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We're quickly approaching that magical time of the year called Burning Man, when progressive artist-types leave town for a week. (Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, that means you can finally get a table for brunch in under an hour.)

If you're a lawyer headed out to the Nevada desert -- or even if you're staying put -- you may have some burning questions about the legal environment at Burning Man.

Even if you don't, here are five Burning Man facts that lawyers may appreciate:

I know, you think you are going down the path of a cooler profession, than say, accountant, but think again. If you are in law school, or are have already graduated, you are a nerd. Accept it, move on.

Now that we have that out of the way, since it is actually summer, we thought we'd give you some travel ideas to sate the legal curiosity inside you. Here are our top five nerdy legal travel destinations for your summer get away.

Nobody wants to work today. Nobody at all. It's lovely outside, family members are on vacation, the beach is calling, but alas, you must work, especially if you are a summer associate gunning for a post-graduation gig.

How do you stay productive during the days of summer, when there are many more fun things to do? Here are a few tips:

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and as the unofficial start to summer, that means one thing -- getting ready for the beach. And while we lawyers spend a great deal of time reading at work, many of us like to read when we're "off duty" as well.

So as you squish your toes in the sand, and lean back in your lounge chair with a pina colada in one hand, here are our top ten summer books that you should be holding in your other hand.

Tupac had "Dear Momma." Kanye had "Hey Mama." Taylor Swift had "The Best Day."

What does the FindLaw blog team have? Only one of us is a musician, so we're going to rely on our words here. (Plus this Spotify playlist.)

To the mommas of FindLaw's bloggers and editors, we salute you:

More Time than Money Associates? People Are Happy to Help

As an associate, you might find that you have more time than money. The money's great, but if you're stressed out and working yourself to death, it's not worth it. Luckily, there are many companies and individuals standing by, ready to happily take some of your money and give you back some time.

Do you, for some reason, not find grocery shopping a rewarding and engrossing activity? Do you blow off exercising because you're too tired -- even though you know it will give you more energy? Do you put off errands because you're too focused on work and don't have time?

If so, read on. Soon your problem will be solved.

Summer Associates -- 5 Tips to Turn Your Internship Into an Offer

Summer associate season is coming. It's a time to learn skills, meet new people and -- oh, forget that. You want to get an offer for after graduation.

Here are some tips to help make that happen. Not all firms will even have the ability to hire new associates, so make sure you don't accept a spot from a firm that's just going to string you along. Assuming that your firm will be making job offers, here are some things you can do to put you in a better position to get one of them. But no guarantees.

Last year, associate attorneys topped the Forbes list of unhappiest jobs, beating out customer service reps, clerks and legal assistants. Garbage collectors, dishwashers and janitors didn't even make the list.

Seriously? People who have to clean up other people's messes have less to whine about than associates? Well, they're doing a job that makes the world a better place every day; maybe that makes a difference. Or maybe we should look at The Wall Street Journal's longer and arguably more sensible list.

It's late April. For many of you, celebration season is about to hit full swing. Finals are ending (party!), graduation is approaching (party), it's Friday ("party and party and yeah!"), and if you're a bit older, February bar results are probably trickling in.

Basically, it's drinking season, and a long season it'll be, with summer approaching. What makes a good drinking night? Location, drinks, company, safety -- and a lifeline, just in case.

Here are six apps you may want to check out when you're faced with a few common scenarios:

On the great list of party fouls, wasting beer is not at the top of the list. No, expelling bodily fluids in inappropriate places, or spilling beer on people and/or furniture ranks far higher. Nonetheless, at every great law school party, there are those who cannot finish their beers. And when morning clean up time arrives, the forgotten and abandoned brews are typically wasted, as no one wants to drink flat beer.

Worry and waste not. In honor of National Beer Day, we bring you a list of uses for leftover beer, whether opened or unopened, canned, cupped, or kegged.