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On the great list of party fouls, wasting beer is not at the top of the list. No, expelling bodily fluids in inappropriate places, or spilling beer on people and/or furniture ranks far higher. Nonetheless, at every great law school party, there are those who cannot finish their beers. And when morning clean up time arrives, the forgotten and abandoned brews are typically wasted, as no one wants to drink flat beer.

Worry and waste not. In honor of National Beer Day, we bring you a list of uses for leftover beer, whether opened or unopened, canned, cupped, or kegged.

Shocker: Money Can't Buy Happiness in The Legal World

A recent study by a Florida State University law professor and University of Missouri psychology professor revealed that lawyers making a lot of money in a "prestigious" job are less happy than those working in public service positions, according to the ABA Journal.

We're shocked.

It's ingrained in our minds during law school that grades, honors, and awards are everything when it comes to achieving that dream job in the legal world -- but what happens when you get that big, fat paycheck, and you still aren't happy?

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Lawyers

Spring is upon us. (Hooray!) That means spring cleaning is upon us, too. (Hooray?) If your long-and short-term goals have been in hibernation, now's a good time to rouse them from their slumber.

But where do you even start? Here are five areas every lawyer should add to their spring cleaning list:

Back for more introspection and regret? Fantastic!

For the second half of this trip down law school regret lane, we thought we'd focus on the things we wish we'd done while in law school.

Take what you will from these parting words of our ten regrets about going to law school:

It's not an easy question to ask, or to answer.

"Do I have a drinking problem?"

Everyone has an opinion. Your mother thinks you drink too much. Your buddies think you don't drink enough. Some folks can drink every night until they black out, then make it to court in the morning, while others have a drink or two and have to call in sick the next morning. There are clinical criteria and there are informal self-evaluations.

So yeah, asking the question is hard, but answering it (honestly) is harder.

February 20 is "Love Your Pet Day." Don't believe us? Check Google. Lawyers everywhere have hearts not as black as coal, but sentimental cavities full of pink, fluffy wuvs which they often share with their pets.

In celebration of the furry and scaly friends which lawyers love, we present seven sensational pets to lavish your unrequited love on:

There are many reasons lawyers might not be able to go out on Valentine's Day: crowded restaurants, heavy workload, no one to go out with.

But there are just as many reasons to say phooey to the outside world on V-Day and just stay in. Here are our top five:

5 Sober Valentine's Day Drink Ideas for Attorneys

Valentine's Day falls on a Friday this year, right before a long weekend. That can only mean one thing for attorneys: Valentine's Day happy hour!

Attorneys who have a torrid love affair with alcohol will be steering clear of spiked beverages. If that's you, don't worry. You can still get into the spirit (sans spirits) and treat yourself to tasty libations with a romantic flourish.

This Valentine's Day, fall in love with your liver. Check out these five non-alcoholic options, courtesy of Apartment Therapy:

CMB. Coffee Meets Bagel. Purely for the sake of this blog, and to help the readers, I experimented with the oddly-named site and was blown away.

What makes this site different from all of those other dating sites and apps lawyers use that we've talked about? For one, the demographics skew towards educated and professional. Also, it avoids the biggest pitfall of most other sites: choice.

OK lonesome lawyers, listen up. We are going to save you time, money and maybe help you find a Valentine.

As you may or may not know, Valentine's Day is barely more than a week away. And as young, single associates, certain feelings of anxiety or pressure may be originating from a non-work source -- not having a date.

The workplace is a common place for new relationships to blossom, but should associates risk asking out their coworkers?