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It's been 13 years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and quite a bit has changed in the fullness of time. Perhaps most poignantly, "Ground Zero" now serves as the foundation for the National September 11 Memorial and Museum -- including relics like the "Miracle Cross."

But FindLaw's Gabriella Khorasanee, Team Lead for Direct to Consumer products and a native New Yorker, still remembers the World Trade Center site as it was -- as a dual colossus striding New York City's skyline. A steel and glass symbol, a sigil even, of the city she knew and still loves.

Gabriella has deeply etched memories of 9/11, when she was working at a Manhattan law firm. She shared some of her recollections with FindLaw Insider.

Everyone needs a break during the hot and busy summer months, even our dedicated staff. Last Wednesday, FindLaw employees and contractors participated in our annual summer picnic/BBQ, and this year proved to be a real hit!

Check out some of the fun festivities FindLaw employees took part in during this year's FindLaw picnic.

A new report finds that more than one in three Americans has debt in collections. But don't panic! has many resources that can help.

According to the Urban Institute, 35 percent of U.S. consumers are struggling with debt in collections -- amounting to approximately 77 million Americans. But what can these debtors do to climb out from underneath their financial obligations?

Check out these three ways FindLaw can help Americans who are struggling with debt in collections:

We live in a wondrous age where you can rise to perilous heights at fantastic speeds, transporting yourself thousands of miles in mere hours for less than a week's wages.

Though we rarely stop to revel in this luxury, there are plenty of things about air travel that bring us back to earth. A recent survey finds that 84 percent of Americans are fed up with being "nickel and dimed" by airline fees. Airlines are increasingly charging for perks like checked bags and seat choice -- features that used to be free.

So as a level-headed air traveler, what can you do to soar above? Here are a few legal tips:

After almost a year, Season 5 of "The Good Wife" has come to a close -- and so has FindLaw's legal reviews of each episode... until next season, of course.

Still, looking back on all the time we spent watching Alicia, Diane, Peter, and the recently departed Will, we may have actually learned something.

Press pause on your DVR and relive Season 5 with these 10 spoiler-filled legal lessons from "The Good Wife":

The gentle breeze, the smell of spring flowers, the smug satisfaction of passing gridlocked cars filled with angst-ridden commuters -- what's not to like about commuting by bike?

OK, maybe those close calls at the intersection or a particularly long uphill stretch. Gear heads know that pedaling to work rivals the benefits of that morning cup of coffee or occasional trip to the gym, but the savvy bike commuter also needs to know the rules of the road.

So in honor of National Bike to Work Week, we at FindLaw offer our two cents on the legal aspects of bicycling in a car-dominated world.

Although this may not shock you, a new FindLaw survey reveals that consumers are using the Internet more than any other method to search for lawyers.

Mind blown? Collect the shards of your skull from the corners of the room and check out our stats.

Not unlike the fragrant smoke cascading from Willie Nelson's tour bus, myths about the origins of "4/20" (or "4:20") swirl and obscure the true origins of the official stoners' holiday.

According to one erroneous explanation, "420" was the police code for "marijuana smoking in progress." Other stories suggest it correlated with a daily after-school smoking session, which would commence at 4:20 p.m.

That last one is at least partially correct. But the true origin of the pot smoker's holiday is actually much more interesting. And if you choose to indulge this Easter, or on any day, make sure you understand the law (we'll get to that in a bit).

It's April, which means it's time to dust off the old baseball mitt, put away those winter clothes (all apologies to those still shoveling snow), and enjoy the lengthening days of spring. But while April signals a shift away from the winter doldrums, it's also a time to reflect on three particularly challenging and/or distressing topics: autism, distracted driving, and sexual assault. Besides sharing the same month of awarenss, these otherwise unrelated things can potentially impact each one of us.

So in honor of Autism Awareness Month, Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, would like to, well, increase the awareness.

Here are a few resources we'd like to highlight:

Twitter -- one of FindLaw's neighbors in Silicon Valley -- turns 8 years old today. The social media messaging company is celebrating its anniversary by remembering a wave of #FirstTweets.

USA Today shared that Barack Obama's first tweet involved ending the war in Iraq, while Oprah Winfrey hilariously said "HI TWITTERS" [sic].

But more importantly, what did FindLaw say in our #FirstTweet?