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Can I Hire a Family Member to Be My Lawyer?

If you have a legal issue, it's only natural to ask the lawyer in the family some questions. Whether you want to hire family as counsel is another matter, however, and one to consider carefully.

There are advantages to knowing your lawyer well and to having counsel that really cares about you. But family relationships can be complicated, and mixing it up is not always wise, even if it is allowed. So let's take a look at why you might not want to hire your cousin Vinny to be your counsel, although technically there is no prohibition.

What to Do When You Can't Pay Your Lawyer

If you cannot pay your lawyer, don't panic, don't disappear, and don't assume your debt will be forgotten. Lawyers often owe a lot of money for student loans and running a business means having a lot of expenses, so many practitioners do rely on every single client payment.

There are different types of fee arrangements and you may be able to negotiate a situation that will work for everyone. Even rapper Lil' Wayne talked to his lawyer about a payment plan. Here is how to handle the talk when you're stuck.

Like nearly all legal questions, trying to predict a lawyer's hourly rate will lead to one accurate answer: it depends. Factors like the type of case, the lawyer's experience, and even where you live will all come into play. Is a friend of a friend doing you a favor? Or are you going to a big firm? Are you paying for an associate's time, or a partner's?

While a variety of factors can create a wide range of hourly rates from attorneys, there are some general principles that can help you figure it out. Here's what to expect:

3 Trending Questions From FindLaw Answers

You've got legal questions, we've got answers. If you have not yet asked or answered a legal question on FindLaw's popular Answers community, what are you waiting for? This amazing free resource supports a dynamic community of attorneys and consumers helping each other out. Simple as that.

Here's a look at some of the more popular legal questions posted on our boards lately:

Whether you're moving for a new job, a new spouse, or just a new experience, our neighbor to the north has a lot to offer -- Canada has gorgeous scenery, friendly folks, and some of the most welcoming immigration laws around.

But that doesn't mean immigrating to the Great White North doesn't come with a few legal issues. And no one is better situated to help you with those issues than FindLaw Canada, with the most comprehensive access to legal information and lawyer services in the country. So if you're thinking of moving to Canada, here are a few of the best resources FindLaw Canada has to offer:

It happens about this time every four years or so -- American voters, faced with the prospect of their disfavored candidate becoming president, threaten to flee to Canada if he or she is elected. This election cycle, the Canadian emigration candidate seems to be Donald Trump.

After Trump nabbed seven of eleven states on Super Tuesday, US-based Google searches for "move to Canada" soared to a ten-year high. So if you're considering a move to the Great White North to avoid a Trump (or Cruz, or Clinton, or Sanders) presidency, do you need to get a lawyer?

Unless you are a citizen by birth, gaining U.S. citizenship can be a long, extensive, and complicated process. And while it may not be legally required for you to hire an immigration lawyer to file for citizenship, it may be a good idea to have someone with some professional experience on your side to guide you through the process.

Whether you have difficulty understanding English, need assistance gathering the necessary documents, or just want to know why some applications are denied so you can avoid the same fate, there are times when you might want a lawyer to file for citizenship.

Building a Home -- Do You Need a Lawyer?

It is common in this country to dream of owning a home, whatever our class or politics, identity or education. Whether it is a cabin or mansion, from the modest home of Henry David Thoreau to the lavish casinos of Donald Trump, building property is a longtime national preoccupation.

Now you're living the dream too and wondering what to do. Is there any need for a lawyer when building a home? Yes, and here's why.

Car repairs can be a scary prospect. First there's the cost, the time it will take, and then the worry about the repairs being done right. Most mechanics do good and honest work, and care for our cars like they were their own. But other mechanics on the other hand...

So what happens if you get one of the bad guys? When can you sue a mechanic if they don't take good care of your car?

Sometimes, whether you win or lose your legal battle will depend just as much on the attorney you hire as the law and the facts of your case. That's why choosing the right lawyer is so important. 

Most people will tell you to hire an attorney with a great reputation. But how do you research a lawyer's reputation? Two main sources: the state bar and word of mouth.