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4 Things to Know About Flu Shots and Work

Flu season is upon us and it is time to talk shots. Whether you are for or against influenza vaccinations, you probably have a position. Neutrality does not seem to be an option when it comes to this topic.

Here are four basics about flu shots and employment to make the decision that will work for you this winter.

California will become the fifth state to allow physician-assisted suicide after Governor Jerry Brown signed the "End of Life Option Act" yesterday. The law, which will take effect sometime next year, will permit physicians to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to terminally ill patients.

Despite legal protections in place to prohibit misuse of the law, some remain opposed to any aid in death or dying.

Hospitals perform all kinds of tests in order to provide necessary medical care. And in some cases, it may be necessary to know what's in a patient's bloodstream before knowing the proper course of treatment.

But what if patients don't consent to a drug test? Or don't even know they're being tested? And are there ethical or legal considerations when turning the results of these drug tests over to police?

If he wasn't famous before this week, Turing CEO Martin Shkreli is certainly infamous now. Shkreli caught the wrath of the Internet and AIDS and cancer patients when his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, jacked up the price for a life-saving medication about 5,000 percent.

While reports now suggest Shkreli has reversed course and will lower the price of Daraprim, the price hike left many wondering whether there are regulations in place to ensure the affordability of essential medication. Sadly, many drug price controls don't exist yet.

Cottage Food Laws: Do I Need a Permit to Sell Food Locally?

You are a whiz in the kitchen and now you want to take what you make and sell it off your porch, at a farmer's market, or on the street. What will you need to do this legally?

The short answer is that you will probably need a permit. The more precise and much longer answer will depend on what, where, and to whom you are selling. Cottage food laws and regulations vary from state to state while permitting is contingent on the context of the sale.

Try as we might, no person is perfect. And some of those non-perfect people are our family members. This leaves us non-criminal family members with some tough choices to make. Does a daughter need drug therapy? Should you call the cops on your cousin? Is it time to consult with a lawyer?

Here are just a few of the legal considerations you should keep in mind if you've got a family member who is in involved in criminal activity.

While most of us will be around the grill for a barbeque or on the couch watching football, the Department of Homeland Security will on high alert this Labor Day weekend. The agency tasked with everything from immigration and border protection, to monitoring cell phone service, will be keeping a watchful eye on the nation's railroads over the next few days.

In addition to asking for increased public vigilance on a busy travel weekend, DHS and the Transportation Security Administration will be stepping up their presence on commuter trains.

Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?

Disability insurance may sound easy enough — you’re too sick or injured to work, you file some paperwork, and you get your benefits. But, as anyone who’s been through the disability claims process can tell you, it’s not always that simple.

Or maybe you’re stuck in the middle of the process right now — drowning in disability paperwork, trying to decipher your policy, or you’ve had your benefits claim denied and don’t know where to turn. This is when you’ll need an experienced attorney on your side. Here’s how a disability lawyer can help:

Emotional abuse may be harder to identify than physical abuse, but that doesn't make it any less harmful. Whether in the context of marriage, family, or even strangers, emotional abuse can leave lasting psychological and sometimes physical effects.

Fortunately, there are laws that can protect victims and prosecute perpetrators of emotional abuse. Here are some of those laws that you can, and sometimes must, use to protect yourself and others.

The idea seems easy enough: You love to teach yoga and you know some folks who want to practice with you. You may not have the money for a studio space, but it's nice outside, so why not just take your class to the park?

Unfortunately, it may not be that easy. If the yoga session is free, then you probably don't have to worry. However, if you're charging clients for the yoga session, you may need a permit to teach yoga in a public park.