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If a court has ordered alimony payments as part of your divorce, whether you're receiving or paying, you might be wondering how long that alimony will last. While court orders or alimony agreements usually provide a timeframe, conditions, or procedure for modification or termination, typically courts will allow modification for changed circumstances. Retirement will usually qualify as a changed circumstance worthy of a modification of the order if certain conditions are met.

Ending alimony payments, on the other hand, will generally only occur if financial or other circumstances have changed drastically, such as upon death (but even after death, in some cases, alimony can continue). Because alimony is generally viewed as a temporary support mechanism to allow a disadvantaged spouse to become self sufficient, ending alimony usually requires the supported spouse to no longer be in need. This can occur when they die, are no longer in need, become employed, remarried, or win the lottery.

Getting a divorce is stressful. Regardless of what state you’re in, the process involves a careful analysis of your finances, assets, holdings, debts and other obligations, as well as potentially an analysis of your fitness to be a parent. Frequently, divorce can have a severe financial and/or emotional impact on one or both parties. In the context of this, sometimes getting a second opinion could be the smartest decision you make.

The decision to get a second legal opinion in your divorce case can either resolve your concerns or confirm your fears. If your concerns are resolved and you are able to get some peace of mind, you can consider the money well spent. On the other hand, if you confirm your fears, you should consider the money even more well spent, as you can now work on either changing attorneys or having your current attorney change strategies.

Obtaining disability benefits can be a confusing process. Whether a person needs a lawyer to file for disability benefits really depends on the person, their individual circumstances, and their ability to complete the mountain of paperwork within the allotted time frames.

While getting the process started is simple enough to do without an attorney, once a claim is denied, strict deadlines are triggered and an appeal must be filed in a timely fashion. If you are concerned that meeting the deadline to file an appeal may be difficult, hiring an attorney before filing your initial claim might be the right choice for you. Also, you may simply want to get your paperwork professionally reviewed to insure it's completed correctly.

Most of us will never see the inside of a courtroom. And if we do, it's more likely to be for jury duty, or to haggle over a speeding ticket. Those less lucky may find themselves on the other end of a civil lawsuit, which can be a scary proposition. You may not have realized you did anything wrong, and now someone else is claiming you owe thousands or even millions of dollars?

Lawsuits should be taken seriously, but that's no reason to panic. Here's what you need to know if you've been sued.

You know you need legal advice. And you think you might need advice on finding legal advice. Well you've come to the right place. FindLaw is the number one online resource for consumer legal information, so we're experts at knowing when you'll need an attorney and how to find the best one.

To get you started, here are our top ten tips for hiring an attorney:

Proposed IL Forensic Evidence Rule Change Sparks Controversy

Humans make mistakes. We miss things, get confused, and misremember details. That is why the rules for handling forensic evidence in a criminal case are very strict and dictate how materials pass through police hands.

The strict procedure is meant to ensure the quality of convictions, and it allows defendants to challenge admission of evidence that is admitted against them without proof that proper procedure was followed. Now legislators in Illinois are considering a new law that would allow state crime labs to hide mistakes that technicians make, according to defense attorneys. Police say that the law ensures quality results. Let's consider the controversy reported by ABC News.

Not everyone feels comfortable with the body in which they were born. And not everyone identifies as the gender assigned to them on their birth certificate. Therefore, many people choose to change the gender on their birth certificate and other official documents to more accurately reflect their gender identity.

Unfortunately, making this change isn't always as easy as it sounds, and can require a variety of legal documents and procedures. So do you need a lawyer to officially change your gender?

Is Limited Scope Representation Right for My Child Custody Case?

It used to be said that the man who represents himself has a fool for a client. In child custody cases, which can be contentious and emotionally difficult, there is good reason to seek representation. But times are tough and if you're looking to cut costs, then you may be considering Limited Scope Representation, or unbundled legal services.

There are risks to limited representation. It's not right for everyone. Let's look at guidance from the California courts on how to decide if LSR is right for your child custody case.

Can I Hire a Family Member to Be My Lawyer?

If you have a legal issue, it's only natural to ask the lawyer in the family some questions. Whether you want to hire family as counsel is another matter, however, and one to consider carefully.

There are advantages to knowing your lawyer well and to having counsel that really cares about you. But family relationships can be complicated, and mixing it up is not always wise, even if it is allowed. So let's take a look at why you might not want to hire your cousin Vinny to be your counsel, although technically there is no prohibition.

What to Do When You Can't Pay Your Lawyer

If you cannot pay your lawyer, don't panic, don't disappear, and don't assume your debt will be forgotten. Lawyers often owe a lot of money for student loans and running a business means having a lot of expenses, so many practitioners do rely on every single client payment.

There are different types of fee arrangements and you may be able to negotiate a situation that will work for everyone. Even rapper Lil' Wayne talked to his lawyer about a payment plan. Here is how to handle the talk when you're stuck.