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Well, that was unexpected. This week's episode of How to Get Away With Murder (the zenith of the golden era of television) delivers some very satisfying revelations, tidying up the mess of a plot that we've been struggling through for months and introducing a whole new mystery.

No more flash forwards. We've finally reached the big day. It's time to watch Annalise get shot. Here's your spoiler-filled recap of last night's insane HTGAWM episode.

As always, there was another episode of How to Get Away With Murder last night, which means that any theory you ever had about who did what to whom has once again be turned on its head. Forget anything I've ever said about Bonnie. It's Philip. It's Philip who killed the Hapstall parents, Philip who shot Annalise, and Philip who hacked into your World of Warcraft account.

So, let's talk about Philip. Here's your spoiler-filled recap of last night's HTGAWM.

Here at FindLaw, we're big proponents of lawyers taking advantage of social media. Since we like to practice what we preach, you can find us on just about every social media platform from Pinterest to Google+ (remember that?).

So when Twitter announced its new polling feature a few weeks ago, we were ready to take the pulse of the legal community on today's most important issues. And the results of our FindLaw #TwitterPolls are in.

Al Jazeera America Suspends Its GC on License Irregularities

Al Jazeera America, the sister news channel analog of the venerable Al Jazeera English channel, has suspended its general counsel, David W. Harleston, after questions were raised about his qualifications to practice law.

Mr. Harleston’s is another high level blow to AJAM. His arrival to the news channel took place during a time when the company was suffering internal turmoil amid staff complaints of a culture of anti-Semitism and sexism.

Welcome back to How to Get Away With Murder, where the brightest minds of a generation learn how to literally pin murders on Mother Theresa. This week's episode is called "I Want You to Die," but this show is still giving us life.

On last night's episode, things got even more Oedipal, characters went splat, and we might have our first major hint of who shot Annalise. Let's get started.

Casey Anthony's Lawyer Gets 5 Months in Federal Prison

A lawyer who represented Casey Anthony was sentenced to federal prison earlier this week after he pleaded guilty to charges of fraud.

The Rancho Santa Fe PI attorney pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud earlier this year. He also admitted that he forged client signatures, and used notary stamps to convince investors to advance him millions of dollars, reports the Patch.

One Attorney's Fight to End Excessive Bail for the Poor

The term 'justice is blind' is often more optimistic than realistic. Few people in the law would argue with that.

Mr. Alec Karakatsanis, an alum of Harvard Law, has been on a mission to reform bail practices in courts all around the country. So far, most of his work has been focused on the South, but his work has been receiving the praise and attention of legal scholars and jurists in other states outside of the region.

You've got less than a week to put together the perfect, attorney-appropriate Halloween costume. Forget going as sexy Chief Justice Roberts or a blood-lusty Antonin Scalia (serving up some lethal injection cocktails). Why not try the Texas Law Hawk? All you need is a suit, a dirt bike, and a whole lot of screaming.

Bryan Wilson, the so-called "Texas Law Hawk," has quickly gained a reputation, on YouTube at least, for his screaming, flame-shooting, not-exactly-subdued approach to attorney advertising. If you were worried that dressing as a drunken lucha libre wrestler would be too subtle for your law firm office party, the Texas Law Hawk could be the perfect costume for you.

Some of How to Get Away With Murder's least interesting characters moved from the margins to the center last night -- and at least one of them ended up coming out more interesting.

Thursday's episode of HTGAWM was full of douche-face Asher and "Bon Bon" Bonnie, a bit of day drinking, a lot of scheming, and an unfortunate amount of child porn. As is usually the case, they got much of the law wrong. Here's your spoiler-filled recap.

Nothing reignites a romance like a near death experience during an extended stay in a Nevada brothel. After Lamar Odom was found unconscious at the Love Ranch, it came out that the NBA and reality television star had never divorced his ex, Khloe Kardashian. Now, Lamar is recovering and so is their relationship -- celebrity news sources announced yesterday that the couple was calling off the divorce.

Who shepherded them through their prostitute and herbal Viagra-aided reconciliation? None other than Laura Wasser, the "queen of divorce." Here's what you need to know about the master of celebrity splits and now reconciliations.