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Ignoring an unpaid parking ticket can have nasty consequences despite how ridiculous or petty you think the parking offense is.

Unpaid parking tickets, when left unresolved, can cause double or triple fines to be imposed, your car to be towed, and even your license to be suspended.

So don't just shove that parking ticket into your glove box. Here are a few things that can happen when you ignore unpaid parking tickets:

The U.S. Supreme Court is on summer break for the moment, but its next term begins in October with a handful of very interesting cases.

Beginning October 6, the nation's highest court will hear appeals involving issues of criminal law, prisoner's rights, labor law, class-action claims, and patent law.

Here's a preview of the Supreme Court's first 10 cases of the October 2014 Term:

If you've recently been stopped for speeding, you may be wondering: Why are speeding tickets so expensive?

Getting a speeding ticket has never been anyone's idea of a good time. But the dramatic rise in the fines associated with speeding violations has made getting a ticket even more of a pain, both in the neck and in the wallet. In some states like California, fines for speeding violations are now as much as eight times more expensive than they were in 1993, reports Los Angeles' KCAL-TV.

So what makes a speeding ticket so expensive?

Window tinting may be a welcome privilege in bright or warm climes, but state laws often keep dark windows from being too dark.

Frustratingly, there is no national standard for window tint, despite the fact that drivers often travel across state lines. However, there are some generalities among state laws with regard to car window tints.

So how dark is too dark for car window tinting?

When South Carolina's new law against texting while driving went into effect on Monday, Montana officially became the last state in the nation with no statewide ban on texting while driving.

But as The Associated Press reports, Montana isn't far behind: Currently, a dozen cities and two counties in the state prohibit texting while driving, and state legislators have plans to introduce a bill to ban the use of cell phones while driving in 2015.

So aside from portions of Montana, what can happen if you get caught texting and driving anywhere else in the United States?

Most drivers have probably heard the term "speed trap" and likely haven't heard very complimentary things about them.

But what exactly is a speed trap? And more importantly perhaps, are speed traps legal?

Here's what drivers need to know:

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season and BBQ season, not to mention the travel season.

AAA projects that 36 million Americans will trek at least 50 miles away from their homes this Memorial Day weekend, ready to shake off the cold-weather blues of a rough winter. That means there will be 1.5 percent more people on the roads than last year.

As you prepare for your Memorial Day weekend road trip, don't forget these five legal tips:

Today is National Bike to Work Day -- a great way to both cut down on your carbon footprint and get some exercise by biking to work.

However, there are a few laws to keep in mind anytime you hit the road on a bike. Here are our Top 10 legal tips for National Bike to Work Day -- and pretty much any other day of the year:

Is It Legal to Drive With Pets in Your Lap?

Happy "Love Your Pet" Day! To mark this special occasion, pet lovers and annoyed drivers alike may be wondering: Is it legal to drive with pets in your lap?

The answer depends on your state's traffic laws. At least one state has an explicit statute that prohibits you from holding your pet while driving; in other states, drivers with animals in their laps can potentially be ticketed under distracted driving laws, according to USA Today.

Bottom line: Those with furry passengers on their person could be in for a bumpy ride. Here's what you need to know about driving with pets in your lap:

Can you leave the house without your ID? It seems like a silly question to most, but with some shifts in state immigration laws, it has become a serious question.

In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to carry your ID on you at all times. But here's what you might expect in the real world: