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Pot Vending Machine Is a 1st, but Is It Legal?

First there was a cupcake vending machine. Now there's a pot vending machine, but is it legal?

Now that marijuana is legalized in Colorado for people 21 and over, a vending machine will be installed in a few medical pot dispensaries in the state to allow users to get their weed on-the-go, according to The Cannabist.

So will the vending machine run into any legal problems?

Yelp reviews are all the rage, even for local courthouses.

If you're involved in a court case, answering a jury duty summons, or even if you're just curious, courthouse Yelp reviews offer a way to gauge honest opinions about what to expect the next time you visit the halls of justice.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out these Yelp reviews of select courthouses in the 10 largest U.S. metro areas:

Panty Raid Fail: Family Traps Alleged Burglar in Bathroom

A man allegedly went on a full-on panty raid in a Florida family's home, but his drawer dreams were dashed when the family cornered him in their bathroom.

Manuel Rodriguez, 21, was allegedly caught red-handed pocketing panties and other laundry items last weekend, Fort Myers' WBBH-TV reports.

So what's the price for stealing skivvies?

NYC Night Court Is a Tourist Attraction? 5 Facts for Visitors

Going to court in New York City probably isn't your idea of a good time, and yet the city's night court has become a tourist attraction in its own right.

Tourists from around the world -- some armed with travel books that list NYC's night court as a unique destination -- are transfixed as they witness the American justice system in action, The Associated Press reports.

Perhaps visitors are hoping for a "Law and Order"-type experience, but alas the Manhattan Criminal Court's nighttime docket isn't meant to be entertaining. It's a real court of law that hears and decides criminal cases. (There's also a small-claims court that's open Thursday nights, but that's not the one where all the tourists go.)

So before you plan a visit to NYC's night court, here are some facts you should know:

Toddler in Toy Car Gets $4 'Ticket' for Driving in Parking Lot

It's advised to be cautious of new drivers, but you probably wouldn't expect that a toddler cruising in her toy convertible would get a ticket.

Luckily, Za'Dariyah Mishaw's $4 ticket isn't real and was given by Jacksonville, Florida police to the toddler for fun, according to Jacksonville's WJXX-TV/WTLV-TV.

Good thing the two-year-old won't have to fight her parking ticket in court because it could really cut into her nap time schedule.

Drunk Gambler Sues Casino After Losing $500K

A gambler is suing a Las Vegas casino to recover the $500,000 he lost over Super Bowl weekend, claiming he was too drunk.

Mark Johnston, a retiree from Ventura, California, is suing the Downtown Grand for loaning him money when he was allegedly completely blacked out, The Associated Press reports.

But are his legal claims going to hit the jackpot in court? (har har)

FindLaw's 'Legal Oscar Awards': And the Nominees Are...

The 86th annual Academy Awards are set for Sunday, but why should the movie industry have all the fun? For the best in real-life legal drama, we'd like to introduce you to FindLaw's "Legal Oscars"!

From the "Spaciest Legal Issue" to the "Classiest Cannabis Enthusiast," get ready to cast your vote for the funniest, the funkiest, and the downright silliest of FindLaw's legal blog posts.

Without further ado, the nominees are:

Fake $1 Trillion Bill at Applebee's Gets Diner Arrested

A South Carolina man tried to use a $1 trillion bill to pay for his lunch at Applebee's. No, he's not the Richest Applebee's Customer Ever -- he's an alleged fraudster.

53-year-old Michael Williams tried to use a $1 trillion bill after his debit card was declined, Columbia's WIS-TV reports.

No word yet on whether he's ever tried to pay with Monopoly money.

5 Animals You Can't Keep as Pets (With Some Exceptions)

We all dream about keeping the coolest animals as pets. I mean, how awesome would it be to come home to a Quokka to share a good laugh?

Some people go for it. They live out their wild animal dreams and befriend the exotic animal kingdom. Sadly, the fantasy rarely plays out according to plan and unlikely friends quickly turn into unlikely criminals.

Here are five pets that are (unfortunately) illegal to own in most states, with some exceptions:

Texas Cop Arrested After Farting in Another Cop's Face

A Texas cop wound up in handcuffs after he allegedly hit a fellow officer and farted in his face. How's that for organic tear gas?

Lago Vista Police Det. Lawrence Michael Jonap, 45, was charged with assault by causing bodily injury, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

But where does the alleged fart figure in to the charges?