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Why Aren't STEM Majors Going to Law School?

What is it with lawyers and math?

It's one of the oldest jokes in the profession that lawyers went to law school because they were no good at math. As it turns out, it's no joke.

According to statistics, math students score the highest on law school admission tests but relatively few go to law school. At a time when law school admissions are down, it is an unsettling fact that the smartest students are going into other professions.

If you always wanted to move to a particular big city, choosing a law school located there could be a great way to start laying down your roots. In addition to potentially meeting some local students, professors, and lawyers, it'll be simple to network among your motley class of transplants from different cities and states, who probably also have dreams of laying down their own roots in the city.

It really depends on what you want for your career. Often, once your licensed in a state, changing locations might be more difficult than you might expect.

Law Schools Want Statement on GRE

Most law schools want the American Bar Association to say whether they should accept the graduate record exam in lieu of the law school admissions test.

According to a recent survey of 120 law schools, 61 percent of the respondents said the ABA should make a statement about the GRE. Traditionally, the bar association has approved only the LSAT.

"The ABA is the accrediting body of law schools," said one law school admissions officer in the telephone survey. "It would be helpful to get their sense of the GRE."

Some Law Schools Using More Legal Tech Than Many Law Firms

According to recent reports, law schools are using legal tech more than many law firms.

In one survey, nearly 62 percent of the respondents said they are already using or intend to use new technologies in their classrooms. Meanwhile, another survey revealed a mere 7.5 percent of law firms are using tools like artificial intelligence.

While comparing the studies may be like comparing seeds to apples, together they say something about the future of legal tech in the profession.

Harvard Law School Honors Scalia With Endowed Professorship

Justice Antonin Scalia, who began his legal career aspiring to teach the law, will continue that path through the Antonin Scalia Professorship of Law at Harvard Law School.

The law school announced the endowed professorship, "which stands as both a testament to Justice Scalia's legacy on the Supreme Court and as a vote of confidence in a new generation of scholars," said former Harvard dean Martha Minow.

"Justice Scalia had a singular impact on statutory analysis and legal thought," Minow said. "He also had a great love of learning."

Tips for Starting a Blog in Law School

Writer's block.

Law students know it especially well -- that blank space that stares back at you when you're trying to write an essay. We would curse it, except that it changes nothing and all you get back is more blank space.

Here's a tip: start a blog. It's a great way to uncork writer's block and even launch a career.

Law Dean Resigns Over Hostile Work Environment Allegations

Maybe Eric Dannenmaier, former dean at Northern Illinois University College of Law, saw the writing on the wall.

Two women alleged that he created a "hostile work environment" when they worked for the dean as temporary staff at the law school last summer. An investigation found he violated university policy, but did not confirm the hostile workplace claims.

Before school trustees could act on the report, Dannenmaier resigned. He said he was "highly shocked" by the allegations, but chose to resign rather than distract the law school.

Summer School Tips for Pre-Law Students

If you've been thinking about going to law school and stumbled onto this website, you've come to the right place.

We're all lawyers here, been there and done that -- stumbled, that is. We can tell you where the potholes are on this road to becoming a lawyer.

Just follow the rules and you'll be fine. Here are some summer school directions:

Weigh Work-Life Balance Before Law School

In a law school orientation class, the administrator warned that half of the student marriages would not survive law school.

One student told his wife about it later, saying the law would take time away from family then and in the future. Law is a jealous mistress, he explained.

"Good, you can handle your own divorce!" she exclaimed.

It's only funny because it's true. Everybody knows that work-life balance is a tightrope act in the law. Better figure out your act in advance.

Law School Lab 'LawX' Wants to Close Justice Gap

If you ever thought about a better way to provide legal services, but didn't have the time to develop it, then your time may have come.

BYU Law School is offering a legal design lab to create products and other ways to improve access to legal services. The brainchild of the dean and a startup attorney, LawX will be offered to students at the law school.

"LawX will tackle some of the most challenging issues facing our legal system today," said Gordon Smith, dean of BYU Law School.