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Few Asian-Americans in Top Legal Jobs, National Survey Reveals

After leading a national survey of Asian-Americans in the legal profession, California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu saw that he serves in a uniquely rare position.

Liu is one of three Asian-Americans serving on the high court. With a seven-member panel, the court is 42 percent Asian-American.

And there is no place like it in the country, where Asian Americans comprise more than five percent of the general population but less than two percent of the judicial population. Liu, with a team of Yale students, found that Asian-Americans are well-represented in legal jobs but under-represented in the top positions.

"They have a foot in the door in virtually every sector of the legal profession," Liu told the Associated Press. "The question now is how wide that door's going to swing open for them."

Former Hastings Dean Says Struggling Law Schools Should Merge to Survive

A former Hastings law school dean says that struggling law schools need to make big changes to survive, and mergers may be their solution in a difficult economy.

Frank H. Wu, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of Law who served as dean from 2010-2015, knows the trouble they've seen. Facing financial pressures from falling enrollments that rocked law schools across the country, many schools lowered their admissions standards and then saw their students' bar pass rates fall.

In 2016, Hastings' pass rate dropped to an embarrassing low of 51 percent. Hastings dean David Faigman called upon the law school to improve, but also blasted California's bar examiners for making the test too hard. "This is outrageous and constitutes unconscionable conduct on the part of a trade association that masquerades as a state agency," he said.

At the same time, the job market shrank for lawyers and fewer students enrolled for law school. Wu says the problem is economic.

Career Advice for Millennial Lawyers From Vince Lombardi

As the Super Bowl approaches, it is fitting to review a few lessons from Vince Lombardi, the greatest coach in NFL history.

After his team lost the title one year, he took his players back to training camp to teach them the fundamentals. He held up a pigskin and said: "Gentlemen, this is a football."

Lombardi, who won five NFL championships in seven years, taught players how to win on the field and his teachings have inspired people in all walks of life. Applied to law students and new lawyers trying to hone their skills in the workplace, here are some Lombardi quotes concerning consider:

The American Association of Law Schools is having its annual meeting in San Francisco this week, not far from FindLaw's West Coast offices. That means law professors, everywhere. Law professors pitching books. Law professors arguing with panelists. Law professors eating burritos.

Want to join them? You can. Despite the rumors, you don't have to be a Yale Law School grad to become a law professor. So, if academia is in your future, we've got some jobs you should check out. As part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed, this week we're bringing you the coolest law school jobs we could find.

Rural Midwest Has Epic Lawyer Shortage

About midway across the United States, you hit a 72-mile length of I-80 in Nebraska that is the longest stretch of straight road in the United States. A dozen businesses along that route call it "the crossroads."

Nebraska is also a crossroad for some attorneys deciding where to go in their careers. It offers plenty of opportunities because there are no lawyers for miles and miles. If there were any place left for a country lawyer to settle on the American plains, this could be it.

Congrats, law students. You've survived finals, most of the holidays, and still have a few days left before you have to drag yourself back to class. What should you do in the meantime? Work, of course! Sadly, your winter break isn't really much of a break. Instead, it's time to start scrambling for summer jobs.

So, if you're working on your JD, start updating your resume and polishing your cover letters. This week, as part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed, we're bringing you three of the coolest summer jobs for law students.

The holidays are just around the corner and that can mean just one thing -- a desperate rush for last minute gifts. If you order today, you can still get gifts delivered by Christmas Eve and the first day of Hanukkah.

With all this last minute shopping, we couldn't help think of the businesses who make our holiday commerce possible. In that vein, this week's three top coolest jobs all have something to do with gift giving, presented as part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed. So, if you can't be Santa Claus year round, you'll at least be able to help draft contractual clauses for some major companies. And, really, isn't that the same thing?

Is Your Law School Underrated?

In sports, the oft-compared common denominator of life lessons, an underrated player is one who is better than his or her general reputation. They often are not the superstars of the game, and instead may spend their seasons on the bench.

But their overall contributions, in the grand scheme of things, may be significant. In the National Basketball Association, for example, perhaps the most underrated player last year made only one basket a game. His overall efficiency, however, would be the best in the league.

So what does this have to do with the law? Well, when it comes to law school rankings, it all depends on how you score them.

The Chicago Cubs broke their World Series curse this November, winning the championship for the first time in over a century. Now, the newly victorious baseball team is looking to pick up some new talent. Legal talent, that is.

And that's just one of the dream jobs we have in store for you today. So, as part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed, here are the three coolest legal jobs we could find this week.

Christmas Comes Early to Associates at BigLaw Firms

Who'd have thought Santa Claus was masquerading as a partner at a big law firm?

Whether you believe in him or not, the BigLaw partners have sent out early Christmas cards with promises to stuff their associates' socks with plenty of cash. How much? Try on a $100,000 bonus for size.

There's no catch, other than being an associate at a large and profitable firm. And, of course, you must have already paid your dues.