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Monster Energy Drink: Mouse Suit a 'Shakedown'

People were horrified to learn of Vitaliy Sulzhik, who reportedly found a dead mouse in a can of Monster Energy Drink.

But, according to Hansen Beverage Company, Monster's manufacturer, Sulzhik's negligence and product liability lawsuit is a sham.

If there really was a dead mouse in a can of Monster Energy Drink, it would have deteriorated, rendering the first sip undrinkable.

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On March 28, Vitaliy Sulzhik filed suit against Monster's parent company, alleging that he had found a dead mouse at the bottom of a can. He packed the can up, mouse and all, and sent it to his lawyer for testing.

According to Hansen's, the mouse-in-can suit is a hoax. During the manufacturing process, each empty can of Monster Energy Drink is turned upside down and injected with high-pressured air, reports King 5.

Moreover, the statement notes that the alleged mouse is only found in rural areas, such as where Sulzhik lives--not in crowded Southern California.

At the moment, Vitaliy Sulzhik is claiming that finding a mouse in a can of Monster has scarred him for life. He apparently fears packaged foods, reports Slash Food, and is seeking reasonable compensation.

If this lawsuit does turn out to be a hoax, Sulzhik can expected to be sued right back. When requested, courts often require plaintiffs who file frivolous lawsuits to pay for a defendant's attorneys fees and court costs. They may also refer them for criminal prosecution.

In this blogger's opinion, Vitaliy Sulzhik should thank Monster Energy drink for the mouse in a can. The stuff can dissolve mice and packaged food isn't that great for you.

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