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We know, we know: no one actually reads the terms of service. Well, someone must've read through Amazon's terms of service for its game-development software, because it turns out those terms can be disregarded in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Does this mean Amazon Prime members can finally get drone delivery if society collapses because reanimated human corpses are transmitting a widespread viral infection by feeding on living flesh?

If you needed yet another cautionary tale against soliciting strangers to rob your fast food drive-thru, look no further than the sad story of Alayna Weishner-Rush of Canton Township, Pennsylvania. Weishner-Rush is accused of recruiting a man and woman to rob the Burger King at which she worked, while she was on duty.

The lesson, as always, is you can't trust anyone in this cold, cold world, least of all two perfect strangers, with your plans for the perfect heist.

One normally doesn't think of the prison population as being especially helpful when it comes to fighting crime. But as one state Department of Corrections official said, "we've got 26,000 felons behind bars, and they know a lot."

So how do you figure out what they know? Here's an idea -- give inmates playing cards featuring cold cases, and then wait for the inmates to solve them.

'Bonnie and Clyde' Crime Spree Ends With Man's Death

The romance of the "real-life Bonnie and Clyde" (or the latest couple given this moniker) -- reached what might be called its inevitable end yesterday. Blake Fitzgerald was killed in a shootout with police in Florida, according to ABC News, after a wild week-long crime spree with his partner Brittany Harper.

Fitzgerald and Harper fought officers to the end. Now she is in a hospital and will face numerous criminal charges and he is gone forever. They were supposedly planning to get married and start a new life in Florida. Both were reportedly in their thirties.

Did Missouri Violate Tax Laws by Paying Executioners $250K in Cash?

Traditionally executioners wore hoods as it has always been understood that the business of death is grizzly. This is all the more true when the executioner is an authority, and that perhaps explains why the state of Missouri is reportedly paying its death penalty bills with, well, unmarked bills, envelopes stuffed with cash.

According to an investigation by BuzzFeed News -- a review of receipts, confidential communications, and cash withdrawals -- state officials spent nearly a quarter million in cash on executions since November 2013 alone. It is a strange tale of a trail of payments to nurses, anesthesiologists, and drug suppliers going by anonymous names like M1 and M2 and receiving envelopes stuffed with dollars. So, is Missouri violating federal tax law?

Porcelain Pup Thief Sweetens Apology With Chocolate Offerings

People make mistakes and most of us can understand and forgive, especially when forgiveness is sought politely in a typed letter and sweetened with chocolate offerings. That is what happened at a Belfast pub when a thief who stole a porcelain dog returned it with an eloquent explanation, a chocolate egg, and a promise to behave in the future, Mashable reports.

So could you avoid theft charges if you did the same thing? There are no guarantees. But sweet things do sometimes happen, as you are about to see.

If peeing in public is cool, consider San Francisco to be Miles Davis. The City by the Bay has had a long history battling public urination, and has deployed numerous strategies, from $500 fines to urine-repellant paint, to deter public pissers, with little or no success.

But San Francisco may have finally stumbled upon a solution. The city's (and possibly the nation's) first open air urinal, located in newly renovated Dolores Park. Just in time for the Super Bowl!

10 Odd Laws Travelers Abroad Must Know

We travel to different countries to have new experiences, wash our eyes and take in fresh sights. But every culture has its quirks, so if you prefer tasting the best local cuisine to learning a new legal system, follow the laws, however absurd they may seem to you as an outsider.

We're products of culture and conditioning, so what seems strange in one place may make perfect sense in another setting. You don't have to approve of everything you see abroad, but you do have to follow the rules in the places you visit. So take a minute to review this list of 10 laws, compiled by Smarter Travel, that might strike an American as strange and that you should be aware of if you're going abroad.

If you're a bootlegger, you may have to get creative with your advertising. And we here at FindLaw have extolled the virtues of small businesses utilizing social media to get their message and product out there to the people.

But there's a flip side to that coin, one that we've also discussed around these parts: the cops have access to Facebook and probably your photos as well. Well three Florida moonshiners are learning that lesson the hard way, after deputies discovered they were selling moonshine through a Facebook page.

They were two great tastes that went great together: Kwan Dixon's Pop's Popcorn and Koosier Daddy's Food Cart filled that niche of the one-stop-shop to get your hot dogs, nachos, and sex toys. But alas, as Robert Frost warned us, nothing gold can stay. And the city of Evansville, Illinois shut down the most magical food cart in all the land.

So how come Kwan was forced to close up shop?