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A Florida grandmother claims her experience at a local Great Clips salon was somewhat less than great.

In fact, Vyunda Bradshaw says that her bad haircut is ruining her life, and is demanding $1,000 to compensate for her "pain and suffering." The salon's manager agreed that the cut is unacceptable, but told Orlando's WKMG-TV that the salon can't give the woman the money she's asking for.

What led to Bradshaw's unfortunate haircut? And would pain and suffering damages even be available in her case, if she tries to pursue a lawsuit?

If your all-you-can-eat bacon festival fails to deliver all-you-can-eat bacon, you have to expect that bacon lovers are going to be pretty upset.

However, if one of those upset bacon lovers is an attorney, you might find yourself facing more than just a few angry phone calls.

You could be facing accusations of false advertising.

Subway Sued Over 'Footlong' Subs That Come Up Short

Chew on this: Subway's "footlong" subs aren't really a foot long, a new lawsuit claims.


Well, now Subway will have to defend itself against allegations of false advertising. Two men in New Jersey are suing Subway, claiming that the sandwich-maker lied about the size of its footlong subs.

The lawsuit comes after an online photo went viral, showing an Aussie posing with a sandwich and a tape measure.

SpongeBob SquarePants Coins Seized by FBI in Peregrine Raid

In SpongeBob we trust? Defrauded investors of Peregrine Financial Group may have no choice but to trust SpongeBob as they now work at recovering the millions they may have lost.

Peregrine's CEO, Russell Wasendorf, confessed to nearly 20 years of fraud while at the helm of the futures brokerage, reports Reuters. His house of cards fell apart this month and his company declared bankruptcy.

Wasendorf was arrested and an investigation of Peregrine's assets revealed a trove of silver SpongeBob SquarePants coins in company vaults. The FBI seized the coins, and investors facing a $200 million shortfall may have no choice but to accept compensation by SpongeBob.

Converted 'Slambulance' with Stripper Pole Has EMTs Upset

A converted ambulance is creating some controversy in Texas. Local EMTs are upset over the "Slambulance," a retired emergency vehicle transformed into a party van complete with stripper pole.

Paramedics at MedStar, a Fort Worth ambulance service, are saying the vehicle is misleading and dangerous. The owners of the Slambulance plan to use it for parties and events, reports. 

The retired 1997 Ford ambulance is painted red and blue. "DFW Cougar & Kitten Rescue" is written in white letters on all sides and the vehicle even lights up.

But is it legal?

Google Fined $650K by Court for Making Google Maps Free

Tech giant Google has been ordered to pay 500,000 Euros, or roughly $650,000, to a competitor by a French court. French company Bottin Cartographes had complained the company was engaging in some unfair competition.

Why? Because Google offered its map services for free.

The nerve! How could they do such a thing? Offering something for free? That is totally not cool.

Toy Doll's Potty Mouth Uses the B- Word, Shoppers Claim

Would you buy your child a toy doll that says profanity? Probably not. But if you recently purchased the "You and Me Play and Giggle Triplet" dolls from Toys "R" Us you might be in for a surprise.

The dolls say baby babble. They say "goo goo," "ma ma" and "da da."

They also say something that sounds suspiciously like a word that starts with a "b" and rhymes with "ditch."

Wiener Wars: Oscar Mayer, Ball Park Beef Over Hot Dogs

Perhaps Chicago Judge Morton Denlow put it best when he opened the Sara Lee/Kraft lawsuit with the words, "let the wiener wars begin."

Kraft, maker of Oscar Mayer, and Sara Lee, which makes Ball Park, are suing each other over hot dogs.

Their beef with each other? Deceptive advertisement practices. Both sides allege that their hot dogs are the best. But, like most superlatives, the "best" indicates that there should only be one top dog.

Breast Milk Ice Cream: Is 'Baby Gaga' Treat Safe?

Gourmet ice cream is booming these days, with shops popping up from coast to coast. Frozen superstars create unique and intriguing combinations--flavors like milk chocolate tarragon and Guinness gingerbread.

If you think your local parlor is pushing the envelope with similar flavors, think again. Because The Icecreamists, an "edgy" ice cream shop out of London, is ripping that envelope right open and tearing it to shreds. They've done the unthinkable--they've gone back to the basics. Yep. They're using human breast milk.

Fountain Lady Looking to Sue after YouTube Video goes Viral

Fountain lady Cathy Cruz Marrero has become an internet sensation. How? By unwittingly starring in the "lady falls in fountain while texting" video, of course. The video of the fountain lady has already been viewed nearly two million times on YouTube. Now she's considering suing the mall where it happened.

This is the world that we live in.

The Reading, Pennsylvania woman is considering suing the mall for allowing the video to be posted online, ABC News reports. She says that she has been humiliated by having so many people view the video. The video was posted on YouTube where it has gone positively viral. She says that the distribution of the video, and the fact that "no one came to my aid" has caused the intentional infliction of mental distress.