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Thanksgiving travel means air travel for many Americans, and air travel means abiding by the somewhat opaque rules set up by the TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) still requires that many items must either be shipped or placed in checked baggage in order to make it to your final holiday destination. This leaves many Turkey Day travelers wondering: Can I bring my special pie/gravy/sauce/turkey in my carry on?

Your experience may vary, but here are five Thanksgiving foods and gifts the TSA may not let you on board with:

The murdered-out look is certainly nothing new. Car heads have been blacking out their rides for years.

And for just as long, drivers of blacked-out cars have been getting attention from law enforcement. The latest driver to draw the ire of police is "Keeping up With Kardashians" cast member and pseudo-Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner. According to TMZ, Jenner was pulled over by Los Angeles police and cited for the black covers on her murdered-out Range Rover earlier this week.

What do car owners need to know about the legality of blacking-out their cars?

Snow is a dangerous reality of many roads and highways across America, and snow tires and snow chains are a good way to avoid a potential accident.

But whether it's a good idea or not to equip your vehicle with these traction devices, it's quite another thing to say they're required by law. And if they're required, what exactly is the penalty for not using them?

Winter driving laws vary across the states, but here's a general overview of when it's illegal to drive without snow chains or snow tires:

North Carolina has been host to colonists, pirates, rebels, and tobacco farmers, so you may guess that the state also has a rich legal history.

You may only be visiting North Carolina for some good BBQ or planning to put down roots in Raleigh-Durham, but either way, you need to know the laws of the land.

While in the Tar Heel State, be sure to know these 10 laws:

Michigan was the birthplace of many of America's industrial and manufacturing dreams, and it grew up with its own set of laws.

Whether you're in Detroit living out your "8 Mile" fantasy or visiting one of the Wolverine State's many dairy farms, you need to know what's permitted by state law.

So even if you're a member of the Michigan militia, pay attention to these 10 laws you should know:

Georgia is home to Turner Field, Coca-Cola, and boiled peanuts. But the Empire State of the South also boasts a unique set of laws that governs everyday life in the state.

So whether you're settling down in Marietta or posting up in a penthouse suite next to your famous neighbor T.I., you need to at least get a handle on these 10 Georgia laws:

Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 colonies, and if you're in the Keystone State, you should be familiar with its rich history of laws.

While learning about the life of the Founding Fathers is a great way to enjoy the history of Pennsylvania, you may also want to focus on the present laws that will have a slightly more pressing effect.

Get ready for an updated page of Poor Richard's Almanac, with 10 laws you should know if you're in present-day Pennsylvania:

Illinois is more than just home to Chicago, it's practically the center of culture for the Midwest. But you won't be able to fully appreciate that spirit if you don't know the laws of the Prairie State.

Northwestern students know better than to hit the road without obeying Illinois' DUI laws, and we think even Al Capone knew how his estate might be split up.

Don't visit or set up roots in the Land of Lincoln without learning more about these 10 laws:

By now, you're likely aware that texting while driving is illegal pretty much everywhere. But what about texting while biking?

Bike riders are generally subject to many of the same traffic laws as cars, such as observing traffic signals and not biking while intoxicated.

So is texting while biking legal?

Florida is a great place to raise a family, vacation, or even retire. But you'd be a fool to do any of the above without knowing at least some of the Sunshine State's laws.

Don't even think about passing down that "Golden Girls"-style South Beach pad without first learning if your will is valid under Florida law. And while you may have the pants and the look of "Miami Vice," you should probably know the DUI laws before you hit the road.

To make your Florida fantasy a legal reality, check out these 10 laws you should know: