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It's 8 a.m. and you walk into the office, bags under your eyes, weary from the 12 hours you worked yesterday just so you could bill eight. Or, it's 3 p.m. and lunch has hit you like a freight train. In either situation, your options are coffee or tea.

As with Red Sox v. Yankees or Boxers v. Briefs, people's feelings about caffeine are strongly held and engender heated discussions. Thankfully, we have the resources to answer the coffee v. tea question definitively, for all time.

You've seen the Christmas commercials and the Thanksgiving commercials, all filled with snow and jingling bells (which are wholly foreign to you if you're practicing in Los Angeles). The holiday season is upon us, and that probably means you'll soon be going on vacation.

If you're lucky enough to get some time off in your first year as an associate -- and even if you are technically "on vacation," you might be tethered to your phone -- there are some housekeeping chores you need to complete before locking your file cabinet and jetting off to parts unknown (or your parents' new house in Florida).

Here are a few "to-dos" you may want to add to your list:

Of all the places to get angry, work is probably the worst. ("In the middle of surgery" comes in a close second -- at least if you're the doctor.) Can you believe the partner just said you had to come in over the weekend? Or that he made you take on another case when you already said you couldn't? And look at this: Opposing counsel is categorically denying all your interrogatories. They can't all be vague, overbroad, compound, and burdensome!

It's times like these when you just want to scream, or hit something, or both. Stop for a second, though: There are better things you could be doing than preparing to get fired. Here are five suggestions:

Yesterday, my Royals, against pretty overwhelming odds, made it to the World Series. A team that hasn't made the playoffs in 29 years made the World Series. A team that seemed to ignore every advancement in baseball knowledge and statistics, somehow, made it to the World Series.

It's a Cinderella story. It's a movie in the making. It's every kid's (or blogger's) dream. It's every sports cliche ever uttered -- and I'm loving it. And it's also a great lesson in perseverance and hope for every lawyer and law graduate out there who is struggling with unrealized potential and unfulfilled dreams.

Here are a few thoughts, and way too many baseball references:

When professionals get together, they have dinner parties. Yes, it's time for the world of adult conversations, cocktails, and meal courses. As a newly minted associate, you'll need to mingle with colleagues in this time-honored bourgeois ritual, but if you've never hosted a dinner party, it can seem daunting.

Never despair: We're here to help! Check out these five tips:

Lawyers drink. Lawyers drive. A lawyer getting arrested and accused of a DUI ordinarily isn't news.

But Rosanna Heinrichs, 27, of Louisville, Kentucky, just allegedly completed the hat trick of stupidity: On Sunday, she was pulled over for swerving while driving. According to police, she was driving while distracted by her attempts to order Domino's Pizza on her smartphone after drinking.

She admitted to both acts: drinking a half-bottle of wine and a beer before driving and to ordering third-rate pizza on her smartphone, reports Louisville's WDRB-TV. Let's recount her alleged sins, not in judgment or mockery, but as a means to learn from her unfortunate mistakes:

Drinking. It sure is fun, isn't it? It's as much a part of the common law as misprision. Lawyers drink, and soon enough, there will be a happy hour consisting of you and your fellow awkward associates, plus a partner or two.

How do you survive such alcohol-fueled social interactions with other human beings after spending the last four months in Supermax (aka your law firm cubicle)? Here are some "dos and don'ts" to get you started:

You probably couldn't care less about Tom Wolf's gubernatorial campaign in Pennsylvania. Truth is, he leads by double digits -- so having some lawyer who once starred in a so-called "torture porn" film appear in an otherwise unremarkable campaign commercial on his behalf will probably not affect things too much.

Besides, the campaign is pulling and editing the ad after Buzzfeed dug up the 2013 horror film.

But, as you might expect, our eyes are on the attorney, Alan Benyak, who starred in "Breeding Farm" as Mr. Cannibal, a lawyer playing a lawyer (married to a lawyer). Another co-star? Also a local lawyer in real life.

We're quickly approaching that magical time of the year called Burning Man, when progressive artist-types leave town for a week. (Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, that means you can finally get a table for brunch in under an hour.)

If you're a lawyer headed out to the Nevada desert -- or even if you're staying put -- you may have some burning questions about the legal environment at Burning Man.

Even if you don't, here are five Burning Man facts that lawyers may appreciate:

I know, you think you are going down the path of a cooler profession, than say, accountant, but think again. If you are in law school, or are have already graduated, you are a nerd. Accept it, move on.

Now that we have that out of the way, since it is actually summer, we thought we'd give you some travel ideas to sate the legal curiosity inside you. Here are our top five nerdy legal travel destinations for your summer get away.