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We've all had that experience of finally finding a parking spot and pulling in, only to see that dreaded sign: "RESERVED." And we've all had that next thought -- what would actually happen if I parked here anyway?

It seems like a risky proposition, so let's see if those reserved parking spots are enforceable.

Once welcomed home like a hero, Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is now being labeled a deserter.

Sergeant Bergdahl returned home last year after spending nearly five years in captivity with the Taliban. Bergdahl was released in exchange for the release of five members of the Taliban held at Guantanamo Bay. While his family and community welcomed home with open arms, Bergdahl's platoon members and fellow veteran soldiers accused him of deserting his post during war time, putting others at risk.

After a lengthy investigation, the army has decided to charge Bergdahl on two counts, desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

None of us want to think of our loved ones or ourselves being incapacitated or unable to make end-of-life decisions. But as we and our families age, these decisions become more important, and it becomes necessary to have a plan in place should the unthinkable happen.

Living wills and durable powers of attorney are two types of plans that can ensure a person receives his or her preferred medical treatment, and they function slightly differently. So here's a quick overview of the differences between living wills and durable powers of attorney.

What Happens When CPS is Called?

For many parents, having child protective services (CPS) show up at your doorstep is more terrifying than the police knocking at your door.

A common misconception is that a CPS investigation means your child is going to be taken away. While it does happen, a call to CPS is not a guarantee of anything.

So, what does happen when CPS is called?

Marriage is the joining of two worlds, and two worlds of belongings. But the personal property you bring into a marriage will normally stay yours as separate property, if the marriage comes to an end.

Are there exceptions to this rule? And how can you ensure that your separate property stays separate and does not become marital property which can later be split?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to maintain your separate property:

We've all seen them before. You're driving down the highway, probably speeding a little bit. Suddenly, in your rear view mirror, you see a black and white car.

Yikes! It's a police car. You hit your breaks, slowing down to exactly 65 mph. You keep an eye on the car and drive on your best behavior until the car passes you. Wait. It's not a cop car! It's just some dinky jalopy with a mismatched paint job.

After breathing a sigh of relief, you think, "Is that even legal? Can you paint your car to look like a cop car?"

Maybe your sister totaled your car and won't pay for repairs, you contracted to rebuild your neighbor's fence and now they won't return your calls, or your college roommate stole your credit card and ran away to Tijuana. Whatever the case, you're owed a debt. How in the world do you go about collecting it?

There's plenty of ways to go about collecting what you're owed, from taking a gentle approach to pulling no punches. Here's five straightforward ways to collect on a debt, from least to most severe:

In another step to repair its reputation after a major data breach, Target has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit for $10M. Eligible claimants could claim up to $10,000.

Target previously tried to dismiss the class action suit arguing consumers did not have standing to sue. This means that consumers couldn't prove an injury arising from the data breach. However, the judge rejected Target's assertions, noting that the 114 named plaintiffs could show unlawful charges, blocked access to bank accounts, and inability to pay other bills.

If you want a chunk of the settlement, you'll have to:

"I love dog poop stinking up my yard right where I can step on it!" said no one ever.

Does a neighbor's dog keep pooping in your yard? Have you tried to talk to the dog's owner a million times but nothing works?

What can you do?

Grandparents can request visitation rights, so they can also be ordered to pay child support! Wait, what? Really?

Typically, the responsibility to pay child support falls on the parents of the child, not the parents' parents. After all, the grandparents didn't decide to have a grandchild.

However, there are some exceptions where grandparents can and may be ordered to take up the slack and pay (grand)child support.