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Move over doctors, tech bros, and Academy Award nominees. When it comes to being the whitest, malest profession in America, the law has everyone else beat.

And it's only getting worse, as the percentage of minority associates stagnates and, for black lawyers, shrinks.

Like books? Like the law? Worried about the crushing debt of a J.D. or the soul-sucking hours of a young associate? Maybe it's time to consider being a law librarian. Even as physical law libraries are becoming less common (no one needs those stacks of reporters when it's all digital), the law librarian still plays an important role in the legal industry.

Is a career as a law librarian in your future? Here's what you should consider.

Gen X or Younger? Chances Are You're Not Going to Make Partner

According to recent reports, only 3 percent of managing partners at the nation's top 100 law firms are from Generation X.

This is consistent with the public's image of law firm partners as being white, balding, 3-piece-suit-wearing law firm fixtures. But even we were surprised by these numbers. On the other hand, this information might just be the push young associates need to question whether making junior partner is worth the trouble.

Harvard Professor: 'Low Bar Passage Rates Can Be a Good Thing'

Harvard law Professor Noah Feldman recently put forth the suggestion that it's not up to law school admissions to baby law school applicants out of applying for schools; its up to students to make their own decisions.

Although there is nothing particularly earth shattering about this statement, it strikes some people as being outrageous, given that bar passage rates have been plummeting. But the professor remains adamant in his position. Although, Harvard JDs probably don't have too hard a time with the bar exam, do they?

5 Unconventional Practice Areas in the Law

Before launching their careers, many legal professionals nurtured secret ambitions to practice law in new, avant garde ways. Then they got smacked with the monotony of motion practice.

One sure fire way to break the mundane routine of the practice of law is to break into an area that is anything but routine. Obscenity law anyone?

2015 Associate Bonus Season Bucks Tradition, Confuses Everyone

There's been a bit of a tradition for the firm Cravath Swaine & Moore to be the first on the BigLaw block to come out with associate bonuses, but this year the firm Sheppard Mullin decided to pull up ahead and break that trend ... or not?

On Friday, Shepard Mullin released their 2015 bonus "announcement" that mysteriously seemed to appear out of the blue. Above the Law gave Sheppard Mullin the benefit of the doubt and called error. Close but no cigar.

If You Bombed 1L Midterms, Should You Drop out of Law School?

If you bombed your 1L exams, you may feel like your legal career ended before it even began.

Don't fret. A lot of people who bombed midterms have gone on to success in the legal field. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take this chance to think very carefully about your future.

Law School: No Longer for Lawyers Only

Increasingly, there is talk that law school is not just for those who only want to practice law. It can also be for those who already have established careers and are looking for a shot in the arm. A number of law schools today offer one year programs for those individuals who seek a thorough introduction to the law without having to give up the expense and time of a full three-year degree.

Applicants tend to be from industries which are heavily regulated, where it is thought that a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the law will give them an edge over their peers. But there are detractors too, who bemoan that some schools "rush[] into the business" in order to balance their books.

Want to get rich quick without really trying? Build an app and hope it takes off. Want to pay off your student loans and maybe buy a house or two someday? Focus on the practice areas that are in demand now and promise to keep growing into the future.

These eight practice areas are not only bringing in the billable hours today, they have the potential to keep lawyers working and earning throughout their careers.

Women and Minorities Are Making Partner, Just Not Everywhere

The National Association of Law Placement (NALP) released a 2015 report that outlines the current trends of minorities and women in the law. The numbers indicate growth in both segments. In fact, the numbers have shown upward trends of both minorities, women and minority women at top law firms for a number of years now. This is welcome news to those who have called vociferously for reform to the overwhelming dominance of white males in the partner segment.

Although NALP's numbers indeed show gains for minorities and women, it's too soon to party. The gains are really only seen in certain regions.