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Chicago Law Jumps to the Top of the Full-Time Job List

Do you want to actually have a job as a lawyer after you graduate? Then you should really do your best to get into University of Chicago. Data by the ABA and analyzed by The National Law Journal suggests that 91 percent of grads went out with a full time job, more than any other law school in the nation.

It’s another stellar year for the school that had similarly great results for the year 2014.

Ah, law school summers. Those long days on the beach and care-free nights, finding young love in the sand dunes. Actually, that's the start of "Grease," not a law school summer. When you're in law school, summer tends to mean one thing: work. And you should be focused on work in the summers! Summer clerkships, associate positions, and internships are the best chance for you to learn some actual lawyering skills.

But work isn't all you should be doing this summer. Here's a few more tasks to add to your calendar.

Congrats to all the new law school graduates! If you were one of the thousands of 3Ls to become J.D.s this weekend, you've got an exciting life ahead of you! Well, actually, you've got a lot of bar prep coming up, first. But you can worry about that in a week or two. Right now, there are plenty of non-bar related topics to focus on, from the fun stuff (like picking your hobbies back up) to the not-so-fun (like getting on top of your debt).

Here are our top four non-bar-exam-related tips for new law school grads.

Law Student Loan Assistance Programs: There's Help If You Look for It

Call it proper planning and preparedness, but law students can save themselves a lot of grief with regards to their student loans if they work hard and they begin looking in the right places. What we're talking about is student loan assistance from the law schools themselves.

And this next bit will no doubt come as a surprise: several law schools are even offering programs that give notable debt relief even for grads who don't go into public service. And that should give hope to even the most jaded attorney-to-be.

When it comes to gay rights, the legal industry tends to be pretty supportive. Indeed, when gay marriage came before the Supreme Court last year, no major firms were willing to argue against gay equality.

But there are still places where the gay rights orthodoxy has not spread, and Brigham Young University is one of them, according to a former BYU law student. Brad Levin claims that, after writing a book on gay marriage and Mormonism during his 3L year, the school threatened him with expulsion if he didn't change his position.

Law School Deans Oppose the LSAT, but at What Cost?

We cannot overemphasize enough the significance of recent changes in both the legal profession and law school education. Between major advances in legal tech and the 2008 recession, it is not the best time to be a young lawyer.

Some of the new realities have hit many law schools hard, which has forced them (and even their bars) to start "dumbing down" in order to make up numbers. Law school deans, in fact, are picketing what Above the Law has called the "tyranny" of the LSAT. But does this all come at a cost? You bet.

Parent Loans: New Sallie Mae Options for Funding Your Higher Ed

If you are a student considering a degree even higher than the undergraduate one you recently earned, you're most likely in that unenviable position of wondering how to finance that degree. Well, recently Sallie Mae became the latest lender to offer its own version of the new type of "parent loans" called "Smart Option Student Loan" intended to help well-meaning family members fund their children's education -- maybe yours.

It's nice to have additional options for funding, but as always -- read the fine print.

As Law School Applications Fall, the Whitest Profession Gets More Diverse

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the legal profession is the one of the least (if not the least) racially diverse professions in the nation -- 88 percent of lawyers are white. By contrast, 72 percent of surgeons and physicians are white.

But it looks like these numbers might shift in time. There's evidence to suggest that as law school applications fell in the last few years, the number of Latinos and Blacks rose by proportion.

Widener Law School Offers Online Higher Ed Master's Degree

Widener University will be another law school to offer online non-J.D. education -- this time, a master's degree in higher education compliance. The school is reticent to take credit in pioneering the program, though it did say it was unaware of any other school who offered this degree.

It looks like Widener could be a little late to the game as non-J.D. sign ups have been on the rise for some time now.

Syracuse Law Considers Online J.D. Program

It wasn't too long ago when people regarded online classes for higher education to be something that rested between "passing fad" and the "real thing." But as time passes, the inevitable creep of technology has moved more permanently into the classroom -- this time, into Syracuse Law.

The only other school to be ABA approval for an online J.D. program is Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Minnesota. But there are plenty of other non-ABA approved offerings out there. But watch that step with taking the bar exam.