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Following the death of a relative, the last thing anyone wants is a fight over the assets of the deceased. Everyone, including those in the court system, want the process to go as smoothly as possible.

With all of these good intentions, how do we still get into bitter disputes over inheritance? How can these disputes be avoided?

It's my property, right? Wait, does the property end before or after the sidewalk? Or in the middle? And if the sidewalk is on my property, do I still need a permit? After all, I heard you can get sued if your sidewalk is a safety hazard, so shouldn't I just fix this ASAP?

Not so fast. Like many construction projects, big and small, you may need a permit to fix your sidewalk.

The technological innovations in video recording and streaming have made home surveillance and security simpler and more secret. But can you take in-home surveillance too far?

Between nanny cams and monitoring your vacation or Airbnb rental, there are legitimate reasons for wanting to have a surveillance camera in your guest room. But there also may be legal issues with recording someone without their knowledge.

Welcome to the new FindLaw series, "If I Find," where we'll discuss the rule of finders keepers as it applies to different topics. We hope you'll check back regularly!

What's that black sludge puddling up in your back yard? ... Oil?

Congratulations, you're rich! Or, are you? Finding oil on your property may feel like striking liquid gold and winning the jackpot. However, it may not be a sure fact that you'll make any money off of it. Be careful, because it may not even belongs to you.

If you find oil in your back yard, is it yours?

The new home you found was perfect, so you made an offer. But if you find out the house isn't so perfect, are you stuck with it?

Well, that all depends. Not the most exciting answer, I know, so let's take a look at some of the factors determining whether you can back out on an offer to buy a house.

Do you have solar panels at your home? If be, be careful of possible damage to your solar panels caused by the environment. Also, you should be alert for damage to your home caused by defective solar panels.

If your solar panels are damaged or defective, does your insurance cover your losses?

For many couples, unfortunately, bankruptcy and divorce go hand in hand.

The statistics are quite discouraging and telling. Nearly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Of those, 22 percent of divorces are caused by money issues or disagreements about how to spend money.

If you and your spouse are contemplating bankruptcy and divorce, should you file for one before the other? Does it matter?

For a country that prides itself as being on the cutting edge of hot dog pizza, fried cheesecake, and Dorito-shelled taco technology, there are a surprising number of foods banned in the U.S. Some foods are illegal due to health concerns, some due to environmental hazards, and others because the main ingredient is an endangered species.

So what deliciousness are you missing out on?

With summer in full swing, the hot weather may have you tempted to put in a swimming pool.

Before you dive into constructing one, there may be one pesky issue you'll have to take care of first -- a permit.

Do you need a permit to build a swimming pool?

Buying a house is a big deal. Beyond the financial investment, there are quite a few legal implications, not to mention the emotional attachment to a new home. No one wants to end up on the other side of home ownership, wishing they had known something else before they got started.

Here are five things to know when buying a home, from incentives and inspections to insurance and the institutions that regulate home ownership.