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Dog Bite / Animal Attacks

Dog Bite and Animal Attacks are extremely common personal injury lawsuits, with laws that differ from state to state. The first thing in determining liability and responsibility for the animal attack is to determine who the owner of the animal is. While some states impose a "strict liability" on the owner, others will hold the owner liable only if the owner knew of the animal's "dangerous propensities". The strict liability test is a very low standard that imposes liability on the owner regardless of whether the owner was in the wrong. The dangerous propensities test is somewhat more difficult to meet, since there are several factors to consider, including the breed of the animal and the animal's past history.

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In our many FindLaw's Injured posts, we've covered dog bite injuries quite extensively. However, they're not the only animals with teeth.

What happens when you're bitten by a wild animal, or your wild animal pet bites somebody? Who is liable? Here are three things to know about wild animal bites:

Dog Bite Injuries: Do You Have a Case?

Getting bitten by a dog is never a particularly pleasant experience.

But not every dog bit incident will necessarily make for a successful dog bite injury lawsuit. From the extent of any possible injuries, to the circumstances surrounding the incident, there are many factors that a personal injury attorney will use in determining the potential merits of a lawsuit.

What makes for a good dog bite injury claim? Here are a few questions that you will likely be asked:

Do 'Beware of Dog' Signs Legally Protect Dog Owners From Lawsuits?

If you're worried about your dog's potential to bite someone, can hanging a "Beware of Dog" sign on your property offer any sort of legal protection in the event of a dog bite lawsuit?

Although in limited situations a "Beware of Dog" sign may actually help a litigious victim (by allegedly showing you knew of your dog's vicious propensities), in general, warning passersby, guests, and even potential trespassers about the presence of a dog that may attack may actually be of help to you in defending yourself from a dog bite suit.

What are the possible legal ramifications of a "Beware of Dog" sign? Here's a general overview:

Can You Sue Over Police Dog Bite Injuries?

Police dogs, just like human police officers, occasionally get the wrong man. But when the police "officer" detaining you has Vise-Grip jaws and razor-sharp teeth, a mistake can damage more than just your dignity.

Case in point: A South Dakota man who police say was an innocent bystander was mistakenly bitten by a police dog, The Argus Leader reported earlier this week. Cops were able to call the dog off the bystander and onto the actual suspect, who was then captured. But both the suspect and the bystander were sent to the hospital with injuries.

In this case and in others, can a police dog bite victim sue the cops for damages?

Can the 'Yellow Dog Project' Prevent Dog Bites?

Have you heard of the "Yellow Dog Project"? It's an effort to raise awareness about anxious dogs and could help to prevent injuries.

If you see a dog with a yellow ribbon tied to its collar or leash, that's a sign the owner is taking part in the Yellow Dog Project. Canine afficionados are advised to proceed with caution around so-called "Yellow Dogs."

Although wearing a yellow ribbon is a useful tool to help avoid any accidents or attacks, simply participating in the Yellow Dog Project doesn't relieve owners from legal liability.

Can a Video Help Win Your Injury Lawsuit?

A number of video production companies create personal injury videos for use in legal proceedings, including litigation, mediation, and arbitration. But is it appropriate to turn to celluloid in a case?

Videos that show how an injury affects a plaintiff, or how an accident occurred, can be helpful to a decision-maker like a juror, judge, or arbitrator. However, such videos can also be challenged on a variety of grounds.

Here are some common types of videos used in personal injury cases, along with their pros and cons:

Pet Sitting Unleashes Potential Liability

Pet sitting may sound like the "purr-fect" way to combine your love of animals with your need to make some scratch cash. But on the other paw, you may want to think about potential liability issues that can come back to bite you.

For example, just because you're not the pet's owner doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't responsible if something goes wrong. And if you are the owner, pet sitting can still unleash some unwanted legal consequences.

Here are a few scenarios you'll want to keep in mind:

Hiring an Injury Lawyer? 5 Questions to Ask

Hiring the right personal injury lawyer is crucial, and there are many questions that you may have swirling in your head. That's not just from getting knocked down by that bicyclist, either.

Whether we like it or not, injuries are often unpreventable, as run-of-the-mill accidents happen all the time. But other types of injuries -- including intentional torts and economic injuries -- often are preventable, and may leave you aching for justice.

Luckily, with the right attorney, you can have your injury matter resolved as painlessly and as quickly as possible. Here are five questions you'll want to consider asking when hiring an injury lawyer:

In Killer Bee Death, Is Anyone Liable?

A killer bee death in Texas has left a man's family in mourning. It also raises a few potential legal issues regarding liability.

Larry Goodwin of Moody, Texas, who just celebrated his 62nd birthday on Friday, was driving his tractor when it hit a pile of wood -- which included an empty chicken coop that contained 22 honeycombs. An estimated 40,000 killer bees swarmed and stung him to death, KCEN-TV reports.

Goodwin had apparently been on his neighbor's property when he upset the hive. The neighbor's wife and daughter tried to help, and got stung approximately a hundred times between the two of them. One of these women also remain in critical condition.

A jogger was killed after being mauled by four pit bulls Thursday in Southern California. Law enforcement officers are now on the hunt for the animals.

The Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department issued a warning to stay away from the area in the town of Littlerock, near Palmdale, where the 63-year-old female victim was attacked, reports The Los Angeles Times.

It's not yet clear who owned the pit bulls involved in the jogger's mauling. But if an owner is identified, he or she could face serious charges, not to mention a potential lawsuit by the victim's relatives.