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4 Tips for Making a Holiday Visitation Schedule

The holiday season is supposed to be fun but scheduling can get overwhelming. That is true for anyone but especially for parents who are separated or divorced and have twice as much celebrating to manage.

Your holiday visitation arrangements were likely determined in the divorce but each year certain details need to be worked out again. What can you do to keep cool?

4 Reasons to Delay Divorce Until After the Holidays

You really don't want to sit through another dinner with your in-laws and you just can't stand your spouse another minute! Divorce seems like a solution and it may well be.

But stop. Take a breath. There are some good reasons to grin and bear it for the holiday season. So, for practical, financial, and emotional purposes, consider waiting until January, as so many do, before you file for divorce.

New Year's Resolutions

Alton Abramowitz, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers told Reuters that there is no solid data on how many divorces are filed in January, but it is a popular time to act. "People don't want to upset the apple cart over the holidays ... And then, because they don't want to spend another damned year with that spouse of theirs, as soon as the holidays are over they pull the plug and file," explained Abramowitz. He outlines some reasons to hang around.

Can I Fight a Child Support Increase?

You can challenge a request for additional child support in court. When it comes to child support payments, the parents can either agree to a modification or they can put the request before a judge.

When asked, courts do review previous child support arrangements and the law does account for changes of circumstances, allowing downward or upward modifications of support. Whether you are being asked to pay more, or you are seeking a decrease in child support due to a change in your life, a judge will reconsider a previous arrangement. But be prepared to back up any claims you make with proof.

How Much Will an Adoption Lawyer Cost?

How much an adoption lawyer will cost you depends on many factors, which are not all calculable in the abstract. Laws vary from state to state and there are different types of adoption, as well as distinctions in the process between adopting a child in the US and one who is abroad.

Wherever you and the child are, adoption is a process. And usually not a fast one. In fact, it can be exceedingly slow and difficult for prospective parents. A lawyer can tell you what to expect before the process begins but no one can predict everything.

In a case of a headline being ripped straight from an episode of The Good Wife, a company that manages for-profit colleges has agreed to forgive over $102.8 million in student loan debt. Education Management Corporation (EDMC) reached a settlement with 39 state attorneys general to rescind debt owed by more than 80,000 former students nationwide.

EDMC was accused of using "high-pressure" recruitment tactics, giving inaccurate information about some of their programs' accreditation, and misrepresenting its colleges' educational benefits, job placement rates, and graduation rates. The company will pay $95 million to the federal government, who backed the loans.

Can I Get My Deposit Back on a New or Used Car?

You might be able to get a deposit back on a new or used car. But whether you actually will get it back depends on where you are purchasing, what deal you made, and your tenacity.

Consumer protection laws vary from state to state, but one myth prevails nationwide, according to Consumer Reports. Many people believe that they have three days to reflect on their car purchase before losing the deposit. That is a myth, the consumer protection organization says. Although there is a three-day rule to reflect on some consumer goods, it does not apply to deposits on new or used cars.

Can You Get Fired for Self-Defense at Work?

You can get fired for defending yourself at work if company policy demands otherwise. But in Utah, you can at least challenge that termination, thanks to the efforts of Walmart workers who were fired for failing to follow company policy on de-escalation during a robbery.

Their case has taken the long road through the courts, winning recognition of the general claim but not the specifics of their case. And it is still not certain that the Walmart workers' story will ever be put before a jury, according to the National Law Review.

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November is National Adoption Month. Parents of adopted children and prospective parents may be wondering what legal rights a non-biological parent has. These rights will often depend on relevant adoption laws, rights reserved by the biological parents, and whether previous parental rights have been terminated.

If you're thinking of adopting a child this month, or you've adopted or fostered a child in the past, here is an overview on the non-biological parental rights:

Utah Judge Allows Lesbian Couple's Adoption to Proceed

A Utah judge rescinded his order removing a foster child from the home of a lesbian couple. The order originally mandated that the child be placed with a heterosexual couple within one week, but now the kid can stay home as the prospective parents move forward with adoption, as planned, reports CNN.

Juvenile Court Judge Scott Johansen rescinded the order after rights groups national outcry about his decision. He cited the legal standard "best interests of the child" but based his initial decisions on his "belief that research has shown that children are more emotionally and mentally stable when raised by a mother and father in the same home."