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Did you know the ubiquitous office cube is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year? As someone always looking for an excuse to eat more cake, this is great news. In honor of the cubicle's anniversary, we thought we'd give you a roundup of our best cubicle-related posts on FindLaw.

So sit back in your cube, grab your coffee and don't let your co-workers see what you are reading (instead of working) ...

Law Office Ergonomics: Tips for Staying Pain-Free -- Need to make your workstation more comfortable? Read this post for tips on making your cube ergonomic from finding the right chair, to having the right lighting and ventilation.

Anyone else super excited for season four of "Game of Thrones" (premiering April 6)? With all of the power grabbing going on, "Game of Thrones" is the perfect launching pad for lessons for aspiring attorneys. While there are plenty of don'ts (i.e., don't do anything King Joffrey Baratheon would do), there are also many "dos."*

Here are lessons from some of our favorite "Game of Thrones" characters.

I'm not going to lie, yesterday, I succumbed to the temptation of Peeps. That is, I introduced my daughter to what has been a spring tradition since I was a child -- the ingesting of neon colored, sugar-covered marshmallows.

Was it gross? Yes. Was it fun? You bet.

Well, it seems that the ABA Journal has its own Peeps tradition -- the Peeps in Law Diorama Contest. Six years strong, this may be the best yet because at their sixth "anniversary," wedding etiquette dictates that the traditional anniversary gift would be candy (or iron -- meh). The premise of the contest is simple: create a diorama using Peeps, "illustrating a law-related event, case or theme."

Do you know what tomorrow is?

It's the Roman New Year. "Beware the Ides of March," a soothsayer once said. The warning, unfortunately for Julius Caesar, was ignored. It's been 2,058 years since that fateful day, but things haven't changed all that much. Treachery and betrayal live eternal in the hearts of ambitious men and women, nowhere more than a law firm.

At your firm, are you the assassin, Marcus Brutus, or the assassinated, Julius Caesar? Let's talk backstabbing and betrayal.

CMB. Coffee Meets Bagel. Purely for the sake of this blog, and to help the readers, I experimented with the oddly-named site and was blown away.

What makes this site different from all of those other dating sites and apps lawyers use that we've talked about? For one, the demographics skew towards educated and professional. Also, it avoids the biggest pitfall of most other sites: choice.

OK lonesome lawyers, listen up. We are going to save you time, money and maybe help you find a Valentine.

Valentine's Day is approaching, and while many people are over this holiday and don't want to hear any more about it, we thought it would be fun to talk about our legal crushes. No these lawyers don't get our hearts beating faster (well, except for #4), but they definitely stir up our minds. Here are four lawyers we have legal crushes on and we'd love to have dinner with...

1. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Yes, I have a girl crush on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and why not? She is -- to put it bluntly -- a badass. Before becoming the second woman Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, she devoted much of her career advancing the causes of women's rights, founding the Women's Rights Project at the ACLU, and argued cases before the Court that she now sits on.

We are in the midst of the award show season, and the Fashion Police are out in full effect. If you watched the Grammy Awards last Sunday, then you probably couldn't help but notice tastemaker and renaissance man, Pharrell Williams' choice of headwear. If you didn't, then you missed the fashion statement of the year.

Yes we are still talking about this, but stick around, you might learn something.

Pharrell Williams' hat took on a life of its own, and within hours of the show, the hat had its own Twitter account, and the likes of Arby's and Quaker Oats were tweeting about it. Comparisons were made to Smokey the Bear, the Arby's logo, Canadian Mounties and Curious George's "The Man with the Yellow Hat", to name a few. The jokes and photoshop jobs inspired by this hat were by far, the best thing about this years' Grammy Awards.

If you're like us, you've been yearning for a sequel to Anchorman, which like a fine wine, gets better with age. And with the recent release of Anchorman 2, our prayers have been answered.

Ron Burgundy is back, and better than ever. And, as far as role models go, what's not to love? Sure, he's sexist, slightly stupid, and horrible at his job, but we still can learn a lot from a man like him. Here are our five lessons for young attorneys from Ron Burgundy.

The glass is half-full. The glass is HALF-FULL. THE GLASS IS FREAKING FULL.

Seriously, it takes an optimistic soul to run a law school nowadays, especially one that keeps popping up on lists of schools that are facing financial crises.

Brooklyn Law School Dean Nick Allard seems to be that sort of man. He's the leader of the club that's too expensive for you and me. (BLS, 50k, better win the lot-ter-ry!) Dean Allard recently made a list of law school predictions for 2014, which were published by the Brooklyn Eagle. Here they are, in shortened form, with a few annotations.

For his sake, and the sake of students everywhere, we hope his wildest fantasies come true.

Federal judges have been known to wax poetic on a topic, and even go on long rants about the process, which can make for some pretty ironic reading.

So, in the spirit of the year's end, here are the top three most twisted things to come out of the Article III courts in 2013: