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Facebook Breathalyzer Post Leads to DUI Probation Violation

Drinking and driving is never cool, but bragging on Facebook about drinking and passing a Breathalyzer test could lead to a DUI probation violation.

Colleen Cudney, 22, from Westland, Michigan, was already on probation for a 2012 drunk driving conviction. After she passed a random Breathalyzer test, Cudney bragged on Facebook that she had been drinking the day before but her "dumba@@" passed, according to Detroit's WDIV-TV.

Depending on the terms of the DUI probation, getting caught with alcohol in your system could be considered a probation violation.

Worst DUI Excuse Ever: Drunk Man Was Trying to 'Drive It Off'

Taking a drive to clear your head is one thing, but hitting the road drunk to "drive it off" will get you busted for a DUI.

In another embarrassing arrest story for Florida, a man named Michael Moore -- a 61-year-old from Hobe Sound, not the famous filmmaker -- was arrested on suspicion of DUI after police caught him allegedly speeding. Moore told the officer "that his wife told him that [he'd] been drinking too much, so he decided to go out and 'drive it off,'" according to an arrest report obtained by

If convicted, will Moore's "drive it off" excuse affect his sentencing?

911 Call Over Raw Waffles Turned Into Emergency Lesson

Although hunger can make you a little loopy, a Florida woman may have taken it to the next level when she called 911 to complain about the "raw waffles" she received at a restaurant.

The woman explained to the dispatcher that she asked the waffles to be removed from her bill, but the restaurant server accused of her being drunk, according to The Huffington Post.

While the woman wasn't arrested for her call, making "false alarm" 911 calls in Florida could land a caller in jail.

Fake $1 Trillion Bill at Applebee's Gets Diner Arrested

A South Carolina man tried to use a $1 trillion bill to pay for his lunch at Applebee's. No, he's not the Richest Applebee's Customer Ever -- he's an alleged fraudster.

53-year-old Michael Williams tried to use a $1 trillion bill after his debit card was declined, Columbia's WIS-TV reports.

No word yet on whether he's ever tried to pay with Monopoly money.

Texas Cop Arrested After Farting in Another Cop's Face

A Texas cop wound up in handcuffs after he allegedly hit a fellow officer and farted in his face. How's that for organic tear gas?

Lago Vista Police Det. Lawrence Michael Jonap, 45, was charged with assault by causing bodily injury, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

But where does the alleged fart figure in to the charges?

Rejected Job Applicant Mails Cat Poop to Companies, Gets Arrested

It's never fun to get turned down for a job. Jevons Brown, a 58-year-old veteran in St. Louis, had a particularly rough time with the constant rejection.

To exact revenge, he mailed cat poop -- a lot of cat poop -- to companies that didn't hire him.

Though hailed as a hero among dejected commoners, Brown faced criminal consequences for his feisty feline foible.

Did a Big Mouth Billy Bass Foil Would-Be Burglar?

The heroic singing efforts of a Big Mouth Billy Bass may have prevented a burglary from taking place at a Minnesota fishing store, the store's owner claims.

In case you're unfamiliar with the Big Mouth Billy Bass, it's a novelty singing fish decoration that you hang on your wall. It belts out songs and flaps its tail when someone walks by. Often given as a gag gift, Billy Bass' big mouth may have scared away a would-be intruder from the store after hours, according to ABC News.

What's fishy is that media reports have been calling the alleged crime an attempted burglary. Legally speaking, is that correct?

Philadelphia-area police made a "legen-dairy" arrest last month, nabbing the alleged "Swiss cheese flasher" who was caught on camera in at least one incident.

Christopher Pagano, 41, who's also known as the "Swiss cheese pervert," was arrested at his home in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Investigators determined that Pagano had driven up to women and offered them to watch him place Swiss cheese on his genitals, Philadelphia's WCAU-TV reports.

What was this not-so-Big Cheese charged with?

Wanted Man Shares Own Mugshot on Facebook, Then Gets Arrested

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after sharing his own mugshot on Facebook.

Anthony Lescowitch was a wanted criminal until he shared his wanted photo that was originally posted on the Freeland Police Department's Facebook page. The "share" gave police a direct link to Lescowitch's Facebook page and he was later arrested, the Associated Press reports.

While Facebook posts can get you in trouble at work, how can they get you arrested?

Bad Karma Ahead for Busted Yoga-Class Burglar?

Yogis and yoginis in Berkeley can be zen once again. Police have arrested a suspected yoga class burglar who's accused of stealing from four yoga studios, a capoeira gym, and a restaurant -- all while students and customers were distracted.

Christopher D. Newton, 20, has been charged with six felony commercial burglary counts for stealing unattended wallets from yoga students while they were being mindful in class, according to Berkeleyside.

After Newton's allegedly unchill crimes, what bad karma could be in store for the accused yoga class burglar?