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You Should Check Out Our New Elder Law & Aging Page

Let's face it. We're not getting any younger. Elder law is big deal as millions of Baby Boomers and their parents continue to age each year. 

That's why we've revamped our Elder Law and Aging sections. We want to make it easier for you to find information on legal issues affecting aging Americans.

With age comes wisdom, but that doesn't necessarily mean legal wisdom. Enter FindLaw's Learn About The Law. Trust us, it's just what the doctor ordered.

So what kind of everyday questions does our Elder Law and Aging section answer?

We tackle:

We also have a brand new section on Elder Abuse Laws to help protect you or your loved one from common types of elder abuse. Whether the abuse takes a physical, emotional, sexual of financial form, we have information from the first signs to when to report it.

Sure, we are attorneys writing these articles. But we're anti legalese here. That's why we included helpful descriptions of commonly misunderstood terms such as "power or attorney" and "Medicare."

Like all the legal articles on Learn About The Law, making the section comprehensive and easy to understand was our goal: Consumer Content Editor Caleb Groos sums up our philosophy behind the section revamp:

"We beefed up our Elder Law offerings because this rapidly expanding area of legal claims affects some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. These people, and their families, can't pursue their best options without knowing the legal landscape."

Whether looking for yourself, a loved one or just curious about this growing area of law, we think you'll find this useful. Want to see anything else in particular? Drop us a line over at our Facebook page.