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Tragically, stories of nursing home abuse aren’t as rare as we would like them to be. And in many cases, the abuse occurs for far too long before it is ever discovered.

Anyone with a loved one in a nursing home should be aware of the signs of elder abuse, and know how to spot nursing home abuse early.

A Fourth of July celebration without fireworks is practically unpatriotic. However, many Americans are so eager to express their love of country, they completely ignore basic safety precautions when handling fireworks.

Every year thousands of people injure themselves. Some people suffer severe burns or lose limbs and testicles. One man even blew off his own head.

If you’re injured by fireworks this July 4th, can you sue?

You’re on the floor, not breathing. You are dead.

Suddenly, a Good Samaritan runs up and performs CPR. Sure, he breaks a couple ribs, but you start breathing again. Paramedics arrive and rush you to the hospital.

It’s a fact that broken ribs can result from CPR. If this occurs, can you sue to recover for your injuries?

Many of us get stressed at work. It’s an unavoidable hazard of having a job.

However, some people suffer severe stress resulting in anxiety. Do you have anxiety? Is it affecting your ability to do your job and earn money?

If yes, you may be able to get workers’ compensation for anxiety.

Lawn Mower Injuries: Can You Sue?

Summer is here. Grass is growing. Time to break out the lawn mower — but be careful!

Every year, more people are getting injured by lawn mowers. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 83,291 people were injured by lawn mowers in 2011. Of those people injured, 3,780 were children under the age of 14.

If you’re injured by a lawn mower, can you sue?

What’s worst? Getting a colonoscopy, or getting mocked while you’re passed out for that colonoscopy?

A patient identified only as D.B. successfully sued his anesthesiologist for defamation and medical malpractice after she and other doctors relentlessly mocked him while he was unconscious. By accident, he had recorded the whole conversation, and that recording has now paid off to the tune of $500,000.

Can you really sue a doctor for making fun of you?

Uber is going back to court once again.

The mother of a 13-year-old girl is suing Uber and one of its drivers after the driver was convicted of sexually assaulting the young girl.

After being unable to find parking on the street, you pay to park your car in a garage. Then, you go off and enjoy a wonderful dinner. On your return, you find that your car has been broken into, or, even worse, completely gone.

Is the parking garage responsible for your loss? Can you sue?

Getting hurt on your first day of work is not a great look. You were hoping to make a great first impression, and now your boss might be having second thoughts about her hiring practices.

All future career concerns aside, can you get worker’s compensation benefits, even though you just started your job? How long do you need to be on the job before you’re eligible for workers’ comp?

Most of us know what to do after a car accident: make sure everyone is OK, exchange insurance info, etc. But what if your car isn’t damaged by another car, but by the road itself? If your car is damaged by a road condition or during road repair or construction, can you sue the construction company or the municipality responsible for the road’s maintenance?

From winter potholes to widening interstate highways, let’s take a look at who might be responsible for damage caused by poor road conditions.