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Checklist for Creating a 'Living Together Contract'

You are not ready to tie the knot but you and boo want to take your relationship to the next level. You plan to move in together. Do you just go with flow or do you need a written agreement?

If you create a contract, are you undermining the romantic aspects of your evolving union? In other words, is it just too weird to turn your love into a business deal?

When he's not berating his imprisoned staff behind closed doors, Dr. Phillip Calvin "Phil" McGraw has a popular television show on which he berates invited guests. He also has a website, and via this website Dr. Phil dispenses a list of "Divorce Survival Tips."

Dr. Phil is not an attorney, although contributing author Areva Martin is. But that didn't stop her from posting some words of not-so-wisdom under the Dr. Phil banner.

Tax Tips for Single Parents

Raising kids on your own is not easy and you need a break. Luckily, you may just get one ... or a tax break at least.

Tax experts say that the key to getting the proper credits on your taxes is not the divorce decree but reality. Although you may not be the official custodial parent, if your kids sleep under your roof for more than six months of the year, you can claim them as dependents. And here are a few more tax tips for single parents.

Immigrant Rights: What to Do When Stopped by Immigration Agents or Police

There is a lot of confusing information about rights in this country. It is difficult for Americans to know their rights or to respond appropriately when stopped by authorities. This is all the more true for immigrants, who are less likely to speak English as a first language or to understand how to interact with law enforcement.

But it is extremely important to know your rights, as well as your responsibilities. Learning what you can and should do when you encounter authorities could mean all the difference between a positive or a negative experience, and can have a serious impact on your life. So let's look at this guidance for immigrants, adapted from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Know Your Rights campaign.

While getting a school loan is fairly simple, paying off that loan is another matter entirely. And discharging the loan through bankruptcy? That's rarer than a unicorn.

Or so we thought. While the prevailing wisdom has been that you are stuck with federal student loans until you pay them off, some new cases might be indicating there are ways out for debtors that can't afford their student loans. One such exit is the often overlooked "borrower defense" provision. Does it apply to you?

Haven't Filed Taxes in Years? Here's What to Do

Plenty of people have tax problems, rich and poor, and many people, no matter how much money they have, take a similar approach. They ignore the problems for as long as possible.

So if you are one of these people, you have company. But you should address your issues and the Internal Revenue Service is certainly willing to accept late filings.

As soon as the skies became littered with unmanned aircraft systems, or, as most users call them, drones, legal regulations were sure to follow. While most drone users are just hobbyists who think they're cool, there are legitimate security and privacy concerns that accompany drone use.

To address these concerns, the Federal Aviation Administration has begun requiring registration of drones (and has already been sued for it). So how do you know whether you need to register your drone, and how do you do it?

Will Social Security Benefits Be Cut in 2016?

There is always talk of budget cuts to social programs, but the fate of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is especially threatened this year, according to reports. The program provides workers who have paid in with coverage benefits to support them during disability, but how long it will continue to do so is unclear.

Last year, it was revealed by program trustees that Disability Insurance, which so many rely on, is at risk. The program will not be able to pay out benefits at the same rate as it has by the end of 2016, as funds are dwindling. Beneficiaries face substantial cuts in benefits checks if the fund is not fortified.

Musician, actor, and cultural icon David Bowie passed away on January 10, and the details of his will are now being released. While his arrangements were fairly straightforward -- the bulk of his estate went to his family -- there were a few quirks that can shed some light on the estate planning process.

Here's what David Bowie's will can teach you about writing your own:

In Divorce, Am I Entitled to Half of My Spouse's Retirement?

When you got married you imagined that you and your true love would retire together in Florida after a long and fulfilling marriage. But things did not work out and now you and boo are splitting up your lives and cutting your losses.

Are you entitled of a share of the money that your spouse put into a retirement plan when you were together? And if so, how will you collect, considering the many years left before this plan is tapped?