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When involved in legal proceedings, it's always good to have a friend or two. But when a legal document refers a person's "next friend," it isn't talking about that person's social circle. Rather, the "next friend" is an individual appearing or appointed by a court to act on the behalf of a person lacking legal capacity, such as a child or a person who has been incapacitated due to illness or injury.

What does the "next friend" do, and when is it used?

Stay-at-home moms may need to reset their expectations about alimony after divorce; it might not be a given.

A Forbes contributor writes that many women going through divorce are quickly finding that spousal support (also known as alimony) is not provided by default. Even if it is granted, alimony may be squeezed down to a very small window of time and/or for a fraction of what a divorcee might expect. This may leave many stay-at-home moms, who may have been out of the job market for years, in the lurch.

So what should stay-at-home moms expect from alimony?

So you've decided to get engaged. Congrats! But while planning for your wedding, you should be aware of some the legal issues surrounding your engagement.

For example, what happens to that expensive ring if the wedding gets called off? A New York man recently found out the hard way when a judge ruled his ex-girlfriend (whom he claimed was his ex-fiancee) could keep the $10,000 ring he bought her, even though the couple had split.

What are some legal issues soon-to-be married couples need to know about? Here are 10:

Everyone from Ohio knows that "toward the lake" means north, and "toward the river" means south. In Ohio, when someone asks you how far away something is, you respond in minutes, not miles ("it's about 15 minutes from here"), and the University of Michigan is your mortal enemy.

When visiting the Buckeye State, if there's one thing you have to know, it's that candy buckeyes are delicious and real buckeyes are poisonous. Oh, and don't forget to keep these 10 laws in mind too:

A new study examining the link between the amount of money spent on a wedding and the duration of marriage has come to a somewhat surprising conclusion: Couples who spend less on their wedding tend to stay married longer than those who opt for expensive weddings.

In the study, researchers at Emory University looked at over 3,100 married couples, reports the Chicago Tribune. In addition to the amount of money spent on a wedding, the study found several other correlations between wedding ceremonies and duration of marriage that seem to go against conventional wisdom.

What does your wedding say about the odds of your marriage ending in divorce?

Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 colonies, and if you're in the Keystone State, you should be familiar with its rich history of laws.

While learning about the life of the Founding Fathers is a great way to enjoy the history of Pennsylvania, you may also want to focus on the present laws that will have a slightly more pressing effect.

Get ready for an updated page of Poor Richard's Almanac, with 10 laws you should know if you're in present-day Pennsylvania:

Divorcing spouses often hope that a judge will award them attorney's fees as part of a crushing legal victory over their former partners.

As satisfying and poetic as it might be to have your ex-spouse pay for your divorce lawyer, in most cases, the bill is on you. Generally speaking, it's only in extreme or special circumstances that you'll be able to get someone else to pay your divorce attorney's fees.

So in a divorce case, when can you potentially get attorney's fees?

Illinois is more than just home to Chicago, it's practically the center of culture for the Midwest. But you won't be able to fully appreciate that spirit if you don't know the laws of the Prairie State.

Northwestern students know better than to hit the road without obeying Illinois' DUI laws, and we think even Al Capone knew how his estate might be split up.

Don't visit or set up roots in the Land of Lincoln without learning more about these 10 laws:

Although it takes two to get married, it typically only takes one to get divorced.

When a divorce petition has been filed by the spouse seeking divorce, that petition is served on the other spouse. That spouse is then expected to answer the petition within a specific time dictated by state law.

But what happens if the other spouse fails (or refuses) to respond to the divorce papers?

Florida is a great place to raise a family, vacation, or even retire. But you'd be a fool to do any of the above without knowing at least some of the Sunshine State's laws.

Don't even think about passing down that "Golden Girls"-style South Beach pad without first learning if your will is valid under Florida law. And while you may have the pants and the look of "Miami Vice," you should probably know the DUI laws before you hit the road.

To make your Florida fantasy a legal reality, check out these 10 laws you should know: