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Indiana Tech School of Law opened in 2013, touting its emphasis on practical skills and "synergistic" approach to cross-disciplinary studies. It graduated its first class of J.D.s just this May, just 20 in all. Of that 20, only 12 sat for the bar exam in Indiana. Of that twelve, only one passed. That's a pass rate of only 8.33 percent, just slightly higher than the interest rates on those grads' student loans.

The school was granted provisional accreditation just this March, but its poor showing on the bar exam should have students and administrators wondering about its future.

Law schools excel at teaching the theory of law but not exactly its practice. You can spend years learning some of the nation's most important legal precedents and discussing obscure points of jurisprudence, but if you want to put that knowledge in to practice, you're going to need to get some experience.

Thankfully, you don't have to wait till you've graduated to start getting some experience in how law is actually practiced. Here are some ways to get your feet wet as a law student.

The typical law student will have about two dozen professors in his or her law school career. Many of them will be fine, some will be meh, a few will be bad, and one or two will be truly great -- the kind of professor you'll remember fondly years down the road. Maybe they turned you on to a new area of the law or a new way of thinking about the legal system. Maybe they made a topic you hated seem tolerable, even enjoyable. Maybe they just made you laugh.

If you've had a professor like this, consider yourself lucky. And if you've yet to find one, start looking. They're out there. Here's what to search for.

A new year of law school is just starting and you already have your regrets. Law school isn't what you expected. The law really isn't what you want to do. This isn't how you want to spend your life.

Is it too soon to turn and run the other way?

If you need legal information, you can find it at FindLaw, no matter who you are. Seriously, among FindLaw's millions of pages of content there's something for everyone. There are legal professional blogs for legal professionals, consumer information for your average person, free (and awesome) state codes for anyone wondering about alligator law in Florida, news feeds, newsletters, and so much more.

And law students, we've got you covered, too. Today, FindLaw just launched its new Law Students section designed specifically for aspiring JD's. So if you've got questions about choosing a law school, surviving in law school, or crushing the bar exam, you can find answers right here.

The average entering 1L is a scant 24 years old.

But not all of us are spring chickens when we begin studying the law. In almost every entering law school class, there are small contingents of students who come to law school with significant life experience. They're known as OWLS, or older, wiser law students.

You're terrified of getting cold called and stumbling to remember the procedural posture in Pennoyer v. Neff. Alternatively, you can't wait to get called on and perfectly recite Pennoyer's procedural posture and throw in some background details on the Pacific Christian Advocate and 1870's Multnomah County, Oregon. (Really, tone it down, gunner.)

What do you do to prepare? You brief the case. But here's a hint: you don't have to do it all yourself. Westlaw can do a lot of it for you.

The people you meet in law school likely won't disappear from your life after just three years of law school. Many of them could become your colleagues, lifelong friends, or opposing counsel. A few you may just see at the local bar, or local bar events.

The opinions your law school peers make of you in law school will follow you for some time. And some of your law school classmates might kind of hate you. Especially if you're a gunner.

It's back-to-school season, and that includes you law students. So, we hope you've enjoyed your summer internships. If you're lucky, you might have even gotten a bit of vacation in there. Now, it's back to the grind.

Here are five tips to help you get back into the law school state of mind and to help keep you at the top of your game when you're there, from the FindLaw archives.

Widener Law School 'Fraud' Suit Lacks Class Standing

Widener Law School faces a class action lawsuit alleging that students were defrauded with deceptive employment statistics. Fortunately for the school, however, the Third Circuit recently ruled that the plaintiffs lacked critical commonality for such an action.

It's a major victory for the law school and marks another victory for schools defending disaffected and disenfranchised law grads. However, the suit is not dead; the circuit court ruling means that each plaintiff must pursue relief one by one.