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Suing for Slip and Falls: What's Your Suffering Worth?

If you have fallen and been injured, you probably want to sue someone, and that is a typical reaction. For example, the former superintendent of the Monterey, California school district is suing the city of Monterey for an injury that she says will bar her from wearing stylish heels and dancing with her husband for life.

Marilyn Shepherd is seeking $750,000 for an ankle injury from a city pothole, and her husband is making demands too. Does that mean you should sue? Let's look at her case and what it may say about your chances of recovering if you pursue your own lawsuit.

If you’re involved in a serious car accident, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is hiring the right lawyer. But how do you find out which lawyer is right for your case?

Online reviews and personal referrals are a great start, but you’ll have to meet with a car accident attorney before you hire one. And here are a few essentials questions you’ll need the answers to:

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

The youngest and oldest among us are vulnerable and exposed to abuse more than most other populations. But elderly people are exposed to some added abuse dangers that children do not face.

Elder abuse is unfortunately common and it happens for many reasons. Being in nursing homes and in the hands of professional caregivers increases the risk of mistreatment. Plus, older people are much more likely to face financial exploitation. This is what to look out for.

Women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant are warned by The Food and Drug Administration that the oral prescription drug Diflucan (also known as fluconazole), which is used to treat yeast infections, has been linked to increased risk of miscarriages. The warning is based on findings from a Danish study.

But the agency is evaluating the study for now and says the increased risk is only a possibility. It has not reached conclusions.

Even if you know who’s at fault for your accident, you might not sue right away. While there are time limits to bringing a lawsuit, it can also take time to put a case together. And there are some things you can do in between your accident and filing your lawsuit that can be crucial for your injury claim.

Here are the best ways to prepare for your personal injury lawsuit:

New Fast Food Harm Found: Can You Sue?

You probably already know by now that fast food is not healthy and that you shouldn’t live off the stuff because even if it doesn’t kill you, it will increase your chances of obesity. But now researchers have discovered another disconcerting angle on this type of food, which is that the preparation process itself seems to have harmful effects on consumers.

So, can you sue McDonald’s? Well, probably not but we’ll get to that momentarily. First, the findings.

If you suffer from a high risk of blood clotting due to surgery or an accident, an inferior vena cava filter or IVC filter can save your life. But in most cases, IVC filters are only supposed to be temporary fixes: the Food and Drug Administration has repeatedly warned of the risks associated with IVC filters and documented hundreds of adverse health events due to leaving IVC filters in long after they are needed.

Some of these injuries have led to lawsuits, so here’s what you need to know about IVC filters and your legal options:

Workers’ compensation insurance is in place to make sure employees get paid if they get hurt on the job. While this coverage can include a wide range of injuries and scenarios, it doesn’t quite cover every injury just because it happened at work or while you were working.

And it may not cover you if you fail a drug test. Here’s what you need to know:

How Much Can a Passenger Recover After a Car Accident?

You’re injured in a car accident and it is clearly not your fault because you were not behind the wheel but merely an unfortunate passenger. Can you recover any money? How much? Do you sue someone or go through insurance?

The answers to these questions will depend in part on state statutes — each locale has its own laws governing car accidents, insurance coverage, and negligence lawsuits. Additional major factors are the severity of the accident and extent of injury. Let’s look at who might be liable when you’re injured as a passenger.

Just months after a jury ordered the company to pay $72 million to a woman's family after her death from ovarian cancer was linked to its talcum powder-based products, Johnson & Johnson is being sued again. A Los Angeles man filed a wrongful death claim on behalf of his wife, claiming her fatal ovarian cancer was also due to using Johnson & Johnson products.

This is on top of around 1,200 lawsuits in Missouri and New Jersey that have been filed against the company, accusing it of failing to warn consumers of known cancer risks.