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Was Your JD Worth the Cost? Survey Says 'No'

If law school debt left you with that sinking feeling, you are not alone.

According to a new poll, a majority of recent law school graduates think their degree wasn't worth it. Higher debt and fewer jobs are to blame.

The economy created a perfect storm, and the new lawyers fell into it. Yeah, that sinking feeling.

There's no doubt about the fact that law school is expensive. Most law students have to take out student loans in order to afford it. To reduce the financial burden, most students will seek out summer work, and many students will also explore working during the school year.

Although going to law school full-time leaves very little time for anything else, working a part-time job, particularly a legal job, is possible, and even good for your resume, especially if you can keep your grades up too. If going to law school part-time is out of the question for you, then working full-time during the school year should be, too.

Below are three tips to help you work while attending law school.

For many law students, particularly (but not just) 1Ls, finally seeing your grades can be a jarring experience. Being primarily graded based upon a final exam alone is a new experience for most law students (if you have midterms, consider yourself lucky).

Due to the law school grading system, if you didn't do as well as you expected, it can be difficult to determine what actually went wrong. Usually, it's one of the big four problems:

What's Going on With Arizona Summit Law School?

Arizona Summit Law School has been to the top, but it's going down fast.

The American Bar Association has given the struggling law school until Feb. 1 to explain its financial predicament. The school is "significantly out of compliance," the ABA says, with requirements it have enough money to continue operating.

Don Lively, president of the law school, says they are working on it. For a law school that once had 1,000 students, that may not be enough for the 200 who are still there.

Top Military-Friendly Law Schools Recognized

In the world of law school rankings, William & Mary Law School has earned its stripes as the top military-friendly law school in the nation.

William & Mary is one of three law schools this year to be named among the top 10 military-friendly schools in a survey of more than 1,300 institutions. Victory Media publishes the annual rankings primarily to make life better for veterans and their families.

'Hybrid' Law Program Graduates First Students

The 'hybrid' law school experiment at Mitchell Hamline School of Law has proved to be a success for its first graduating class.

Launched three years ago, the hybrid program allows students to do half of their work online. Each semester includes 11 or 12 weeks of online coursework and one intensive "capstone" week on campus.

Approved by the American Bar Association, it was the first program of its kind. And for its first graduates, it was a "no-brainer."

Law Schools Learn Lessons in Campus Safety After Shootings

In a way, law school administrators could see it coming.

Two months before Matthew Riehl killed a sheriff's deputy in a mass shooting, he had posted on Facebook that he dreamed about raping a former professor at his law school.

Ten years earlier, when he attended the University of Wyoming law school, faculty had noted he was a good but "troubled" student. Their attention and precautions may have saved lives.

Quitting law school is not an easy decision. The debt quickly becomes so insurmountable that most students are left with few career options that provide enough earning power to actually enable them to pay back the crushing debt. Or at least so it seems despite the fact that the legal job market isn't all that promising for recent grads.

Noted Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki quit law school after only two weeks. For Kawasaki, the decision did not seem too difficult. He was pushed toward law school by his parents, and he simply wasn't interested in it. And if you're in law school right now, or made it through already, you know well enough that there's no way anyone can make it through without actually being into it.

How to Get the Chris Cornell Scholarship at UCLA Law

Here's a secret to getting the new Chris Cornell Scholarship at UCLA: If you are going for the money, you don't get it.

This scholarship is for students who are dedicated to human rights. It requires a commitment like the late singer/songwriter showed when he donated proceeds from his most famous song to an international rescue group.

Now do you get it? This is a scholarship that isn't about money.

5 Law School Triumphs for 2017

It's so yesterday to say, "Happy New Year!"

Let's change it up and say, "Happy Old Year!"

It's our prerogative to change our perspective, especially for students with fresh minds to be bent one way or another. After all, there were some real law school triumphs in 2017!