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Marriot to Buy Starwood, Creating World's Biggest Hotel Company

Marriott International has just agreed to purchase Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide for $12.2 billion in cash and stock, a move that will create the largest hotel company on the planet.

The merger is likely to come as great relief to Starwood, whose stock has suffered over the last few years due to the changing of CEOs and talk of sale.

SEC Announces $325,000 Whistleblowing Award

The SEC just announced a $325,000 award given to a former investment firm employee who blew the whistle to the SEC with specific information that allowed the federal agency to begin an investigation that later uncovered extensive fraudulent activity at the tipster's ex-employer.

Intellectual Property Highlights From the TPP Text

The full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement was released November 5, 2015. It was many years in the running -- seven years, basically -- but the masterpiece is finally available for public scrutiny. The Agreement extends its tentacles into approximately 40 percent of the world's annual GDP and almost 1 billion people's lives. Obviously, businesses are some of its greatest proponents.

BofA Is Changing General Counsel ... Again

After recently announcing his planned retirement from Ford Motor Company, David Leitch looks poised to fill Bank of America's soon to be vacated general counsel seat, according to the Wall Street Journal

We're guessing that retirement doesn't look quite as alluring as a freshly printed offer with just the right number of perks to go along with it. Our guess is that it's a good deal. If the past is any indicator, Leitch won't have to be BofA's GC for very long.

CFTC: Adopt New Security Measures, Or Else?

Congress created the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in 1974 to, alongside the National Futures Association, oversee commodities trading in this country. Since then, the CFTC's regulatory power has expanded further and further.

Last month, the CFTC greenlit the latest strap-tightening policy suggestions by the NFA: members of the NFA "should" implement stronger cybersecurity policies. f you're in the commodities or derivatives industry, get ready to make some changes.

Merger of Viagra Maker and Allergan Could Be Biggest of 2015

Share prices of Allergan exploded out of the opening bell and topped out with an almost 8 percent gain over the stock's closing. It's been a good several trading days for the Ireland-based pharmaceutical company.

The lastest jump in prices has been attributed to "preliminary friendly discussions" regarding Pfizer's proposed takeover of Allergan. If the deal goes through, it stands poised to be largest takeover deal of 2015.

United Airline's general counsel, Brett Hart, is taking over the reins of the airline for the time being. United's board of directors named Hart acting CEO on Monday, replacing Oscar Munoz, who took medical leave after suffering a heart attack last week.

Hart will be United's third CEO in under two months, responsible for guiding the airline through some -- ahem -- turbulent times.

Forget Alphabet or Moore's Law or artificial intelligence: when it comes to big news in tech, families are taking center stage. Less than a week ago, Netflix announced a new, generous parental leave policy, giving new parents as much paid time off as they need. Then Microsoft followed suit, announcing that employees could take five months of leave. Yesterday, Adobe caught up, offering over six months of paid leave.

Apparently, parental leave has become the new hot commodity when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent and proving one's commitment to employees and family. Should your company follow suit?

Happy Shark Week, in-house counsel! As Discovery celebrates sharks for the 28th year, we at FindLaw are highlighting the sharks in the legal profession. This topic raises the question: who's the head shark of Discovery's legal team? Meet Bruce Campbell, General Counsel and Chief Development Officer at Discovery Communications.

Campbell has been Discovery's GC since 2010 and has seen everything from the creation of the classic film "Sharknado" to the channel's partnership with Oprah Winfrey. We're sure he's seen his share of shark-bite related matters as well.

It's a whole new world for the sharing economy, as the Philippines issued new regulations for ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, last week. Though other countries have taken action on ridesharing services -- Uber has been banned everywhere from Eugene, Oregon, to all of Thailand -- the Philippines is the first nation to develop ridesharing specific regulations, according to Reuters.

In an industry that has often operated by bumping up against the margins of the law, the new regulations could help further institutionalize the sharing economy. If successful, they may be a model adopted by other jurisdictions looking to regulate such services.