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Looking for free legal aid but not sure where to turn? Look no further than FindLaw's State Laws section, which now links you to local legal resources from coast to coast.

FindLaw has always provided coverage of national topics and legal issues. But recently, our Learn About the Law team has been working tirelessly (with coffee, of course) to create city-specific pages highlighting free and low-cost legal aid for 100 different metro areas.

So how do you access FindLaw's free legal aid pages, and what exactly do they offer?

Women's History Month is coming to a close, and if you've failed to take a few moments aside to observe the month-long celebration, we've got you covered.

Over the last few weeks, FindLaw's Consumer and Legal Professional blogs have discussed common legal problems that ladies face, celebrated a pioneer in combatting sexual harassment, and written a litany of posts on the advancement of women in the legal profession. And, of course, there was the wardrobe discussion.

Here's a sampling of how FindLaw's blogs focused on women this month:

The law is not etched in stone, but rather serves as a reflection of society's ever-changing views on liberty and justice, anchored by its founding principles. Most major shifts in the law take time -- involving the mobilization of countless individuals and the often-frustrating mechanics of politics -- before bubbling to the surface in the form of a new statute or court ruling.

If it's "settled" law (relatively speaking), you can read about it in's authoritative Learn About the Law section. Our Legal Blog Network, meanwhile, provides clear, legalese-free analysis of legal news and common legal issues.

OK, but what if you want to know what happened this morning, or even 15 minutes ago? Look no further than FindLaw's Legal Pulse.

Reputation is a difficult thing to control, especially in the digital age. But online tools can help you wrench a good reputation from the jaws of Internet haters.

Since suing over negative reviews has proven to be hit or miss, here are three simple things lawyers can do to take charge of their online reputation:

Some love Valentine's Day. It's a special day for them to celebrate their love, in the form of poems inscribed by hand on cards, sweets for your beloved, and a date night for an overstressed couple, free from work, the kids, etc.

Others see it for what it is: a miserable corporate exploitation of love. A day meant to remind us of our barren love life. Basically, it's Friday.

Here are five other reasons why some of us love to hate Valentine's Day:

As you know, strives to stay at the forefront of trending legal topics. Just in case you missed it, we seem to have hit social media gold with our recent list of 50 Twitter Accounts Lawyers Should Follow Religiously.

Starting 2014 off strong, this two-part blog series has received a cascade of visitors and positive feedback. Between Part I and Part II, they've garnered more than 100 tweets and more than 200 Facebook "likes" in a little more than a week.

So we decided to sit down with the author -- William Peacock, senior writer for FindLaw's Legal Professional Blogs -- to find out how these posts went viral:

Why is an active Twitter presence -- by our Legal Professionals and Consumers brands, and by our writers -- so important to us? And why have we been focusing so much on getting our writers' names out there?

FindLaw's Social Media Specialist Stephen Chang notes that employees have their own network of followers, who may or may not follow the company's account. Tweets coming from personalities, rather than companies, may be more inviting. Plus, you'll have an army of staff members tweeting about on social media, advancing the brand, rather than one man or woman.

Keeping those benefits in mind, FindLaw gave us blog writers a choice: do you want a "Follow the Author" button on your blogs?

As the ball drops tonight on another successful year (with Justice Sonia Sotomayor leading the countdown in New York's Times Square), try to remember the words to that old New Year's song (that's "Auld Lang Syne" -- you're welcome).

And while you're letting old acquaintances be forgot, don't forget about the five coolest new features that rolled out in 2013. Here's a quick recap:

For years, FindLaw's Learn About the Law (LATL) section has helped legal consumers make smart decisions about how to handle speeding tickets, divorce, tax issues, even criminal charges. We provide up-to-date information about federal and state laws, as well as practical advice for any number of legal matters. You'll also find sample documents and helpful worksheets.

But suppose you're looking for free legal aid in Columbia, Missouri. or need directions to a courthouse in Virginia Beach?

Look no further than our newly expanded State Laws section.

It's "officially" the holidays and FindLaw is taking time to join in on the festive spirit of the season.

So whether you're wrapping up Hanukkah celebrations (remember, latkes don't refrigerate well) or wrapping up Christmas presents, check out some things the FindLaw teams do to get into the holiday spirit: