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Lawyers drink. Lawyers drive. A lawyer getting arrested and accused of a DUI ordinarily isn't news.

But Rosanna Heinrichs, 27, of Louisville, Kentucky, just allegedly completed the hat trick of stupidity: On Sunday, she was pulled over for swerving while driving. According to police, she was driving while distracted by her attempts to order Domino's Pizza on her smartphone after drinking.

She admitted to both acts: drinking a half-bottle of wine and a beer before driving and to ordering third-rate pizza on her smartphone, reports Louisville's WDRB-TV. Let's recount her alleged sins, not in judgment or mockery, but as a means to learn from her unfortunate mistakes:

If you haven't heard, Shonda Rhimes, the artist behind "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice," and "Scandal," just came out with a law school/legal defense drama: "How To Get Away With Murder." It was the most intrigiuing of our Fall TV/Legal Drama Preview.

It's 1L year. Professor Kingsfield Keating is teaching Criminal Law, or as she likes to call it, "How To Get Away With Murder"! And instead of sticking to the boring Socratic Method, she's going for experiential learning. The best of her 879 (estimated) students will get to work for her criminal defense firm. And, of course, there's a murder case for the first episode.

How does the show stack up in terms of 1L year, real-life law, and Hollywood screenwriting tricks? (Spoilers to follow. Also, some of this will only make sense if you watch the show.)

A statutory rapist attorney in Tennessee has  (We'd say "alleged," but since he just pleaded guilty, we'll drop the niceties.)

Kent Lowery Booher, an attorney who practiced criminal and (shudder) juvenile law, pleaded guilty to statutory rape of a 14-year-old victim earlier this week, reports Knoxville, Tennessee's WBIR-TV. The plea seems like quite a step down from the initial charges, which included charges for producing child pornography.

The deal calls for a three-year probation term for the 59-year-old, plus a minimum of 10 years on the sex offender registration list after that ends.

Today is National Comic Book Day! What do lawyers have to do with comic books?

There are lawyers as comic book characters, because who better to don a mask and crusade than a lawyer with an over-inflated ego and sense of purpose? Seriously, Matlock and Jack McCoy are the same archetype as Bruce Wayne, just with more age, more education, and less money.

And then there are the legal issues that arise in comics: premises liability, lawyer-superheroes' duties to clients, good Samaritan laws, and more.

A few days ago, the topic of the day in the legal world was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's comments about gay marriage and the Sixth Circuit: If they create a circuit split, it ups the urgency for the Supreme Court to take on the issue.

While others were debating the importance and propriety of her comments, I was debating something else: her glasses. Did anyone else notice the debut of Justice Ruth Bader Hipster, whose new thick, black glasses scream: "Straight Outta Brooklyn"?

We kid, of course -- her new, trendy choice of eyewear looks way better than her old set of frames. But it did inspire some musing about different styles of eyeglasses for lawyers, and what those spectacles say about the person wearing them:

Earlier today, we covered the best damn disciplinary opinion we've ever read, mostly due to the contributions of the defendant herself, Svitlana Sangary. (Quick recap: Sangary got busted for posting fake pictures of herself with celebrities on the "Publicity" page of her law firm's website.)

Sangary's philosophies on life, determination, and strength were so inspiring that we figured we'd share what we learned with all of you young attorneys out there, just starting out in the world.

Just remember: "Wikipedia [and FindLaw] describe it. SANGARY exemplifies it." Here are five takeaways:

5 Movies That Make Lawyers Look Great

Yesterday, we brought you five lawyer movies that make lawyers look just awful. When they're not murdering, they're lying. When they're not lying, they're discriminating. When they're not discriminating, they're literally The Devil.

So now it's time to take a look at lawyers in a good light: upholding truth and justice when no one else will. Here are five lawyer movies that make lawyers look really good. Once again, spoiler alert!

5 Movies That Make Lawyers Look Awful

"What do you call a thousand lawyers chained together at the bottom of the sea?" Answer: "A good start." Har har har. Lawyers are just awful, aren't they? At least you'd think so after watching these five movies, all of which make lawyers look pretty bad (and in one case, literally the devil).

To be fair, this is the first in a two-part series (we'll look at positive lawyer depictions tomorrow). For now, though, here are five movies that make lawyers look terrible. (Needless to say, spoiler alerts!)

You probably couldn't care less about Tom Wolf's gubernatorial campaign in Pennsylvania. Truth is, he leads by double digits -- so having some lawyer who once starred in a so-called "torture porn" film appear in an otherwise unremarkable campaign commercial on his behalf will probably not affect things too much.

Besides, the campaign is pulling and editing the ad after Buzzfeed dug up the 2013 horror film.

But, as you might expect, our eyes are on the attorney, Alan Benyak, who starred in "Breeding Farm" as Mr. Cannibal, a lawyer playing a lawyer (married to a lawyer). Another co-star? Also a local lawyer in real life.

History is littered with the carcasses of legal dramas -- good ones, like "Boston Legal" and "Ally McBeal," and bad ones, like "Harry's Law" or "Law and Order: Cancun" (kidding ... or am I?). This fall, unsurprisingly, there will be a ton of new shows botching the law on primetime. Thankfully, some (anyone remember "Rake"?) have already been cancelled.

So what's left? These are the new shows on the block, the proverbial 1Ls that haven't dropped out yet. Maybe they will get cancelled within a few episodes, or maybe, despite enduring mediocrity, they'll last forever (like "Grey's Anatomy").

Here's our take on three legal TV shows for Fall 2014: