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Summer is now officially upon us. Along with the long days, warm nights, and summer vacations, millions of people will be driving to the beach for some fun in the sun.

However, when it comes to driving in beachwear (like flip flops or extra dark sunglasses), for the most part, there's nothing to worry about it, at least legally. However, some choices are better than others.

Here are five frequently asked legal questions about driving in beachwear, and information to help keep you safe.

The question of whether your child can testify in a divorce proceeding depends on several factors. Among the most important variables a judge will consider when deciding whether to allow a child to testify is their age and maturity. Basically, judges must ensure that witnesses are competent to testify, much like when a defendant is ruled competent to stand trial.

If a child is found to be competent and able to testify, the next consideration a court may take into account is the purpose for calling the child as a witness. Courts are generally reluctant to put a child in the position of providing testimony in a divorce for the purposes of division of property, but will do so regularly to help decide custody matters (if the child is old and mature enough).

Between the people and the property, there are a lot of moving parts in a divorce. And while we often focus, for good reason, on the easy-to-spot issues like custody, child and spousal support, and who gets the house, we often forget to keep our eye on smaller financial issues like retirement benefits, investment funds, or inheritance.

Whether you're the beneficiary of an inheritance before the divorce or you're concerned about your children's inheritance after the divorce, here's how courts generally handle inheritance issues in a divorce.

Summer is here, which means it's road trip time! And if packing up the car, truck, camper van, or RV includes packing a firearm, that means taking a little more care on the nation's highways and byways, legally at least.

Gun control laws can vary significantly from state to state, so if you're planning an interstate road trip, make sure you're aware of each jurisdiction's firearm statutes. And here are some other legal issues you should be familiar with, from our archives:

When it comes to a person's diary or their personal private journal, the truth is that these are rarely going to be considered confidential in a court of law. A person seeking emotional distress damages in a lawsuit, or embroiled in a nasty custody dispute or divorce, may be required to turn over their personal diary.

Diaries are, however, private as opposed to confidential. Barring extraordinary circumstances, diaries cannot be published or broadcast without permission.

If you're one of the many people who bought a house as a rental investment property or decided to become a landlord instead of selling a home, you may be looking to sell that house. Whether the hassle of tenants has become too much, or the housing market has finally bounced back and you can get a great price on the home, you might be looking to boot your tenant and sell right away.

But hold on -- there might be some legal restrictions on selling a home when you have a tenant renting it, depending on where you live and what the buyer wants to do with the property. Here's a look.

Summer is officially upon us. And if your teen hasn't gone out and gotten a summer job yet, what are they waiting for? Time is running out to get them off the couch and out into the real world, where they can learn valuable life lessons of punctuality, diligence, and hard work, and maybe make their own spending money for a few months.

And while teenagers will be, for the most part, treated like adults in the workplace, there are a few legal ins and outs of hiring teenagers, being a working teen, and seasonal employment. Here's a look:

Whether you're looking forward to debt relief or can't wait to be free from a previous filing, one of the biggest questions involving bankruptcy is: How long is this going to take?

Unfortunately, there's no definitive answer. How long your bankruptcy case will take, from filing to debt relief and beyond, can depend on a variety of factors, including the type of bankruptcy filing and your specific kind and amount of debt. Here's a look at those factors, as well as a general bankruptcy timeline.

People who have been sued will often ask their attorneys if their assets, income, and money in the bank can be taken from them due to the lawsuit. Unfortunately, after a court judgment has been issued against a person, the court can then order enforcement of the judgment. If you don't have the cash on hand, or insurance, to cover a judgment, court ordered enforcement is a possibility.

But if a person is "judgment proof," a court judgment could be worth less than the paper it's printed on. Unlike a bankruptcy which can discharge a court ordered debt or judgment, being judgment proof essentially renders a court ordered debt worthless, unless circumstances change.

Summer camping season is upon us. Camping can be good, wholesome fun, but doing it legally can prevent a good time from going sour. According to some statistics, nearly 14 percent of the country enjoys some form of camping annually.

However, a peaceful night under the stars can actually land you, your friends, and maybe even your family, in police custody. Well, it could happen if you go camping on another person's property, or on publicly owned land.

Below are three simple questions to help you figure out if you're a camper or trespasser.