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#DearFindLaw - Advice for New Lawyers and Law Students from @FindLawLP

Happy Friday!

Today's #DearFindLaw is all about the first few days of law school. Gunners are gunnin', answering questions (often incorrectly) like they think they're teaching the class, outlining their whole casebook before class even begins, and memorizing 57 study supplements.

What's a "normal" student to do?

This is fun: Above the Law just ran a caption contest on a photo of some dude's (or very hairy lady's) leg, which is now adorned with a tattoo of a law review citation: 11 Ohio St. J. Crim. L. 827 (2014).

We (read: I) have nothing better to do with our lives, so we dug up the article, the author, and then wondered what other terrible law-related things people could get tatted on their bodies. Because, you know, nothing says "legal professional" like a citation, or a scale, or Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's portrait in the form of a tramp stamp.

If there's one universal goal among all students, especially law students who have to deal with "the Socratic Method," it is not to look stupid in class.

When I originally thought of this post, I was going to write it with 1Ls in mind, but then I realized that these lessons are applicable to all law students. It's just that if you are a 2L or 3L, you may have learned some of these lessons the hard way.

Here are three tried and true ways not to look stupid in class:

#DearFindLaw - Advice for New Lawyers and Law Students from @FindLawLP

Greetings from Louisiana, where I got to laugh along as my brother spent $300 on a single Contracts casebook -- what in the blue-bound hell is academia coming to when a textbook costs more than my second car? At least he isn't paying California rent.

Speaking of law school orientation, one of our regular readers wants to know what to expect when he enters those hallowed halls. (Hint: It's mere puffery.) And another desperate and anonymous reader wants to know what exactly he should do about his dead-end job.

Here's our take on those topics in this week's edition of #DearFindLaw:

If you have your sights set on being the next great lawyer shark, what law school should you go to? Sure everyone's heard of Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia, but are they great at everything? Sometimes, it turns out they're not, though they're definitely good for getting a BigLaw job.

Perhaps you want to be a shark in a particular field, like trial work or public interest law. As it turns out, when you want to specialize, or if you're looking to sharpen a particular skill, the T14 may not always be the best.

For all you wannabe sharks, here are five qualities to consider in a law school:

#DearFindLaw - Advice for New Lawyers and Law Students from @FindLawLP

What's up readers? Welcome to another edition of #DearFindLaw, an advice column for all young lawyers and pre-lawyers. (We recognize that the past few weeks have been all law school, all the time, but optimistic starry-eyed 1Ls are our favorite people, and they ask more questions. If you're a post-L and have a question, just hit us up on Twitter.)

What's on tap this week? One of our regular readers wants to know how seriously he should take his first 1L assignments (every assignment is life or death!), while my soon-to-be-1L brother is packing his car for the move and is curious about unexpected necessities.

One more year. Well, one more year and bar review, but still, it's almost over.

For rising 3Ls, it's time to work on your golf game, and your brown-nosing game. You need to find a job, obviously, especially if you didn't get offered after 2L summer. And oh yeah, there's class, which you'll totally take seriously.

Nine more months. Twelve, if you count bar review. As our series of Back to (Law) School Week blog posts continues, here are five tips to make the most of your 3L year:

We often talk about lawyers who do strange things with (or in spite of) their legal education: spirit healers, musicians, and startup titans are just some of the roads less traveled.

But a beauty pageant contestant? Laura Puleo is the first we've heard of, and of course, she goes to the greatest law school in America -- Washington and Lee, where this blogger also went to school.

I emailed 20 questions to Puleo -- who's set up a page on GoFundMe (after all, student loan payments don't leave a lot of leftover cash for pageant gowns and the like) -- about her two paths: aspiring lawyer and Miss Virginia contestant. Here are her answers:

One of my friends just got a last-minute offer from a top law school willing to admit him as a transfer student, thanks to credits he'd banked from a one-year program as an exchange student years ago. He's weighing that against competitive offers from other schools, while waiting on at least one more school to make up its mind.

There's what, a week left until school starts? Crazy. Stressful. Exciting!

Another friend? Just got into a school in his home state. He has placed deposits at a law school 3,000 miles away and signed a lease. He has about three days to weigh his options and make a decision (and perhaps prod the schools for more money) until he is scheduled to depart for the East Coast.

What should you do if you get a last-minute offer? Here are some tips:

Congratulations! You made it through your first year of law school. Some liken the first year to hell, others to bootcamp; regardless what you call it, you accomplished your goal and got through the first year. So you're probably thinking... "now what?"

Well, we're here to tell you. And just in case you thought the hard work was over, boy were you wrong.

As FindLaw for Legal Professionals' Back to (Law) School Week continues, here are five tips for you to make the most out of your 2L year, and your budding legal career: