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Defective Products and Products Liability

Defective Products and Products Liability lawsuits involve injuries from the use of a defective or dangerous product. This could arise in the case of a defect in a car which causes an accident, a burn sustained from using a beauty product, or even food poisoning. The manufacturer or seller is held liable to any party who foreseeably could have been injured by the product. There are several types of defects, including defect in the manufacturing, defect in the design, defect in the warning (improper labeling) and marketing defects (insufficient instructions).

Usually, a products liability lawsuit is not easy and involves testimony from experts. Since the law of products liability varies from state-to-state, similar cases in different states might not yield the same results.

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Certain diabetes medications can result in diabetic ketoacidosis, a condition of too much acid in the blood. Some users of SGLT2 inhibitors have developed ketoacidosis, which can be accompanied by insulin deficiency, hyperglycemia, and dehydration.

These conditions can be painful, and treating them can be expensive. If you've suffered from diabetic ketoacidosis due to SGLT2 inhibitors, you may have an injury claim. So what does a pharmaceutical injury claim look like, and where do you go for legal help?

For patients suffering from a serious risk of pulmonary emboli or acute deep vein thrombosis, insertion of an inferior vena cava filter to prevent a blood clot from blocking blood flow to the lung can be life-saving. But that doesn't mean IVC filters are without risk.

The Food and Drug Administration has documented hundreds of adverse events regarding IVC filters, due mainly to leaving the devices in long after they are needed. So are IVC filters worth the risk?

Injured by Diabetes Medication?

It's hard enough dealing with your diabetes. But now you have to worry about side effects from your diabetes medication?

The FDA has received numerous reports of diabetes patients treated with SGLT2 inhibitors who developed ketoacidosis, which can be accompanied by insulin deficiency, hyperglycemia, and dehydration. The negative side effects sometimes resulting in hospitalization. So what causes this, and what can you do about it?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 200,000 kids are injured on playgrounds each year. About half of those injuries are serious, including bone fractures, internal injuries, and concussions, and 67 percent involved falls or equipment failures.

So who is responsible if your child is injured at school because of faulty or unsafe playground equipment? Here are a few considerations:

Enjoying the great outdoors, while also possibly bagging dinner, is a great American pastime in many parts of the country. But every now and then, a hunting expedition goes awry and someone ends up injured.

From falling on someone else’s property to having a rifle misfire, hunting can be dangerous even for the most responsible hunters. If you’ve been injured while hunting, when and whom can you sue for your injuries?

When we think of wheelchairs, we may think about the added mobility and freedom they can provide to injured and disabled people. We don’t tend to consider the estimated 300,000 serious wheelchair-related accidents each year.

When these tragic accidents occur, it can be hard to figure out who is responsible.

Anti-aging treatments are often too good to be true. This seems to be the case with many low testosterone treatments for men.

In recent years, the safety of so-called low-T treatments, including Androgel, has been called into question, and many, many men have filed testosterone therapy lawsuits. So where do these lawsuits stand today, and what do you need to know?

The last thing you want to malfunction is your gun.

Imagine that hunk of metal exploding in your hands at about eye level, blasting shrapnel and bullets near your hands, arms, and face. Guns can malfunction in many ways. Often, the malfunction is a simple misfire. The trigger is pulled and nothing happens. Other times, the malfunction could be catastrophic.

Here are three common dangerous gun malfunctions to watch out for:

In April, Pepsi announced it would remove aspartame from its formula for Diet Pepsi, which led many to wonder if the move was due to health risks associated with the artificial sweetener. But Pepsi also said Diet Pepsi with aspartame would remain available online, and Diet Coke will continue using aspartame.

So, are aspartame and other natural sweeteners dangerous to consumers? Or is Pepsi just bowing to Internet rumors and public (mis)perception?

The news hit the Internet like a Grande Caramel Ribbon Crunch Creme Frappuccino Blended Creme: Starbucks is now offering its cold brewed coffee nationwide. (And they’re also raising their prices again, even though the cost of raw coffee beans is dropping.)

This will be welcome news to some who have been burned, literally, by hot coffee in the past. With more chill options available this summer, let’s reminisce on some of the most (in)famous hot coffee lawsuits: