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It might be the scariest part about getting in trouble in high school: it could end up on your permanent record, and keep you from going to college. No one wants to jeopardize their future with some juvenile shenanigans.

But with employers relaxing their standards when it comes to hiring ex-cons, could colleges follow suit and leave questions about criminal convictions off their applications? One premiere university might be leading the way.

School's! Out! For! Summer! This means days at the beach or the mall with friends. This means no more reading, memorizing, or studying. But, wait! What about summer school?

Most states have truancy laws that make school attendance mandatory, except for excused absences, during the school year. Failure to attend school for a certain amount of days can result in criminal charges and punishment for both parents and students.

Do these truancy laws also apply to summer school?

As a kid, finding Oreos in my school lunch always made my day. These days, however, packing Oreos into your child's lunch might get you a stern reprimand from the school.

That's what happened to an Aurora, Colorado mom who says teachers confiscated her daughter's Oreos, and sent her home with a note, saying, "This is a public school setting and all children are required to have a fruit, a vegetable and a heavy snack from home, along with a milk." While mandating a "heavy snack" seems to run counter to healthy eating, are school officials really allowed to regulate what parents give their kids for lunch?

4 Laws Teachers Should Know

Happy National Teacher's Day!

Thank you teachers for teaching us our ABC's and 123's. Thank you for all the sleepless nights because we couldn't finish our homework before bedtime.

In appreciation of National Teacher's Day, here are four laws every teacher should know:

It's prom season across American high schools, and while some students are wondering who their date will be, others are wondering if they'll even be allowed to attend prom with their chosen dates.

This is because some schools have policies against allowing same-sex couples to attend prom. But are these prohibitions even legal? Can schools stop you from bringing a same-sex date to the prom?

Parents, society, and the media are becoming more open about the issues facing transgender children, the best way to protect and nurture transgender kids. And while the law has caught up in terms of protecting the rights of adult transgender workers and prison inmates, there are few legal protections in place for transgender children.

Here are a few of the laws already on the books, and some legal issues that parents and their transgender kids may still face:

The prom dress. Not even choosing a college induces the same amount of angst, apprehension, and possible elation for the high school female. The mere worry of duplicate dresses has spawned online databases and dibs industries.

At least one school had added another layer of stress on the dress decision. Eisenhower Senior High School in Houston, Texas initially posted a notice requiring all female prom attendees to submit photos of themselves in their dress for prior approval. This was probably not a well-thought-out plan.

A father has settled a lawsuit with his daughter's Connecticut school district after she was barred from attending class over fears she may have contracted Ebola.

Stephen Opayemi and his 7-year-old daughter had attended a wedding in Nigeria and returned to find that her school, Meadowside Elementary in MIlford, wouldn't let her rejoin her class for another 21 days. Opayemi filed suit in federal court in Connecticut, hoping a judge would order the school to let his daughter return. On Thursday, the parties settled, allowing the young girl to return to school on Friday, reports the Connecticut Post.

What was the legal thrust of Opayemi's suit over this school Ebola policy, and what happens now that he's settled?

Illinois is more than just home to Chicago, it's practically the center of culture for the Midwest. But you won't be able to fully appreciate that spirit if you don't know the laws of the Prairie State.

Northwestern students know better than to hit the road without obeying Illinois' DUI laws, and we think even Al Capone knew how his estate might be split up.

Don't visit or set up roots in the Land of Lincoln without learning more about these 10 laws:

The U.S. Education Department made a student-friendly move on Friday, announcing it would renew focus in its contracts with student loan servicers on being "borrower-focused."

Undersecretary of Education Ted Mitchell noted in an interview that the new student loan servicers would be put "on notice" that they have to be more consumer friendly, reports The Wall Street Journal. The new federal contracts even provide quarterly bonuses for servicers who have lower rates of borrower delinquency.

What does this shift mean for America's student loan borrowers?