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In-House Counsel: The Importance of Records Management

Legal technology has changed the way in-house counsel manages litigation.  Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) has expanded the discovery process to include new types of data to request, sort, and exchange. And even before you need to engage outside counsel to represent the company in a legal matter, you should ideally have a procedure in place for managing records to make eDiscovery flow more smoothly.  Why should a company put in place a record management program? And How do you start?  Take a look and take the helm in getting the company's papers in order.

The video will introduce topics including:

  1. Document retention and a policy for managing legal records
  2. Spoliation (FRCP Rule 37)
  3. Types of business records that should be retained
  4. Which documents the company should avoid shredding
  5. How the records management policy should address key law, i.e.: FACTA, HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley

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