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The criminal justice system may never be perfect, but maybe it's a little better following the disbarment of DA Charles Sebesta, Jr., the man who wrongfully sent Anthony Graves to death row.

The Anthony Graves case made just about everyone skeptical of the criminal justice system. What sort of system allows a completely innocent man to found guilty of murdering six people? Although Graves was exonerated, the facts of the case only came to light due to an unlikely chain of events.

Three years ago, FindLaw put together a list of the top five movies law school students should watch. By now, all those law students will have graduated. They're either consumed by panicked bar study, or living it up as greedy associates. That means it's time for a new batch of films for a new class of students.

While we've got our favorite lawyer flicks, it always helps to get an outside perspective. Since it takes a village to make a good listicle, our talented social media team reached out to FindLaw's Facebook followers for ideas. The suggestions we got were great, even if we already picked a few of them. But, following your advice, here's 13 more films law students should watch:

Cass Sunstein on 'Star Wars' and Constitutional Law

Chief Justice John Roberts once famously criticized the irrelevancy of modern-day law review articles (even though he cites to them often in his opinions). Who cares about "the influence of Immanuel Kant on evidentiary approaches in 18th-century Bulgaria, or something"?

There's one thing we can all agree on, though, and that's "Star Wars." Cass Sunstein, currently a professor at Harvard Law School, lived the dream: He wrote an article, to be published in an upcoming edition of Michigan Law Review, about how "Star Wars" informs constitutional law.

3 Great Movie Judges

Nerds around the world rejoiced at the news that Natalie Portman would play Justice Ginsburg in a biopic about Ginsburg's extraordinary life.

That got us to wondering about judges in movies. They're fairly common -- every dramatic courtroom scene needs a judge, after all -- so who are some of the great judges in movies?

Marilyn Mosby, the Prosecutor Taking on the Baltimore Police

In the wake of prosecutors who seem to have tepid interest in charging police officers for shooting unarmed black men, Marilyn Mosby, the State's Attorney for the City of Baltimore, is a breath of fresh air. Last week, she announced criminal charges against six police officers allegedly involved in the death of Freddie Gray, who was arrested and placed in a police van, then emerged half an hour later with a severed spine.

The police officers have been charged with crimes ranging from assault to second degree murder. Who is the lawyer who's willing to take on the police?

3 Things Lawyers Can Learn from 'Star Wars'

If you're wondering why today is Star Wars Day, consider that it's May 4th and then make a list of all the terrible "Star Wars"-based puns you can think of based on that.

There aren't any lawyers in A Galaxy Far, Far Away, but that doesn't mean lawyers couldn't learn a thing or two from George Lucas' universe. Here are some takeaways for you -- from the original trilogy, of course.

Lawyer Letters Run Amok in Simple Restaurant Review

It all began as a restaurant review -- and not even a scathing one, like Pete Wells' legendary 2012 takedown of Guy Fieri's Times Square restaurant in The New York Times.

Jay Rayner of The Guardian paid a visit to Jinjuu, a new Korean restaurant on London's touristy shop-filled Regent Street. The executive chef, Judy Joo, claimed in her online biography that she spent two years working for Gordon Ramsay. Rayner emailed Ramsay's company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, to see if that were true.

Big mistake.

More than 50 days after she was nominated, Loretta Lynch was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday and became the nation's first African American, female attorney general. That wait was longer than the past seven most recent AGs combined, according to CNN, a result of a fight between President Obama and Republicans over the president's executive actions on immigration.

Who is Lorreta Lynch and how did she come to replace outgoing attorney general Eric Holder? Here's three things to know about the country's new AG:

5 Ways Judges Can Improve Judicial Opinions

We love judges, but sometimes, they rub us the wrong way with some bad habits they have in their opinions. Judicial decisions, especially from appellate courts, are working documents for trial and appellate lawyers, who have to cite them for precedent.

Unfortunately, judges can do things that make life tough for the lawyer on the street. We respectfully request that judges think twice before engaging in these practices.

Ethical Dilemma of the Week: Dating a Former Client

Welcome to the first in what we hope to be a continuing series called "Ethical Dilemma of the Week," in which we try to make sense out of strange P.R. quandaries that lawyers may or may not find themselves in.

For our inaugural Ethical Dilemma of the Week, we ask, "How long do you have to wait before you can date a former client?"