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In a victory for broadcasters, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Aereo's online TV-streaming service violates copyright laws.

The ruling, issued Wednesday, could affect not only the availability of television broadcast content online, but also the future of cloud computing, Reuters reports.

Here are five things you should know about the Supreme Court's 6-3 decision in American Broadcasting Cos. v. Aereo:

Getty Makes 35M Images Free for Bloggers' Use

Getty Images is now allowing bloggers to use 35 million of its images for free as long as they're used for non-commercial purposes.

Despite Getty placing a watermark on all its online images, Getty executives are aware that people have been copying and pasting copyrighted pictures without permission. So they've created a new system that allows select Getty images to be embedded on websites, with the proper attributions prominently displayed, Forbes reports.

What do bloggers need to know about using Getty's free images?

What Is Fair Use? Consider These 4 Factors

The legal doctrine of fair use allows you to use copyrighted material for certain purposes without permission from the copyright owner.

Stated otherwise, fair use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. If your use of copyrighted material qualifies as fair use, it would not be considered illegal infringement.

To be considered fair use, your copying must be limited and serve a "transformative" purpose.

Legal How-To: Copyrighting Your Screenplay

So you've written a screenplay. Before you share it with others, you'll want to legally protect your script by copyrighting it.

While your work is technically copyrighted the moment you create it, certain legal protections exist only when you register a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. For example, registration with the Copyright Office is required before you can file a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

A written treatment or outline of a fully developed, unique story should be enough to qualify for copyright protection, and a completed script usually does. Here's a general overview of what screenwriters need to know about the process:

What Do Copyright, Trademark Symbols Mean?

You see copyright and trademark symbols everywhere, but what exactly do they mean? Generally speaking, they put a stamp on your ownership.

Each of these symbols provides notice to the world that you are claiming legal rights in the mark or work. A few may require you to actually register your mark or work with the government.

Here's an overview of what each of these symbols mean:

Legal How-To: Looking Up Patents, Trademarks

How do you look up a patent or trademark? As today is National Inventors Day, it's a question many creative minds may be wondering about.

When contemplating a patent or trademark, it's important to conduct a preliminary patent and trademark search to make sure there isn't one that's similar -- or even identical -- to your idea.

Regardless of the reason for your search, there are a variety of ways to search for a patent or trademark.

Facebook Sued Over Alleged Message-Scanning

Facebook is being sued for allegedly scanning users' private messages to provide data to marketers -- without user consent.

The social media giant allegedly scanned plaintiffs' private messages that contained URLs in order to identify the website associated with the URL. This information was then sold to third parties, like advertisers and marketing companies, reports PCWorld.

The plaintiffs are now suing Facebook under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act for intentionally intercepting their private messages.

The Internet is laden with pirated TV shows and movies, and it turns out that the 10 most pirated shows of 2013 are also among the most viewed.

But for anyone caught illegally downloading one of these shows, the consequences can potentially be quite costly.

So which shows made it onto the Top 10 most-pirated list? And how can illegally downloading these shows make a pirate's 2014 anything but tops?

5 Ways Instagram Can Lead to Legal Trouble

While Instagram can be a fun photo-sharing app, it can also lead to legal trouble in a snap.

Perhaps the anonymity of the Internet lulls people into thinking they're immune to the consequences of sharing incriminating information. Regardless of which social network you're posting to, remember that nothing is sacred online.

As the following cases show, there are many ways Instagram can either land you in jail or make you vulnerable to a lawsuit. For example:

MPAA Wants Piracy, Copyright Curriculum for Kids

Kids download the darndest things. That's just one reason why the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) wants to teach kids about piracy and copyright law, as early as elementary school.

The MPAA is supporting efforts by a nonprofit group called the Center for Copyright Information to create a new copyright curriculum for children. The group's proposal is still being drafted, the Los Angeles Times reports.

But will early anti-piracy education really cut down on kids and young adults' illegal downloads? Here's how the program would work: