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Many mothers have extolled the virtues of midwives before, during, and after giving birth. And in the past few years, the number of expecting mothers using midwives has hit record highs.

The vast majority of births using midwives are healthy, for both mother and child. But if something does go wrong, can midwives be liable for malpractice?

According to a recent study, the use of surgical robots has been linked to 144 patient deaths and 1,000 injuries. Many of these injuries and deaths have already spawned a series of robot surgery lawsuits.

So how do these lawsuits work, where are they now, and where might they be headed?

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The battle over religious freedom has gone from arts and crafts stores to marijuana churches, and is now spilling over into religious hospitals: a Redding, California woman was denied a medical procedure based on a hospital's religious affiliation.

Is this even legal? If hospitals can deny certain medical procedures, can they refuse to care for certain patients as well?

Internet connected cars were just the next logical step in tech, giving us access to all of our friends, music, and communications from behind the wheel. But that was before the Great Car Hacking Scare of 2015. Ever since a couple hackers showed how easy it was to mess around with the controls and disable a Jeep Cherokee, owners of the latest and greatest in automotive technology have been worried about their own rides getting hijacked by a far-off laptop.

But is your car really in danger of being hacked, and if it is, who would be liable if you got into a car accident?

All parents want to protect their children and keep them safe. And with the first day of school fast approaching, many parents are wondering how safe their children’s schools are.

While the vast majority of kids will attend public school injury-free, the school environment carries some risk of injury. Here are the biggest concerns:

Around 15 million people get some form of plastic surgery every year. And while everyone’s reason for cosmetic surgery may differ, many of the health risks involved in these procedures will be the same.

Most cosmetic surgeries will go off without a hitch, but here are some of the most common issues you should be aware of:

Maybe your search for a new car hit a bump in the road (or another car). Or maybe a prospective buyer's "trip around the block" in your car didn't quite go as planned. Either way, you may be wondering who is responsible for car accidents that happen during a test drive.

For the most part, these car accidents will be handled like any other -- with insurance. But there may be a few quirks you should be familiar with.

Psychiatrists, like other health care professionals, can sometimes make mistakes in diagnosis and treatment. In extreme cases, you may find that your trip the psychiatrist caused you more harm than good.

But can psychiatrists be sued like other doctors for medical malpractice? And how do psychiatric malpractice cases differ from other medical malpractice cases?

We get massages to relax, heal an injury, or as long-term therapy. In essence, we go to a masseuse to feel better. But that's not always the case.

As with any medical or therapeutic treatment, a massage doesn't always go as planned, and sometimes a massage can result in injury. If that happens, can you sue?