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You don't have to give up your rock and roll dreams just because you're a lawyer. In fact, the two can merge quite nicely. No, we're not talking about starting up a band with a few fellow esquires. (A psychedelic group called "Res Ipsa," maybe? A 90's cover band that goes by "In REM?") We're talking about a job in the music industry.

So, as part of our affiliate program with Indeed, we're bringing you the coolest, most chart-topping legal jobs we can find this week, all in the field of Music Law.

Are you interested in a governmental gig but not down with joining the feds in D.C.? Does your state capital make you yawn? Not inspired by the thought of clocking in at the U.N.? Maybe you need to start working for the city.

As part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, we’re bringing you the three coolest jobs we could find this week — all in city government in shining metropolises throughout the U.S.

You're a litigator. You like building and trying cases: the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and all that. You just might like litigating better if you were doing it somewhere new.

We understand. That's why this week, as part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, we're bringing you the three coolest litigation jobs we could find. So get your resumes ready. Today could be the day you find your next great job.

The firm of Chadbourn and Parke is run by an 'all-male dictatorship' that denies equal pay to its female partners and shuts women out of leadership, according to a class action lawsuit brought against the firm -- by some of the firm's own leaders.

Lead plaintiff Kerrie Campbell joined Chadbourne as a partner less than two years ago, but alleges that she was systematically denied leadership roles and compensated much less than her male counterparts, according to the New York Times. Now she's suing for $100 million, on behalf of herself and 26 current and former women partners. And she's not alone. Though it's rare for attorneys to sue their own firm, at least two other lawyers have brought suit against their firms this year, alleging systematic gender discrimination.

Life as a Law Firm Partner: It's Not All Glory and Good Times

It's the undeniable goal of most lawyers to see his or her name affixed within the firm name. Who doesn't want to be partner? The ego, the prestige, the salary -- and of course, perks!

As it turns out, being a partner isn't desirable for everyone. Partners don't necessarily live the blessed lives young lawyers imagine. Also, there are good reasons to believe that the traditional partner-track model for lawyers may soon be a thing of the past.

Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: Copyright and Trademark

Maybe you're in that group of attorneys who always wanted to practice patent law, but couldn't because you were hampered by not having earned a B.S. in your undergrad years. And the thought of having to go back to school to earn enough science credits just so you can sit for the exam...? Agh, does it ever end?

Well, the next best thing for you IP types is copyright and trademark law. These IP areas don't require a patent attorney's license and you can start today. As part of our ongoing affiliate program with Indeed, we bring you these copyright and trademark jobs.

New Lawyers Are Finding Fewer Private Practice Jobs

If you’re a recent grad and are having trouble landing that private law job, you’re in good company — or least you have company.

According to a new report from the National Association of Law Placement, private law placement of law grads is the poorest it has been since 1996.

Forget transactional work; forget compliance. You became a lawyer because you wanted to get into the courtroom. If you're already a litigator looking for greener pastures, we've got em; and if you're just looking to transition into litigation, now's the time.

As part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, we're bringing you the three coolest legal jobs of the week, with a focus on litigation.

The Summer Olympics start today, and with them come the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the desire to get out there and take up pole vaulting or competitive gymnastics. But hey, your days of being the next Michael Phelps or Mary Lou Retton are probably behind you.

That doesn't mean you have to give up on a career in sports, though. As part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed, we're bringing you the three coolest, sports-related jobs this week. So get ready to hit the gym polish up those resumes.

Practicing law doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it can be downright exciting -- and we're not just talking, "yeah, I just destroyed those negotiations" excitement, we're talking "Holy #$@&! I just used a flaming sledgehammer to destroy a tombstone in the middle of the Super Bowl" exciting.

So, if you want a bit more action in your life, get your resumes ready. As part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed, we're bringing you the coolest, most exciting and adrenaline filled, legal jobs this week.