pack a day, here's five important lessons lawyers can take from "Mad Men:"

Did you know it is Limerick Day? Well, now you do. And in honor of said day, we present to all of you soon-to-be Greedy Associates a poem on what it's like to be a brand-new attorney.

It's not too late to go to culinary school, you know.

Just a week after the Supreme Court heard arguments over whether states must allow same sex marriage, the question may become moot. Indeed, the advancement of gay and lesbian rights from Stonewall on may be reversed as the result of a stunning legal challenge filed in federal court in Omaha.

Sylvia Driskell is suing, as a personal representative of God and Jesus, all the homosexuals and their allies. She wants to court to determine, once and for all, "Is Homosexuality a sin. Or not a sin." There's no word yet if the Holy Ghost will submit an amicus brief.

California's Sixth District Court of Appeal, located near FindLaw's Secret Volcano Headquarters, was clearly not pleased last week as it issued an opinion in Cypress Semiconductor Corp v. Maxim Integrated Products.

The case is about misappropriating trade secrets, but that's not really what it's about. As it turns out, Cypress was using the threat of a lawsuit to get Maxim to do what Cypress wanted, and as the Court cogently observed after turning into a giant green monster, "COURT SMASH!"

Welcome to "First Week at the Firm," a new FindLaw feature for beginning associates, focused on helping you navigate the transition into firm life. We hope you'll enjoy this new series and come back regularly for more insider tips.

There's no way around it. You are going to embarrass yourself at work. Whether it's something simple, like forgetting a name, or something more significant, like botching a client meeting, embarrassment is bound to get you sooner or later.

While you may feel like you want to crawl into a hole and die, realize that this too shall pass. In that spirit, here are some things to do when, not if, you embarrass yourself:

Sure, we'd all like to work at Bob Loblaw's law job or many of the other glamorous, yet very realistic depictions of legal work on T.V. When we're fantasizing about our jobs, why not include some fantasy employers?

From Ally McBeal's unisex bathroom to Saul Goodman's bags of illicit cash, which T.V. law firms would be the best place to practice?

One of the Western world's most important holidays is upon us: International Be Kind to Lawyers Day. So stop complaining about how your ex's slimeball attorney stole all your money in the divorce and start showing us, or yourself, some love.

What's the best way to be nice to a lawyer, even if you are one? Money, of course. Beyond that, here are some other ways to show a little appreciation to the lawyers in your life, whether they're your colleagues, friends -- or that vile slimeball attorney who stole all your money:

Everyone's favorite disgraced, copyright porno trolls are back -- and this time, they're championing the rights of the disabled.

Sort of.

Paul Hansmeier, a former principal of Prenda Law, now calls his firm "Class Justice," and he's suing Kahler Hotels for ADA violations. Kahler, though, isn't interested and instead is counterclaiming for abuse of process and civil conspiracy.

It's down to the Final Four: Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the East, Federal Circuit in the South, Indiana Supreme Court in the Midwest, and California Supreme Court in the West. Who will take home the coveted ... bragging rights?