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Transgender people have seen unprecedented growth in public visibility lately, what with the public transition of Caitlyn Jenner and award-winning shows like Transparent. But even as the national awareness of transgender issues grows, transgender individuals continue to face discrimination, violence, and shockingly high rates of homelessness and suicide.

Today marks the 16th annual Transgender Remembrance Day, where we remember the transgender people who have been murdered over the past year -- at least 81 in total, largely women of color -- and pledge to fight for greater equality. In that spirit, here are some ways lawyers can help in the fight for transgender rights.

How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

The term 'emotional intelligence' refers to a person's ability to show empathy and understanding.

This is an area where lawyers often need improvement. The truth is, high-stress lawyers aren't exactly prone to being empathetic. Fortunately, unlike IQ, which seems to be pretty much set, EQ is something that can be worked at around the edges.

Here are a few suggestions for increasing your emotional intelligence, as proposed by Preston Ni at Psychology Today.

Tips for Handling Free Advice Seekers

You knew it was going to happen someday. As soon as you started law school, news traveled through the gossip grapevine. Now, everyone is texting you, calling you, or conspicuously bringing up their personal legal issues up in coffee-house conversation in a not-too-hidden attempt to get some free legal advice.

Now that you've actually graduated, it's not just family and friends trying to leech advice. Total strangers are trying to get in on the free-tip bandwagon. And these people were supposed to be paying clients! You've got basically two options: you can be the guy everybody hates and tell them to get lost, or you can skillfully and artfully oblige them.

Gen X or Younger? Chances Are You're Not Going to Make Partner

According to recent reports, only 3 percent of managing partners at the nation's top 100 law firms are from Generation X.

This is consistent with the public's image of law firm partners as being white, balding, 3-piece-suit-wearing law firm fixtures. But even we were surprised by these numbers. On the other hand, this information might just be the push young associates need to question whether making junior partner is worth the trouble.

Here at FindLaw, we're big proponents of lawyers taking advantage of social media. Since we like to practice what we preach, you can find us on just about every social media platform from Pinterest to Google+ (remember that?).

So when Twitter announced its new polling feature a few weeks ago, we were ready to take the pulse of the legal community on today's most important issues. And the results of our FindLaw #TwitterPolls are in.

Celebrate Pro Bono Week With the ABA

The week of October 25-31 has been designated National Celebration of Pro Bono week by the ABA; and this years' marks the seventh such celebration. Throughout the past few days, the ABA has been taking the time to recognize pro bono achievements by lawyers but has decided to push especially hard today.

13 Scariest Things You'll Encounter in Law School

Getting into law school was scary. Between the LSAT, waiting for results, and surviving the application process, the whole law school process tested your nerves. And now that you're in, you can look forward to more gray-hair inducing events in school.

But don't people like to be scared? Isn't that the whole idea behind Halloween? Sure! In the spirit of Halloween cheer, here are the 13 scariest things you'll encounter in law school.

2015 Associate Bonus Season Bucks Tradition, Confuses Everyone

There's been a bit of a tradition for the firm Cravath Swaine & Moore to be the first on the BigLaw block to come out with associate bonuses, but this year the firm Sheppard Mullin decided to pull up ahead and break that trend ... or not?

On Friday, Shepard Mullin released their 2015 bonus "announcement" that mysteriously seemed to appear out of the blue. Above the Law gave Sheppard Mullin the benefit of the doubt and called error. Close but no cigar.

Massachusetts Lawyer Accused of Double Life as a Prostitute

Suspended divorce attorney, Karen Andrade, probably would have been able to maintain her alleged secret identity had it not been for her neighbor's busy-body ways.

Perhaps it's too soon to tell. Andrade, 51, was charged with prostitution and pleaded not guilty to sexual conduct for a fee in a Northampton District Court; and she was released on her own recognizance.

Ah, young lawyers in love, sending each other love contracts, dating subpoenas, or demand letters for some romance. We're not sure how often amorous attorneys demand that their love interests "show cause as to why you should not be held in my arms tonight," but every once in awhile, those nerdy, legalistic entreaties make their way on to the Internet and are cruelly mocked.

But don't worry, lawyers. Those attempts at seduction are actually cute. They just need a bit of finessing.