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Smart Car owners beware, there's a terrible new trend hitting the streets: Smart Car tipping.

Move over rural cow tippers, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that at least four Smart Cars were tipped over in San Francisco as of Monday. Were no-good kids to blame?

And what can our legal system do to prevent future Smart Car tippings?

Texas Cop Arrested After Farting in Another Cop's Face

A Texas cop wound up in handcuffs after he allegedly hit a fellow officer and farted in his face. How's that for organic tear gas?

Lago Vista Police Det. Lawrence Michael Jonap, 45, was charged with assault by causing bodily injury, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

But where does the alleged fart figure in to the charges?

Rejected Job Applicant Mails Cat Poop to Companies, Gets Arrested

It's never fun to get turned down for a job. Jevons Brown, a 58-year-old veteran in St. Louis, had a particularly rough time with the constant rejection.

To exact revenge, he mailed cat poop -- a lot of cat poop -- to companies that didn't hire him.

Though hailed as a hero among dejected commoners, Brown faced criminal consequences for his feisty feline foible.

Don't Let Nat'l Hugging Day Land You in Legal Trouble

It's National Hugging Day! The day all you Bear Huggers and Snuggle Huggers have been waiting for.

But before you move in for that warm embrace, make sure to first squeeze out any potential legal issues. After all, you don't want to end up as the resident Creepy Hugger.

Here are three ways you can hug your way into legal liability if you aren't careful:

Gory Halloween Decorations Scare Neighbor Into Calling 911

One Oklahoma man's grim Halloween decorations "tricked" people so well that a neighbor called 911. Johnnie Mullins decked out his yard with ghosts, tombstones, and two surprisingly realistic-looking bodies in his driveway.

The hardcore Halloween enthusiast fashioned a dummy to look like it was person crushed to death by a garage door. Will the gruesome prank get Mullins a handcuff trick or a law enforcement treat?

Yale 'Poopetrator' Causing Big Stink on Campus

Who is the "Yale poopetrator"? Yale University police are hot on the heels of a serial laundry-tamperer who is pooping and peeing all over students' laundry.

Considering how much effort it takes to do laundry -- let alone for silver spoon-fed ivy league college students -- this is truly the crappiest prank to pull.

Yale Police have opened an official investigation. But will the po-pos catch the poopetrator?

Mystery Man Pays Water Bill With Cocaine, Triggers Hazmat Response

How do you pay your water bill? By cash, check, or credit card? According to The West Volusia Beacon, a mystery man in Florida decided to do so by cocaine. Or, was it just a generous donation to the water department? If so, somebody still needs to pay their bill.

The man, currently unidentified, walked into the water department office earlier this week and handed the cashier an envelope. The envelope contained a white powder, which triggered hazmat teams to respond. After the powder was tested, it was confirmed to be crack cocaine.

The Volusia County Sheriff's department has confirmed that the building has surveillance cameras, the Beacon reports, but his identity is still unconfirmed. What types of charges might our mystery bill-payer be facing?

A gagged and hog-tied Brooklyn man faked his own kidnapping as a way to explain his absence to his demanding girlfriend, investigators say.

As one law-enforcement source told the New York Post: "He's a total moron."

Police say Rahmell Pettway, 36, admitted to spending two weeks away from his home. Unable to explain his extended absence to his girlfriend, Pettway allegedly came up with the fake kidnapping idea, the Post reports.

If this plan seems ill-conceived, the execution was not any better.

Warning: Mayan Calendar Is No Defense for End-of-World Stupidity

If you believe the Mayan calendar, then December 21, 2012, may just be the end of the world.

Of course, not everyone agrees that existence will end or that a new "cosmic dawn" will rise. Even the Mayans don't think the end of days is coming this year, according to CNN. But there are a fair number of people who are bracing for the end, or at least thinking about the things they'd want to do before existence as we know it is snuffed out.

Sure it's a great excuse to take some chances and have a good time. But there are some things you probably don't want to do just in case the world is still there on December 22. For example:

'Chick Bank Robber' Brags on YouTube, Then Gets Busted

Self-proclaimed "Chick Bank Robber" Hannah Sabata successfully robbed a bank and shared her accomplishments on YouTube. So no one was surprised when the teenager was busted by the cops shortly thereafter.

The 19-year-old Sabata held up a bank in Waco, Nebraska, and stole a car, according to her own YouTube confession. She bragged about her crimes in a video clip that runs nearly 8 minutes long.

Unfortunately for Sabata, her video also alerted police. Even more embarrassing, she didn't make it difficult for them to find her.