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Can You Change Your Name Back to Your Ex's?

The Kardashians are hard to keep up with, but Kris Jenner wants to make it easier by going back to the family name. It's a little strange because Jenner was not born a Kardashian. She become one through marriage and the man she married is deceased, but some of her children do have the now-famous family name. Can she do that?

The answer is most likely yes. Although states have different statutes that outline the process of reclaiming a name or changing a name, generally speaking people are free to change their names within some limitations. Let's consider.

Life Changes: Seeking a Child Support Modification

When married couples get divorced, the non-custodial parent must contribute financial support. Child support can be agreed upon between parents or court ordered, depending on how contentious the divorce is and the extent of disputed issues.

The amount a non-custodial parent will have to pay is determined based on the family's financial circumstances, or ability to pay, and statutory guidelines. When circumstances change the support order can be adjusted to reflect new realities.

A restraining order or order of protection can be a person's last resort against threatening or harassing behavior. They can also be a person's only means to stop domestic violence or abuse. In some cases, restraining orders can save lives.

In other cases, they can ruin lives or be a tool for harassment. There are two sides to every restraining order, and cops and courts are often caught in between. When properly administered, restraining orders are an important tool in keeping people safe. So here what you need to know about restraining orders:

How Does Remarriage Affect Child Support?

If you are divorced with kids and either parent is contemplating remarriage, then you must be thinking about child support, too. You are wondering if the court will change the existing child support order or if a new spouse becomes financially responsible for the kids.

The answer is generally no, remarriage does not change a parent's obligations to their children. But child support orders are not fixed in stone, and there are limited situations in which a court will change support based on step-parent financials, or a change in parental status. Let's explore.

Sure, marriage is about two people who love each other confirming their commitment with an official (or not-so-official) ceremony. But there are some legal prerequisites and ramifications to getting married, and they're serious enough to consider before you say, "I do."

Here are a few of the most important legal things you should know, and a few things you should do, before you get married:

When a marriage goes bad, there may not be a whole lot of time for planning the divorce. In some cases, it's better to make a clean break quickly, and in other cases couples may have the time and patience to take things slowly.

Every relationship is different and there's no one way to go through a divorce, but there are some considerations worth keeping in mind when you're look for the best time to file divorce papers.

Top Adoption Law Questions

For a simple act of love and kindness, the law surrounding adoption can be fairly complicated. State adoption laws can vary, international adoption laws can seem impenetrable, and that's before you even get into the rights of birth parents.

Deciding to expand your family through adoption can be a beautiful one, but one that is also fraught with legal questions. Here are five of the biggest if you're considering adoption:

What to Do If You Suspect Your Ex of Child Abuse

You cannot protect your children from all the dangers they will encounter in life, and all the difficult situations. But you can certainly take steps to protect them when you suspect harm coming from within the family or people close to it during visitation.

Accusing someone of child abuse is a big deal, however, so do be thoughtful before you accuse your ex or their new mate of abuse. But don't wait until someone is seriously hurt. How do you achieve that balance? Let's examine.

What a Typical Child Visitation Schedule Looks Like

You are getting divorced, trying to prepare mentally for what your life will look like when everything is divided, including time with your children. What is a typical visitation schedule and who decides what's right for your family?

Depending on your ability to agree and communicate with your spouse at this point, you may be happy to hear that a lot is up to you two. Let's consider the principles applied to child visitation in divorce cases.

Priceless. That's what most of us pet owners would tell you about the value of our dogs, cats, and other furry, feathered, or scaly pets. (Well, maybe not cats, though as a dog owner, I might be biased.) But the Georgia Supreme Court might soon attach a dollar figure to your favorite non-human -- in an upcoming case, the court will decide whether, and how much, a family should be compensated for the loss of their dog.

So how much do you think Fido is worth?