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A Los Angeles immigration lawyer who dedicated her life to trying difficult asylum cases is now getting what every Angeleno dreams of: a movie. Attorney Judy Wood will be the subject of a new biopic entitled Saint Judy.

The film will chronicle Wood's fight to protect immigrants and ease restrictions on asylum seekers. Here's a quick preview.

Attorney Thomas Tamm, Champion of Civil Liberties, Faces Ethics Charges

A man known for his civil liberties work faces disciplinary action by the D.C. Office of Disciplinary Counsel -- the body responsible for ethics violations by attorneys licensed with the D.C. bar. And what clearly egregious instance of misconduct did this man commit to warrant this charge? Embezzlement? Conspiracy?

No, Mr. Thomas Tamm has been charged with two counts professional misconduct stemming from his whistle-blowing on then President Bush's warrantless wiretapping programs in 2004, almost 12 years ago. Sources report that his license possibly is at stake.

Martin Shkreli became the world's most hated man last fall when he raised the price of a lifesaving medication by 5451 percent overnight. It was a role he relished, saying he only regretted not raising the price higher and taunting his critics on social media.

Shkreli's bad behavior also landed him in legal hot water. He was arrested in December on fraud charges related to previous stints as a hedge fund manager and at a biopharmaceutical company. Now, Shkreli's got himself a celebrity criminal defense lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, who has previously represented Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, and Plaxico Burress.

Don't Let a Disability Crush Your Legal Career Goals

If you're an able-bodied individual who's beginning to slip into self-pity, consider people like Haben Girma, the first deaf and blind person to graduate from Harvard Law. Now look reassess your situation.

But if you have a physical disability like Ms. Haben Girma, her story should invigorate you. At the very least, her example destroys common assumptions about what's possible for those with physical disabilities.

Rudy Giuliani Joins Mega-BigLaw-Firm Greenberg Traurig

Greenberg Traurig, one of the world's largest multinational law firms, just got a little bigger recently. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani will be joining its ranks as the firm's Global Chair of the firm's Cybersecurity and Crisis Management Practice.

It's nice to know that at least Greenberg Traurig has a department to cybersecurity -- an area in which most law firms fall short.

Forget Atticus Finch, the Supreme Court, or BigLaw partner paychecks. We've got a new source of legal inspiration for you: Dolly Parton. And by inspiration, we're not talking about humming along to 'Jolene' as you type up a memo, either.

There's actually a lot to learn from the endless career of one of country music's most famous singers. Here are three lessons from Dolly Parton that we think plenty of attorneys can take to heart.

A California lawyer was sanctioned, and bench slapped, by the Northern District of California on Tuesday, for disrupting depositions, failing to comply with discovery orders, and, well, being a bit of a sleaze ball.

Peter George Bertling, a partner at Bertling and Clausen in Santa Barbara, California, earned a special rebuke for telling opposing counsel that "it's not becoming of a woman" to "raise your voice."

We've binged our way through 'Serial,' 'The Jinx,' 'Making a Murderer' and we still want more. The massive success of these criminal justice documentaries shows that there's a huge audience for stories that track the often-overlooked workings of our criminal justice system.

Since we're not willing to just sit and wait for the next great story, we've decided to throw out some ideas of our own. (Documentarians, contact me and we'll discuss royalties.) Here are five cases we think deserve some major public attention.

If you're looking for a new movie to check out and you want to see Leonardo DiCaprio get mauled by a grizzly bear, might we suggest The Revenant? The new movie tells the tale of legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass, played by DiCaprio, who literally rises from his grave after his hunting team leaves him fOR dead. From that point on, the Revenant is focused on one thing: revenge. It's a harsh, beautiful film about the American West and the consuming desire for revenge.

Who came up with this tale of desolation and retribution in the cruel, unforgiving wilderness? A BigLaw partner, of course.

We've had some critical words to say about the lawyers featured in Netflix's 'Making a Murderer' documentary. But we don't have much criticism for Dean Strang, the Wisconsin attorney who, along with Jerome Buting, defended Steven Avery against charges of murder. Strang comes out looking like pretty much exactly what you'd want in a defense attorney.

But while 'Making a Murderer' has brought new attention to Strang, the defense attorney was shedding light on criminal injustice years before the documentary. Starting in the mid-90s, Strang set to work exposing the racism, corruption, and injustice behind the 1917 conviction of a group of Italian immigrants in Milwaukee.