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Top 3 Cool Legal Jobs This Week: Patent Power

There's the lawyer -- and then there's the Silicon Valley patent lawyer.

Looking through our archives, there seems to be a lack of pieces done on jobs for lawyers who managed to summon the will and dedication to pass the dreaded patent bar. So for this week, as part of our affiliate program with Indeed, we went out to find the coolest patent-related jobs that are taking applications right now.

Business-Minded Attorneys Wanted by Startups

New startups are facing complex legal problems that need sharp, business-minded attorneys to help them work through the processes. Small companies trying to make it big are relying ever more on their attorneys to guide them. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, then that attorney could be you.

When everyone else was complaining about the amount of reading in law school, did you secretly think, "Hey, this is awesome?" Where other associates grumble about pecking at their keyboards all day, do you get excited about the prospect of a few more hours of research?

Well, you might be a bit of a nerd bookworm. And that's great, because if you love legal research, we've got the jobs for you. As part of our affiliate program with Indeed, we're bringing you the coolest legal jobs of the week, legal research edition.

Feeling a gnawing in your belly, but for a better job? Ready to sink your teeth into a new experience? Savoring the idea of a sweater career?

Well, if you've got an appetite a new job (as well as snacks and sweets), we've got some jobs to serve up for you. As part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, we're bringing you the three coolest jobs we can find this week -- and they all taste great.

Is AI Replacing the Human Associate?

Should law students or young legal professionals worry about AI taking over their jobs? It seems that anytime a new advancement is made in technology, questions arise about the viability of machines taking over legal jobs. In fact, Artificial Intelligence technology is moving at such a tremendous pace that real fears are welling up that robots might make lawyers obsolete. But how realistic is the proposition of AI in the law firm?

Feeling cooped up? Trapped? As a kid, didn't you think your life would be a bit more exciting than just working late for a job you don't love? Well, there's still time to make a change. No, you don't have to sell the minivan and get a sports car, or leave your spouse and start dating a college student. But you can find a job in an industry that's got a bit more sex appeal.

Let's not call it a midlife crisis. Let's call it a return to your youthful glory -- or just a continuation if they haven't yet passed you by. As part of our affiliate relationship with Indeed, we're bringing you the three coolest legal jobs of the week, jobs that will help you keep it together, without having to give up your youthful dreams.

Cravath pumped first year associate salaries up to $180,000 on Monday, Above the Law reported. Hueston Hennignan, a boutique litigation firm in California, followed Cravath's lead today, also bringing up associate base salaries to $180,000. That's not a bad salary for a fresh-faced law grad just starting out. But it's not one that most lawyers will earn. Most new lawyers make significantly less than BigLaw associates, and many law school grads still can't find legal jobs, despite lower numbers of J.D.s.

So, will an investment in law school pay off for you, landing you a high-paying, high-prestige associate position? Or will you be left unemployed and in debt, like so many others? Here's one way to tell.

Feeling jittery about your career prospects? Jonesing for something that won't leave you jaded and juiceless? Just jobless? Well, we've got you covered.

As part of our affiliate program with Indeed, we're bringing you the coolest legal opportunities of the week. And this week, we're feeling J -- as in jobs. For J.D.s. So let's jump in.

A summer associate position (or internship, or clerkship) is more than just a summer job -- it's a two- to three-month long interview. And that's not just because some lucky 2Ls may come out of their summer associate positions with a job offer. Even law students who aren't expecting an offer at the end of their summer will still build valuable relationships and future recommendations.

The key, of course, is to make the right impression. Here's how.

Summer is just around the corner and if you're anything like the rest of us, you're dying to get away. Maybe you'll go camping in the mountains, fly off to a tropical beach, or visit Europe again. But why be just a lawyer on vacation when you could be a vacation lawyer full-time? Sure, vacation law is a practice area we just made up, but plenty of major vacation companies and destinations are hiring. And they could be hiring you.

So, dust off your resume. As part of our affiliate partnership with Indeed, here are this week's three coolest, vacation-themed legal jobs.