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As soon as the skies became littered with unmanned aircraft systems, or, as most users call them, drones, legal regulations were sure to follow. While most drone users are just hobbyists who think they're cool, there are legitimate security and privacy concerns that accompany drone use.

To address these concerns, the Federal Aviation Administration has begun requiring registration of drones (and has already been sued for it). So how do you know whether you need to register your drone, and how do you do it?

Clock's Ticking: Obamacare Deadlines and Penalties

It's the start of a new year and you have resolved that in 2016, you will get a handle on administrating your life. But the stars have not quite aligned and you find yourself at the end of January with much to do, including choosing a health insurance plan.

Open enrollment for Obamacare -- officially known as the Affordable Care Act -- ends on January 31. The clock is ticking and consequences for missing this deadline could be severe, so here's help to get this year off to a healthy start.

Self-Driving Cars to Have Rules in 6 Months, Feds Promise

In the not-too-distant future, all tedious tasks will be on autopilot. Tech devices will answer our mails, regulate our homes, and do our chores, as well as our actual jobs. At that point, we'll be totally free to transport automatically in self-driving cars, exploring our connected world.

It sounds like sci-fi but it's real life, which is why federal regulators today announced that they are giving themselves six months to come up with a set of rules for automated vehicles.

"It's a bold step automakers and others working on self-driving tech are likely to welcome," writes Wired, "because they've long fretted that states would do what the feds have not, and create a patchwork of rules and regulations that could hamper development of the technology."

Last year, same-sex marriage, legal marijuana, and Black Lives Matter made the most legal headlines. But what about in 2016? Many new statutes are set to go into effect this year, and in January alone, the Supreme Court is hearing cases on labor rights, free speech, and double jeopardy.

So which new laws are going to make the most news in 2016? We've got a few guesses:

US and Cuba OK Commercial Flights

President Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro continue to work on improving US-Cuban relations, last week announcing flights between the two countries will resume. But most Americans are still officially prohibited from traveling to Cuba, according to the State Department, and there are no plans in place to actually resume commercial flights anytime soon. They have just been approved.

Despite the prohibition on American tourist travel to Cuba, some Americans and countless other tourists from around the world have long visited the island nation even without direct flights. And tourism in Cuba today is booming, according to reports from National Public Radio.

'Tis the season for giving, and some of you may be wondering if your gifts can be a little ... greener this year. And while we would love to give you a clear-cut answer on giving the gift of marijuana, the fact remains that pot laws and your ability to give someone pot as a gift will depend on where you, and that person, live.

So before you put a bow on that bud, here are some drug laws to keep in mind:

Not only are there consumer scams floating around on auction and ad websites like Craigslist, but criminals as well. And as 'Craigslist Crimes' keep piling up, local police forces are looking for ways to keep people safe.

One way is by using secure Internet purchase exchange locations. The brainchild of Bellingham, Massachusetts police, these safe spots can provide buyers and sellers with some security when it comes to actually exchanging goods and money. So how do they work?

Dangerous Dog Ban Lifted for Hero Pit Bull

Hazel Park, Michigan has lifted its ban on pit bulls based on the heroic efforts of a dog who saved her owner during a domestic abuse altercation. The ban was lifted after a two-year battle between dog owners and town authorities, according to Petcha.

In 2013, Jamie Kraczowski was being beaten up by her boyfriend when her dog jumped in to save her. Despite the dog's bravery, the owner was told that she must leave Hazel City as pit bulls are a banned breed.

Genetic manipulation has been a dream to some and a nightmare to others. But the days of inserting, cutting, and swapping out DNA always seemed a bit farther off. Until now. CRISPR-Cas9 is a technology that allows users to quickly and cheaply edit, delete or replace any gene, and is already being used in hundreds of labs.

This has many people wondering if designer babies are right around the corner, and whether manipulating human genes is legal.

No one wants to think about crime on vacation, but you may have no choice. We tend to think of hotels as our home away from home and we trust hotels to be as secure as our homes. And if something is stolen from our hotel room or on hotel property, we naturally want to hold the hotel responsible.

But is that legal? And are there limits to hotel liability when it comes to stolen property?