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In this week's review of the top three coolest legal jobs around, presented as part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed, we're going triple-A.

No, not the American Automobile Association. These jobs in the aerospace, animation, and academic industries are perfect for attorneys looking to make a shift in their careers.

Is Delaware the Best-Paying State for Lawyers?

'It's Good Being First.' Delaware's slogan turns out to be true -- again.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hottest spot on the map for new lawyers is Delaware. The report shows that the first state in the union is also the highest paying for lawyers based on cost-of-living adjusted salaries. The magic number is $132,446 annually.

Have you heard that there's some hiring going on in Washington, D.C., these days? It's true! The incoming administration may have the filled the attorney general's spot, but there are plenty of government openings left in our nation's capital, including roles in agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And if serving under the Trump administration isn't your idea of a cool job, we've even got a spot for you over on here on the Left Coast.

So, as part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed, here are the three coolest legal jobs of the week.

It's an interesting time to be in compliance, to say the least. With Donald Trump elected on a platform that includes repealing major Obama initiatives and halting government regulation, the future of corporate compliance practice remains somewhat uncertain. When there is uncertainty, people need lawyers to help them make sense of things.

So, if you've been considering a new job in compliance, now could be your time. As part of our affiliate program with Indeed, this week we're bringing you the top 3 coolest, compliance-focused jobs we could find.

You graduated law school, passed the bar, and now you're ready to go. In one state, at least. But if you want to handle a case or advise a client across state lines, you'll soon hit a wall. Lawyers can't work where they're not admitted. For an out-of-state attorney to be allowed to practice across borders, they have to jump through significant hoops, sometimes even retaking the bar exam.

Is it time for a borderless legal market?

Last week, the legal search firm Major, Lindsey, and Africa released its bi-annual Partner Compensation Survey and the results were pretty shocking. While male partners brought in an average compensation of $949,000, their female counterparts reported earning just $659,000, a difference of 44 percent. That's right, female partners make just over half as much as men do. It's a discrepancy that almost makes 79 cents on the dollar look not so bad. (Almost, but not quite.)

But what about the rest of us, who aren't partners pulling in high six-figure incomes? How much are we worth? Here's some ways you can find out.

Are you ready for your close up? If the idea of working in Hollywood is appealing, now could be the time for your breakout debut. Several major media and entertainment companies are looking for skilled attorneys to join their in-house teams. That could be you.

So dust off your resume and practice your best Marlon Brando stare. As part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed, we're bringing you the three coolest legal jobs of the week, all in the entertainment industry, because there's no business like litigating show business.

Your fancy microbrew and imported Pouilly-Fuisse aren't just something to sip on, they're part of one of the most heavily regulated industries around, the beer, wine, and spirits industry. Thankfully, those regulations mean plenty of jobs for attorneys with a taste for fine drinking -- and an ability to navigate a wide range of regulatory bodies and laws.

So raise your glass to a future in beer and wine law. As part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, we're bringing you this week's top three cool, boozy legal jobs.

Have dreams of being a big city lawyer, shuttling between your Park Avenue apartment and downtown firm? Want to be in the hustle and bustle of a major metropolitan center?

Well, it's not impossible, but you might have a much better life ahead of you if you went the other route and worked in America's smaller towns. A new survey by Good Call looked at the best cities for recent law school graduates in terms of jobs, affordability, and cultural opportunities, and found a lot of lesser-known towns at the top of the list.

If you're as comfortable watching a runway as you are drafting a contract, or as familiar with department stores as you are with the civil procedure, maybe it's time to look for a job in fashion and retail law.

As part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, and just in time for Paris Fashion Week, we're bringing you the three coolest jobs we could find.