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We always knew he had a problem with self-control, but we ignored the warning signs. We took his insatiable appetite for a quirky character trait and not the serious addiction that it was. We all laughed while he cried on the inside.

And now his reign of terror on Texas eateries has come to an end. 'Cookie Monster' was arrested last week, charged with a string of cookie and cash robberies.

For some folks, it's not enough to drive around with a Confederate battle flag flying from the sunroof of their Mazda and see it flying as part of their state flag and be able to buy it just about anywhere. No, some folks need to know that they can walk into any Walmart in Mississippi and see the state flag for sale, emblazoned with the stars and bars of the Confederacy.

Marshall W. Leonard of Tupelo, Mississippi is one such person. So at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, Marshall rolled his Confederate flag-covered Mazda up to the night entrance of the local Walmart and tossed a bomb inside.

Police sting operations have become as complicated as movie heists, with layer upon layer of subterfuge designed to lure master criminals into law enforcement's web.

Take this gambit from police in St. Petersburg, Florida: after a genius car thief left paperwork bearing his name in a car he was accused of stealing, a cunning detective called him to come pick them up. Not suspecting the slick stratagem, the thief stole yet another car and drove it to the police station.

And there the officer's elaborate trap was sprung!

Twenty-year-olds: Do you have 15 luxury sports cars, but want one more? Who doesn't! Are you in the difficult position of having a Ferrari 458 Italia but wanting a brand, spanking new Ferrari 458 Italia? We've all been there! Worried your Swiss millionaire dad won't buy it for you? Ugh, parents!

But as hard as it may seem, just ask your pops for that new $300,000 car -- don't hire two goons to set it on fire.

Who among us hasn't needed a drink or a few, only to be stuck with the kids? (Or maybe you need a few drinks because you're stuck with the kids.) Well, one Florida mom thought she found the perfect solution -- leave the kids in a Waffle House and go drink in the bar across the street.

What could possibly go wrong?

Vacations are a time to go wild, but don't go too wild. You may get arrested.

Four tourists were arrested in Malaysia last month after they got naked on a sacred mountain and caused an earthquake.

A Michigan woman got charged with four crimes, and she can't even remember what happened. Let's see if we can refresh her memory.

At around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, Jessie Schwaub-Devault was arrested after driving the wrong way while intoxicated. She led police on a five-mile chase before jumping out of her SUV and running. When police caught up with her, they were surprised to find that she was naked! Oh yeah, before the chase, she left her husband and child, also both naked, stranded at the roadside reststop.

Schwaub-Devault claims to have blacked out and have no memory of the incident. She was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, indecent exposure, fleeing the police, and child abuse.

Regifting. This Time it's a Crime!

Don't you just hate it when you give someone a gift, and they just hide it away in the back of a closet? Or maybe give it to someone else? You spent hard earned money on that gift! Go ahead, be angry. Just don't break into their house to take it back.

A Burnsville, Minnesota man was recently arrested for burglary after he stormed into his neighbor's house to take back an unappreciated Christmas gift. Let's call this man Mr. Grinch. Mr. Grinch gave a friend a knife set for Christmas. Angry that she wasn't using the knife set in the agreed way (we do so hope he meant cooking), he demanded the knife set back. The friend agreed to give it back. But before she could go get them, he pushed his way into her home, took the knives, and absconded.

Police later found and arrested Mr. Grinch. Is he guilty?

Once again, a restroom at a Walmart has been converted into an impromptu meth lab, The Associated Press reports. Meth, an illegal stimulant, is often produced in so-called "clandestine chemistry" labs. As police have cracked down on home-based labs, which have a tendency to explode, artisanal meth makers have pursued more creative lab locations such as cars, backpacks, and big-box store bathrooms.

One enterprising Walter White wannabe (or just an run of the mill meth-head) combined two novel meth-making methods in Muncie, Indiana. Employees at the local Walmart discovered last Thursday that someone had been brewing meth out of a backpack stored in their restroom. Two arrests have been made.

You might think we don't need a list of things you shouldn't tell the cops. Then you might read the story of an Ohio man who called 911 to complain that his wife stole his cocaine.

In the most predictable turn of events ever, the man was promptly arrested when officers responded to the call.