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Law Schools That Won't Drown You in Debt Still Exist

If you're worried about law school debt, you should be. If you attend law school, you may or may not end up with your dream job, but you will certainly end up with a monstrous pile of debt. The good news is that there are still schools out there that are graduating JDs without drowning them in loans. A new list from US News reports features the law schools you may want to consider.

We should point out, however, that the grand majority of the schools on the list aren't exactly the top institutions. And in the highly status-conscious world of law, this may be a make-or-breaker for you.

ABA Could Be Stripped of Its Accreditation Powers

According to Inside Higher Ed, the Department of Education's National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) recommended that the ABA be stripped of its accreditation power for a year.

Call it a sign of the times. With over 200 law education institutions accredited by the organization and extreme law school debt affecting graduates, it was only a matter of time before someone suggested that the national face of the law schools should be looked at with a hard eye.

CA Unaccredited Law School Closing, Leaves Positive Legacy

Besides having the hardest bar exam of the states, California also has the greatest concentration of unaccredited law schools in the nation. And in the rank-obsessed world of law, this is not a good reputation to have.

Well, one of those schools has announced that it will be enrolling its last first year class and no more: California Southern Law School is shutting down.

July bar takers, you are halfway there. Many of you have been studying for about a month and have just over one month left to go. Congrats? It probably doesn't feel like it now, buried as you are under flashcards and crippling anxiety, but you've already accomplished a lot.

Now is the home stretch. To help you ace your bar exam, here are our five top study tips from the FindLaw archives.

So you're going to law school come the end of August. Congrats! We're sure you're excited about the fascinating world of service of process, negligence per se, and adequate consideration. But you're also probably a bit apprehensive. "Is there something I should do before hand to prepare?" you wonder.

Yes, future law student, there is.

Choosing the right suit requires some surprisingly complex calculations. Do you go with something fancy and bespoke, letting your (supposed) success shine through in Italian tailoring? Or something more subdued and affordable, to show clients that you won't gouge them for every last penny? Do you go with solids or pinstripes? Mad-Men-skinny or 80's-Power-Suit-boxy? Blue or gray? (Never black!)

And if the suit makes the man, picking a suit can be even more difficult when you're a transgender lawyer. And HBO's new documentary "Suited," features just that: Everett Arthur, a 3L at Emory Law and a transgender man, who found the perfect fit with New York City's Bindle & Keep, a bespoke suit maker focused on crafting very fancy suits for women and the LGBT community.

Love kids? Love the law? Still a student yourself? Well, Street Law might be for you. Street Law is a long-running, grassroots legal education effort that sends law students into high schools, to teach practical legal lessons to the youth.

The program helps give kids basic legal literacy (more than they'd get watching CSI, at least) on fundamental legal issues, from civil rights law, to criminal law, to employment law, while also helping law students develop their leadership skills and a commitment to public interest.

Cravath pumped first year associate salaries up to $180,000 on Monday, Above the Law reported. Hueston Hennignan, a boutique litigation firm in California, followed Cravath's lead today, also bringing up associate base salaries to $180,000. That's not a bad salary for a fresh-faced law grad just starting out. But it's not one that most lawyers will earn. Most new lawyers make significantly less than BigLaw associates, and many law school grads still can't find legal jobs, despite lower numbers of J.D.s.

So, will an investment in law school pay off for you, landing you a high-paying, high-prestige associate position? Or will you be left unemployed and in debt, like so many others? Here's one way to tell.

Want to finish your JD without being crippled by six-figure student loan debt? You could try to land a full scholarship, but many of those don't cover living expenses. You could try to work full time, which isn't impossible but certainly isn't easy. You could have your parents pay, if you're lucky enough to have parents who can cover your tuition and expenses.

Or, you could try getting a sugar daddy. That's what one 2016 Villanova Law grad did. Candice Kashani recently spoke to the Associated Press about financing her law school education through a series of sugar-daddy relationships, in what the AP describes as a "modern twist on an age-old arrangement."

Chicago Law Jumps to the Top of the Full-Time Job List

Do you want to actually have a job as a lawyer after you graduate? Then you should really do your best to get into University of Chicago. Data by the ABA and analyzed by The National Law Journal suggests that 91 percent of grads went out with a full time job, more than any other law school in the nation.

It’s another stellar year for the school that had similarly great results for the year 2014.