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On a sunny day, what's more fun than cruising down the street in the back of a truck bed with the sunshine in your face, wind blowing through your hair, and no barriers between you and nature?

But is riding in a the back of a truck legal?

A California bill that would legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients got a large show of support last week -- or at least a large removal of opposition. The California Medical Association (CMA) dropped its long-standing opposition to allowing doctors to help patients end their lives.

Instead, the CMA will take a neutral stance on SB 128, or the End of Life Option Act, but removing their opposition may make it easier for the bill to become law.

How old were you when you saw your first R-rated movie?

Almost every movie released to market has a rating of G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17. They're meant to provide consumers, especially parents, with advance information about how appropriate a movie may be for certain audiences. But, as many of us know, the ratings aren't always heeded. Many of us have watched R-rated movie without our parents long before we turned 17.

However, are the movie ratings legally enforceable? Can theaters get in trouble for a child watching an R-rated movie?

Does your state have a duty to report or help law?

On your walk to Starbucks, you hear a scream! Around the corner you find a lady knocked out, bleeding from a cut wound to her arm, and a guy is running away with her purse. Do you help her? Do you run after the guy? Do you call the police? Can you just continue on your way and ignore the lady?

More and more people are trying to keep wild animals as pets, only to find them not as friendly when they're full grown. Sometimes people come across injured wildlife while hiking, camping, or even in our own backyards.

And sometimes folks are just trying to get rid of a nuisance.

However you obtained a wild animal, you might want to be careful about releasing it. Many states have enacted strict laws regarding the possession, sale, and release of wild or exotic animals, so here are a few things to keep in mind:

Children grow up so fast don't they?

As a parent, you've made all the important decisions for your autistic child. You signed the permission slips. You've seen all the doctors. You managed his money and his schooling very carefully.

But, what happens when your child turns 18? As an adult, your autistic son can legally make his own decisions about medical treatments, living arrangements, and financial management. Is he ready to do that, or will you need to do it for him?

What should you do when your autistic child turns 18?

Vaccine Exemptions: Some State Laws

Last December, several visitors to Disneyland in California got an unexpected surprise -- measles. An outbreak of measles started when at least 40 people who visited or worked at the park contracted the disease and spread it to nearly 100 more people in over half a dozen states. The Center for Disease Control declared the outbreak over on April 17, 2015.

Despite measles being almost eradicated in the United States, unvaccinated travelers to and from other countries can bring the disease back. People vaccinated against the disease have little to fear. However, more and more parents are deciding to not vaccinate their children.

In reaction to the outbreak, some states are considering bills that would require all children to be vaccinated.

T.S. Eliot wrote, "April is the cruellest month." The National Safety Council, on the other hand, declared April Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

The Coalition Against Distracted Driving (CADD) has decided to commemorate the occasion by filing a $1 billion (PER YEAR) lawsuit against Apple for distracting drivers with the Apple Watch, a product that no driver has been distracted by yet.

There only thing better than that new car smell might be getting your new car out on the open road for the first time. And there may not be anything worse than a new car that you can't seem to get out of the shop.

Lucky for us, most states have lemon laws to protect new car buyers from getting stuck with a dud automobile. While lemon laws can vary from state to state, they generally require dealers or manufacturers to fix or buy back a vehicle with a seemingly irreparable defect. But how do you actually make sure dealers abide by lemon laws?

Raising a child is already expensive. Raising a child with autism can be even more costly.

Since autism treatment can require many doctor visits, therapist visits, and medication, many families cannot afford the cost of caring for an autistic child.

However, the government may be able to help. Here are some benefits that your autistic child may be eligible for: