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While Second Amendment guarantees the right of all citizens to keep and bear arms, there are limits to Second Amendment protections. States can, for example, limit the type of weapons people can buy, regulate the licenses and background checks required to buy and carry firearms, and may even disqualify certain people from gun ownership. And the White House just tightened restrictions on who can sell guns.

But what about a gun that has already been purchased legally, then given as a gift or shared between spouses? Can a wife buy her husband a gun as a Christmas present? Can a husband lend his wife a gun for protection? Can a husband carry his husband's gun? Let's take a look.

How to Modify Joint Custody of Kids and Be the Sole Custodian

You currently share custody of your children, but maybe you'd like to change that. You'd prefer to be the sole custodian and want to know how to make that happen.

The general answer is that you will have to apply with the court that awarded joint custody, and you should probably prepare for some opposition. Let's consider here what kind of conditions or changed circumstances might justify a change in a custody arrangement and how to prepare to make your case for being the sole custodian.

A speech delivered by Melania Trump, wife of presidential candidate Donald Trump, garnered all kinds of attention for all the wrong reasons at the Republican National Convention this week. As many have pointed out, a large segment of her speech seems to have been lifted from a speech given first lady Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

A trump aide has since admitted to inadvertently included phrasing from Mrs. Obama's speech after Mrs. Trump read them to her over the phone, explaining why the two speeches sounded so similar. The aide resigned, but could she also be on the hook for copyright infringement? And who owns the copyright to a speech anyway?

Protecting Your Kids When Divorcing an Alcoholic

If you have kids and are divorcing an alcoholic or considering it, prepare for some additional difficulties. An alcoholic parent who is still drinking but is in denial may want to have custody of your children. But you know that the person can be a danger to the kids. If it is difficult to trust them and they are prone to drinking, then you must find a way to protect your children.

Laws vary from state to state, so you will have to research your local statutes and talk to an attorney near you. But let's look at some general principles when it comes to excessive drinking, raising children, and divorce.

Urban Gardening Laws

More and more people are turning their rooftops into gardens, front-yards into farms, and vacant lots into vegetable patches. And while the burgeoning urban garden movement can add beauty and affordable produce to any neighborhood, it can also bump up against a few city, state, and federal ordinances.

So if you're getting into urban agriculture to be more health conscious, eco conscious, or money conscious, make sure you're also conscious of the laws and statutes that might apply.

Managing Divorce From an Angry Spouse

Divorce is difficult. It usually does not bring out the best in people. Is your former true love jealous, superficial, greedy, a cheat, or just plain angry and crazy? If you don't know this already, you may find out soon.

Still, one of you will have to be reasonable, so you may as well choose that role. Your goal now is to dissolve your union as neatly and fairly as possible, and staying calm will really help. So, in addition to signing up for yoga or fight club or therapy to manage the emotional overload, take some practical steps to protect yourself and your assets.

Whether it's your first, or you're hoping it will be your last, buying a house can be an exciting time. It can also be a bit nerve-racking -- between finding the perfect home, having it inspected, negotiating a price, and signing all the right paperwork, buying a house isn't easy.

Which is why we're here to help. Below is some of our best legal advice for buying a home, from the FindLaw archives:

Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Support?

For parents who have been the victims of domestic abuse, or whose children have been, it can seem imperative to get as far away as possible from their abuser. But your child still needs financial support and you should not let fear of an abuser prevent you from seeking child support. You can get help to handle this. Domestic violence does not exempt or create support obligations, although it may impact the application and process.

#USImmigrationLaw: Affirmative and Defensive Asylum Applications

Asylum is a humanitarian form of immigration relief. It is available only to those who have experienced particular kinds of persecution. There are two types of asylum applications, affirmative and defensive. They are similar but arise under different circumstances.

An affirmative asylum application is for a person who comes to the U.S. and actively seeks relief within one year of entry in the country. Defensive asylum applications are for people who are placed in removal proceedings and seek to remain in the country, defending against deportation with a humanitarian claim. Asylum claims are complicated, whether affirmative or defensive, so let's consider the basics.

Yes, this whole Pokémon Go thing is crazy. It's got more daily users than Twitter, players are battling over the White House, and weather websites are telling users how to take advantage of lightning to catch Electrabuzz. Suffice it to say, while Pokémon Go may seem like just a digital game, its augmented reality platform means it is having some real world implications.

So before you hit the Pokémon gym this weekend and pump imaginary iron (that's how all of this works, right?), make sure you're aware of all the legal implications of playing Pokémon Go.